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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Tabitha wonders what is going on with the kids at the beach. Endora looks innocently at her mother, but Tabitha knows that she is anything but that. "I know that you want Fox and Kay to be together, but we can't control everything, Endora. Siren may get Miguel, but eventually she will dump him. The mortals are too sickening for us to deal with. This is all so bloody confusing. Siren has complicated everything!" The big blue pot starts bubbling over… Tabitha rushes to it. A picture is coming through. Kay is upset that Fox and Siren are at her vacation spot. She is suspicious of Fox finding her. Tabitha can tell that trouble is brewing. Miguel thinks to himself that Fox shouldn't tell Kay the truth about her condition and his love for her.

Chad and Whitney talk with Julian about the changes in their relationships. He thought he had a son, but Chad is his brother. Chad still wants to know about his mother and Alistair conceiving him. Julian will talk to him about that, but not now. "Tonight, Chad. Enjoy yourself." Chad and Whitney walk off. Rebecca comes over to see Julian. She can tell that Julian needs cheering up and suspects that has to do with Eve being at the hospital with her ex all the time, while he sits alone.

Chad and Whitney check in on Theresa at her table. Whitney brings up Jared and how he is clearly interested in Theresa. "He isn't my type," Theresa says curtly. Chad and Whitney know that means that the man isn't Ethan and that is why she isn't over him.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the Seascape hand in hand for drinks and dancing… Theresa turns and sees the couple. "He should be with me and not with Gwen.” Ethan turns as he is dancing with Gwen and sees Theresa looking over at him from her table. His happy state with Gwen fades…

"What do you have to tell me Fox?" asks Kay.  Fox tells her that Maria needs her and that Kay needs to go home right away. "What is wrong with her?" asks Fox. Kay gets ready to leave, but first she calls Tabitha.

Tabitha is expecting her call before the phone rings. "What do you mean about Maria?" Tabitha asks. Kay says that she was told the child needs her. "The child is fine!" Tabitha says. Endora doesn’t like that and wants Kay home. She takes her finger and ZAP! She shocks her mommy in the tummy in an attempt to get her to lie to Kay.

Julian doesn't want to talk with Rebecca about his relationship with Eve. Noah comes by to offer drinks but the pair is fine. Rebecca can't help but admire that good-looking boy as he returns to serving others. Rebecca will not leave Julian. "I will stay with you and make you feel better. I said that I would give you the divorce, so be nice."

Ethan and Gwen dance to slow music, with their arms around each other. Theresa tells Whitney that she knows that it is over with her and Ethan and that she has to move on with her life. She will try to do that. "How are you doing Tess?" Jared asks Theresa from behind.  

She turns to find him staring at her. He remarks that she seems sad. Chad and Jared have been talking, and they have a lot in common. "Theresa, tell Jared about your work. Jared, she is a very successful businesswoman." He knew that Tess would be someone like that. "I told you that my name isn't Tess!" Theresa says.

Chad and Whitney go to dance…Theresa looks over at Ethan and Gwen and decides that she wants to dance all of a sudden. She asks Jared, and he walks Tess to the floor gladly. They face each other and look into each other's eyes. Whitney asks Chad to please get to know Jared better so that Theresa will have him around so they can get to know each other better. Chad thinks that is a great idea.  Theresa looks over at Ethan and Gwen as she is dancing with Jared, and she holds the man in her arms, rubbing his back seductively as they dance. Ethan is facing them and sees it all. Whitney can't believe her eyes. She points out what is going on to Chad. "Do you see Theresa?" She and Chad know that Theresa is just trying to make Ethan jealous…

Tabitha tries to duck the zaps that her daughter hurls at her. "What is going on?" Kay asks. Tabitha says that they were getting electrical interference from the cell phone tower. "Maria is fine. You have fun Kay. Ta-ta!" She hangs up. "Don't you use your magic on your mother. I have to see what else is happening at the beach with the kids."

Gwen spots Theresa and talks to Ethan about their inability to avoid Theresa everywhere she goes. "She is all over that guy. She shouldn't be acting like that,  as she is a popular businesswoman." Ethan feels that Theresa is just getting on with her life and they shouldn’t let her spoil their night. Theresa sits at the table now, and Jared walks off.  Whitney sends Chad off to get her a drink.  She goes over to Theresa. "What is going on here? Are you through chasing after Ethan or not?"

Kay gets angry over Fox and Siren being there. "Tabitha said that things are fine at home," Kay says. "Then I guess that you can get back to making love to Kay or whatever it was that you were doing when I saw you earlier," Siren says. Fox is immediately angry. He drags Miguel off to talk. "Make her go home, Miguel." Miguel wonders if Kay is unintentionally faking her memory loss because of the strain of being Fox's girlfriend.

"Nothing that you can say can turn me against Eve," Julian says. Rebecca thinks that Julian is talking too soon about his precious Eve.  Rebecca can see that Julian is really afraid of losing Eve.

Theresa tells Whitney that she was just having one last shot at Ethan by dancing with Jared. "I have given up on Ethan, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe that we should be together."  Chad returns with drinks. "Let's dance," Chad says. They rush off.  "Do you want to dance again?" Jared asks. Theresa does. They head to the floor.

