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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Tabitha looks at Siren's stew and stirs the pot to see what exactly is in it. "Eels… swordfish…Oh, Siren cooked this up so that Fox would respond to her but Sam has eaten it instead. That house is going to witness a night of passion like never before." Tabitha can't help but smile at the shock Ivy will experience.

"Ivy!" Sam shouts. "Ivy!" Ivy comes down the stairs and sees no one in the room. She hears Sam outside, though. He bursts in the house. "I need you right now!" He puts her into a dip and kisses her. He tosses her over his shoulder and slaps her on the butt. "Oh!" Ivy shouts in surprise. He flings her on the couch and rips his shirt off in one pull. He jumps on her, and their clothes go flying high into the air. "Sam! Look at you! Oh my God!" Ivy remarks. Fireworks go off as they make love.

Siren can hardly wait for the symptoms of her stew to kick in on Fox so that he can be hers forever.  All he can think of is that Kay could be making love with Miguel right at that moment. Miguel and Kay are in bed at the inn. He is finding it hard to resist her. He looks at her face and sees a golden aura around her head. Suddenly he wants her again. "Make love to me now," she orders. They start kissing again.

Chad and Whitney arrive at the restaurant. Chad has a talk with Noah, telling him to be strong about what happened to Fancy. Noah feels that he has no choice but to accept what has happened.

Sheridan wants her baby. Chris tries to comfort her. Luis and Fancy watch poor Sheridan. "They are going to pay," Luis says of Alistair and the people who do his bidding.

Julian and Eve arrive at the restaurant to spend time with Chad and Whitney, and they see the young couple dancing. Eve knows that now she and Whitney will have a real mother/daughter relationship. "God bless them. I loved having Chad as our son but am glad that he can be happy now with Whitney." Julian finds it sad that Chad is a child of rape, though. Chad will have to be told that soon enough. Chad is Julian's half-brother now.

Noah arrives to take Theresa's order. "I will have what she is having," Theresa says about Whitney, who has the man of her dreams. "Don't worry, Theresa. A gorgeous woman like you will have no trouble finding a man," Noah reassures her. As if on cue, a man arrives to ask Theresa to dance. "I would love to," Theresa says. They head to the floor. "Don't you worry, Theresa… The right man is right around the corner for you."

Sheridan sobs in Chris's arms, still mourning over the child that she has lost most recently…Luis and Fancy stand off by the fireplace listening. Fancy looks down. "Oh my God. What is this?" she asks. She sees a piece of paper sticking out from a piece of furniture.

Julian and Eve talk with Chad and Whitney about TC and the condition that he is in. Julian feels that TC's temper has a lot to do with the way that his life has been going. They see Simone on a barstool. She is kissing another woman. Eve is a bit uncomfortable with that. Whitney senses it. Simone comes over with Rae talk to her friends and family.

"More! Again!" Sam shouts. Ivy will never forget this night. "Let's go to bed now," she says. Sam doesn't want to do that. He wants to go again, and again… Ivy fights and manages to escape, running to the stairs. Sam throws his head back and beats on his chest, shouting like Tarzan! He runs up the stairs behind Ivy. "Hello!" Rebecca calls walking into the house. She sees clothes strewn all over the room.  "Sam! Stop! You are going to hurt yourself." Ivy shouts from upstairs. Rebecca smiles.

Tabitha and Siren talk about the stew. It is causing a lot of trouble. Tabitha opens her door and hears Sam calling out in ecstasy. Tabitha reenters the house. "I have to make sure that Fox gets some of my stew," Sirens says. Tabitha grabs the pot from her, but Siren holds tight. They fight over the pot. Fox walks in. "What is going on here?"

Miguel is running on the beach. Kay runs up behind him. She knows that he is stalling when it comes to making love to her. He fights the feeling as he knows that is the right thing to do. He has gone running now to avoid being alone with her and losing his head. "Miguel?" He turns and there is Kay naked before him… The golden aura surrounds her body. "I don't want to wait anymore… Make love to me now!" He goes to her and they start kissing.

"I offered to do the washing up," Tabitha says in explanation of why she fights for the stew pot. "There is still some left for Fox!" Siren says. Fox isn't hungry. Tabitha suddenly lets go of the pot and it goes flying onto Siren's clothes. "I have to go change but I will be back!" Siren leaves. ZAP! Endora gets Kay's diary and it suddenly appears in the kitchen.  Fox sees it and recognizes it. He offers to return it to where it belongs but…ZAP! Endora makes him want to read it instead.

Miguel pulls himself away… Soon Kay is begging for him again and so he goes to her, kissing her, and this time they fall to the ground kissing.

