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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Luis feels this is juvenile that he and Fancy are playing strip poker in the jail. He could be fired.

Kay, Miguel, Siren and Fox go back to the house with Tabby now that the baseball game is over. They are supposed to be going out for dinner,  and the boys are going to pay.  Tabitha gets Kay to the side and asks for her romantic potion. "All in good time," Kay says. "All in good time." Kay goes to Miguel and plants a wet one on him after leaving Tabitha. They head out of the room. Gwen doesn't want to go out to dinner. Ethan feels that she is still mad that he took care of Theresa when she got hurt and it is true. "You just can't let her go," Gwen says.

Whitney, Chad, Jared and Theresa all go to Pilar's house to discuss where they should go for dinner that night. The girls will have to get ready. Jared and Chad can go anywhere in jeans and a T-shirt but Theresa and Whitney seem to depend on their clothes. Jared finds that interesting,  as it is what is underneath that counts. Theresa has had enough of this sexist jerk and she orders him out of the house.

Kay follows Miguel into the bedroom and she is all over him before he can turn and realize that he isn't alone. She thought that showering together would save water and that is why she is behind him. He wants to shower alone. He walks off.  Kay takes out the love potion and smiles at the bottle while Miguel is off in the bathroom… Fox doesn't want to hear what Tabitha and Siren have to say about Kay. He wants to tell the truth but Siren reminds him that Kay could be hurt if he tells her the truth. Fox leaves. Tabitha hates that Siren is advantage of the situation and trying to ruin Fox forever. Siren goes to Fox,  telling him that she is really sorry for the way that things have turned out for him. She offers a sympathetic ear. She leads him from the room by the hand. Tabitha knows that when Siren is done with him,  there will be nothing left for Kay or anyone else.

Luis is losing his clothes and fast. It is Fancy's turn now. She thinks about the options for her multiple choice question. She misses a question and Luis says that she doesn't have to keep playing this game. "No, Luis. You took off your shirt and so it is only fair that I take off mine." She removes her shirt.

Ethan and Gwen disagree on what is really going on with Ethan and his feelings for Theresa. He admits that this cold front that Theresa is putting up has him a little uneasy and is hard for him to get used to. Gwen needs to know that Theresa will not be a factor in their lives ever again. "She is out of our lives and I will not let her behavior bother me again," Ethan says.

"Don't you dare!" Theresa says to Jared when he stands up to her for kicking him out of her house. He was about to call her something not very nice,  but it never comes out. "It is so easy to get you riled up,  Tess.” Chad and Whitney have to agree. They high-five Jared on that tip. They had a bet that Jared could get Theresa riled up in thirty seconds and it only took twenty seconds. "Okay, you are right. I do overreact sometimes," Theresa says. "I overreact all the time. You got me!" Jared is ready to go and eat lobster, but they have to change first. "You can come and change at my place," Chad tells Jared. The men head out. "So?" Whitney asks her friend with an arm around Theresa's shoulder. "Is he growing on you?"

Luis tries to answer his questions now but it is hard staring at Fancy in her bra. He misses the next question and takes off his watch. She loves that Luis has no idea that he is cheating. She hands him the book. It is his turn now to ask her a question.

"It is hard not to see Theresa as a threat and you are obviously having a hard time getting Theresa out of your mind." Ethan feels that soon things are going to be easier for them, as time goes by. "It is no more you than it is me. I don't know when I am going to stop looking over my shoulder every time that we go out. You mean everything to me. You looked great playing baseball and it reminded me of when you played in college." She was his private cheerleader. They kiss now.

"So this is Tess's mom's place?" Jared asks when he and Chad have returned dressed for dinner. "Where does Tess live?" Whitney arrives dressed for dinner. "Theresa has a new dress." Jared is sure that he probably made it herself. Whitney leaves and goes to her friend to help her with her dress. She can't reach the zipper. "What do you think? No use being Theresa Crane if I can't wear things like this." She goes running out to show off her outfit. She looks great. Whitney comes out now,  smiling. "It's an original," Theresa says. They all head out to dinner.

Tabitha hasn't got anything in the fridge, and Endora is sleeping or she could conjure up something for them. Tabitha goes to the big blue pot and sees that people all over are getting ready for dinner.