Gwen goes to the ladies room. Ethan can't take his eyes off Theresa and the new man. Noah comes over and they discuss the new guy in Theresa's life. "I don’t want to see Theresa with the wrong guy." Noah has a feeling that any guy in Theresa's life would be the wrong guy. That isn't what Ethan said, but Noah can see that is what he feels.  "I am not one to butt into someone's business, but Ethan,  it is obvious that you love Theresa." Ethan tells Noah that he loves Gwen. Noah likes that he is trying to keep his vows. "Gwen has to know how you feel.  What happens when Theresa marries someone else? You have been telling Theresa to move on, so then if you don't want her, then back off and let her get on with her life."

Gwen arrives and wants to dance and then go home. Ethan thought that they could stay for a while,  but Gwen really wants to be home with him. "Thanks for the drink Noah!" says Ethan and he and Gwen head to the floor and dance. Ethan and Theresa eye each other over their partners' shoulders. Gwen and Ethan kiss and they head out.  Whitney witnesses everything.

Tabitha sees that trouble is a'brewing at the beach. Fox and Miguel argue. Fox would like Miguel to leave Kay so that she can concentrate on something else. That might make her memory come back. "I think that you should know that I plan on making love to Fox,” says Siren. Kay doesn’t care what Siren does.

"This is going to end one way or the other," Fox says. "If you hadn't come back,  Miguel, this wouldn't have happened. I wish that you hadn't ever returned to town." Miguel wonders if Kay is stuck in her alternate reality because she doesn’t' want to be with Fox. "She probably wants to be with me and make love to me for the rest of her life." Fox has had enough and he pushes Miguel harshly, which makes it seem like the boys are going to get into a fight.

Siren and Kay see the flare-up and Kay shouts for the men to stop fighting. "Take note, my little witchling… men are like little boys…" Endora wants Fox and Kay to be together, but again Tabitha tells her that this is out of her control.  Kay orders Fox to stay away from her and Miguel. "Just leave us alone!"  Siren smiles in the background.

Ethan and Gwen are at home and she is in the bathroom changing while they discuss Theresa and the new guy that she was with. "Are we going to talk about Theresa all night?" Ethan asks. Gwen comes out in a negligee and wants to talk about something else. They kiss.

Rebecca sees that Julian is drinking a lot. She knows that he has to be worried about Eve and TC getting back together. "That is how it starts," she says. Julian feels that his relationship with Eve is as solid as a rock. She can tell that he is trying to convince himself of the things that he says. "Just leave me alone,  Rebecca!" he says. She will go but she wants him to remember the good times they had. "When Eve remembers the times that she had with TC, she will want him back. I am sorry, Julian… I don't want to rain on your parade, just see the reality of your situation." Julian turns on her like a snake to order her to stop. Noah comes over to see if there is a problem. "Rebecca was just leaving!" Julian says. Noah walks off. Rebecca quietly walks off also.

Jared notices that Theresa isn't interested in dancing anymore.  She and Jared head to Chad and Whitney at the table. "Would you like to go somewhere a little more private?" Jared asks Theresa. She isn't sure about that. "Why the change in behavior towards me?" Jared asks. "You were trying to use me to make a guy jealous. What does he mean to you?" She apologizes to him but refuses to tell about Ethan. "He must be someone who doesn’t want you and that has to make him a fool. I know that you are an incredible woman, so I tell you what I am going to do… I am going to forgive you this once, but I don't like games… I don't play games. I am going now to pay the cheque…" Jared walks off. "Wow!" is all that Theresa can say about what just happened.

"Don't follow us around, don't talk to us! Just leave us alone Fox!" Kay and Miguel head to their room. Fox tries to follow them,  but Siren stops him. "I don't think that Kay will ever get her memory back." Fox feels differently. "I will get her back!"

Back in Harmony, Tabitha says, "I told Kay not to get engaged when she did. I told her that she had to wait until the planets were perfectly aligned… I also told her that she can't fight witchcraft. Endora if Fox continues to pursue Kay, he is going to ruin everyone and they all will suffer great pain…"

"Oh god Ethan…I love you," says Gwen.  He says he loves her too.

Rebecca can tell that Julian is lying to himself about what could happen between TC and Eve. "When you are tired of waiting for Eve I will be right here waiting. I am not quite ready to give up on you Cranes." Julian eyes Rebecca from across the room.

Chad and Whitney are impressed with the way that Jared handles himself. "This whole thing was perfect Theresa! This perfect stranger comes into your life and woos you." Theresa hates that he calls her Tess,  but Whitney finds it sweet. "I am not even going to see that guy again. I don't even know his last name." Chad does. "His name is Casey. Jared Casey." Theresa feels this means nothing. "I am way too busy for a relationship anyway." Chad and Whitney want her to fall in love again, and then she will not be alone for the rest of her life. "One is the loneliest number," Chad cautions. Jared has paid the bill and he walks by the table and stops. Theresa looks over at him, while he stares, smiling back.

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