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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Siren tells Tabitha that she is going to go after Miguel now that she has gotten Fox under her spell. She finds it is going to be fun having two men. Miguel comes in looking for Kay. Siren tells him that Kay is alone with Fox upstairs and that they don't want to be disturbed.  Kay is about to go to Fox and she hopes that Siren and Tabitha were right and that she can make love to Fox. Fox sees her and goes to her with an apology for all that has happened with Siren. She forgives him readily.

"Nice shot!" Ethan shouts to Chad,  who is playing basketball alone on the court. Ethan was on his way to Pilar's to get Little Ethan's bear. Theresa is busy with Crane and that is why he is going to Pilar's. "Do you know that new guy that Theresa is hanging with?" Ethan asks. Chad says that he just met the guy. Chad wonders if Ethan is worried that Theresa is going to be with someone else. Ethan denies that. "I let go of Theresa a long time ago when I committed to Gwen." Chad knows that is a lie.

Theresa had no idea that Jared had suffered the death of a loved one and it makes her sad. "Don't worry about that Theresa. I should have told you that Arabella died before now. Let's just forget about it now, shall we? I should go." Theresa has a lot to do before she goes to bed. "Your boss must be a slave driver," Jared remarks. "I had a good time tonight," he says. She did too. They move closer and kiss.

Sheridan runs to Luis and tells him that Chris is gone. "I have looked everywhere." Luis leaves to go and check out back. Sheridan follows him.  Chris is in the yard with a flashlight, trying to find the papers that connect him to Alistair so that he can destroy them. Sheridan will leave him if she ever sees those papers. Chris goes limping now through the yard.

Siren comes on to Miguel, but he tells her that he is sorry, but he can't do that. He leaves the kitchen,  leaving Siren hurt.  That hasn't happened to Siren before. Tabitha tells her that she isn't a mermaid anymore, and that she should try a different approach. Men like a damsel in distress sometimes. Siren has an idea and runs off happily. Tabitha can tell that she has set something in motion just now by giving that girl advice on how to get a man. Fox tells Kay that he loves her and he has no idea what came over him with Siren earlier on. He is starting to wonder if magic is really at play here,  as Kay suggested at the beginning of their engagement. Tabitha knows that to be the truth.  Kay says that magic can't matter and that she doesn't believe in it, and even if it did, love is what conquers all.  Tabitha rolls her eyes at all that Kay comes up with to ensure her romantic entanglement with Fox.  Fox remembers Kay being really suspicious of getting engaged,  saying that it was the wrong time. He is starting to think that she was right about that. She isn't afraid and knows that she loves him so they can't be wrong together. They kiss now. Just then, Miguel comes to the bedroom door and knocks, softly calling for Kay.

At Chris and Sheridan's house, all look down to the ground but Luis and Sheridan don't actually see the pieces of paper with the Omega on it. They see that Chris's leg is bleeding. Sheridan helps him to the house and plans to put him back in bed. Luis calls to the couple and holds up a pencil that has a gun dangling from it. "Could that be the gun that shot Chris that night?" Luis will take it to the station…

"Kay are you in there? I need to talk to you,” Miguel says. Kay tells Miguel that this isn't a good time. He will have to wait until the morning.  He plans to talk to Kay and tell her how he really feels.  "I wonder who is going to get Kay's heart in the end?" Tabitha ponders. Endora wants Fox to win and shouts it telepathically. "It looks like Fox and Kay won't be together after what Siren has done."  Miguel is walking the halls and he hears crying. He peeks into Siren's room and sees her laying on the bed.  "Why are you crying?" She tells that Kay is so mean to her. Miguel holds her.  Tabitha sees that her advice is working for Siren… "Kay makes me feel so different…" Tabitha finds that an understatement. "I don't know how it happened, Miguel… It just happened. One minute, we were talking, and the next, Fox and I were together." That is how it was for Miguel with Kay. "Why doesn't anyone like me Miguel?" moans Siren. Tabitha wonders if Miguel will take the bait and give in to Siren's charms.

Chris wants to go to the bathroom but alone. Sheridan helps him up. Chris thanks Luis for his help that night. Luis can't wait to take the gun in and find out who it really belongs to. Luis leaves the room. Luis offers to make Sheridan some tea. Sheridan tells him that she has things under control now and that he can go.

