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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Roberto wonders what would happened if he and Paloma were to just run off and start a new life somewhere else. There isn't anything for them in Harmony. Paloma works at the Book Café and she can't be happy at that place. She complains about it all the time. Paloma wishes sometimes that she had stayed in Rome. Paloma hates to be under her mother's thumb all the time. Roberto knows how to fix this. He gets on his knees. "Come back to Mexico with me…marry me," he says.

Siren enjoys her image in the mirror. She has dressed and will be out of the room before Fox is done with his shower. "I haven't been this relaxed since that naughty weekend with Sha-muu… Poor Fox. He will never sleep with Kay or any other woman ever again." Siren is dressed and ready to go now. "Now where is that Miguel… I feel like singing all night."

"I must be cursed. I realize that Kay is the woman that I want, and tonight she remembers that she is in love with Fox, and now I am history." Miguel looks out at the water now.

Kay can't understand why Fox would sleep with Siren. It has to be a mistake. "Did you cast a spell?" she asks Tabitha, but Tabitha will not be blamed for this. She explains, "She is a mermaid, Kay. Remember that lovely singing? That was the Siren's Song. Mermaids use it to lure men to make love to her." Kay smiles. She knew that it had to be something like that. Siren enters then and Kay lunges for her neck.

Jared and Theresa have been kissing while sitting in her parents' house. She looks uncomfortable, and Jared senses it. He worries that he has offended her. "I think that you are sweet," she says. He notices that he was doing all the work. "This is about Ethan, isn't it? You are not over him." She tells him that she has to be.

Luis and Sheridan find Chris unconscious on the front lawn with a bullet wound. Luis worries that the intruder might still be around the house, and he starts looking around for trouble. He gets his gun out and makes sure that it is ready… Sheridan suddenly remembers that James is in the house alone. She goes running inside. Luis gets his radio out to call the police, but Chris begs him not to do that. "Why don't you want me to call the police?" Luis asks. Chris just rests his head back down on the ground without responding.

Jared feels like he is just spinning his wheels if Theresa is not over Ethan. She has found him great to her that night. "I thought that I was over him,  and I used to get my heart crushed on a daily basis. I was sure that I was over him but I might have been lying to him all this time." Jared  makes her sit with him and says,  "You are not stupid,  Theresa… You are human. You show your emotions and that is what I like about you. That isn't stupid to love someone that loves you and can't return the same feeling. I know what it is to be the odd man out." Theresa likes that he is a guy who isn't afraid to show what he feels. "I have loved someone who can't show it back," he admits.

Chris and Luis are in the house now. "I must have surprised a burglar," Chris says. Luis doctors Chris's leg to stop the bleeding. Luis has to report this to the station. "I have to report it. It is a gunshot wound," Luis says. Chris begs Luis not to do that. "Think about Sheridan losing Marty and her baby and this will make her feel worse. You know that the photographers will be on us if this gets out. They will be camping outside the gate. They will go through our trash. Can't we just keep this thing quiet?" Chris begs.


"Will you marry me?" repeats Roberto.  Paloma tells the boy to get up. She says nothing more. His family would be so thrilled to have her in the family. She loves the ring. It was his great-great-grandmother's. "Wear this and one day you can give it to our daughter," he tells her.  Paloma loves him but she can't marry him. "I have been separated from my family and they are all hurting now,” she explains. “Theresa is over Ethan, and Miguel is trying to be with Kay and so I can't leave them now." He knows her heart is good but their happiness can't be her responsibility. "If we find true love, we can be a good example for our family." She can't do it…now. "Stay here Roberto. Don't go!" she pleads. He can't. He has to return to Mexico in the morning. His visa has expired. "I will be back. For a long time I thought that we were just having fun but then it grew into something more. "Yo siempre te amare…" She tells him she loves him too. She wants to stay at the wharf alone for a while. He kisses her lips. "Adios Roberto…" She will not forget him. He will hold the ring for her and one day maybe she can wear it for him. He leaves. "'Was I crazy to say 'no'? What is next for me?" Paloma wonders. A hand touches her shoulder then and she jumps. "Hi," Miguel says in greeting. She tells him that she was with Roberto and he just proposed to her and asked her to move to Mexico with him. She said 'no' and now she wonders if she shouldn't have. Miguel tells her that she should choose happiness. "It isn't that. I don't know if I should marry him. Going to Rome was an eye-opener. I was so alive. I never knew when there was danger around the corner. After Rome, life in Harmony seems so boring…"

Kay holds her hands around Siren's neck and she squeezes and squeezes, trying to choke the life out of the girl. Siren fights back. The girls are rolling around the floor now. Tabitha and Endora watch the fiasco and don't move a finger to help. "Let Kay kill Siren and she will stink up the house in three days. I think that we had better stop this,” Tabitha says finally. ZAP! Endora sends a beam to shock the girls away from each other and end the fighting. They both fall to opposite ends of the room, away from each other. There is suddenly silence. "Why did you stop me from fighting with Siren?" Kay asks Endora. She goes tearing across the room to get her hands on Siren again. Siren runs to Kay and…

