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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel thinks that he is going deaf. He was with Siren, and all of a sudden, he went deaf. He can't hear anything. Kay and Tabitha try to figure this out. They examine his ears. "Oh for crying aloud. They are full of wax…candle wax." Endora sees that she has saved Miguel from Siren. Tabitha tells Endora that she is a naughty girl. "Kay," asks Tabitha, "if Siren is singing up there and Miguel is here, then who is she singing to?" It's Fox! Siren is upstairs singing the Siren's Song as she looks out her window. Fox comes to the room and from behind, he puts his hands over Siren's eyes. She turns, and to her amazement, she finds Fox there instead of Miguel. That still makes her happy.

Paloma comes to see Luis at the station. "I could use some advice if you are not too busy," she says. He is free now. There was a shooting that night, and he is waiting for tests from a gun. She wants to hear about it. "Sheridan's husband was shot and sustained a flesh wound," explains Luis. "Whoever did it dropped the gun and ran off." Paloma is interested in this, as she loves Law and Order. "It is like putting puzzle pieces together. It must be really intense sometimes…" she says. Fancy has come into the station and she listens to Luis talk to his sister for a moment. "What choice do I have about my life?" Luis asks his sister. "All I can do is live one day at a time. "Fancy knows that Luis could be happy with her if he wanted to be. That is a choice that he could make. She has something that she needs to do now… She sneaks out as quickly and easily as she came in.

Sheridan has questions about the shooting, but Chris fakes knowing nothing. She leaves the room.

Spike enters the room now. "What are you doing here?" Spike shows his knife. "I have come to finish what I started," he threatens.

Ethan arrives home and Gwen is sure that Theresa made a move for him while he was over there getting Little Ethan's teddy bear. Ethan tells Gwen that actually, the absolute opposite happened.

Pilar comes to see her daughter and learns that Ethan still doesn't know that he is the father of Little Ethan. Pilar thought for sure that by now she would have told the man. Theresa tells her mother that she has no intentions of telling him the truth. Pilar has a problem with that, and she orders Theresa to call Ethan right now and tell him the truth about his son or she will.

Miguel can't hear anything of what Tabitha and Kay discuss. "My guess is that when Miguel went deaf, Siren turned her attentions to Fox." Miguel shouts for Tabitha and Kay to turn in his direction so that he can read their lips. They ignore him.

Kay uses the big blue pot to peek and she sees Fox and Siren going at it. Kay goes tearing up the stairs. "Will someone tell me what is going on here?" Miguel shouts. He sees that Tabitha and Kay are talking but they are not trying to communicate with him and he is feeling left out. Tabitha turns to Endora. "How many times have I told you? You are a witch! Not a guardian angel!"

Ethan has now decided that he believes that Theresa is over him. "I saw her with this guy and they were kissing," he says. It wasn't an act for me." Gwen dares to dream of this actually happening for Theresa.

"I am not going to call Ethan," Theresa tells her mother. Pilar feels that keeping this a secret is not warranted. "Little Ethan will find out the truth and never forgive you." Theresa knows that she would be sued for custody. "He and Gwen would want my son every other weekend, and then one day, they would sue me for custody. Ethan would do that. He did it before. Now Julian is threatening to sue me for custody. And now I have met a wonderful guy." Pilar will not hear it. "You can't forget about Ethan!" Pilar says.

Fancy goes to see Sheridan and tells her that she heard that Chris got shot. She had no idea what she would have done if Luis hadn't been there for her. Sheridan tells Fancy that her car broke down and Luis came and helped her out. "Maybe you will get back together?" Fancy asks. Sheridan tells her 'no'. "I want him to move on and meet someone new," she says. Fancy says that she would like to talk about Luis and 'moving on'.

Gwen wants to hear more about the kiss that Theresa shared with Jared, but Ethan hasn't got a lot more detail. She finds this very interesting. They have no idea what he does for a living or anything. Gwen goes to check on Little Ethan now. "I wonder where this guy is coming from," Ethan wonders. "He could be a con man, he could be after Theresa's money…" Ethan hurries to the computer and logs on.

At her own house, Pilar also worries about this Jared and what he may be about. Theresa clearly knows nothing about the man. Theresa only knows that the man knows nothing about her real life and he likes her. "I watched you wait for Papa to come home for years," Theresa tells Pilar. "You hung on to a dream of what our life would be like if he ever came back. You put a candle in the window for him every night. When he did come, he came with another woman on his arm. All those years that you were waiting and pining, I don't want that Mama." Pilar only wants a man that loves her daughter to be with her, not anyone who isn't sincere. "Why can't anyone in our family be with the person that we love?" Pilar wishes that she had the answer to that. She has given up on her dream with Martin, but she will not give up on her dreams for her children…ever.

"I was thinking about my future," Paloma tells her big brother. She hasn't a clue as to what she wants to do. She was going to go to college but that might not happen. Luis tells her, "You know if you went to college, Paloma, you would be the first one in the family to graduate. I don't want you to be working forever at the Book Café." The phone rings."Lopez-Fitzgerald!" Luis answers. Paloma looks down at the baggie of evidence that Luis was working with that night.

