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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis forbids Paloma to become a cop. Sam comes in and hears what the argument is about between his officer and Paloma. Luis is forbidding his sister from joining the force. Sam isn't sure that he likes Luis's reasoning.

Theresa thinks about her mother now. Pilar thinks that Theresa should do whatever she can to be with Ethan, even if it hurts Gwen. Theresa doesn't know what to make of what her mother said to her earlier. Theresa is confused. She sees someone at the door to her mother's house on the outside. She gets afraid wondering who that could be.

Spike holds Chris by the neck and threatens him to do exactly as he is told or his life will be ruined.

Sheridan picks up the glass after dropping it when listening to Fancy ask about dating Luis, now that he is free. Fancy thinks that she is upset but Sheridan says that she isn't upset, just shaky. Fancy feels that gives her hope and that she can have a life with Luis after all.

Theresa turns off the light and grabs a vase, making her way to the door with the litheness of a cat!

She opens the door and wham! She nails the guy right in the head. Theresa sees her mistake almost immediately. "What are you doing here?" she asks. Jared pulls the bouquet of flowers from behind his back to show her.

Paloma is upset that her brother will not let her join the police force. Sam wonders if Luis talks like this to all the applicants. He hopes not. "Come with me, Luis," says Sam. The men walk off. "Is this about her being a girl?" Luis wonders how Sam would like it if his daughter joined the police force. Sam says that Jessica being a cop would be better than what she has been into already in her life. "If you push Paloma away," he warns, "she will want to do it more."

Spike holds Chris's wound, causing pain until Chris agrees to do as Spike tells him. "Just don't touch Sheridan," Chris pleads. Spike says that he will touch Sheridan or James if he wants. Chris warns Spike to stay away from his family or he will… Spike grabs Chris's wounded leg again and squeezes. Chris feels that Spike needs to get the gun. Chris isn't in any condition to do the job. Spike has better access. Spike thinks that he might be right about that.

"So how do you feel about my idea?" Fancy asks. "He is still in love with you Sheridan, so I don't think that he is even thinking about being with anyone else. I think that he is an incredible man." Sheridan has to agree. "Chris is wonderful, too, and he is a man that any woman would want." Fancy agrees. She feels that she shouldn't have asked about this at all. She starts leaving. Sheridan stops her, knowing that she shouldn't be holding on to feelings. "I have told Luis that we are not going to be together again. He has to move on and get a new life. Here is an opportunity and I have to try to handle it." Fancy wonders if Sheridan is upset over her niece wanting to date Luis. Sheridan just thought that Fancy was interested in Noah and no one else. Fancy realized that she can't trust Noah. "Anyway, I was with Luis and that was strange, as all Luis did was talk about you, after Marty…" Fancy knows that she has hit a sore subject. Sheridan tells Fancy that she should make Luis happy. Fancy has been dropping hints but Luis hasn't noticed them yet. "I just wanted to be up front with you, Sheridan," she says. "I wouldn't even dream of pursuing Luis if I didn't think that I could make him happy. I just feel that he could be the one." Sheridan is fine then. "If you want to date Luis and he is of the same mind, then you have my blessing." Fancy thanks her from the bottom of her heart. Sheridan and Fancy hug now. Fancy says, "All I have to get Luis to do now is ask me out. Have any ideas?" Sheridan hasn't got any, actually. Fancy realizes that she probably shouldn't be asking Sheridan for love tips with Luis. "If there is any chance of me ending up with Luis, then I would feel like the luckiest woman in the world… Second luckiest then…" Sheridan is quiet, and so Fancy leaves."Oh God! What have I done?" Sheridan asks herself.

"I was going to leave the flowers on your porch so that you would find it in the morning. I guess that it was a stupid idea." Theresa finds what Jared has done to be sweet. He has a bump on his head, but he is fine about that. She offers to get him some ice, but he is fine and just wants to get going soon. She holds her flowers, smiling at him now.

"Don't drive Paloma away," Sam advises. If she wants to give this a shot, then let her go do it." Luis worries about the danger. Sam finds this a great idea. He can keep a watch on her if she works from here. Luis goes to his sister. "I want you to know that being a cop is serious business, and it is very dangerous." She knows that but she can't help feeling this is what she wants to do with her life. She doesn't want to fight with him. He doesn't want to fight with her either. She would like to stick around, but Luis tells her to go home and think about what he said. "Go to college… Get a law degree or something." She promises to think about what he has said. He locks the drawer to his desk and says goodnight to Paloma and Chief Bennett. Paloma goes over to the recruitment poster and it is final. She is going to join Luis's training class.

