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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay gets up and is thrilled that she took the love potion, as it worked like a charm. Miguel gets up and greets Kay with a kiss. They had a wonderful night together. Miguel hates that Fox is upset over their being together. "What does he care about this for?" Kay asks. "He acts like he is my fiancé and you are not!" Siren is eating breakfast. Fox comes out and is upset about Miguel taking advantage. Siren thinks that Kay is the one that is causing the trouble. "I know how to make things better," Siren says. "Make love to me and show Kay what she is missing out on."

Theresa decides to call off the pressure that she had put on Gwen to make her work overtime to stay away from Ethan. She gets on the phone with Mr. Collier and gets him to leave Gwen alone. She will still give his company all the support she promised. Whitney walks in the room and learns what her friend has done by listening in. Theresa admits what she did. "I will no longer come between Ethan and Gwen again." Whitney isn't sure her friend can pull this off.

Gwen gets ready for work now. She knows that Mr. Collier will work her to the bone. Ethan will bring the baby to visit her later. She likes that idea. The phone rings. It is Mr. Collier. "I am out the door now," she says. She pauses to listen and then she smiles. "Ethan, she says that the company is restructuring and I am not needed anymore. I am getting two weeks severance and now neither one of us has a job."

Fancy sleeps. A very masculine hand strokes her hair and she wakes with a knowing smile. She looks up,  smiling and pulls Luis down to her, kissing his luscious lips. Luis and Fancy are in bed facing each other. She thought that she was dreaming, but instead this is a dream come true. Fancy is sorry that Sheridan has been hurt by all that has happened. "You didn't hurt Sheridan,  Fancy. I did. I broke her heart," Luis says. Fancy is sorry that happened. "You were right. You were right about me falling in love…I didn't expect to, Fancy, but here I am now." He wants to make love to her and she wants that too. They hit the sheets.  Fancy smiles in her sleep. "Luis…Ooh…"  "Luis?"  Fancy jumps to a sitting position. Sheridan is standing over her. "Fancy? Why did you think that Luis was here?"

Luis and Sam talk in the Bennett kitchen. "There is no way to say this," Luis says. "Marty is dead. A train that he, Beth and Alistair were on plunged,  taking them to their deaths." Sam is really sorry to hear this. "At least Sheridan will have the new baby to love,  although she doesn't have Marty." Luis delivers the second bit of bad news. "The baby is dead. Because of me, it seems that both of Sheridan's children are gone." Sam tells Luis that he can't blame himself for this. "It is all my fault!" he says. "I should have believed Sheridan in the beginning and Beth wouldn't have taken our son, and now I would have given Marty a brother or sister…" Sam tells Luis to take some time off, but Luis won't do that. He won't be grieving with Sheridan. "It is over for us. You just don't get over something like this. She is with Chris now." Sam finds this horrible. "You are like a brother to me,” he says, “and if there is anything that I can do for you…"

Noah comes downstairs upset. "Fancy again?" Sam asks. That isn't it. "I can't live under the same roof as Spike." Luis is surprised to hear that Spike is living at the house of all places. Sam is glad to be able to watch over Jessica now,  and that is the only reason that Spike has been allowed to stay at the house. Noah can't deal with all this,  although his father can. "The man turned my sister into a prostitute, and he stopped Jessica from backing me up about Fancy. And now I have lost her." Noah will make Spike pay for the things that he has done to the Bennett family.

"We would be helping Kay and Miguel if we made love," says Siren. Fox doesn't understand her thinking at all. "Are we going to have sex?" Fox tells her 'no'. He has to think. Siren finds that there is nothing to think about. "There is nothing that you can do about Kay and Miguel. Short of sleeping with me, you have tried everything else. Accept the facts and move on." Fox can't do that. He loves Kay and wants to marry her. "I will go nuts if this goes on any longer." She can see that he is really worked up. "Why aren't you worked up about this, Siren?" She says that Miguel and Kay have slept together before so it isn't that big of a deal to her as it is to Fox. "What if Kay is still in love with Miguel? I think that is what you are secretly thinking and that bothers you." "If you could choose who you wanted to be with, would you choose Fox or me?" Miguel waits for an answer. Kay finds this a ridiculous question for Miguel to be asking. Nevertheless, he wants an answer.

"I have no choice in whether I should leave Ethan behind or not." Theresa still loves Ethan but it has been seven years and nothing has come of it. "It would be wonderful to fall in love but I am not banking on it." Whitney knows that there is a man out there who is perfect for Theresa. She feels that it is a waste of time. Whitney feels that Jared is the perfect man for Theresa. "He is strong,  and you need a strong man like that. You can't wrap the man around your little finger. I have a good feeling about this. I am afraid that you will get lonely again and go back after Ethan. Start a new life."

