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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis has run the recruits and now they are back to the stations. "You did great, Fancy," Paloma says. "You ladies have something that you want to share with the rest of us?" Luis asks sarcastically of the girls. Paloma and Fancy say they are fine and have nothing to say. "I have a cramp!" Fancy says quietly. "You say you are fine, Fancy?" Luis asks, smirking. "Okay Cadet Crane! Drop and give me twenty!" Fancy hits the ground and starts her push-ups.

Jessica meets with Simone who now works at the Book Café. Simone tells her how Paloma is training to be a cop. Jessica wants to hear all about it. Jessica admits that she is jealous of Paloma. "I look up to Paloma for knowing what she wants to do and going after it," she says. Simone knows that Jessica can do what she wants. Simone wonders if Jessica is still doing tricks. She isn't. That is a rule of the house if they want to live at her dad's. "I need a job so that at least one of us will be bringing in money," she explains. Simone doesn't understand how Jessica ended up thinking that marrying the guy was a good idea. Jessica prefers not to talk about this and she walks off.

Jared works at the fair. Chad arrives, and Whitney is going on about how Jared has been doing a great job at the fair. "And he isn't hard on the eyes either…" Chad is shocked by Whitney's comment. "Well you know, Chad, if Theresa doesn't get back with him, there are going to be lots of girls that will be after him.

Pilar tells her daughter that she hasn't any right to keep this truth about Little Ethan from Julian and Ethan. Pilar marches back into the room where Julian and Ethan wait. "I have something to tell you."Theresa can't believe that her mother is doing this, but she finds no way to stop the news coming out. "Mama, I will be the one to tell them," she says. Theresa turns to Ethan and Julian now. "I have something to tell you…"

Whitney talks with Chad while Jared works behind them. "Where are you in this long line of women who like Jared. You are my woman…" says Chad. Whitney tells Chad that he has nothing to worry about where she is concerned. "He just has a type of charm that you can't help but notice. Wouldn’t it be amazing, though if Theresa got together with Jared? Wouldn't they make a great couple?" That will be what Chad wants if that is what Whitney wants.

"Tell them!" Theresa is about to speak…"Mommy!" Little Ethan runs in and hugs his mother. He learns that work is being done on his computer. Theresa sends the boy off to change for bed. "Can we please have this conversation somewhere else?" Everyone leaves Ethan's room and they go to the hall. "I will not spend one minute less with my son than I have to. I want you two to stop badgering me about custody!" She walks off, and Pilar follows her. Ethan starts walking behind them, but Julian stops him and says that there is something that he has been meaning to ask the man.

Luis is hard on Fancy. Paloma tries to intervene. Luis feels that he has to treat the girls the same as the boys or he will be doing a great disservice. Fancy's arms shake like twigs in the wind as she struggles to do her twenty push-ups. "Sixteen…" Luis counts. "You know Fancy, you could stop now and head to your locker?" She will not give up and she keeps going… All the way to twenty… She did it! Luis shakes his head.

Paloma runs to her friend. "I am so proud of you for not giving up," says Paloma. Fancy is thrilled. "Aren't you going to say something?" Fancy asks Luis. He tells her that the police just do their jobs and they don't ask for thanks. Next time he plans to give her fifty pushups to do. "I am not quitting!" Fancy says. "I am going to do this training and be the best that he has ever seen.

"Nothing about this make sense," Simone tells her friend. "Did he threaten you, Jessica?" Jessica thinks about Spike telling her that he was saving her from the gas chamber."You are wrong, Simone. Spike isn't trying to hurt me." Simone can't understand then why Jessica likes Spike. "I think that Spike is the most disgusting excuse for a human being." Jessica asks Simone to stop badmouthing Spike. They change the subject to finding a job for Jessica. She hasn't experience doing anything. Simone says that Jessica could get a job waitressing. "Give it a shot!" She will do that.

Pilar checks the furniture and she is upset when she finds dust on the furniture. "Anyway, why did you change your mind about telling the truth to Julian and Ethan?" Theresa is afraid of losing her son. "I don't blame him for wanting to be with his son but lately Julian has been drinking more and he is angry about Eve helping TC…"

"Theresa's behavior is unacceptable. I want to hire you, Ethan, to be my attorney," says Julian Ethan knows that he has a slew of lawyers who could take care of him. "I need you Ethan to help me get custody of my son." Ethan says, "I am surprised to hear you talk like this and take action against Theresa." Julian just wants to spend time with his son. Ethan is the one who has been subbing in and taking Little Ethan to games. "Why now, Julian?" asks Ethan. Julian says that he needs a change, and in fact, things have changed. "I was never there for any of my children but I have learned from my mistakes and want to make things right." Ethan understands that, but will not sue for full custody if that is what Julian wants. "I only want joint custody so that Little Ethan will know that he has two parents. I will only sue for full custody if Theresa remains to be unreasonable." Julian wants to tuck his son in now. Ethan leaves. "It is only right. I am the boy's father."

