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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Jessica comes home looking for her dad and Ivy. She shouts out for them that she is home. Sam and Ivy come out and hug the girl as a welcome back from her trip to Europe. "You look great honey!" Sam says.  Spike enters the house unannounced, like he owns the place. "Get the hell out of my house," Sam snarls. Spike tells him that this isn't the way that one should talk to a son-in-law. "NO!" Sam shouts. "Don't tell me this!" Spike puts his arm around Jessica. "We got hitched!"

Simone and Whitney arrive at the hospital and greet Julian and Eve. They then rush to TC's room. Eve wishes that she had time to prepare the girls for the way their father is now. "TC's stroke has him acting differently." Simone and Whitney freeze in their tracks, with Chad behind them when they see the way that TC looks.

Miguel and Fox still argue over Kay and whether Miguel really wants her or not. Fox has been behaving angrily with Miguel.

Kay and Tabitha are looking for a video to watch. They search the storage room, looking through boxes. Tabitha knows that Kay could be in for a shock if she sees something magical. The storage room is full of things like that. A man's head suddenly appears. It floats through the air, and asks why he has been cooped up all these years.

Theresa sees Ethan and Gwen making out. She moves away from them. Noah can see that she is hurting from seeing Ethan and Gwen together. She doesn't care. She is determined to get Ethan out of her system if it kills her.

Luis and Fancy talk about heading home and what that will mean to all, especially Sheridan. Luis can't get over the hurt that Sheridan is feeling over her child being dead. The doctor tells Sheridan that she has to take it easy and do everything in her power to keep calm. Sheridan has plans to go home. "If you won't sign me out, I will leave on my own, but I am leaving…right now," she announces.

Gwen sees Theresa and guesses that she has decided to steal Ethan again. That is not the case. "I just spoke to Little Ethan and he is dying to see you. He got an autograph at a baseball game and he wants to show it to you." Ethan will go and see the boy after he gets settled in. Theresa would like Ethan and Gwen to swing over to the house when they get to Harmony and see the boy. Gwen doesn't want to do that, but Ethan insists. Theresa leaves. Gwen isn't sure that she believes that Theresa has given up on Ethan. Ethan believes it.

Luis and Noah talk about Fancy and how Noah hasn't been able to resolve his differences with her. All sit now as the pilot of the plane instructs them to.

Noah tells Theresa that he really feels that Fancy is in love with Luis. Theresa can't see Luis falling for her. Theresa looks over at Fancy and sees her gazing into Luis's face.  She thinks to herself that Noah may be right about Fancy's feelings for Luis.

The doctor sees that he can't fight Sheridan, and so he agrees to let her go from the hospital, if she promises to take quite good care of herself. The doctor leaves now. "Are you alright?" Chris asks. "Just take me home," is all that Sheridan answers. "Just take me home."

Miguel and Fox are at odds and Siren watches quietly. Miguel tells Fox that he is acting like a kid and he walks off. Siren offers to make Fox some seafood stew. "It will give you an appetite." She bounces off to get to work. "That stew will give you an appetite for me," she whispers.

The head that has appeared and is floating in air is talking and acting normal. Kay is frightened by it. Tabitha tells her that it was only a video. "That didn't look like any video that I ever saw…" Tabitha shoves the head away and hides it. Kay finds another video. It is kind of a sexy video. Kay wonders if Miguel would like to see it.

"Go and see your father," Eve tells the children. "Don't let him see how afraid of him you are." Everyone hustles into the room and over to TC. He talks to them quietly. A sitter brings Miles to the room and Whitney greets him. Now they can all be together. Everyone looks at Chad and Whitney strangely. The kids explain. "Liz is my mother and Alistair is my father. Whitney and I are not even cousins. Liz was adopted. All I know is that Whitney and I can be together now." Whitney can finally be with the man that she loves. "Dad, isn't that great?" TC doesn't move. He has had a stroke and can't do much of anything. Whitney comes over to the bed and sits with her father.

"Please daddy, don't be upset!" Jessica says. Sam can't be happy about Jessica marrying this drug addict. "You told me that you wouldn't see him again. I get it. Are you back on drugs? Is it that you don't remember that you married him?" Jessica tells that she was sober and straight when she married Spike. Sam swears that he will kill the punk for all that he has done to Jessica.

The kids are on the ground now, and Luis, Noah and Fancy all pile into a car with Noah in the middle. Fancy offers to drop Noah off at the house. Luis finds this silly as the two shouldn't be apart, in his eyes. He is apart from Sheridan but she is married now, and having someone else's baby.