Eve manages to be warm to Rae and Simone. "This makes me happy being with my daughters and the people they love." Theresa goes to get a drink from Noah. She tells that the man who she danced with was nice and he asked her for a job. She is going transfer him to Siberia on Monday then…Theresa wonders if this is all that she will experience with men from now on.

Luis and Fancy find some household item on the carpet but that is all. "Why don't I help you get into bed?" Fancy offers. She and Sheridan go into the bedroom together. "This is all because of her damn father…that sick and evil bastard," Luis says. "You never knew Alistair and so you are lucky that you never had to deal with him." Chris looks over at the man…"Yeah…lucky!"  By Luis a table stands, and under it, the document with the Omega symbol can easily be seen, if someone were to look in that direction.

Ivy comes down and finds Rebecca in the house. "Congratulations, Ivy. Look at this room and the sounds coming from that shower?" Rebecca listened and she was really impressed. "I thought that you were a cold fish. Who thought that you could inspire that kind of passion?" "Ivy? Where are you?" Sam calls. "I have a new game that I want you to play!" Sam comes down buck-naked, and Rebecca has to fan herself at the sight of him. "I miss you," he tells Ivy, bending her back for a kiss…"Oh…"

Fox reads Kay's diary. She wants to get Miguel alone and she writes that Miguel will not be able to resist her. "I am driving over to get Kay and put a stop to this." Tabitha tries to stop him, but can't. "This isn't going to be pretty."

Siren returns and learns that Fox is off to get Kay. Siren isn't worried about Miguel making love to Kay. Tabitha says that there is a potion that Kay has that is ten times more potent than the stew. Siren has to get up there. If she can get up there, she can use the situation to get Miguel to make love to her instead. She can't drive but she can swim like a fish.  Miguel and Kay are on the beach now, naked under a sheet. The aura encircles them.

Simone fills Rae in on the condition of her father. Simone still loves her parents and wants them all to be happy. Julian and Eve are dancing…Her beeper goes off and she looks at it.  "It is the hospital. I wonder if it is about TC…"

Theresa tells Whitney what happened with the guy that she was dancing with. Whitney hopes that they find the right guy for Theresa. She suggests Noah, but Noah is like a brother to Theresa and she can't see that. Theresa wants a love like Whitney has. "You will be together forever…"Whitney hates that Theresa is saying that. She can't help feeling that whatever she has will suddenly crumble and die. Chad is behind a corner. He has his cell phone to his ear. He watches as Whitney talks to her best friend. "Don't worry," he says into the mouthpiece. "Being with Whitney won't change anything. If isn't going to affect our relationship at all."

Miguel and Kay have done it. "Wow! That was amazing." Miguel apologizes. "I am so sorry Kay. My feelings were so strong." She doesn't understand him apologizing but then she thinks that she does. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Sheridan still cries as she lies in her bed. "All that I know is pain. I don't think that I can go on like this. I can't live with this… I can't." Fancy hugs her. "It is okay…I am here. Let it all out." Luis and Chris bond over their lost children. "I am worried about Sheridan," Chris says. "This is too much for anyone. She is strong in some ways but this…" Luis remembers how Sheridan has suffered at the hand of her father. "I will make it my mission to keep Sheridan away from anyone that has a hand in anything that Alistair has been up to,” he promises. Chris thinks back on the things that he has done, proving that he has some secret knowledge when it comes to Alistair's evildoings. Chris stays quiet and grim.

Sam is ready to go right there and then. Ivy begs him not to do it now, in front of Rebecca. Sam throws her over his shoulder and drags her off. "I have got to get myself a blue-collar cop," Rebecca says fanning herself.

Kay is touched that Miguel is upset about making love to her because they are not married yet. "I am not a blushing bride, Miguel," she says. "We have a child,  remember? That lovemaking was amazing. It feels like years since we made love. Isn't that weird? I want to make love to you all the time." He knows they shouldn't but he can't resist her and they fall to the sands again.

Siren pulls herself up on the beach, golden tail and all. She looks over and sees Miguel and Kay lying in the sand. "Oh no, you don't," she says.

Chris and Luis enter the bedroom. Luis tells Sheridan that he will be there for her whenever she needs him. Sheridan wants to be alone now with Chris. Luis and Fancy leave the room.

"I have to get to the hospital," Eve says. It is about TC and she will be staying at the hospital. She will see Julian in the morning. She leaves. Whitney says that whenever she has something good happen to her, the rug gets pulled out from under her. Chad overhears his girl and assures her that they are going to be together forever. Theresa sees the two staring at each other with those goo-goo eyes, so she takes her cue to leave.  She turns to get off the barstool and make herself scarce, but when she does, she bumps into a man walking by. "Watch where you are going, you idiot!" he shouts at her while brushing traces of a drink off his shirt. Theresa stares into his face surprised. Chad and Whitney, too, look over at the man…

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