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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Jared and Theresa are at the Seascape, and they talk about starting over again and seeing where things go.

Noah serves Julian who is looking a little depressed and seems like he needs a drink. "I am fine,” he says, “but just missing Eve. She is with TC helping him with his recovery." Noah hopes that TC pulls through. "TC's daughters are lucky," Julian says. "My parents were never really there. Fancy is closer to her grandfather than me.” Noah knows that Alistair is evil and he hopes that Fancy sees that. Fancy arrives then, and Noah and Julian greet her. Noah quietly leaves the area. Julian looks from Noah to Fancy and then back again. Julian notices the tension and Fancy tells him that she and Noah are over. "It just didn't work out," she explains. Julian suspects that Fancy has moved on to another victim by the smile on her face. "Do you care to tell me who it is?" he asks, but she doesn't want to say. Julian knows that means that the man doesn't know that she wants him yet.

"What just happened?” Luis asks himself at the police station. “Fancy and I just kissed and she didn't want to leave. Oh Sheridan, why did this have to happen to us?" Sheridan is outside the police station. "I can't believe that my car didn't start. I hope someone in the station can help me… Anyone but Luis." Chris is in the house. He thinks about his connection, too,  although "Sheridan can't ever know about this." Chris picks up something off the floor in the living room and he walks off to put it away. He doesn't notice what was nearby. A piece of paper that does tie Christian to Alistair lies innocently under the furniture, partly hidden from view…

Outside, someone has come up… That person has a flashlight and shines the beam. The red symbol of the Omega shines from the flashlight.

Kay has found Fox and Siren in bed naked, and she lunges for Siren and tries to kill her for sleeping with Fox. Tabitha worries about the trouble in the house and how if things get too out of hand, it will be discovered that she and Endora are witches… It takes Miguel and Fox to pull Kay off of Siren and free her from certain death. "So what?" Siren asks Kay about sleeping with Fox. "You were in bed with my boyfriend," Kay shouts back, tugging the sheets around her. Kay remembers that.  But she wonders: "Why were we in bed together…"

Fancy tells her father that she has forgiven him for not being there for her when she was young. He has so many regrets now. "I love you,  and I just want us to be happy and have a happy future." Julian sees that she is beaming but knows  that  she can't tell him why yet.

Luis tries to study for his test at the station. He quizzes himself… He has to stop, as he is seeing double now. He goes for some coffee. Sheridan goes to the door of the police station and she finds the door locked. That is strange. She knocks hoping that someone will answer.  "Fancy!" Luis shouts. "Please go home!" Luis goes to the door and opens it to find that it is Sheridan, not Fancy.

Sheridan is taking too long to get ice cream and Chris starts to worry. He goes to the phone and then puts it down. He goes outside.  Something is strange about Chris’s surroundings. He looks around. A red beam of light in the shape of the Omega shines on the house.

"Why were you shouting for Fancy to go away when I was outside?” Sheridan asks.  Luis says that is a long story and he doesn't go into it. Sheridan comes in the station and asks what is going on with Fancy. Luis tells her about how Fancy got some parking tickets, like the first time that he and Sheridan met. "She had a warrant out for her arrest and I arrested her. Her lawyer never came and she wouldn’t leave and so finally I had to trick her into leaving." Sheridan remembers Fancy as a pest as a little girl.

Fancy tells her father that she was in jail for the last few hours. He is worried but the she is smiling about it. "I was in trouble for a bunch of unpaid tickets, and I got arrested. Luis was the arresting officer." Julian remembers how Luis arrested Sheridan… "I will take care of your tickets," he promises. Then Julian's phone rings and he goes to answer it in private.

"I know what I want," Fancy says. "…Luis…" Jared leaves the table for a moment. Theresa sees Fancy and heads over there.

"I see that you are out of those handcuffs," Theresa says as looks at Fancy's wrists. Fancy tells Theresa that Luis is planning to leave Harmony. Theresa can't let that happen, as his whole family is there. Fancy hopes that Theresa can find a way to stop him.

Tabitha and Endora look into the big blue pot. "It seems that Kay has lost her amnesia." "You really don't know?" Miguel asks Kay. Miguel reminds her of the accident and the washing machine not working. "You got a really bad shock," Fox says. A flashback comes to Kay now. "I remember, but what does that have to do with me being in bed with you?" she asks.  The kids tell her that has been in an alternate reality. "You only remembered loving Miguel." Kay panics. "Why would you let things go so far and not tell me?" Kay asks. Siren pipes up that Miguel didn't want to tell her the truth. "Miguel is still in love with you," Siren says.

"Who is here?" Chris shouts. "Well hello Booth!"

Chris finds Spike before him. "What are you doing here?" Chris asks.

Sheridan realizes that she is all alone with Luis. She tells him that she needs a battery and that she was just going for ice cream.