Sam can't understand his daughter marrying this piece of filth. She brought him there, as they don't have a place to live. "Spike has lost his place," Jessica explains. Ivy can't believe that Jessica would bring the kid there. Jessica tells her that this is her house and that Ivy has nothing to say about this. Ivy takes Sam aside and tells him that if he is really worried about Jessica, he should use reverse psychology and let her stay. "Where will they go, Sam? A shelter? You will be worried what he is doing with her and to her." Sam gives in. "Alright. You two can stay in Jessica's bedroom. There are some rules thought. Rule number one is that if you ever call me pops, dad or chiefie…you are out Spike!" Spike smiles in agreement with rule number one.

Kay finds a bottle that looks like perfume. Kay wonders if this could help with Miguel and getting him to make love to her. Tabitha grabs the bottle and puts it away in her pocket. Tabitha then grabs Endora and takes her downstairs. Kay comes out of the corner of the attic with a smirk on her face.

"You will have to get a job, and I had better not find another drugs in the house." Sam is serious but Spike finds it really funny that he is living in the house of the Chief of Police. Spike and Jessica rush off now. "How did it come to this?" Sam wonders.

Fox sits at the table while Siren prepares the special stew. Miguel and Kay enter the room and Kay is on him, kissing him. Fox isn't in the mood for stew right now. Tabitha and Endora enter the kitchen, worried about the seafood stew. "I know that Siren is trying to use her charms to get Fox all to herself. Endora it is a good thing that we got that potion from Kay. If she knew how well that potion worked…Well I don't want to think about it." Miguel leaves the kitchen. Kay sees the potion on the table by Tabitha and she tricks Tabitha and gets. She leaves the room.

The car is at Noah's house now. Luis and Fancy are inside. Noah tries one last time to talk sense to Fancy, but she will not hear it. Spike and Jessica are outside, and they hear the way that Noah is being treated by Fancy. Soon the car drives off.

"Chad," Julian says. "I couldn't have asked for a better son. Sheridan will be as proud and happy as I am that you are our little brother." Chad would like to see his mother but Liz has left town suddenly. Eve comes to the men now. "I was always thrilled and happy to think that you were my son," Eve says. He loved thinking that she was his mother as well. She will have a hole in her heart now that she knows that he isn't her son. Chad is called back to the room. "It is better this way," Julian thinks. "The kids can get married now. This still means that our son is still out there." Eve wonders if their child is even alive and not out there at all.

"I was so angry when you told me that you were a lesbian, Simone. I am sorry. Do you accept my apology?" TC asks. The few sentences take a while to come out as TC's stroke prevents him from talking any quicker. Simone stands quietly at the foot of the bed thinking.  Simone then accepts her father's apology and wants all the bad things left in the past. "Okay," TC says. Simone goes to her father and hugs him. Chad's phone rings and he leaves to take the call. "I told you that seeing Whitney isn't going to change a thing for us. We will see each other whenever we want."

Noah talks to Sam and Ivy in the house. "Well, look who is here," Spike says loudly, entering. "If it isn't my favorite brother-in-law." Noah turns and runs to beat the tarnation out of the man.

Theresa, Ethan and Gwen have all arrived at Pilar's house. The boy takes Ethan's hand and drags him into the house. "Uncle Ethan!" the boy shouts in glee. Ethan and Theresa are left alone now. Theresa has her back to Gwen and has no idea that she is there, close to her. "You should be calling him 'daddy', not uncle," she says quietly.  She turns to find Gwen close to her, and staring strangely into her face.

TC calls for Eve and she comes dutifully to him. "Now I have all my girls with me," he says. "I gave you my word," Chad says. "We will see each other soon." He walks over to the door to TC's room. Whitney smiles at him and he smiles back.

Kay tells that she has been having trouble getting Miguel to make love to her, but that will change when they get to the beach. Miguel and Kay leave now for the beach.

Tabitha finds it funny that Fox is so worried about Kay, when Siren is going to steal his heart forever. Siren looks over her stew. "After this, Fox is going to be all mine."

Sam stops the fighting and calms Noah. "Spike and Jessica are married now, and they will be living at the house. Jessica, go upstairs," Sam says. They all need down time. Noah, Sam and Ivy head into the kitchen. Jessica feels guilty. She should have backed up her brother's story, so that he could be with Fancy right now. "Dad how can you let him live here?" Noah asks. Sam knows that things are not going to be easy but they have to try. Noah feels like he could kill Spike.

"You need to get a grip. Julian is really Little Ethan's father," Gwen says. Ethan plays with Little Ethan while the girls talk. "Ethan isn't Little Ethan's father," Gwen says.

Chris is helping Sheridan into bed with Luis and Fancy in the room. Sheridan doubles over in pain. "The baby…it's coming…" Luis jumps on the phone and calls the hospital. Fancy watches in horror. She knows that if Sheridan has the baby now, she will lose it.

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