"You tell a soul about what happened tonight, Chris, and that wife of yours is going to pay," says Spike. Chris tells him there isn't anything to worry about. "I need my gun back," Spike says. Chris can't get it. "It is in police custody," he says. Spike finds that Chris really has a problem then, as that gun can be traced right back to him.

Tabitha understands now how Miguel went deaf, thanks to Endora. Miguel is upset, thinking that the wax came from his ears and not a candle. "Stop it!" Kay shouts when she enters the bedroom. "You are already too late, Kay. The mermaid's curse is stronger than you think. Fox will never sleep with you again or any other woman…"

Spike tells Chris that he will be taking orders from him, or he will go to the slammer. "Answer my question, Chris. How are you going to explain your connection to Alistair when you get busted?" Chris hasn't an answer to this question. "If Luis figures out that gun is mine, then you go to jail with me!" says Chris.

Sheridan makes tea while she and Fancy start talking about Luis. "I could tell that Luis was depressed," Sheridan says. Fancy doesn't want to talk about that. "I wondered if Luis met someone and started dating… How would you feel about that?" she asks.

Jared checks out just fine, Ethan discovers from the computer. Gwen is upset when she sees that Ethan is checking Jared out. "You are going to find something to break them up, aren't you?" she asks.

Pilar wants Theresa with a man who cares for her and who she can trust. "I think that you should be with Ethan," she says. "I am serious, Theresa. Ethan is the man who you should be with."

Miguel can hear now. He wants to know where Kay is. Tabitha tells him that Kay went looking for Fox. Miguel wanted to take a shot at getting his life together with Kay. Tabitha tells him that things could still work out. "I think that Kay still wants to be with you," says Tabitha. "I am rarely wrong about these things, dear."

"Can you please get out, Kay?" Siren says. "Fox and I want to make love again." Siren turns her attention to Fox now and starts kissing him again. Kay is overcome with anger, and she lunges for Siren, dragging her off of Fox as she squeals like a seal.

Chris jumps off the bed, but with his injured leg, he can't do much. Spike holds the man by the throat and pins him to the bed. He takes his other hand and grabs Chris's wound hurting him greatly. Spike warns him again that he is to take his orders and get the gun.

Luis tries to come up with ideas for Paloma's life. He leaves the room for a minute. Paloma looks at the picture on the wall of officers. Underneath the picture is a caption: 'THE LAW NEEDS YOU'.

"I love Luis," Sheridan says. "I want him to be happy. I guess that it would be difficult, but I would want love for him." Fancy says that she might know someone who wants to be with Luis. Sheridan is surprised that she says that. "You know someone who wants to be with Luis?" she asks, thoroughly interested now. "Tell me Fancy. Who is it?"

"I thought that Kay was back with Fox," Miguel says. Tabitha tells Miguel that things aren't always what they seem. Tabitha thinks that he has a shot with Kay. A real shot. Endora isn't happy that Miguel is after Kay…ZAP! Miguel falls asleep standing up. Tabitha keeps talking but she doesn't realize that Miguel is sleeping and hears nothing.

Upstairs, Kay is getting mad. She holds Siren by her arms and pulls her to the wall. Siren bends forward and quickly flips Kay over her head causing her to land hard on the back, on the floor.

Siren immediately starts singing the Siren's Song. That angers Kay and she grabs the duct tape and wraps it round and round Siren's big mouth to keep her from singing.

"Now I am beginning to wonder which one of you is really at fault here," Gwen says. "I am not stupid. Why would you give a damn who she kisses? Theresa has worked to cause pain and she has succeeded. At this point, Theresa can date Hannibal Lector for all I care." Gwen reads from the Internet. "This guy is clean, Ethan. There isn't anything that should stop Theresa from dating this guy."

"You want me to go after a married man mama?" Pilar wants that now. "I have changed. Perhaps because of your father. My dreams were shattered and I don't want that for you. Whatever happens should just be considered collateral damage…"

Finally, Tabitha realizes that Endora's been at it again. She sees that Endora has managed to stop Miguel in his tracks from going after Kay and interrupting her fixing things with Fox. Kay goes to Fox. He is back to his old self. "I will be right back, dear," she says. I just have to take out the trash." Kay goes to Siren now and drags her out of the room by her feet. She slides easily on her back.

"I have decided to be a cop," Paloma tells her brother. "Over my dead body," Luis responds.

"Who is the person that wants to date Luis? Is it someone that I hate?" Fancy tells Sheridan that it is she. Sheridan drops the glass in her hand when she hears this.

Gwen is glad that Pilar tried all these years to get Theresa to leave Ethan alone. It has finally paid off.

"God wants you to be with Ethan!" Pilar says. So if Gwen gets hurt in the process? So what? Family needs to stay together."

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