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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Sheridan demands to know what happened to Marty. Luis can't stand this. He moves from the computer. Fancy tells him that she will leave the room so he can have privacy. "It is better coming from you, Luis," Fancy says. Sheridan keeps calling out to Luis through the computer, but he doesn't answer her. He isn't ready. Chris begs Sheridan to calm down, as she has his child to think about. She can't stop. She has to know. She continues to call his name. "Luis! Luis!"

Gwen rolls over, and Ethan isn't there in the bed with her. She looks all around. She checks the whole suite looking for him, but he isn't there. "If he is with Theresa, I will kill her," she vows.

Fancy goes downstairs. She finds Ethan, who tells her that Theresa is finally over him.

Theresa cries on Noah's shoulder. "I was with Ethan just now before you came. When he was with me here, I told him that I wanted him to leave me alone." Noah finds that a strange thing to say. "He has been your dream from the time that you were a little kid," he says. But Theresa had to do it. "It is over!" she says. Noah goes to her and hugs her. "I have to make a clean break of it," Theresa says. Noah knows what she means, as he has to do the same. "Fancy told me that our relationship is over. It is funny because everyone says that Rome is romantic, and that isn't true if you are from Harmony. Two couples have called it quits for good. Fancy can't trust me ever again. She was so angry, she was so final. Alistair's death gave her the clarity. Oh, there is something that you need to hear. Alistair tried to escape, and Luis, Fancy and I went after him, and this plane came over and the train fell into a ravine, and it is over. He is dead." Theresa finds that every cloud really has a silver lining when Noah adds, "Beth was in the train." Theresa cares nothing about her, really. However, then he says, "Marty was in the train as well." That saddens Theresa. She knows that Luis and Sheridan will have a hard time getting over that one. Fancy, too, will be upset over her grandfather dying. "You will have Crane Industries again," Noah points out.  Theresa will run it for her son. She is sure that she is over Ethan. "Are you finished with Fancy?" she asks. Noah is. The trip has been about destroyed relationships and destroyed lives. That is what the horseshoe symbol 'Omega' symbolized. "It symbolizes the end." Gwen is in the square and she sees two people hugging. "If he is in Theresa's arms, I am going to kill her."

"Grampy, Beth and Marty were killed tonight," Fancy says. "There were missiles." Ethan tries to follow Fancy's story. "There was an explosion. Luis, Noah and I watched the whole thing. All three of them were dead. Beth, Marty and Gramps." Ethan is sorry to hear this. "I know that Alistair loved you," Ethan tells Fancy. Ethan worries about Luis and Sheridan. "I can't believe that man can even stand up, Ethan. He had to watch his own son die. It was so horrible. How will Luis deal with this?"

"I have to do this," Luis tells himself. He stands alone at the side of the computer.

Sheridan calls out from the computer again. "Luis! Luis!" she calls, but no one answers. Finally, Luis sits at the monitor.  "I had a dream, Luis. Marty was lost in the dark and he was calling me and I couldn't find him. There was fire…so much fire. Then I heard him scream. I think that it is real. Where is Marty? Do you know?" Chris tells Sheridan to stop this and calm down. "This isn't a figment of my imagination," she says.

Luis starts talking but Chris grabs the computer and moves it from the bed, walking to the door with it. Chris tells Luis that Sheridan is in the hospital and this is upsetting her. Chris will not return to the bed with the computer. Luis understands. Sheridan shouts at him to return the laptop but he will not. Chris tells Luis that Sheridan had a premonition and Chris wants to know if she was correct about thinking that Marty is in some kind of terrible trouble. Luis confirms that Marty is dead. Sheridan can't hear what is being said but she can tell by Chris's face that something is wrong. "Oh my God, he told you, didn't he? He told you what happened to Marty. Give me that computer!"  Chris begs Sheridan not to do this now, but she will not wait. "I am going mad worrying about Marty." Chris stands closer but holds the computer out of reach. "You are not supposed to get upset," Chris says. She demands an answer. "Is my son dead? Luis, is our baby dead?"

Ethan finds it hard to believe that Noah was on the helicopter, as Fancy has been avoiding him the whole trip. Fancy says that she has told him repeatedly, but he will not accept that. "Noah made the choices that he did. He didn't trust me. Trust is the most important thing." Ethan knows that trust is hard to find in a person. He grew up as a Crane. "Theresa doesn't trust me. She had something to tell me, and she was surprised that I wouldn't believe her." Fancy feels that is because she lies all the time. "Love is dying everywhere that you look," Fancy sees. "Luis has lost Sheridan, and now you and Theresa will not be together." Ethan reminds her that he is married to Gwen, but Fancy can see that Theresa is his soul mate. Everyone knows that! "I used to love Rome and now I may never come back. This whole trip has meant nothing but misery for everyone but Chad and Whitney. You should talk to Theresa." Ethan says that it is over now. "Grandfather is dead. Choose life…choose happiness…" Ethan laughs. "You will regret losing Theresa for the rest of your life, Ethan," says Fancy.

Gwen watches as the two hug in the square a ways off from her. It looks like Theresa…"I thought that JT Cornell was going to convince Ethan that Rebecca and Gwen were the ones who hurt Ethan with the tabloid," Theresa tells Noah. Noah knows that information could still come out. She isn't worried about that anymore. "It doesn't matter anyway as Ethan will never believe me if I didn't find the information." Noah hugs her again.

