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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Miguel and Fox are working on the fair.  Tabitha and Endora arrive with Maria, and Tabitha hears the men arguing over nothing really.  She reminds them that they are working for the hospital and have to get along in order for the fair to be a success.  The men try to get along.  Tabitha can see that this event is going to be better than they thought.  Maria wants Tabitha to leave her daddy alone.  Kay arrives and tells Endora that she has ruined her Auntie's love life, by not getting rid of Siren as she has been asked to do.  "Talking about me?" Siren asks, walking up.  "Hey guys!" Siren says, walking over to the men in her own special and suggestive little way.  Tabitha and Kay watch…Kay smiles and even giggles a little.  "What's gotten into you?" Tabitha asks.  She has something special for Little Miss Fish Breath…

Eve is on the phone trying to work things out for the fair, but the person that she was depending on isn't around.  Julian walks in the house unannounced.  "Don't you knock?" TC asks angrily.  Julian ignores him and turns to Eve.  Eve finishes her call and Julian takes Eve into the other room to talk privately about something special.  He tells Eve that he hasn't seen her in a long time and that he misses her.  He wants to whisk her off to Paris.  TC can hear everything.  "How long do you think I am going to put up with this treatment, Eve?" Julian asks.  "I am the man you love but you spend no time with me!"

Gwen watches Jared who is across the room and wonders how she can get him back with Theresa.  Ethan enters and kisses Gwen's cheek.  "What's wrong?" Gwen tells him that Jared and Theresa have broken up.

Theresa finds her mother on the computer in Little Ethan's room.  She has found some programs that protect children from predators on the Internet.  "Theresa! Have you thought more about what I asked you to?  Have you thought about finally telling Ethan that Little Ethan is his son?"

"I love you, Julian, but TC needs me right now and I can't leave him.  Do you think that I am trying purposely to keep us apart?" Eve asks.  Julian has offered to hire staff to take care of TC, but he needs her to be his girl.  He used to hire girls to do that long ago, but he isn't' that person anymore.  "Come to Paris! Now!" She can't.  "Fine Eve.  I will go on my own.  Enjoy your responsibilities." Julian leaves.  "I am sorry that you had to hear that, TC," says Eve.  "Julian misses me but that can wait.  I am here for you until you are all better."

Chad and Whitney bump into Jared.  "It is official.  We are engaged.  So much to do…" Whitney runs off to get bridal magazines.  "I am glad that someone's relationship is working out somewhere in this world," Jared says.  Chad can tell that Jared is still blue over his breakup with Theresa.  Ethan and Gwen sit alone at a table in the Book Café and they see Jared.  "I have to go," Ethan says.  "And don't worry about Jared.  I am sure that Theresa can find someone else." Ethan leaves.

Gwen walks over to Whitney, who stands alone.  "Look at that ring!" Whitney smiles at Gwen's praise.  "We have to keep Jared in town, Whitney.  Theresa and he have to get back together." Whitney and Gwen don't usually agree, but they do on this matter.  Whitney knows that Theresa moving on is a good thing.

Theresa tells her mother about what happened with Jared at the office.  "I couldn't tell him that I was Mrs.  Crane and he found out when he came for an interview and he blew a gasket." Pilar likens this to Ethan having to know the truth and Theresa repeating her mistake.  Theresa will not risk losing her son six months of the year.  "Pilar, are you here?" a voice says.  Theresa recognizes Ethan's voice from another part of the house.  "What is he doing here, Mama?" Pilar warned her this would happen.  "You remember what I said, Theresa.  If you don't tell Ethan, I will."

Ethan enters the room now.  "Hi Pilar.  You said that you wanted to talk to me about Little Ethan?" Theresa gets up and faces Ethan.  "I don't believe it.  How could you, Mama?" Theresa gets up and faces Ethan.  "I am sorry, I should have told you," says Ethan.  Ethan just wants things to run properly.  He goes to sit in Little Ethan's computer chair and starts working on the computer to make sure that there are child -protecting tools on it.  Pilar whispers to Theresa that she had better tell Ethan the truth right now.

Whitney will work with Gwen to get Jared and Theresa together but she really doesn't want Theresa to know about this.  They can use Chad, as he is very close with Jared.Whitney's phone rings."Hi honey," Eve says.  "Sorry I couldn't get back to you before." Whitney knows that something is wrong.  "I am swamped," Eve says.  "I took on took much with taking care of your dad and now the fair is falling apart at the fair." Whitney says that she knows of this new guy in town who would be able to take care of the fair.  Eve is thankful.Gwen hates this ides but then changes her mind when she realizes the person who will be taking care of the fair will be Jared.

Miguel and Fox try their best to work for the fair and help the town.  "Can I talk to you?" Siren asks Miguel.  Kay smiles.  "Look at her working her way to Miguel and Fox." Carl arrives.  He was the man that Siren attracted many years ago. 

