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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Sam tells Fox that he has spoken to Kay and that she is still going out with Miguel. Sam knows that Miguel will be fine alone with Kay. Fox can't stand his fiancée going off with Miguel like this. Tabitha knows that Fox had better worry about that stew that Siren is cooking up, instead of what Kay is doing. He will be smitten with Siren if he eats that concoction. "We have to stop it, Mummy," Endora says telepathically. She is really worried about Fox in all this. Tabitha is glad that she snagged that love potion, so that Kay doesn't use it on Miguel. Tabitha reaches for the potion and finds that it is gone. She knows that Kay must have stolen it. Miguel will not be able to resist Kay. Miguel and Kay arrive at their room. She is immediately on him. "I am so tired," Miguel says. "I won't be able to make love tonight," he says. She knows that Miguel will be making love to her although he thinks he won't.

Theresa and Gwen talk about Ethan and his friendship with Little Ethan. Gwen can't wait to see Theresa married off to someone else. Pilar comes out and greets the travelers now that they have returned home. "How was the trip?" Pilar asks. Theresa tells her mother that a lot has happened and that nothing is ever going to be the same again.

Sheridan is about to have her baby. Chris holds her as she bends over the bed. Luis and Fancy watch, unable to do anything to help.

Miguel and Kay get dressed up. She finds this a great idea. They have reservations, but Kay would like to stay in the room and get room service. He doesn't want to keep her all to himself with the way that she looks. Kay has no idea why Miguel avoids making love to her so, but she knows that they are going to make love that night, whether he wants to or not. She looks at her bottle of potion, now smiling.

"Just try to relax, Fox," Sam says. Fox is sorry to be involving Kay's father in this kind of situation, but Sam is fine with it. Fox hopes that Eve is right about the way that she is handling this. Siren is cooking up her seafood stew and tells Fox that he is going to love it. She plants herself at the stove and will not move. She stirs and stirs her stew to make it just right for Fox. Tabitha goes to Siren and asks her to break the curse of the mermaid and not put this on Fox. She doesn't want to break the curse. She loves having men adore her. Endora tries to ZAP! the pot to break the curse, but her powers don't override the curse of the mermaid. "It is of no use," Tabitha tells her. The curse is too powerful.

Pilar catches up with the kids. The phone rings. It is for Theresa. She is told to check her emails.  She logs on and sees tons of messages that she has received since she has been gone to Rome. Ethan knows that now that Theresa is Head of Crane Industries again, she will be back at work and busy as ever. Pilar can't understand why that would be. "Alistair is dead and so is Beth and Marty," Ethan says. Pilar is sad to hear about Marty. Theresa has to go take care of business. Ethan tells her that Little Ethan can come with him and Gwen. The three leave,  after hugging Pilar.

Pilar is stunned. "You never know when someone will be taken away from you. It is a good thing that Ethan is good to Little Ethan. It is like he has a second father." Theresa knows that. "Mama…Ethan is Little Ethan's father…" Pilar thinks that she is just saying that symbolically. "No, mama… Ethan really is Little Ethan's father. I saw the proof in Rome. It is true. Ethan doesn’t know, and I am not going to tell him."

Sheridan tries to deal with the pain of labor. "The baby. It's coming." Fancy goes to her aunt to soothe her. "I can't lose this baby," Sheridan says. "Not after losing Marty." She cries out in pain as she tries to lie comfortably on the bed.

Miguel and Kay arrive at the restaurant,  and they decide to wait at the bar. There are two old men sitting at the bar. The men are blind. They are waiting for a table and joke that they are going to 'see' if it is ready. They get their canes out and walk off. They bump into a plant and apologize to it. The concierge apologizes for the blind men's behavior just now. He then leads the couple to their table. "This is perfect," Kay says when they are seated. The waiter comes by and Kay is surprised when Miguel orders sparkling water to drink. She gets something for them with a little alcohol in it. "You know Kay, you take such good care of Maria for us." The waiter comes over to tell Miguel that he has a call.  Miguel takes the call at the table. It is Fox, warning that Miguel had better not touch Kay while they are alone.

"I thought that Ethan would be a family with me if he knew the truth, Mama," Theresa tells her mother. "Ethan had a friend who had troubles and Ethan advised the man to sue the woman he had a child with for sole custody. Ethan would do that to me. I lost my daughter, and will not lose my son too."

Kay is surprised that Fox is calling. "Is Maria alright?" Fox confirms that things are fine. Kay can't understand his interest in her life all the time…"Just remember what I said," Fox warns. Sam takes the phone, telling Miguel that he knows that nothing will happen while he and Kay are away. Miguel promises. Sam tells Fox to rest easy as he has Miguel's promise that things will not get out of hand. "Oh my God!" Kay says. "Is that a whale?" She points out the window behind Miguel. He turns to try to see it. Kay takes that moment to drop a few drops of the potion in Miguel's drink.

