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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Eve has TC's things all packed up.  Julian and Simone arrive to take TC home.  Julian has been especially helpful,  and so Eve thanks him for all he has done.  Simone offers to take the plants to the house,  and she walks off.   Eve goes to Julian now to thank him again but he stops her.  "Remember,  we have the Habitat for Humanity Ball tonight." Eve can't go.  She has decided that she will be going back with TC.

Kay's head hurts and she doesn't know why.  It isn't the hurting so much as… She sits alone with Fox.   He is concerned.   Kay just wants to be left alone for a while to see what it is that she is feeling so strongly.   "What is wrong?" Siren asks.  Fox says that he did something that reminded her of their relationship.   Siren isn't sure how she feels about that now.  She wants to get her hands on Fox.   Kay has blurry visions of Miguel and then Fox telling her that they love her… it is all too confusing.  Miguel goes to Fox,  asking what is wrong.  "She remembers that she is in love with me," Fox says.

Sheridan tells Chris that she had a very interesting talk with Fancy before and that she has noticed something.   Luis and Fancy come up to the married couple now for a short visit.  Sheridan seems sad.

Theresa looks over at Jared,  thinking that he is nothing but a male chauvinist pig.   Ethan and Gwen watch Theresa with Jared and wonder if there is anything there.   Theresa is in a mood.   "Don't blow this," Whitney begs of her friend.  "He is the type of man that you need,  and you even said it." Theresa doesn't care about that.  Jared said some really hateful things about women bosses,  and Theresa can't let that go.  Jared comes over to talk to Theresa, but before he can get a word out, Theresa is on him already on the defensive.  "Listen up,  and listen good!"

Eve didn't plan on leaving Julian for TC like he thinks.  She only meant that she would be going back to the house with the man after he is released.  "Daddy is waking up now," Simone says to the others at the door.  They can start moving him out.   Julian hugs Eve and starts talking to her quietly, but TC gets her attention, and she leaves Julian to go to TC now.  "You are ready to go home,  TC!"

Sheridan seems sad.  She has been getting through the day and that is enough for now.  "It has been a while since I have seen you in your uniform," Sheridan says to Luis.  They all smile over that.  "I have to retake my tests to do the job." Chris asks if congratulations are in order.  Luis and Fancy don't understand.  "It looks like the both of you are on a date." Luis tells him that this is just business.  "I arrested Fancy and she had a warrant for her arrest.  Her lawyer didn't show up and so instead of letting her rot in jail, I brought her here."  Sheridan finds that interesting.  She remembers the time that Luis stopped her for that very same reason.  Now it is Fancy that is reliving the scene.

"I know a boss who is a female and she is terrific!" Theresa shouts.  "She is selfless and thinks about other people." Jared is just thinking about his own experiences,  and he says, "They start off with the best of motives but then they climb to the top on the bodies they have buried on the bottom.  What about family, relationship, children?"   Theresa turns to face the baseball diamond and sees Little Ethan running into home plate.  "Am I going to be like Jared said?" she wonders.

Fox tells Miguel that he just jogged Kay's memory a bit,  and it seemed to have an effect.   Fox goes back to Kay now and tries to get her mind working again.  "Just cut it out!" Miguel shouts.   "I don't know what is wrong with me!" she says,  worried.  Siren picks up a bat and holds it in the hitting position.  She thinks about bonking Kay on the head.  If she gets her memories back, then Siren will never get the chance to get Fox into bed.   Miguel suggests to Kay that she is feeling confused because she is remembering things.  "Why do you keep thinking that I am remembering something?" Kay asks.   Siren stands by holding the bat at attention.  Kay asks Fox is she can have the box to take Miguel to a game sometime.  Fox says that would be fine.  He leaves to go back and play baseball now.  Kay prances off.  Fox wonders if there is anyway to make Kay remember reality.   Siren thinks there might be, but she doesn't want that to happen until she has bedded Fox.

Luis and Fancy leave now  to go and see the game again.  Chris wonders how his wife is feeling about all this.  Ethan and Gwen sit and watch the game.  They can't help but watch Theresa and Jared argue.  Gwen can feel the heat rising from the two.  Gwen wonders if Ethan can let this go so that Theresa can move on with her life.  

Jared goes on about his ideas of what women bosses are like.  "I am sure that your boss is great,  but there are not a lot of women like that.  Tess, I am sure that you are the type that would put your family first.  Then again, you wouldn't have the drive to work in the office.  See, when a woman has a child, she uses all her drive to make that a success." Chad suggests that Jared go with him to get a drink.  Jared offers to talk to Theresa later.  "In your dreams," Theresa snaps.  Jared and Chad walk off.   "Why does he do that?" Theresa shouts.  "He is a caveman.  Figures that the first man that I meet is like this." Chad returns to Whitney.  "Miles is still asleep and Jared can't stop talking about Theresa." Whitney can feel the sparks from the two.   Theresa bumps into Jared while getting his drink.  She stands back,  irritated and then stomps off.  He looks after her appreciatively.

The nurse knows that TC can't wait to get out of the hospital.  Julian asks Eve to reconsider going to the ball.  Simone offers to take care of her father so that her mother can go out.  Eve won't do it.  "He needs medical supervision," she argues Julian offers to hire medics for him.  "Please come out with me tonight," he begs.  I need you."