ZAP! Endora makes a fishnet appear and it falls around Siren, trapping her, and holding her back from starting the fight anew. Siren fights and fights but only gets more tangled in the net. When Siren has calmed herself, ZAP! Endora makes the net vanish. "You think that you are so hot but you only got Fox to sleep with you because of the Siren's Song. I don't care what you did with Fox because we are going to make love repeatedly and over again…" Siren laughs evilly. "You seem to forget Kay, or Tabitha…didn't you tell her? Haven't you heard of the mermaid's curse? I have made love to Fox and now he can't make love to any other woman ever again…" Kay grabs her head now realizing what has really happened here.

"I am sorry," Jared says. "I lost if for a second and got thinking about the past and someone I cared about." Theresa wants to hear more about her. "It messed me up pretty good. It was a long time ago but if feels like yesterday," says Jared. Theresa knows how that feels. "Well, we met on Holiday where they make perfume,” continues Jared. “ We lived in Paris but what else can I say? I adored her. It was extremely romantic and sometimes when I would go for flowers or dark chocolate." Theresa always dreamed of romantic times like that with Ethan,  but now knows that will never happen. "I am getting used to it. Still, what happened to her Jared?" He lost her.

"Are you telling me that you have an idea who did this to you?" Luis is in Chris's face now. He can tell that Chris is hiding something from him and he demands to know the truth. Chris thinks back to going outside and finding Spike there waiting. "Don't hold back now," Luis orders. "Tell me everything."  Luis and Chris sit in the living room talking now. Sheridan returns and isn't happy that the men decided not to call the ambulance and police. Chris tells of how he doesn't want the media to get a hold of this news. Sheridan helps Chris into bed now. Luis feels that there is something definitely wrong with this picture.

"Paloma, if you love Roberto, you shouldn’t turn your back on him," Miguel advises. She loves Roberto, she says,  but isn't sure that she should marry the man. Miguel knows he has missed out on a lot because of letting things go in life. "I blew it with Kay. Charity didn't want to be found and I left the woman with my child for her. Now I have no one to blame for what happened but me. I abandoned Kay and Maria. Now Kay has Fox and she will marry him. Now every chance that I had to be with Kay is gone. I tried to talk to Kay about it but she is in love with Fox." Paloma knows that no one in their family is happy, and she feels that he should go and tell Kay how he feels.

"Fox loves me and he will not be able to resist me once he gets in that bed with me!" Tabitha begs the girls to watch their language around Endora. Siren tells Kay to make sure to bring a good book to bed when she goes there. "You will need it." Kay doesn't believe this and turns to Tabitha for support. "I am afraid that it is true dear," Tabitha confirms. "No!" Kay says holding her head.

Theresa asks more about the girl that Jared knew. "I lost her. I tried to forget her, but I think about her every day and every night I dream of her." Theresa offers to find the girl for him. "I can't have Ethan, but I know that you can have this girl." She starts walking off. He grabs her hand. "No…"

Luis finds that none of the security equipment went off when Chris was attacked. Sheridan finds that strange. "I can't understand why Chris will not report the shooting. Maybe he is hiding something. He is a nice guy but what do we know about him?" Sheridan tells Luis that Chris is from South Africa and he was married to Maureen, who Sheridan met. They separated and Maureen moved to Harmony with James. Then the Tsunami hit. James lived with me and when Chris found us, we bonded over our love for James. I trust Chris." Luis will accept that, but he has a bad feeling about this. Something isn't right here.


Chris lays in bed sleeping. He suddenly jumps to a sitting position. "I left the Omega clue outside. I can't let Luis or Sheridan find it. That will connect me and they will figure it all out." He tries to get up and moans out in pain from his bullet wound.

"You have to go after Kay,” Paloma urges her brother. You just told me never to give up on love Miguel. Fox doesn't have a child with Kay. This is your chance to make a real family." Miguel sees that she is right. "I am going to look for Kay and tell her how I feel." He trots off. "Good luck brother."

"Nothing is more powerful than true love," Kay says. "You go girl!" Endora shouts telepathically… "I am going upstairs now to make love with Fox!" Kay announces. "Good luck with that!" Siren snarls.

"He has walked into your life and you have accepted everything that he has said to you, " Luis says of Chris.  Sheridan thinks about this for a minute but then tells Luis that Chris has proven to be everything that she thought.  Chris decides he has to get that Omega clue. He hobbles out of the house through the back way. "I am going to check around for clues outside," Luis says. Sheridan will check on Chris in the meanwhile.

"I am going to find Arabella for you," Theresa says. "You won't find her," Jared says. "She is dead." Theresa is sorry for that. They hug now.

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