Ethan and Gwen are back with Jane at the house now. Gwen has to wonder what Theresa is cooking up next.  Pilar finds Theresa very selfish to be keeping her son from his father. "I can't hand over my son to Ethan and Gwen. They already have my daughter.” Pilar thinks that this has to do with getting Ethan, but Theresa assures her that she has given up on Ethan.

The ambulance attendants arrive and they get ready to transport Sheridan. Chris, Luis and Fancy stand by while the attendants take care of Sheridan. They are happy that Sheridan has at least calmed from her previous state. She lies sitting up now and talks calmly without crying out. "Waaaaaaaaaaa!" Sheridan suddenly screams. She doubles over. "It's the baby." The attendants will try to move quickly but they are afraid that Sheridan will lose this baby.

Siren's stew is almost ready. Fox doesn't want any. Siren knows that Fox will like it. ZAP! Endora does her magic on the pot! Tabitha understands, as the stew has a special aroma to it. "Stinky!" Endora shouts out. Tabitha nods. Siren forces Fox to sit and gets him ready for her stew.

Kay is dreaming. Miguel starts sweating in the dream and he pushes the dishes off the table and tosses Kay on the table to make love to her. If only…Kay looks at Miguel now. He is pulling his tie. "Come on Kay," he says grabbing her hand and dragging her to the stairs. He tells the waiter to bill the food to the room and he hustles Kay upstairs.

Theresa explains to her mother how she is giving up on Ethan forever.

Sheridan lies in the bed. "We did everything that we could. The baby didn’t make it." Sheridan is upset. "Please," she begs. Her body rejected the fetus. Luis and Fancy can't believe this is happening. Sheridan just continues to cry over her dead baby.

Fox is about to eat but then finds the stew too hot. Siren whispers to Tabitha that by the time that she gets back, Fox will have eaten the stew. She leaves. "Mind if I eat this?" Sam asks. Fox is fine with that. "Uh oh," Tabitha says as she watches Sam…He takes a big mouthful of the stew as he talks to Fox. Tabitha watches knowing that now things are going to get really interesting.

Miguel is all over Kay and they barely make it to the room. She tells him not to hurry so that they can take their time and be together all night. "Isn't this wonderful?" Kay asks. "No Tabitha…No Fox!"  "Fox," Miguel thinks to himself. "I promised him that I wouldn't touch her." Kay is on Miguel again in a shot, wanting to make love now.

Pilar tells her daughter that things are going to be fine…The phone rings and it is business but she will handle it later. "Theresa… You have to give Ethan to chance to do the right thing." Theresa can't trust Ethan to do that. She has made a decision, and she will stick to it. Theresa looks at the computer and sees that there still is a camera in Ethan's house and that it shows him and Gwen with her children. "Why is she living my dream?" Theresa asks. "Why?"

The attendants go outside. "How could this happen?" Chris wonders. "It doesn't make any sense." Luis is sorry that it has. "This has to do with Alistair. The man has been making Sheridan's life miserable since she was a child." Alistair may be dead, but that doesn't mean anything. Chris sees Luis with the Omega symbol and asks what that is. "It is the symbol that Alistair used to connect his people. If I see that symbol with someone, I will know that person is working for Alistair." Under the furniture in that very same room, the document that Chris forgot to burn sits face up on the ground. The Omega symbol is on it. The attendants want to take Sheridan to the hospital but she will not go. The attendants have to take the fetus but Sheridan begs to see it first. She knows that the baby didn't make it to term, and that it will not be a pretty picture but she wants to see it anyway. The attendants hand her the child… Sheridan whimpers as she looks down into the face of her child. Fancy can only be there for her.

Sam is chowing down and even drinks out of the bowl when it gets to the bottom. Tabitha can't wait to see what happens next. "Oh my God!" Sam says, shouting. He stands, and starts shouting for Ivy. He is tempted to get a hold of Tabitha but she points out the door and tells him that the must be looking for Ivy. Sam goes running out to find Ivy, but then he returns, spooning out a giant bowl of Seafood stew to take with him. Tabitha wonders how Kay is doing with Miguel. Kay is on top of Miguel ready to make love to him. Miguel looks up at Kay and there is a golden aura behind her head. "OH Kay!" he moans. They start kissing again.

Pilar and Theresa look at the family portrait that Ethan and Gwen make with Theresa's children. "You have to tell him Theresa…"

Luis and Chris are in the room alone talking. Luis vows that if he ever found any of these people who belong to Alistair's corrupt system, he will gill them. Nearby, the Omega document lies partially hidden on the floor. The attendants have to take the fetus now. Sheridan wants it, but she has to give it up. The attendants leave now with the fetus. Sheridan comes out of the room to follow them. "Please don't take my baby," she begs. "Please don't take my baby." Chris goes to Sheridan now and holds her tightly as she cries. Luis watches from his chair, saddened…

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