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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Chris and James are playing in the living room. Sheridan enters and looks a little frazzled. Chris talks to her but she doesn't hear him. He asks again, louder if she managed to get her license today. Sheridan thinks back to watching Luis with his hands on Fancy that day for the first day of training. "Sheridan," Chris calls out. "What is it that is on your mind?"

Paloma and Fancy have changed for their first day of training. Fancy hates the clothes. They are not fashionable, and they are way too big. She starts walking off. "Where are you going?" Paloma asks. "I am going to call the mansion and have some clothes that fit sent over." Paloma tells Fancy to shut up. Luis is in the room now and he is ready to get these recruits into shape and see what they are made of. Fancy keeps complaining, and Paloma orders her to stop or Luis will think that he is right about girls being lousy on the force. Fancy doesn't want that.

Theresa is alone in her office just thinking with her head down. Whitney arrives and learns that Jared was a person who arrived for the job that Theresa has vacant. "He was angry when he realized who I was." Whitney feels that she should try to explain things to Jared so that he can understand why she couldn't tell him the truth about herself. Theresa tried that, and it didn't work. He just wanted to get out of there. "Maybe I will end up living my life alone… Whitney hugs her now.

"How heavy is that thing?" Fancy asks pointing to the log. Luis tells her the log is the size of someone who eats a lot of junk food. "This will show how you will deal in an emergency. If you can't handle this, then leave." Paloma tells Fancy to shut up and just try to do the job without acting like she can't. "I knew that you couldn't handle it, princess," Luis smirks, looking down on Fancy.

Chris worries about Sheridan and how she is dealing with things lately. She tells that grieving takes a long time and she has a lot on her plate to think about.

She sees James and offers him a peanut butter and tomato sandwich. They go into the kitchen.

Chris looks at Sheridan's PDA and wonders if he should do as Spike asks and see what the code to the mansion is. He wonders what Sheridan would think of him if she knew what he were up to and how he is involved with Alistair.

"Why didn't I tell Jared the truth from the beginning?" asks Theresa. Whitney doesn't say 'I told you so', but Theresa knows that she deserves it. "I should forget about men altogether. My mother did fine without them all these years." Whitney knows that Pilar did well, but that it wasn't her choice to live like that. Whitney feels that Theresa is due an apology for some of the things that Jared said to her. Theresa feels that she is just repeating history with Jared. Whitney feels that Jared will cool off and see what an awkward position Theresa was in. Theresa would like to work things out if Jared could forgive her.

"She lied," Jared says to Chad. "She wouldn't open her mouth to tell me the truth and I can't stand liars. Why didn't you tell me who she was?" Jared asks. Chad says that the important thing is that Theresa is a terrific person. "She is smart, talented and gorgeous. Give her another chance." The elevator comes and Jared simply gets on it without speaking anymore.

Luis wants to show the girls what a real recruit looks like, and he directs the girls' attention to the men in the room. Paloma is offended by his comment. Fancy has questions, but Luis tells her that she is going first and has sixty seconds to pick the log up and do the drill.

Ethan and Gwen are thrilled. They got their jobs. Theresa has taken them off her blacklist, and they can work and move into a real place. Gwen is looking forward to finally leaving Harmony. Ethan wasn't thinking about that.

Chad stands up for Theresa while on the elevator with Jared. Jared only remembers that he has been played for a fool. "We're over!" he says.

"He was pretty angry," Theresa says. "I made him feel like a fool and no man likes that." Whitney finds this ironic. "Most guys would like to have a rich girlfriend; Jared is different." That is what Theresa liked about Jared and now he doesn't care if he never see her again.

Chris listens from the living room as Sheridan talks with James in the kitchen. His phone rings."No, Spike, I haven't got the code to the mansion. I need time." Chris hangs up. Sheridan calls out from the kitchen, remarking that Chris sounded mad just now. He says that someone called doing a poll. She usually hangs up on people like that. Chris grabs her PDA and starts accessing it. Sheridan walks into the room before Chris can hide what he is doing. "What are you doing with my PDA?" she asks.

Fancy rises to the occasion. She lifts the log and walks back and forth as required. Luis keeps time with his stopwatch. At the end of it, she asks if she has done the job in under sixty seconds.

