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Passions Update Tuesday 8/1/06--Canada; Wednesday 8/2/06--USA
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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Theresa thanks Jared for dinner. The food and the company were great. He knew that he would be out with her at some point. "What a beautiful night," Whitney tells Chad. He can't believe that she is back with him and Miles.  Jared and Theresa see Chad and Whitney and love seeing people in love.

In the big blue pot, Miguel and Kay are going at it hot and heavy.  "The lust potion that Kay has given Miguel puts Viagra to shame. Miguel is like a love machine on overdrive," Tabby says. "I don’t think that we have to worry about a Miguel/Charity coupling anymore. Those two are going to bond like super glue.

Siren and Fox are at it as well in Siren's room. "I love you Siren," Fox says while making love to her. "You will only love me forever," Siren says smiling.

Luis and Fancy are kissing half-dressed on her cot, in her cell. He suddenly apologizes to her for kissing her. She apologizes too. "Well, sometimes stuff happens," Luis says. "It makes sense, really, because of all that happened between us in Rome. What happened was nice, Fancy, but it will never happen again."

"I think that you should go home now," Luis says. She finds it funny that he held her all day if she could have gone home all along. He denies that he wanted to hold her there all day or anything. He has the authority to release her but he didn't before for some reason. "It is just that now I don't think that you will leave town in the next twelve hours…" She could though, as she is a businesswoman and could get called out of town. She doesn't seem to be making it easy for him to kick her out of there. "What if I have to fly to Hong Kong or Paris?" she jokes. He can tell that she doesn't want to leave, and he wants to know the real reason for that. She wants to know why he is trying so hard to get rid of her.

Chad and Whitney decide to head home now. Jared and Theresa come over and Chad says that they are leaving,  but that he thinks that they will be seeing a lot of Jared from now on. They leave. Theresa has to go and check on Luis to see how he is doing, and so Jared offers to walk her over to see him.

Miguel and Kay have finished making love. Kay hopes that Tabitha has more of that love potion. "I felt like I was under some spell when I was doing that," says Miguel Kay tells him that it is the excitement of the wedding that is making him excited. Miguel remembers Fox threatening him about touching Kay. Miguel hugs Kay tightly now.  Tabitha is watching and changes the channel with a sweep of her arm.  Fox feels totally fulfilled. "I never felt this way before in my life." The Siren's Song stops.  "Why did the music stop?" Fox asks. "It is time to rest," Siren says. "We have to raise anchor again soon." Fox asks why he is in bed with her. "Stick with me Fox and I will float your boat every night!" Fox sits straight up now, not understanding what has been going on.  Fox realizes that both he and Siren are naked, and he panics. "You are beautiful, but I love Kay,  and we are engaged to be married.

The Siren's Song plays, and Siren sings. "I love you," Fox says. Soon he is climbing on her again. Tabitha watches the scene and sees that Fox is a goner for sure.  Endora is up and standing at her mommy's feet. "I had a bad dream," she says telepathically. "Siren hurt Fox," she says in her tiny toddler mind. "I told you that Siren would cause trouble and it has. Siren has succeeded in getting Fox. Now Fox can never be loving with a mortal woman again." Endora knows that if she turns back time, she could change this. Tabitha wants her to do nothing, as things are complicated enough as it is.

"Why don't we make a wedding date?" Kay asks. Miguel hasn't got a good answer for that. He feels that to arrange a wedding takes time. Kay doesn't want a big wedding. Let's get married tomorrow."

Luis decides that they should go and get something to eat. Jared and Theresa arrive at the station to see how Luis is doing. He is fine. Theresa is surprised to find Fancy there. She explains about the parking tickets. Jared and Luis meet officially now. Theresa explains that she bumped into Jared and that was how they met. Fancy brings Theresa to a corner and remarks that she got over Ethan really fast. Theresa tells Fancy that she has decided to leave the married couples alone. Fancy asks if Theresa thinks that Luis could ever get over Sheridan. Theresa isn't sure what Luis will do,  but she knows that Luis will not be happy until he gets over Sheridan. "Are you hoping that Luis moves on with you?"

"Why does everyone asking me about Luis?" Fancy asks. "I wouldn't do that to my aunt at this time." Theresa remembered seeing something in Fancy's eyes for Luis in Rome. Fancy tells her that it is hard, as Sheridan had a hard time seeking her with Luis at the park that day. Theresa knows that sometimes people get hurt, but it isn't Fancy doing it. "You are loving, and you are caring, and you need to follow your heart. If that leads you to my brother, then so be it. You would be good for Luis. I want him to be happy and fall in love again,  and that someone could be you." Fancy is happy to hear this.