Fancy is outside the police station and thinks about ways that she can get Luis's attention. She looks around. She sees some garbage by a big rock. She smiles. She picks up the big rock and turns facing the window to the station. She pulls her hand back as if to throw the rock at the window.

Theresa gets ice that Jared holds on his head. She offers him coffee, but he really doesn't want to keep her up late. "I know that you have to get to work for that hard-nosed boss of yours in the morning. I can tell that you have a hard time with work, as you make an awful face every time that we talk about that." Theresa has something to tell Jared, and she starts walking him to the kitchen to talk. They hear salsa music. Theresa tells Jared that sometimes her mother plays that at night. Jared takes Theresa in his arms and they starts dancing. The boy has some good moves!

Paloma comes out and catches Fancy before she throws the rock. She scolds Fancy for what she was about to do. Paloma then tells Fancy that she is joining the police force. Fancy is surprised to learn that Luis is in charge of training all the new recruits. Paloma is suspicious of Fancy being there and hanging around the station. "You know, Fancy, it would be great if you were about to get Luis's attention. Just don't do it with a rock." Fancy smiles. "So Luis is responsible for training new recruits…" she says. Luis and Sam workout together as they talk about the police force and Paloma joining up.

Spike talks with Chris in the bedroom. Chris wants the man out of there before Sheridan finds him. "Chris!" Sheridan calls on her way to the room.

Spike backs up to the wall, as he stares fearfully at the door to the room. Sheridan walks in and she stops cold, with her mouth dropping open. Chris's wound has opened up again. She wants to call Eve, but Chris tells her not to. She leaves to get some clean bandages for him. Spike comes out of hiding. "Take two aspirins and I will call you in the morning," Spike says, punching Chris in the wounded leg. He leaves.

Sheridan returns hoping that Luis finds out about that gun that was used to shoot Chris that night.

Luis tells Sam about his plans to move out of town. Sam wonders if there is anything that could keep him in town. Fancy finds the door open and she goes in, finding no one there. She sees the recruit poster and takes a flyer. "What a great idea, Paloma…"she says to herself.

Jared and Theresa dance to the salsa music. They suddenly hear clapping and turn to find Paloma at the door on her way in. The music changes and gets faster and Jared lets it loose. He and Paloma hit the floor, as Theresa watches. Turns out that Jared lived in Mexico and he and Paloma talk about their experiences there. "And now you are dating my sister?" Jared looks over at Theresa. He then goes over to her. They put their foreheads together. "I guess that I am," he says.

"You have to be more careful Chris," Sheridan says. He worries about her and the long time that it took her to make the tea. She says that she is fine. "You are the best thing that has happened to me. It is nice to have someone in your life that you can trust. I have had men in my life who worked for my father and didn't love me." Chris can't take this anymore. "Sheridan, stop! I have to tell you something."

Luis tells Sam about how his life is. Sam feels that maybe Luis needs someone to love. Sam loves Grace, but is looking forward to a long life with Ivy. Luis wonders if there is someone out there for him. Sam thinks about how his daughter has married that slime, Spike. Luis knows that one day Spike will show his true colors, and at that time they can nail him. Actually, Spike is hanging out at the police station. Fancy is inside filling out the forms.

Spike enters behind Fancy and goes to the drawer in Luis's desk. He finds the gun and smiles. "That was easy. It looks like we have the whole place to ourselves too," Spike whispers to himself. Fancy carries on filling out her forms, unaware that Spike is only a few feet behind her.

Paloma watches her sister, not believing that she ever was in love with Ethan.

Sam tells Luis that he is sure that Spike will slip up and at that time, Sam will be there to arrest him.

Fancy takes her form and decides to finish it at home. She folds it up and puts it in her purse. Spike is watching Fancy through the window and he sees that Fancy is ready to leave. "Oh well, another time," he says smiling and walking off.Luis comes out of the back and finds Fancy there. He has been waiting for news on that gun. He goes to look at the gun, and he finds it is gone. "How did you get in here?" Luis asks Fancy. She tells him that she remembers how Luis has a trick to get in and she used it. Luis searches everywhere, but can't find the gun. This is because Spike is outside the station smiling at the gun in his hand. "Candy from a baby," he says.

Chris really doesn't have much to say and so he just tells Sheridan that he loves her. "Fancy came by," Sheridan tells him. Chris finds it kind of late for a visit. Sheridan says that Fancy seems to have found a guy. "Seems like this guy could make her very happy…" she says.

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