Ethan and Gwen separate now. Ethan stays in the building while Gwen leaves.

Chad and Whitney talk in an office. They trade notes on Jared and Theresa and what happened between them.

Theresa walks the halls with her head down. Ethan is just standing in the hall. She walks right into him, without meaning to of course. "Oh sorry…" He looks at her. "Theresa…" She returns his stare. "Ethan…"

"Yeah she did it!" Luis says. The recruits cheer for Fancy. "Fifty-nine and a half seconds." Paloma jumps forward, wanting to be next. The training continues. Fancy does her best and hangs in here. Luis remarks that some of them are doing very well, and some are not so great. "I broke a nail," Fancy says. Paloma tells her to be quiet. Luis is ready for the next drill. Fancy can do anything as long as she doesn't have to climb a stupid rope. "It is time to climb this rope," Luis announces. Fancy's mouth drops.

Gwen goes to the café. Jared is there. "Jared? I heard that you and Theresa are dating." He tells her that is finished. "What?" Gwen asks, upset. She thinks about how Theresa will be after her husband if Jared isn't an option for Theresa anymore.

Theresa learns that Ethan and Gwen got jobs in the building and that is why he is there. "You don't mind, do you?" he asks. She says that is fine. "Wait a minute!" he says suspiciously. "Did you arrange for us to get these jobs?"

"I wanted to bring the PDA to you and that is why I have it. I thought that there was something important on it." Sheridan finds that thoughtful. James and Chris eat their sandwiches while Sheridan looks at pictures. She wonders if Luis really could be with Fancy.

Paloma does great! She climbs the rope just fine and cheers when she gets to the top. Fancy is next. Luis smiles. He knows there is no way that Fancy will do this. "Not in a million years."

Chad doesn't want to talk about Theresa anymore. "I have been thinking about our future. I know that we are getting married but we should show each other that we mean it. He pulls out the velvet box and gets on his knees. "Whitney Russell, will you join your life with mine? Will you marry me?" Of course she will. He gets up and puts the ring on her finger.

"How is my love life any of your business?" Gwen admits it isn't her business, but she is concerned, as Theresa is a good friend of hers. Jared knows better. He has seen her with Theresa and he knows that the girls used to fight over Ethan. "You want me to date Theresa so that Ethan will not look at her, or that Theresa will not chase Ethan…"

Ethan says, "So you have it rigged so that you and I can get caught in an elevator? Is that it Theresa?" Theresa says that she had no idea that Ethan and Gwen were getting jobs there. Ethan apologizes. He can see that something is wrong. Theresa tells him what happened. "I couldn’t find the right time to tell Jared that I was Mrs. Crane and he blew a gasket and ran out of here. I should have told him the truth from the Blue Note. I lied with you and that didn't work either. I am an idiot." Ethan will not hear that from her. "You just need to find the right guy." she hasn't got any idea who the right guy for her is. "If you know him Ethan, you should tell me."

Fancy tries her best to get up the rope, but it isn't working. Luis tells her to give up. She can't get up the rope. She suddenly falls to the ground with a thump. "Now it is time to go running on the Crane grounds!" Fancy knows that is about five miles. They all run off. Paloma stays back to help Fancy up to go running.

"Are you alright?" Chris asks. Sheridan says that she is fine with her husband and son. She was looking at the box of memories that held the pictures of Luis and Marty in it, but she is done with that now. She leaves the room with James. Chris grabs the PDA and searches for the code. "Damn you, Spike, and damn you, Alistair…"

Whitney has so much to plan now. "We are going to have such a wonderful life," she tells Chad. Whitney goes to the phone to call the church. Chad takes this time to make a call, but he gets the voicemail. "I have a chance to see you tonight…" he says into the phone. He quickly hangs up and turns to Whitney again.

"If you want to keep Theresa from your husband Gwen, you will have to find someone else to do it." Jared leaves the table. Gwen knows that there is going to be big trouble if Jared isn't around to woo Theresa.

Theresa understands that the man for her isn't Ethan. That is what he keeps telling her. "Good luck with your job," she says. He thanks her for that.

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