Chad and Whitney arrive home and relieve the babysitter. "Now that I am back, I will never leave you again." That is a big promise that Whitney is making to her child.

"I love you Siren," Fox says. "That is the way that it should be, and will be from now on." Tabitha sees that Fox has suffered the mermaid's curse. He has suffered 4 times at least that night. "He won't be able to make love to another woman ever again.  Miguel doesn't want to talk about the wedding until the following day.  "That is it!" Tabitha tells. "Fox is cursed. Endora still wants to turn back time. She gets out her finger and ZAP!  A tiny pink beam of light speeds to the stairs…  Tabitha is quick to see it coming and she grabs the lid to a pot and holds it out like a shield of armor. The beam of power bounces off the lid and floats off into the electrical wiring of the house. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttt! All the power in the house is gone and all are left in darkness.

Upstairs, Miguel has turned over to go to sleep. Kay too now happens to be reaching for the light as the electricity is burning out.  When she turns the switch on her bedside lamp… zzzzzzttttttt! Kay does the chicken for a few seconds and then she is still. A small stream of steam floats out of her ear, but that is all. Tabitha tells Endora that she has to stop sticking her nose in other people's business. "See what happens when you disobey Mommy?" Endora finds her Mummy crude.

"Kay?" Miguel calls. He looks at her and she doesn’t move. "She is unconscious." He shakes her and she wakes. "I thought that I lost you." She sits up. "I must have been in a deep sleep." He kisses her head and turns over to go to sleep. "Sweet dreams?" She looks under the sheet and sees that she is naked. "Oh my God! You are too! Where is Fox?"  Fox is busy making love to Siren, under the influence of the Siren's Song.

Jared and Luis get to know each other. Jared seems to like the humble lifestyle of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Fancy and Theresa can't decide if they think that Jared is hot or cute. He is a little of both. Theresa feels that things might be happening for her and Jared. Jared comes over now and asks Theresa if she is ready to go. Her brother is fine so she might as well get going. Luis and Fancy say goodbye to Jared and Theresa.

Luis is ready to go and eat something now. Fancy suggests something exotic, but Luis is going to a deli and that is the choice she has. He has been trying to get her to go home, but she won't. He tells her to wait outside for him,  as he has to get his cuffs for her. She leaves the station. He closes the door and locks it behind her. She suddenly realizes what he has done and returns to the door banging on it. "Luis!"

Jared and Theresa are out walking and they see a limo. Jared hates those things,  and he knows those Cranes probably have a dozen of those gas guzzling machines. "Not all Cranes are bad," Theresa says.

Whitney still can't believe that she got her family back. She knows that Chad must have been alone in bed at night thinking about her and feeling alone. No matter what he always loved her and never stopped. They kiss now, and keep kissing as they remove their clothes.

"How did I get here? Where are my clothes?" Miguel tells Kay that she had an accident. "And so you took advantage of me?" Kay gets the sheet and wraps it around her as she goes looking for Fox. "What have you done now Endora?" Tabitha asks her sweet pea. She waves her hand and looks at the big blue pot. Fox and Siren are deep into their lovemaking.  "Oh no!" Tabitha says. "If Kay finds Fox, that will be the end of it."

Chad almost forgot how wonderful being with Whitney could be. "I couldn't be with anyone else," Whitney says. "And you?" He just says that he loves her. Whitney talks about the other couples they know. "I hope that Jared and Theresa hit it off." Chad laughs,  saying that would be great. Whitney goes to see about Miles. "Life is good but it isn't everything that I ever hoped for." Chad's phone rings and he answers. He laughs and then hangs up.  "Can't let Whitney hear that…" Whitney returns with Miles and they sit together.

Kay is running now to find Fox and tell him what happened with Miguel. Tabitha worries about this turn of events. Fox makes love to Fancy.  The door flies open. Kay sees the lovemaking.  "Fox! What are you doing?"  Fox stops kissing Siren to look up at Kay.

Fancy realizes what Luis has done. "I did that, as you wouldn't go home." He will not open the door. "He may be able to lock me out of the station tonight, but he will not be able to lock me out of his heart forever," Fancy says to herself.

Jared tells all he knows about the Cranes. "The old man married some young money-grubbing whore. She is Harmony's Anna Nicole Smith!"

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