Ethan watches as Jared and Theresa kiss. They then say goodnight and she walks him to the door, seeing him out. She closes the door behind him. "What is it about him that I like so much?" she asks herself.  Someone knocks.  "Are you back for another kiss?" she asks opening the door… Both she and Ethan pause and stare at each other without speaking.

Jared shows up to play basketball with Chad as planned. Jared takes off his shirt and the two play a little one on one.

Ethan knows that Theresa thought that he was Jared just now. "I just came to get Little Ethan's teddy bear, and he can't sleep without it." Ethan finds that funny as he too was like that as a child. He has a stuffed animal that he treated the same way. Theresa says that kids act like the people they are around sometimes. Theresa leaves to get the bear and when alone,  she thinks how Little Ethan is like Ethan because he is Ethan's son. She will not let Ethan know the truth,  as she knows that Ethan will sue her for custody. "I can't let that happen,” she states.

Fox is in bed with Kay and he kisses her and nuzzles her neck. She knew that she could keep Fox's interest. Maria cries out, and Kay leaves to tend to the child.

Siren tries to make a move but she pushes too hard and Miguel makes no advances. Tabitha sees that Siren has blown it. "I need to go,  Siren," Miguel says. Siren begs him to stay but he won't. He turns to the door…but Siren starts singing the Siren's Song.  Miguel turns to Siren slowly and has a look of awe on his face. "There she goes," Tabitha says. “I would hate to see Siren win…” ZAP! Endora sends some power beams to Miguel and they fall all over his head.  Miguel starts banging on his ears with both hands. "I can't hear!"  Endora smiles. "What is so funny?" Tabitha asks.

"Luis,  you know that we can't be together anymore. I am married to Chris." He knows that had she waited just one more day she would have known that Luis was alive and she wouldn't have married Chris. She knows that. She has gone over it all in her mind. She really thought that this life would be like the others they have shared. It always ends the same. He thought this time might have been different. "No.  Luis. You need to find someone else to love. You deserve to find happiness," Sheridan says.

Chad and Jared stop playing to drink some water. "What is going on with you and Theresa?" Chad asks.  Jared finds her very interesting and he likes her a lot. Chad has known her for a long time and it was nice to see her have fun for a change. Chad hopes that Theresa will be a reason for Jared to stay in Harmony. They hit the court again.

Ethan looks at a picture of Theresa and Little Ethan. Theresa comes out with the teddy bear who is Little Ethan's best friend. "I better get Mr. Teddy home!" Theresa walks Ethan to the door and asks him to kiss Little Ethan goodnight for her. He will do that. Ethan is curious about something. "Are you two dating?" She says that she likes Jared,  but she just met him. Ethan wants her to be sure that the guy is a nice guy. "Did you do a background check on him?" he asks. She says that she doesn't do that kind of stuff.  She explains, "I am a good judge of character…or at least I thought that I was." He feels her comment is directed to him and she admits that it is. She thought that he was the type of man who would not stay with Gwen when he loves someone else. She starts going off about Gwen and Ethan stops her. She realizes that she was falling into the same trap again and stops herself. "Is there anything else?" No, he is done and so she sees him out.  On the porch, Ethan thinks about knocking again, and then decides not to.

Siren sings the Siren's Song… "Come to me Miguel. You know that you can't resist me…" Siren goes to the window and sings her Siren's Song again.  Two masculine hands cover her eyes. Someone has come to her.

She turns and finds that Miguel isn't there but Fox has returned, all wild-eyed and wonderful. Siren smiles with glee. In the kitchen, Kay tells Tabitha that things are looking good with Fox upstairs. Miguel comes running in the kitchen shouting that something terrible has happened and that he can't hear.

Luis tries to talk sense to Sheridan,  but she tells him that they can't be. "Please Luis… find happiness. It can't be with me." Luis turns and walks out of the cottage.  He stops and looks in the window. Sheridan closes the door behind him. Chris hops into the living room and sees that Luis has gone. "Let me help you back into bed," Sheridan offers. Chris uses her as a support,  and they both go into the bedroom. Luis watches the whole scene from the window, and then he sadly turns and walks off.

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