Gwen sees all. She marches over to the couple. "You bitch!" Gwen shouts. She pulls Theresa from the man she is hugging and she hurls her to the ground. She then jumps on Theresa's back and starts hitting her with her purse, and choking her from behind. She pulls up on Theresa's neck, so that the girl is in an uncomfortable, unnatural position. Theresa hasn't any way to get up from under Gwen. "Gwen!" Noah shouts. "Wait!" Gwen hears nothing. She sees red and continues beating Theresa.

Noah pulls Gwen off Theresa, calling her a whack-job. She is surprised to find that the man that Theresa was hugging was Noah and not Ethan. "You don't waste any time do you, Theresa? Noah, you had better be careful. She is like a black widow spider. I can see that she has you completely snowed, just like Ethan." Theresa can guess what Gwen is doing there. "You woke up and your husband wasn't there. It must knot your inside to admit that he comes to me like a moth to a flame. I could take him. All I’ve got to do is reach out my hand and he would come running. You are right, you know, Gwen. He was with me…because he loves me. I realize something, though. Love isn't enough. His marriage vows bind him to you forever, so I told him that it was over. I have given up on my dream of life with the man I love." Gwen doesn't trust a word that she says. Theresa knows that Ethan shouldn't trust her. "We both know why now, don't we, Gwen?"

"Go find Theresa!" Fancy says. Ethan admits it. "I love Theresa! I love Theresa! But I am married!" Fancy claps. "Now what if Theresa is telling the truth about the tabloid?" Ethan admits that he would dump Gwen in a heartbeat if that information came out. Behind Ethan and Fancy, JT Cornell enters the hotel. "Oh my, I got to find Gwen or Theresa and get me some money."

Sheridan is hysterical and wonders if maybe Luis should lie to her about Marty. "Please tell me that he is alright…" Luis can't even speak. All he can say is "Sorry…I'm so sorry…"

"Maybe I am not going to get what I want again," Theresa says to Noah. He's is sure that she will find true love again. His words are comforting. "Do you think that you will ever find true love again?" He doesn't want to talk about himself but agrees that they will both find true love again. He extends his arm and she takes it as they start walking along.

Ethan and Fancy say goodnight and Fancy leaves. JT sees Ethan and he rushes off to hide. Ethan turns in JT's direction but the man is already gone. JT sees Gwen reentering the hotel and he makes a noise to get her attention. She runs to him and they duck into a room to the side. He needs money, but she doesn't have the kind that he wants. "Are you trying to blackmail me?" she asks. "No! But I will have to go to Theresa if you don't back me up. Theresa will be so happy that she will give me whatever it is that I want for the rest of my life."

Sheridan asks for the details. Luis starts. "I was with Noah and Fancy…we were in a helicopter. We saw everything. This drone aircraft with missiles showed up and it fired missiles at the bridge ahead of the train. The train went off the bridge and exploded…" Sheridan knows that Marty had to have been terrified. Luis is sure that the death happened quickly. Sheridan cries now as Chris holds her. "I'm sorry Sheridan…I am sorry…" Luis feels that he has failed her again. Sheridan closes the lid of the laptop. "I am so sorry, my love," Chris says. "I am so sorry." Luis closes the lid to his computer now. "Why?” is all that he can say.

Fancy returns. Luis wasn't going to tell Sheridan but she knew. She could hear it in his voice. "I failed her again. I have lost my son…I lost the woman I loved." Fancy, too, has lost a person that she loves. "We will both find happiness one day," Fancy says. "WE have to." Luis is sure that he will never find love again.

JT makes a deal with Gwen. "So are we clear? You are going to give me cash, Gwen…Lots and lots of cash. Alistair is dead, Gwen. He was burned in a train. Theresa is back in charge of Crane Industries." Gwen isn't happy to hear this. "I am giving you first dibs, Gwen. What's it going to be?" Gwen will call her mother and see what they can work out.

Ethan is coming and Gwen tells JT to hide. He turns his back to the door. Ethan enters and walks right past JT. "Oh Ethan!" Gwen calls out. "There you are." They hug. Gwen looks over Ethan's shoulder at the doorway and JT. He sees he is in the clear and starts making his exit as Ethan is hugging Gwen.  JT gets one foot in the hallway when he sees her…. Theresa! she is coming towards him with Noah… JT freezes. Theresa looks up and she sees something that makes her stop dead in her tracks. Noah stops too and looks at her. A tiny smile forms on Theresa's lips as she stares before her.

"Look at me Luis," Fancy says. "I know that you are in a dark place…don't give up hope." Luis just knows that the love that he and Sheridan had only comes once in a lifetime." That doesn't matter to Fancy. "You have to believe that you will be happy again,” she says. You have to." She really believes that. If she didn't, there wouldn't be any reason to get out of bed in the morning. "My son…Sheridan's son is dead…"

Theresa is seeing Ethan and Gwen hugging. Noah should have guessed. "I have to get over this, Noah. I have to." Meanwhile, JT is hiding on the ground behind some furniture. He has no idea if Theresa has seen him or not. Ethan offers Gwen a drink but all that Gwen wants is lovemaking till dawn. "It should have been me," Theresa says. "Seeing them is like a knife to the heart." Noah sees Ethan and Gwen all over each other and wishes they would save something for the room. Theresa can't stare at this much longer. "Take it one day at a time," Noah advises. She will get over this. "I have to for our little children." Noah doesn't understand what she says. "You only have one child." Theresa realizes her mistake and corrects what she has said.

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