Noah asks Jared if he is dating Theresa now. "I do like her," Jared says. Noah tells Jared that Theresa has been through a lot lately. Jared understands that.

Theresa and Fancy talk about Theresa's family and how she wants Luis to stay. She can't force him though. "I understand why he wants to leave. He has lost Sheridan and I can understand why he can't stand seeing her with Chris. I would leave but I want to stay here and protect my son's legacy and I want my son to have his family." Fancy admits that she thought about leaving too, but  has decided that she needs to stay and help Luis out… Theresa will talk to Luis then. Julian comes over to Theresa at this point and asks that he get to spend more time with Little Ethan. "He isn't your son, Julian," Theresa says.

Kay has questions now, and Miguel has to explain why he let things happen between them like they did. Fox points out that telling her the truth would have hurt her. Kay understands now. "I tried to discourage you, but you only remembered loving Fox and not me, and I couldn't put off making love to you anymore." Kay tells Fox that she is sorry for what she did. He understands. She jumps back. "Wait! I had amnesia, not you. I understand why I did what I did, but why did you do what you did with Siren?" Tabitha never thought about that. Fox has no reason that he can explain properly for sleeping with Siren. Fox can't explain why he got in bed with Siren. Kay figures that Siren seduced him. Siren laughs. "He told me that he loved me repeatedly. Kay runs off and Fox and Miguel follow her.

Luis wants to drive Sheridan home,  but she tells him that she can take a cab. She starts leaving,  and he stops her. "I will call dispatch and have them forward my calls. Let's get out of here. Your ice cream is melting all over the joint."

"I wanted to talk to Chris seeing as we are both in the same boat," Spike says. "I got this file from Rome." He pulls it out and Chris snatches it out of the thug's hands and reads it. He rips it up into pieces. "No, you have nothing," Chris says. Spike laughs. That was a copy and the originals are in a safe place. I want you to start working for me now." Chris laughs. "Absolutely not."

"What do you mean Little Ethan isn't mine?" Theresa says that it is the truth. "You have never shown any attention to my little boy. You don't have rights. You have no rights and you can't play daddy now." Julian threatens to take her to court and win. Jared comes for her and Theresa leaves with him.  "Was that Julian Crane?" Jared asks. "Yes, that is the bastard…" says Theresa.

Tabitha sees Kay is coming down, and so she hides the big blue pot. "Are you responsible for all this,  witch?" she accuses. Tabitha denies that she had anything to do with this. "You go an electrical shock!" Kay feels that she was taken advantage of. "He didn't take advantage of you… You took a love potion from me. It was a lust potion and you drugged him." Kay suddenly remembers. "Miguel tried to resist,  but he couldn't and only you are to blame."  Miguel comes down. and Kay apologizes to her. Maria cries and Miguel goes to see about her. "How could I do it?" Kay wonders. "What is done is done. Now you have to decide. Who is it that you really love Kay?"

Theresa brings Jared back to her mother's house. "We had a fire, and I had it rebuilt… I mean, we had it rebuilt," Theresa explains. Jared wants to know what is going on with her and Julian. Theresa doesn't want to talk about that. "I know a little bit about you but what else?" asks Jared. Theresa tells of Paloma and Miguel… "My dad used to work for the Cranes before they drove him out of Harmony and my mom used to work at the Crane mansion," she adds.  Jared can now see why Theresa hates the Cranes so much.

Luis drives with Sheridan. "I can take you to get a battery the next day you know," Luis offers, but Sheridan says that has Chris to do that for her. Luis forgot about that.

"I have no intention of working with you," Chris says. Spike says that he is calling the shots now and that Chris will do what he is told unless he wants Sheridan to know the truth. Chris makes a move towards the man, but Spike pulls a gun and points it at Chris. Chris manages to get to him anyway and both have their hands on the gun, struggling for control of it over the other. The gun is now pointing down as they fight for it. BANG! They stop fighting and just stand still.

"You were drawn to me Fox…admit it," Siren says. Fox looks down at her and can't help but saying, 'yes'. But then he snaps out of it. "No! It doesn't matter what we did. I am going to take a shower." He leaves. "That was fun. If Kay doesn't watch it, I will own Miguel too…"

"We were getting married and now I don't know what will happen." Fox slept with Siren and Kay slept with Miguel. "Things can't get any worse," Kay says.

"How could it end like this after the love that we shared?" Luis wonders. Now they can barely talk. "I am sorry, Sheridan." She tells him again that she is married to Chris and that she will not break her vows. "Alright," Luis says. "You are home." He stops the car.

Sheridan looks at the front of the house and finds someone on the ground. Sheridan rushes over. "It is Chris!" Luis comes over too.

Julian and Fancy order more drinks. Julian can't believe the way that Theresa is treating him. "I will spend time with my son whether Theresa likes it or not."

Jared and Theresa sit alone in Pilar's house, getting to know each other better. The have a moment of looking into each other's eyes, and then they kiss.

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