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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay begs Endora to talk. "I am eating," Endora says telepathically. Tabitha knows that Endora likes Siren and will not send her away. "Siren will ruin both Fox and Miguel. Please… Please…" Endora has to think about it.

Miguel and Siren are naked in the shower kissing. She has come in behind him as a surprise.

Chris comes into his living room and finds Spike there lounging on the couch and having a drink. He grabs the man by the arm and drags him to his feet, ordering him out of there. Spike will do as he pleases or tell Sheridan about Chris. The choice is Chris's.

Paloma and Fancy watch as Luis talks with Sheridan in a corner. Fancy isn't sure now if Sheridan is really over Luis and will be okay with him dating someone else. Sheridan tells Luis that she is at the station to renew her license, and James has come with her. "Are we starting the class now?" Paloma asks impatiently. Luis will start the class when the recruits that are not taking police work seriously leave the premises. Fancy sees that Luis is still stonewalling her and Paloma when it comes to getting on the police force.

Jared has come to Crane for an interview, and he has found Theresa there. He realizes something now. She works there, she says. He understands. "You … and Mrs. Crane…"

Miguel doesn't think he and Siren should be kissing like this. "Things are different for me now." Siren wants to understand him, but she can't. He is hung up on Kay. "She loves Fox and she is going to marry him," Siren points out. Miguel is sorry, and he doesn't want to hurt Siren, but he thinks that Kay is the only woman for him, so he and Siren can't be. "Why did you lead me on then?" Siren asks, clearly hurt. Miguel says that he finds her special, but he is still in love with Kay. "I understand," she says. "Thanks," he tells her. Siren plans to still make love to Miguel, before he can get with Kay. Siren opens her mouth and the Siren's Song flows out. Miguel turns slowly to her with his glassy stare.

Spike wants money to keep quiet about Chris's involvement with Alistair. "I am planning the mother of a heist and the family that has the money is right on the property. I am going to rob Casa Crane and you are going to help me!" he announces

Luis has to address the new recruits now, and he decides that James can help. Luis deputizes the little boy. "There you go, Deputy Boothe!" The child is overjoyed. "Fancy, I can't believe that you are considering joining the police force," Sheridan says. You are not the police type." Fancy is angry that her aunt doesn't thinks that she can be a police officer. She survived a lot of things that were dangerous in Rome. Sheridan feels that Fancy should do something less dangerous. "I could do something less dangerous but then I couldn't be with Luis."Fancy admits that is why she wishes to be a police officer. "Are you still in love with Luis? Do you mind me going after him?"

"I get it," Jared says. "You are Mrs. Crane's personal assistant!" Theresa listens as he tries to figure things out. "Did you listen to your messages? I wanted to talk to you about something." Jared is willing to talk to Theresa later, but first he wants to know something. "Is this gold digger really as nasty as I think that she is?"

"Please Endora. I don't want Siren to hurt Fox." Endora will have to think about this but for now she will stop Siren from interfering. She will run interference but Kay wants the girl gone. "Siren, stay! Now let me eat!" Endora thinks aloud. "Make her do as you say!" Kay says. Tabitha can't order Endora to do what she doesn't want to. Her powers are mightier than her mother's. "Now get over it and get on with it!" Tabitha says. Kay can't give up on this. Upstairs, Siren sings her Siren's Song and Miguel stares at her. "I can't hear what you are saying, Siren," he says. "Maybe my ears are still clogged up." Siren tries singing again. "I still can't hear you!" Miguel says. He moves to get out of the shower and Siren gets a mouthful of water, making her choke and keeping her from singing now that the shower is off.

Fancy asks a favor of her aunt. "Could you tell Luis that I would make a great police officer?" Sheridan will talk to him about Fancy getting on the police force but she warns that Luis can be stubborn…Very stubborn…

"Give up, Kay! Siren has gotten rid of the spell book, and Endora will not send Siren away." Miguel comes down and tells Kay that he is home early from work and needs to talk to her. Tabitha senses that Miguel and Kay are going to talk about getting together, and Tabitha would like that for the dark side. She gets Endora and leaves the room. Miguel says, "I love you, Kay, and I think that we should be together. When we finally made love it was more than I wanted. Being together is magical. We fit and we are meant to be. I am not saying this to upset you or confuse you. I just need you to know how I feel… How deep you are in my heart."

Chris will not rob the Cranes. Spike knows that Sheridan has the alarm code to the mansion in her PDA and he wants Chris to get that code. "You help me or I tell the princess all about you. What will she think when she learns that you were hired to woo her? Stop playing hard to get, Chris, and give me what I want. I promise that it will not hurt one little bit."

James is doing a great job as deputy. Fancy and Paloma go to get ready now to start training. Luis finds the girls ridiculous. "I don't know about Paloma, but Fancy really does want to join the force, and I think that she would be great, Luis. She was really helpful to you in Rome." Luis feels that Fancy is a spoiled little rich girl who will not make it to the end of training. Sheridan knows that isn't true.

