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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Fox shows up at the inn looking for Kay and Miguel. He goes to the front desk. The man directs him to the house phone to get the operator to give him the room number. "I need the room number for Kay Bennett,  Operator..." He gets angry when he thinks that he will be put on hold. Fox hopes he isn't too late.

Miguel and Kay are ready to make love again. Kay is the aggressor. Siren watches and is damned if she will let Kay have Miguel when she wants him.

Luis sits outside alone. Fancy comes to him…"Is there anything that I can do?" He needs nothing right now. "Sheridan doesn't mean to push you away, Luis." He knows that he is responsible for Sheridan losing both her children. "She should be with anyone but me… How did it all go so wrong?" he says. Fancy knows that Luis has acted out of love the whole time. He wishes that he were dead like everyone thought. "Luis, you tried everything that you could to find Marty and bring him home," Fancy knows. Luis can only think of how Marty is dead. "I know what I have done and what I have to do. Sheridan has made her choice and I am going to stay out of her life for good."

Theresa turns and bumps into a man walking by while carrying a beverage. "Oh I am so sorry," Theresa says. "You idiot! What kind of an idiot are you?" the man snarls at her. She hates that he is rude and obnoxious and asinine. "You are a walking danger zone," the man says.

The operator keeps trying Kay's room but no one answers. "Keep calling it! I don't care if no one answers." Fox orders. The man at the front desk leaves for a moment to go to the back room, and so Fox peeks at the records. "Room 245…" Miguel tells Kay that they really shouldn't do this right now. They are naked under a sheet, on the beach…Siren plans to stop this right now.

She tries to get up, but sees that she hasn't got her land legs. She pulls her tail out of the water so that it will dry off and she will get her legs back. The blind people from the restaurant arrive with their tapping canes. They are going for a walk. Siren smiles. "At least they are blind and can't see me."

A man taps Siren with his cane by accident, and thinks that he has found a big fish that has washed up on the beach. Soon, all the blind folk are petting Siren, and thinking that she is a fish out of water. "Give me a break!" Siren whispers.

The people become overly concerned. Theresa and the man get into a heated argument and the man even threatens to call the cops.  Chad and Whitney come over and calm the angry man. He didn't mean to be so crass, he realizes after a few seconds. Theresa offers to take care of his dry-cleaning but he just wants a truce. "I am Jared". She gives her name. He would prefer to call her Tess instead of Theresa. "Nobody calls me that!" she says. "They do now," he says. "Theresa is a bad name for you. Theresa is for blondes, Tess is for someone who is wife."  Chad and Whitney introduce themselves. He finds her fetching.  Noah goes to get Theresa another cup of tea.  Whitney tells Jared that they all live in Harmony. Jared is new in town. He gets his drink and leaves. Whitney is smiling. "He is hot!" Theresa doesn't care about that. "Let's go," she says. Whitney reminds her that her tea is coming.

Fancy would like to help Luis feel better, but she has no idea what to say. "I hate seeing you this way." Luis tells Fancy that she should go and talk to Sheridan, as he isn't in the mood to talk. She will be quiet if he wants. She will just sit with him as Sheridan has Chris. Luis knows that is the truth. "You have family and friends,  and you have me, Luis. I know that it isn't the same." Sheridan is the love of his life… Everyone knows that. "I thought that I would be able to bring Marty back this time and be a family. I was going to ask for time off so the four of us could be together. Sheridan, me, Marty and her baby… We would have made up for lost time." Fancy knows that Luis did everything to save Marty. "And he didn't suffer. Beth did love Marty. I don't think that she mistreated the boy." Luis still feels that the child should have been with his parents. "Stop talking this way," Fancy says. "Sheridan can now go on with her life…" Fancy wonders if Chris can make Sheridan happy. Luis isn't sure. He has to accept that Chris will try. "You have to move on too," Fancy says. He will. He won't stop loving Sheridan but he won't force her to choose. "I have to learn to let her go," Luis says. Fancy hates that a good person like Luis is hurting like this. "You are so kind and caring and selfless…You are the most decent man that I have ever met. Come on, Luis… Let's get away from here. Come to the mansion, and I will make you a drink." Luis hates that mansion. Fancy will go with him somewhere else, then. "Just come." He thanks her. "You are such a good friend and I have no idea what I would do without you." Luis and Fancy arrive at the Seascape. She offers to go and get him a beer. Luis goes ahead to a table. Fancy goes to the bar.

"Well look who is here!" Noah says.  Fancy didn't expect to see him there. Noah didn't think that he was going to still have his job, but there is a new manager running the place. She orders a beer, and Noah guesses that the beer is for Fancy's new friend, Luis. She asks him not to say anything mean as Sheridan lost her baby that night. Noah didn't know that. He knows that losing two children all at once like that has to be difficult. Noah starts apologizing, but Fancy only wants the beers so she can go.