"I was dreaming about Italy when grandfather was trying to kill us with lions," lies Fancy. Sheridan understands what Fancy went through. "What are you doing up?" Fancy asks. Sheridan replies, "I couldn't sleep over at the cottage. Losing Marty was more than I could bear, and then losing my baby was all too much for me. I was hoping that we could be together for a while. I didn't want to be alone." Fancy will be with her aunt as long as she needs her. "I overheard the servants talking, Fancy,  and I know that you have ended things with Noah." Fancy confirms that she and Noah are finished for good.

Of all the men at the Bennett house, Luis is hurting the most. "I think that I am still in shock. I will try to accept everything and move on. I understand having my rank dropped because I have been away so long. I am going to work to save up some cash and then I will be gone!"

"Kay doesn't love Miguel," Fox says. Siren doesn't believe him. "Please! You know that Kay had feelings for Miguel before she was hot-wired. Fox doesn't think that they are seeing Kay's real feelings.”  "I need to get Kay out of this reality and back to the truth of things." Siren knows that if she and Fox were to make love,  that that would jar Kay out of her behavior. Fox finds that a little extreme.

"That is just a silly question but I would choose you,  Miguel. You have been my playmate; my best friend…the father of our child. I love that we are planning the rest of our lives. Even if I ended up with someone else, I would still love you." Miguel sees Kay get sad. "What is it?" Kay has to wonder what Miguel would do if Charity returned. Would he leave her?

Ethan and Gwen talk about their situation and what they need to do for jobs. Ethan thinks that they should just go back to bed and sleep in,  since she doesn't have to go to work. They kiss.

"I won't live here if I can't be with Sheridan. Everything is going to remind her and she will be reminded of everything that she lost if she sees me." Luis decides that he will leave town and let Sheridan be with Chris and have a family. "She deserves it. I love Sheridan and that is the least that I can do." Noah wishes that he could do something for Fancy but she doesn't want to be with him.

"I am still reeling from everything that has happened," Sheridan says. "I am hurting too much to even blame anyone for what has happened. Luis might blame himself for the both of us." Fancy knows that Luis is hurting and feels awful about Chris’s baby too. "Has Chris been good to you?" asks Fancy. Sheridan confirms that Chris has been amazing. "I am lucky to be loved by a man like Chris." She knows that Luis still loves her and she will always love Luis. "Do you think that you would ever leave Chris to be with Luis again?" Fancy asks.

Valerie takes care of some ads to hire someone to help Theresa with her work. Theresa is glad that she is finally going to get some help. Whitney shows up and Theresa plans to leave with her to go see Little Ethan's baseball game. Whitney has no idea how Theresa does it all… Valerie is short with Whitney. She heard that Chad and Whitney are back together. She leaves quickly. "I know that Valerie used to spend time with Chad but…" Theresa says that Valerie is a lot of things but she is really good at her job and that is what counts there. She has to protect the company,  as that is Little Ethan's legacy and it will be taken from him if it comes out that Little Ethan isn't Julian's son. The phone rings. Theresa scrounges to get her hand on the right papers while taking the call. "Help!" Theresa whispers to Whitney.

“Chris is my husband and I love him," Sheridan says. "Luis will always have a piece of my heart but Chris is my future."

"I have tried to talk to Fancy but she has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with me. I think that Fancy has moved on." Luis says that Fancy was too busy looking for Marty to find someone new. "Yeah, right!" Noah smirks. "It is you, Luis. Fancy is in love with you!"

"I would want to be with you Kay. I made a mistake going off to find Charity. You are the love of my life." Kay loves him too and always has. Miguel wonders what she would do if she knew that Fox was in her life as well.

Ethan and Gwen make love. "I love you, Ethan," says Gwen. Ethan kisses her neck. "I love you,  too and everything about you."

Whitney scans the office. She knows that if her friend is to heal, they have to get all the pictures of Ethan out of there.

Fox and Siren discuss this trick of Siren's to bring Kay out of her memory loss. Siren sees Miguel and Kay arriving from their vacation and she orders Fox to kiss her now. He does.  Kay sees them and stops to stare. "Fox! What are you doing?"  "Does us kissing bother you?" Fox asks. Kay says that she thinks that it is great that he and Siren are together. "I think that now you will not pay as much attention to me and Miguel."  Siren feels that her plan didn't work, but Fox feels that it did.  Siren might like this. She will get a chance to get up close and personal with Fox now.

Sheridan thinks on how she and Luis never stayed together in all their lives. "I hope that he finds someone else that will make him happy."

"That is ridiculous," Luis says. "Fancy and I are just friends." Noah asks if Luis has feelings for Fancy. "I think that she is a great girl," Luis says. "End of story."

Ethan and Gwen wish that everyday could be like this. "Can you imagine how wonderful it will be if Theresa really isn't going to chase you anymore?" Ethan thinks about seeing her the night before. "This will definitely take some getting used to," Ethan knows. Theresa and Whitney get all the pictures of Ethan and take them from the shelves and tables.

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