Sheridan asks that Luis give Fancy a chance. She thinks to herself of how Fancy deserves a chance as a cop and as a love in Luis's life.

Jared talks to Theresa thinking that he is waiting to be interviewed by the nasty Mrs. Crane. Valerie comes in and tells that Mrs. Crane has an appointment coming up and that he only has a few more minutes.

Theresa panics. She knows that at any moment, Valerie could call her Mrs. Crane and blow this whole thing before she gets to explain it all to Jared. "That is fine," Jared says to Valerie. "When is Mrs. Crane going to get here?" "I can take if from here!" Theresa pipes in before Valerie can answer Jared's question. "Why Mrs. Crane is already here," Valerie says. Jared is confused. "Jared meet Mrs. Crane…" Jared turns to Theresa, stunned.

"I hope that you care about me enough to think about us," Miguel asks. She does care about him. Tabitha enters, chattering about a television show that Endora is watching. Miguel leaves now. "Why didn't he tell me that he loved me before I met Fox?" Kay asks. "Charity ruined everything. What am I going to do about Miguel if he loves me and I love Fox?" Tabitha can tell that Kay is still in love with Miguel. She loves Fox too, though. Tabitha finds this is like a country song. 'A woman in love with two men'. "You can't have both of them, so which one?"

Chris grabs Spike by the collar. "I am not going to let you blackmail me. Get out of here and don't come back." Spike tells all that he knows. "Alistair saw Sheridan with James, and so he hired you to come into town and pretend that you were James's father. That kid is an orphan and you were paid to pretend to be the kid's father and you were to make Sheridan's dream come true." That was how things started, but Chris says that he came to love Sheridan. Spike knows that all that Sheridan will need to hear is that she was set up to be with Chris and that will be enough for Chris to lose Sheridan forever.

Sheridan breaks Luis down and decides that he will let Fancy join the force. "Fancy and Paloma are determined to see things through." Now it is time for the recruits to start training. Luis goes to the recruits and gives them each holsters. Fancy puts her holster on but when she moves, it falls right off her to her feet. Luis smiles.

"I will be back in a few minutes Mrs. Crane." Valerie leaves now, not realizing the bomb she dropped.

"I was going to tell you," Theresa says. "You are Mrs. Crane? You made a fool of me? I don’t even know who you are. You are a liar." She wants to explain, but he has no idea what she could say to make him understand. "I can't believe that I was such an idiot. The time that we spent together, the things that we talked about… How could I be so stupid to think that this was the real thing? I am a fool! But you Mrs. Crane, are far worse than I ever thought you could be."

Siren catches up with Miguel in the hall of the house and learns that Kay hasn't decided yet who she really wants. Siren sees that she still has time to make love to Miguel before Kay makes up her mind and that brings a smile to her face. Miguel looks down at Maria in her crib. "You look so beautiful, like your mommy… I hope that she feels the way that I do." Kay wonders, "How can I choose between Fox and Miguel? I love Fox and I wasn't expecting him to come into my life at the time that he did. He has been so great to me and Maria in spite of having poison Ivy as a mother-in-law… Then Miguel came back into my life, and all my feelings came back too for him." Tabitha laughs when Kay admits that she loves Miguel too, the same as Fox. "I told you that if you got engaged to Fox while Mercury was in retrograde, the two of you would be in trouble. My warning was guaranteed from the Dark Side. Remember the dark shadow that loomed over you and Fox? Well, it seems that Miguel turned out to be the dark shadow."Endora calls her mother from the TV room… telepathically. "I have to go and see what Endora wants," Tabitha says, getting up. "Kay you have to make a decision real soon or you will lose both of them," Tabitha says of Fox and Miguel. Kay feels that there isn't any way that she can back out of her engagement to Fox now. "Even if you wanted to?" Tabitha asks. Kay doesn't answer. Tabitha trots off to the living room to see about Endora. Miguel talks to Maria, spilling his heart. Kay walks by and hears Miguel talking to their child about his wish to be a family with her and Kay. "I love you so much, and there isn't anything more important than us being a family…" Tabitha can see that making her choice will not be easy for Kay. She and Endora stare into the big blue pot.

Jared can't listen to anything that Theresa has to say, he leaves. Valerie is in the hall waiting. She has the employee package for him. He tells her that he will not be taking the job and he walks off. Valerie doesn't understand what just happened, but finds Jared disrespectful. Theresa goes back into her office alone. "Whitney was right," she says to herself. "I find a nice man and I sabotage it."

"Chris… You will help me rob the Crane mansion and Sheridan will not be wise about it." Chris stares at Spike now.

Fancy says that she will get how to put the holster on if Luis will show her how to put it on. He will show her only once. Fancy is woozy as Luis adjusts the belt about her hips and waist. She gets the hang of it easily. "Nice!" Luis says fiddling with the belt. "Nice!" Paloma smiles coyly from where she is standing. Sheridan and James watch from the back of the office. James looks up at his mommy, asking if she is alright when he sees her face. "I am just fine, honey," she says.

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