Jared and Chad sit at the table that Theresa and Whitney were going to sit at. Whitney is fine with that. "Boy, is he hot!" Theresa hates that Whitney is using the word hot all of a sudden. Theresa sees her brother and goes to talk to him. Whitney smiles. She hasn't seen Theresa this nervous since Ethan…

Fox gets to Kay's room but no one is there. The housekeeper has no idea where the couple is…Fox rolls his eyes, leaving. Siren is getting prodded and pushed. The blind group tries to push Siren back into the water. She fights them, while trying to be quiet so they still think that she is a fish. The group splash water on Siren's fin. She hates that,  as the plan was to dry off so that she could go and stop Miguel and Kay from making love. The blind try to push Siren back into the water but a woman remarks that the fish is extremely heavy. Siren thinks that is offensive, as she knows that she isn't overweight.

Miguel and Kay are resting now on their backs, staring up at the stars. "I love you," they say to each other. Suddenly, a shadow looms over them. Miguel and Kay look up and try to cover themselves at the same time as they look up to see who is there. The man who has come to see Miguel and Kay is blind and can't see that the couple is barely-clad. "I have a problem. My friends and I have come upon a sea creature…maybe a porpoise. We have to put it back in the water. Can you give us a hand?" Miguel will help. The man walks off. Miguel and Kay think that they are lucky not to have been caught by someone who can see that they are naked on the beach. Fox is on the beach making his way along. He hopes that Miguel hasn't broken his promise. "I will kill him!"

Luis tells Theresa about the night and Marty. "All I feel is pain and loss." Theresa wishes that there were something that she could do to help. "Don't blame yourself," Theresa says. Luis has to. He has lost his chance to have that family that he wanted. "All those years, I told you that you should give Ethan up and now I see that I didn’t understand. I am sorry for not being more understanding of you." Theresa tells him that he was right. She is over Ethan. He can see that her heart is broken but she will be okay. "I wish that I had listened to you and Whitney all these years…" Theresa looks over at Jared and he happens to be staring at her and smiling. He blows her a kiss…

Miguel and Kay go to the blind people and get the information about the sea creature that needs help. "He keeps flopping back up to the beach every time that we push him in.” Miguel and Kay are led to the area where Siren was but nothing is there. Kay does see some fin marks in the sand. "Whatever it was, it was huge." It might have gone back into the sea. The people feel that they have done their good deed for the day. Siren is on the beach and has changed. She has her sea legs now and has to get to work keeping Miguel from Kay.

Fancy is back with Luis now over drinks. "Thanks for the drink tonight but I need to be alone." She tells him to call her if he wants to hang out. He will do that. "I just want to tell you that I have no idea how I would have gotten by in the last few days without you."

Noah stares over at Luis and Fancy. "Noah still loves you, Fancy. I don't think that Noah really cheated." Fancy believes differently, and Jessica didn't back up her big brother on his story. Luis hasn't got all the answers. "I am still my grandfather's granddaughter and my heart is broken. I will not put my heart on the line again.” Luis knows that she deserves to be happy with a really great guy.

Theresa passes the news about Sheridan to Whitney. She tells her how Luis saw his son die and how he has lost Sheridan. "In life, it seems that we have to take what we can get out of life." Whitney hopes that Theresa hasn't given up on life all together. Whitney brings up that cute guy again. Theresa can't deal with that guy. He won't even call her by her right name. "You said that you didn't want men kissing your boots because you are a Crane and this guy doesn't buckle down to you. Get on with your life!" Theresa finds this rich coming from a girl who ran to the convent. Whitney has learned her lesson. "If you are serious about Ethan being history then… Oh… I get it. This is you still holding out for Ethan!"

Fox finds Siren and wonders how she got there before him. "I hitched a ride!" "…On a hunched-back whale," she thinks silently…"What are you doing here?" Kay asks walking up with Miguel.

Luis tells Fancy to give Noah another try and then he leaves. "Unfortunately, he isn't the man that I want," Fancy says quietly. Noah brings Luis a drink as a peace offering.

"I would have done anything to be a family with Ethan but that isn't going to happen and so I have to stop beating my head against the wall." Whitney still thinks that Theresa owes it to Ethan to tell him about his son. She can't. Whitney knows that her friend is going to find love soon…Maybe sooner than she thinks.

Theresa looks over at Jared. She has to admit that he is cute. Theresa fights like the devil, though. "No one calls me Tess and gets away with it!" Whitney gives up! Theresa changes her position and stands on the other side of Whitney. Whitney looks at her friend and realizes that Theresa has changed her position to enable her to look over at Jared from time to time. Theresa looks up and Jared is staring at her. He smiles and sips his drink with his eyes never leaving hers.

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