Kay is doctoring up some drinks so that Miguel will drink it and …well…Miguel is coming. Kay hides behind the door. Miguel comes in drying his hair.  Kay pounces on him and kisses him madly. Siren starts singing her Siren's Song. Tabitha rolls her eyebrows. "Well, maybe if Fox really loves Kay he will be able to resist Siren." The Siren's Song rings out throughout the house. Siren's door opens. Fox is there. "That beautiful song," he says. She leans towards him. "Make love to me Fox…" He walks towards her…

Luis takes his pants off next and stands in his boxers. "Where is your lawyer,  anyway?" Fancy isn't worried about that. Luis reads her question again. "That is easy…'A'" Luis realizes that he has given her the wrong question. Fancy panics. She has the questions face up, under the pillow by her chair. She rolls her head around and tries to catch a peek at the sheet but her time runs out. "I don't know the answer. I just don't know." Luis can't believe that she got stumped. "You know what this means." Fancy takes off a shoe.

Ethan and Gwen have made love and they are now hungry. She is dying for some seafood. They decide to go to the Lobster Shack. Ethan loves that idea. Gwen is sure that they will not run into Theresa at the Lobster Shack. That new guy would take her somewhere else. Theresa, Whitney, Chad and Jared arrive at the Lobster Shack. Theresa is thrilled Jared is sure that Theresa made her dress in spite of how nice it looks. The owner of the Lobster Shack orders his hostess to get over and seat Theresa right away. .Theresa and her party are seated ahead of everyone else. The guests get angry. "Did you see? That is Theresa Crane. Look at her… That money didn't buy her any good taste." They laugh at her behind her back.

The two couples sit at their table. "I think that it is great that you make your clothes to save a few bucks," Jared says. "You single mothers making it in the dog-eat-dog world. I couldn't tell if that was a dress or a giant handkerchief that you couldn't get out of." Theresa knows that the dress was a risk. No matter. Jared is just glad that she came out. Whitney asks Chad what he thinks. "It looks like those two are falling for each other."

"Tough break Fancy. You can't seem to get one right anymore." She grabs the book from Luis. She flips the pages and can't find the one where he has been asking his questions from. "Are you ready for the next question? You know what has to come off next." He laughs. "You. All that lying and cheating." Luis goes to the cheat sheet that Fancy had hidden. He knew all along that she was cheating. First they are angry and then they are laughing.

Kay gives Miguel a glass of wine to relax him. He takes a healthy gulp. She pulls him to the bed for a massage and then she kisses his lips. "Fox won't have a chance in hell of escaping that mermaid." Fox is about to kiss Siren but then he pulls back. "Wait! What about Kay." Siren tells him that she is there for him. "Make love to me!" Fox leans in to kiss her again and this time he does it.

Fancy was making Luis feel like an idiot. She wonders if he is an idiot since he missed so many questions. "You are going to pay, Fancy… I just haven't made up my mind what your punishment will be." He wants the book back,  but she will not give it to him and she runs in circles around the table to avoid him as he chases her.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the Lobster Shack and Gwen hears Theresa's laughter. Ethan is immediately paying attention to that table and all that is going on over there. Gwen knew it. Ethan can't keep away. Jared tells about the blue-collar jobs that he has had in the past. Whitney and Theresa laugh at his wit. Ethan and Gwen stand at the doorway, waiting to be seated, and they watch and listen as Jared titillates the ladies with his tales.

Miguel and Kay are making passionate love now. Tabitha has no idea which couple is worse. "I shouldn't care. Kay will have her claws in Miguel and Charity will be history and Endora and I can be free from being discovered. Too bad Fox is being ruined by that fickle-finned she-fish." "I love you Siren…" says Fox. Siren smiles. "I know Fox…I know."

Whitney and Theresa continue laughing at Jared's jokes. Whitney can tell that Jared is good for Theresa. Gwen can see the sparkle in Theresa's eyes. "She really is moving on."

Luis keeps chasing Fancy and finally he catches her, and they fall on her cot. "You are sneaky and beautiful." They are on her cot, and she has fallen on him. They stare into each other's eyes now. Soon their faces get closer and closer,  and then they kiss.

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