He fell for her back then and even got a tattoo on his arm of her.  Kay hugs the man in thanks for showing up.  "Where is my mermaid?" Carl asks Kay, looking around.  He even has an arrangement of seaweed and ocean plants attractively put together for his mermaid.  Siren sees the old fisherman and her eyes get big and fearful.  "The old fisherman," she shouts.  She runs through the different sections of the fair, trying to get away from the man.  the old man gives chase.  Siren runs as fast as she can from the old codger.  "I got seaweed! I got tuna! We can party down!" He runs off.  Siren comes out of hiding.  "I get it Kay.  Doesn’t matter.  I already have Fox, now all I have to do is get Miguel…" Kay knows that Siren will be busy most of the day with Carl chasing her.  She and Tabitha can see that things are not going well with the fair.  They go over to Fox and Miguel and see they are working on the kissing booth.  Miguel goes to find someone in charge to see about moving things along if they are going to have a successful fair.  Tabitha tells Kay that she had better go follow Miguel, as Siren is laying in wait somewhere for him.  Miguel goes walking.  Siren does see him and walks quickly behind him.

"I am sorry that you had to witness Julian's outburst.  He likes to have things his way all the time." TC looks uncomfortable.  "You can just get out!" TC shouts at Eve.

"You are a genius!" Gwen says when she and Whitney come up with a plan to get Jared and Theresa together again.  "What is going on, you two?" Gwen and Whitney tell how they need him to help with a plan to get Jared and Theresa together.  "What do you want me to do?"

"It will all work out for the best, you will see," Pilar counsels.  Theresa wonders if her mother is making sense.  She turns to Ethan now.  "Ethan?  I want to talk to you about Little Ethan's father."

Carl returns to Kay and tells that Siren has disappeared.  Siren stands far from Miguel but she can see him.  "Are you a music lover, Miguel?" she asks quietly.  She sings the Siren's Song.  "That is beautiful," Miguel says.  "What is that?" Siren answers, "Come to me Miguel.  It is time to make love…Sweet love." Siren starts the song again.  Miguel mechanically turns and walks in Siren's direction.

Gwen and Whitney stand by while Chad works his magic on Jared.  He tells of the fair and how he needs to find someone to run it soon.  "It takes care of a lot of kids that need the hospital." Jared will do it.  he and Chad leave to go and see the fair.  "We did it!" Gwen and Whitney shout. 

"I have something to tell you about Little Ethan's father," Theresa tells Ethan.  "What do you have to tell him about my son?" says Julian.  He heard that Theresa was there and he wanted to talk to Theresa about shared custody of their son.  She doesn't want that.  He knows that neither of them are perfect parents.  "You dashed off for months to Rome and leave the child with a nanny.  You have been trying to get Ethan involved in Little Ethan's life all these years… Then you dump the both of us to marry Alistair and put my son in his care." Theresa doesn't trust Julian with Little Ethan.  "It is no wonder Ivy sent her children all over the world to boarding school." Julian considers that option.  "You will not do any such thing!" she shouts.  Julian moves over to Ethan to see what he is doing on the computer.  Pilar whispers to her daughter that this is the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone.  "Tell them now!" Ethan comes to Theresa and Pilar.  "Julian is right.  He has a right to try to get shared custody of his son."

Kay and Carl hear the Siren's Song.  "What a beautiful song," Carl says.  "Oh my God," Kay says.  "Siren is trying to seduce Miguel." She goes running off.  Siren stands in the corner singing the song.  Kay appears and clamps her hand over Siren's mouth.  "You can't stop me from singing, Kay," Siren says.  Siren starts up again.  She closes her eyes and gives it her all now. 

Carl arrives.  He hears Siren's singing and pulls her into his arms.  Siren opens her eyes.  "Not you!" she screams, pushing the old man off of her.

"Just get out!" TC shouts.  He even breaks a dish to emphasize the point.

Chad gets Jared to the fair and shows him around.  Whitney and Gwen arrive and tell Chad secretly that he is doing a great job.  Gwen can't believe that she has become Theresa's matchmaker.

"I would do the same thing that Julian is doing if I were him," Ethan says.  Julian knows that he hasn't been that attentive to Little Ethan, but he is willing to try.  Ethan knows that nothing will change if Julian gets custody, as he lives in the same house as Theresa and the boy.  "If I were with a woman that I weren't married to, I would sue for shared custody too." Theresa is hurt.  "How could you betray me like this?" she says. 

Carl holds onto Siren.  "Come.  My boat is at the harbor.  We can make love on my boat for days as we travel to the south seas." Siren runs off screaming.  Carl thanks Kay for her help and grabs his oceanic gifts from her vowing to get Siren again.  Kay is laughing… Fox and Miguel arrive and want to know what is so funny but mum is the word.  They leave her to go back to work.  Kay tells Tabitha that she has bought herself some time, as Siren will be very busy.

TC has to get downright nasty to get Eve to get away from him.  Finally, she gets the message and leaves.

Gwen and Whitney pat themselves on the back.  They see that Jared is going to be perfect for this job.

Theresa argues with Ethan and Julian some more.  Pilar takes her daughter into another room and tries to make her see that she has to tell the truth.  "No!" Theresa says.  "Impossible, Mama…" Pilar replied, "Well, it may be impossible for you, Theresa, but it isn't impossible for me!" Pilar turns and walks back into the other room where Julian and Ethan are waiting.  "Ethan, Julian… I know something that you need to know."

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