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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis and Fancy…

Chad and Jared.

Whitney watches Jared and Chad and decides that she needs to get Theresa down there to let Jared see that she really is a good person.

Ethan and Gwen talk about Jared running the fair. "Well he is still leaving town afterwards isn't he?" Gwen remembers her talk with Whitney about Jared and how they are scheming to keep the man in town. Ethan wants to know why is so important that Jared stay. She wonders why he thinks that Jared should leave. Gwen thinks to herself that Jared staying will be good for Theresa most of all.

Theresa worries about the issue of Ethan being her child's father. "I think that the answer is that I have to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan being his child."

Paloma and Simone are at the Book Café, and they decide that they should go to the Lobster Shack afterwards and see if Jessica got a job.

In the back of the Lobster Shack, Jessica fights her attackers but it is no use. One holds her, while the other rips her clothes to get at her body. She tries to scream, but a hand covers her mouth.

Fancy waits patiently while Luis showers. He comes out, accusing Fancy of planning to catch him naked. She denies that and tells him that he has a huge ego. He doesn't understand why she finds that a surprise…considering. She knows that he was gawking at her pretty good too when she walked in on him. He warns her that the station is trying to conserve water. She will keep that in mind. "It is a good thing that you didn't walk in on Sam just now." He tells her to go home but she still has to shower. She walks by a wire container and it catches her towel pulling it off her. "Oh!" She accuses him of planning that. She spreads her arms. "Take a picture if you want!" She gets in the shower now. Luis is alone now and he smiles as he says, "Wow!" Fancy smiles while in the shower, proud of how that all went.

Chad and Jared work as quickly as they can. Chad asks about Jared's plan to leave the town when the fair is over. "Well, yes Jared," Gwen asks, walking up with Ethan. "Are you considering staying in town?"

Whitney swings into action. She calls Theresa who decides to head out to the fair when she hears that Ethan is there.

Paloma and Simone arrive at the Lobster Shack looking for Jessica. A waiter says that he did see Jessica but she isn't around now. In the back of the Lobster Shack, Jessica is being assaulted by her two old-time school chums.

"I don't do this kind of thing anymore," she screams. "Oh! You think that you are too good to give it away do ya?" the guys say. The men are really rough with Jessica. She screams. "Did you hear that?" Paloma and Simone run to the voice. They find their friend in the back of the Lobster Shack about to be raped. They pull the men off their friend. "You are going to jail for this." CLICK! One of the guys pulls out a blade and says that they won't go to jail if there are no witnesses.

Fancy and Luis are dressed now. They head out together…

The men working on the kissing booth is a great scene for Gwen and Whitney to see.

Theresa and Whitney are so happy that things are working out and that son they will have Theresa there where Jared is so that they can possibly get back together. "I can't believe that I am working with you, Gwen to do anything." Gwen can't believe it either. "What's going on?" The women turn to find Theresa standing behind them. "Why are you shaking her hand?" Theresa asks her best friend in the world. "I was just showing Gwen my engagement ring." Theresa had no idea. She looks at the ring and hugs her friend. "We are all happy for Whitney," Gwen says. Whitney tells Theresa that their mother has been spending too much to time at her father's house. Theresa finds that things have been going good at the fair. Whitney tells her that someone has been looking after things. Theresa looks over her shoulder and sees Jared.

Luis and Fancy are in the car, and Fancy can hardly keep her eyes open. "Not everyone is cut out to be a cop, you know, Fancy," says Luis. "You should quit while you are ahead. Why don't you go back to designing clothes?" She doesn't want to do that. She didn’t like the designing job that much. She knows that she did okay. A lot of women don't have a lot of upper body strength. Luis hates to, but he admits that she did good that day. He doesn't want her to get cocky, though. She won't. That is his department. "Just stating the facts." He is taking her to the Lobster Shack as he got a call, but she has to stay back and out of it.

"Get lost, you two!" the guys warn. "We are having Jessica and then we are killing all three of you." The three friends swing into action and unleash their fury on the criminals. Soon the men are on their backs fending off punches from the girls. The kids are all fighting. Sirens can be heard in the distance. The boys stop fighting and get ready to run off.

"Where do you think you are going?" Luis says aiming his gun at the punks. Fancy rushes into action and cuffs the boys.