Theresa messes with her PDA at the game.  Whitney calls to her to watch Little Ethan at the plate.  Theresa starts cheering for him.  Luis and Fancy come over to sit with the others.  Luis tells Fancy that she can call her lawyer to come and see her at the game.  Fancy says that she can do that later.   She thinks to herself that she would really like to stay with him.  Ethan and Gwen come over telling everyone that they are really proud of that kid.  Gwen finds that Little Ethan runs just like Ethan.  Whitney's head turns to Theresa.  Theresa shrugs.  Little Ethan slides into home plate.  He then runs to his mother and hugs her for the home run.  Luis asks Ethan if he can come to the station and bail Fancy out.  Fancy says that is fine and that she can get out later.  Luis has to get Fancy back to jail now.  She walks off with Luis.  Theresa notices the handcuffs, but everyone else thinks that she has just been working too hard.

Luis and Fancy return to Chris and Sheridan,  who sit with James.  James is running a lemonade stand and he offers Luis,  and then Fancy,  a cup of lemonade.  Luis has to feed Fancy hers due to the handcuffs.  Sheridan isn't pleased.  Chris notices Sheridan's reaction.  Luis and Fancy leave now to head back to the station.   "Ready to go home now?" Chris asks.  Sheridan is ready. 

"You can be the first Crane to play in the major leagues," Theresa tells Little Ethan.  Chad and Jared arrives to congratulate the boy as well.   A parent and his daughter come to invite Little Ethan to go out for pizza with the other kids.  Ethan is given permission.  He kisses his mother and heads out. 

Jared feels that girls shouldn't be on the same team as men.  Theresa has had enough.  "I challenge you to a game of baseball.  Men against the women."

"You were looking forward to this ball and Simone has offered to sit with her father,  so come with me." Eve will not stay away.  "It is his first night back, Julian.  You can understand, can't you?" Julian thinks to himself if Eve is thinking that she is a family with TC still or not.

"Women can do anything that a man can do,  but better!" Jared agrees but only if that contest is in a kitchen.  "We do the hunting and you are supposed to stay at home." She calls him a Neanderthal.  "Look at sports!" Jared points out.  Others have gathered around and so Jared is introduced to them all.  Theresa announces that she has challenged Jared to a game, but it looks like he is backing out.  "I just don't want the little girlies to get hurt in all this." Gwen pipes in that she doesn't like Theresa but sides with her on this one.  "What is it with you girls in this town?" Jared asks.  "We are women!" Theresa shouts.

Luis has Fancy at the station,  and he removes the handcuffs now.  She complains that she has bruises,  but Luis can't find any.  "Wasn't it great to see Little Ethan win the game?" He wishes that they had videotaped that game.  Fancy knows that someone was taping and that they can get a copy.  "I always dreamed that Sheridan and I would be able to enjoy a time like that with Marty." Fancy tells Luis that he will find love in Harmony again.  He doubts it.  "I am leaving Harmony as soon as I get enough money together."

"You started it," Gwen says.  "And now you are going to end it! I am one of those executive women that you are talking about.  We work and we know that we have to in order to put food on the table." Theresa wants to start the game.  "Can you take it , Jared?" He wants to play baseball now.  Ethan isn't sure they should do this and Chad as well.  Kay would prefer to play touch football, and that sounds really hot to Siren.   Gwen tells herself that it is good that Ethan is seeing Theresa with another guy.  The girls walk off.

Jared thinks that this is going to be easier than he thought.  Miguel enlightens him.  Kay has been playing ball all her life, and Whitney was almost a champion tennis player.  Theresa,  too, s not someone that they should mess with.  Theresa practices pitching and her aim is so good that she is able to hit an empty glass bottle off the top of a garbage can from many yards away.  The men shake their heads.  All shake their heads, except for Jared,  who just continues to stare in Tess's direction,  smiling.

The nurse tells TC to get well and that the whole staff is rooting for him.  "Let's go home!" Eve says.  Eve and Simone walk out.  Julian is about to go next,  but the Nurse tells him that he is in the way and so he steps aside to let the wheelchair go by. 

Chris has concerns,  but Sheridan tells him that she has no regrets about the decisions that she has made.  Luis feels that he has to leave town as he can't let Sheridan hurt,  bumping into him from time to time.   The phone rings and Luis takes the call.  Fancy tells herself that she has to get Luis to fall in love with her before he actually leaves.

The men have their shirts off and practice swinging their big wooden bats.  Theresa pitches a few into the plate.  Jared is first to the plate.  "Let's make it interesting.  How about this?  The loser will buy the dinner." Theresa can do with a lobster dinner.  The women hoot and holler.  Siren jumps up and down.  She loves lobster.   "Let's play ball!"  Theresa pitches to Jared.  "Strike one!"  She gets the ball and pitches again. 

The ball hits Theresa square in the head.  She flies into the air and falls hard on the mound.  "Nice job, you idiot!" Ethan shouts.   All go to Theresa,  but Ethan gets there first.  He tries to revive her,  but can't.  All stand around waiting for Theresa to get up,  but she doesn't.  "Oh my God!" Gwen thinks to herself as she watches Ethan tend to Theresa.  "He is still under her spell."

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