Pilar hopes that Theresa doesn't screw this up. Theresa feels that Julian is just bored and doing this because of Eve.

Jessica enters a bar. Two men see her and decide to have some fun. The two guys go to Jessica, and she remembers them from high school. "I wanted to apply for a job." The guys snicker. She can tell that they know what she was doing for a living. "That has all changed, and now I want a real job," she tells them.

"Hit the showers," Luis shouts. The recruits rush off. Paloma really thinks that Fancy should reconsider this job. Fancy will not do that. She wants to go after the bad guys. She admits though that she never thought that this would be her thing. Fancy goes to have her shower now. Paloma and her brother talk. "What's up?" Luis asks. "You like her don't you?" asks Paloma. "Cadet Crane!" Luis tells Paloma that she is crazy. Paloma knows that in spite of his love for Sheridan, she broke his heart. Paloma says, "You used to go at it with Sheridan like a cat with a dog. Check yourself out. You are attracted to Fancy Crane!" "She drives me crazy! She is the most maddening woman that I have ever met. Now Sheridan! She is the only woman that I will ever love. She is going to stay married to Chris and so I have to respect that and move on." Paloma knows that he can still find another woman attractive. He can, he says, but he doesn't. "I am out of here!" Paloma says, leaving. Luis thinks now…He remembers that kiss he shared with Fancy. "What the hell is wrong with me?" he asks himself. "He will not get rid of me," Fancy says. "Once Fancy puts her mind to anything, she will do it!" Fancy goes to her locker and peeks at the picture that she has hidden of Luis.

Chad and Whitney are kissing. Jared comes over to see them. "I was just about to go see if Theresa wants to help with the fair," Whitney says. "Forget it!" Jared shouts.

Theresa tells her mother why she wants her secret kept a secret. Ethan comes down alone and says that Julian is only putting Little Ethan to sleep. Theresa wants to put a stop to this and she starts marching off. Ethan stops her. "Change your stance on this or you might regret it. Julian has asked me to represent him for a custody suit. I told him that I would do it for joint custody, and only for full custody if you refuse to come around." Theresa is horrified. "You can't do this," she says. "How could you do this?" Ethan believes that parents should be with the children. It is for the good of everyone. "This is why I argued your side when you wanted to be with Jane." Pilar agrees with Ethan. "A child needs to be with his father…his real father…" Theresa orders her mother to stop. "I have raised him from the beginning. He is my son." Ethan tells Theresa that Julian just wants to be with his son. "This will save everyone a lot of headache if you just cooperate." She knows that with the traveling that Julian does, he could run off with her son. Ethan knows that could happen, but then she would have to deal with that when it happened. "If you don't cooperate, you could lose all your custody," Ethan points out. Julian reads and soon Little Ethan is asleep. "It is rather dry reading, but maybe one day you will find this story as exhilarating as I do… There is time for that. Goodnight. I will always be here for you."

Paloma comes in sore and limping. Simone laughs at her friend. Paloma tells that her brother made things very difficult. "He didn't play favorites. You should have seen what he did to Fancy Crane." Simone wishes that she had seen that. Paloma tells that Fancy toughed it out and Luis was really hard on her. Simone tells that her day wasn't that exciting but Jessica came in and she is looking for a job. "She went to check out a job" she says.

Jessica's high school friends tell her how surprised they were to find out that she was a hooker. She doesn't want to talk about that. One of the guys asks Jessica if she wants to come to a party with them. She doesn't want that. The guys say that they know that the manager of the place is out back and they should go track him down. Jessica walks off ahead of them. The guys smile at each other when they see how easily Jessica walks off… They follow her now.

Fancy is alone in the girls' change room. She takes off her clothes and wraps herself in a towel. Luis heads to the mens' change room now, rubbing the back of his neck. It is quiet now at the station. Fancy is naked now, except for her towel. She heads out of the room to take her shower.

"You see why you have to tell Ethan the truth?" Pilar asks. "What is worse? Your son spending time with Julian or his real father?" Theresa sees her mother speaks with wisdom once again.

Paloma and Simone discuss how Jessica has married that freak. They hope she gets that job so that she will stop hooking. "At least we know now that Jessica is safe…"

Jessica is out back with the two guys. She doesn't see anyone. The guys try to make her stay in the back. "Hang out here with us!" the guys says. "We are friends and you give it up all the time." She doesn't do that anymore. They tell Jessica to retire tomorrow. They hold her and they tear her clothes off.

Luis is taking his shower. Fancy comes in and opens the curtain. Both stare at each other's naked bodies in silence.

Whitney pleads Theresa's case, but Jared just hates that Theresa wasn't straight with him. He walks off. Whitney starts following the guy but Chad stops her. "Stay out of this!" He says."We'll see about that," Whitney says.

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