Gwen, Theresa and Whitney all agree that Jared is really great and will be a great friend to them in Harmony. Gwen heads out now. Theresa has come to help out and she will have to go to Jared to find out what she can do. Chad comes over and greets the girls. Theresa takes her chance now and she goes over to Jared asking what she can do. "You can go back to your big mansion, and stay there!" Jared says. He walks off shouting to someone else about work. Whitney tells Theresa to just give it time and things will work out. Ethan is walking by and Theresa stops him. She asks him, "You are not still mad at me are you?" He says that he isn't. She asks if she can talk to him for a minute and they walk off. Chad and Whitney talk about Theresa and how they hope and pray that she doesn't get all caught up in Ethan again. Whitney worries what Ethan hearing about his son is going to do to Theresa. Ethan and Theresa talk, and she learns that Ethan is working on saving money and leaving with Gwen. It is because of the past the three have together that he and Gwen will have to leave. He has no idea where he will end up, but it has to be far enough away so Theresa will not be near them. "Jane will come with us," he says. Theresa can see that telling Ethan the truth will only mean that her son will be gone forever. "Theresa… What is it that you want to talk to me about?" Ethan is hoping to leave Harmony by the end of the year. Theresa starts walking off, but Ethan stops her wanting to know what she was going to say. She say that his work at the fair is appreciated.

Theresa tells her mother how Ethan is planning to leave Harmony. "They want to take Jane. I won't give them both my children, Mommy. I will not." Pilar feels that Ethan won't leave when he knows the truth. Theresa thinks that Ethan might be angry and run off with her child. "You just found out recently that Little Ethan wasn't Julian's. Maybe this will make Ethan leave Gwen and come back to you." Theresa worries about Little Ethan's future and the fact that he will not be a Crane anymore. Pilar worries about Little Ethan not having his father. Theresa will tell Little Ethan about his father when he is older. She can't risk losing her child now. "I am sorry Theresa. I just don't want you to end up like me… Alone most of your life. Hoping for a man to come back to you and he never does. Find a way for Little Ethan to have a father to love," advises Pilar.

The girls are fine. Jessica's friends came to her rescue. Simone has a cut and Jessica takes her inside to look after it. "What were you girls thinking going after those punks?" Paloma explains that she couldn’t just stand by as Jessica was getting raped. Fancy asks where the knife is. "Cadet!" Luis interrupts. "You are here to observe, remember?" Paloma wants to watch the guys get booked and Luis gives the okay. She walks off. Luis is very proud of his sister, but he doesn't want Fancy going off trying to fight criminals if she gets the chance. They have to collect evidence and Fancy worries that might be gross. The knife is probably in the dumpster, but they still have to search for it. Fancy dons latex gloves and Luis gives her a boost. She gets one foot into the dumpster, then the other… and then… "Ugh!" She falls flat on her back. Coughing and gasping from the stench. Luis looks inside at her rolling around in the garbage and he smiles. Luis is sure that when Fancy gets out she will not want to be a cop anymore. "I am knee-deep in lobster claws and tartar sauce," complains Fancy. Luis paces while she searches the dumpster. "I got it! I got it!" Fancy calls out. She tries to climb out of the dumpster now, and Luis tries hoisting her out. He gets off balance and falls backwards with her falling on top of him. "Get off me!" he shouts. "I am not that heavy," she says. "It isn't that you are heavy!"he says. "You stink!" They both get up and he has to confess that she really is doing a good job and that he is proud of her.

Chad and Whitney come to Jared, and they tell him that Theresa has had a rough time with Alistair and has been treated very badly. "She has even changed the town for the better in a lot of ways." Jared is starting to listen now. "Just give her another chance, Jared." Gwen watches Jared and the others with a smile on her face. "I hope that you are not still trying to get Jared and Theresa back together are you?" Gwen says 'no'.

Pilar is sure that things are going to work out. "I hope that one day I will be happy and won't have to live my life alone," Theresa says. "Why couldn't Jared see that I only wanted to make sure that he liked me for me, and not my money?" Pilar says that if it doesn't work out, then it wasn't to be. "I could see me being happy with him," Theresa insists.

"I can't be with Theresa. I can't trust her. I will leave Harmony as soon as I am done with the fair," Jared says. "I can't live somewhere where every time that I turn around, Theresa is there." He turns to leave and Theresa is there. "Jared…" she says. "I have to speak with you."

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