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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Whitney is praying.

Chad is on the phone talking outside the room where she prays. He talks in a quiet voice so Whitney won't hear. "No one will find out about us…especially Whitney!"


Chad turns to find Simone behind him looking very unhappy. Chad hangs up the phone now.

Ethan comes out and finds Theresa is there at the table where he was talking with her earlier. He asks her again what it is that she needs to tell him. She won't tell him the news. He starts leaving and she changes her mind and goes to him.

Luis, Fancy and Noah are in a helicopter and they see an airplane hovering and about to let off a missile.

Alistair watches from the train window and laughs at the idea of his ending his life this way.

Beth and Marty huddle in a corner and look up at Alistair as their last hope.

In the helicopter all watch as the aircraft positions itself over the train. The bomb is ejected and KAPLOOIE! The mushroom of fire appears and the train has been hit.

"Who was that?" Simone asks Chad when she sees him hanging up. Chad hasn't got time to answer.

Whitney appears from the other room. She had been praying…thanking God for all her good fortune. Simone tells her that her prayers are premature at this point. Whitney doesn't understand. "There is something that you have to know."

Theresa stalls and Ethan starts walking again to go to the hotel. Theresa jumps in front of him to make him listen. "Before I tell you this, promise that you will still be in Little Ethan's life no matter what." Ethan swears that he will do it. He has no problem with that. "You don't know what it means to me and my son to have another pair of ears and eyes to look out for us. I have to tell you something and it is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do."

Sheridan is hysterical. She was sleeping and fell into some dream state. "Marty is in trouble!" It takes 4 people to hold Sheridan down in her bed. She seems to be having premonitions. Pilar tells the doctor that this has happened in the past, when she sees that he is skeptical and doesn't believe. Katherine worries that Sheridan might be right about Marty.

Luis has been devastated again. "No one could have survived that," the pilot says. "My son," Luis says. "Marty…"

Simone has to tell her sister something. Chad tries to stop her but she will not be stopped. "Dad was in a car crash and he is still alive. He is in ICU." Chad is sorry to hear this. "Julian has sent a jet for us and we will be flying home." Whitney runs off to write the Sister a note.

Chad was worried what Simone was going to say just now. Simone wasn't paying attention to anything. She was preoccupied. "So you didn't hear anything?" Chad asks. She didn't.

"This is the death of a dream," Theresa says. This makes no sense to Ethan. This just sounds like Theresa spinning her wheels to him. Theresa has been hoping and praying for the last seven years for them to be together. "I have pinned my entire existence on my dream. I thought that one-day I would be your wife and the mother of your children. I am the mother of your child and that means nothing still to our relationship. Do you remember that night on the beach? We made love? I hold that night very close to me. I close my eyes and imagine the joy of being in your arms whenever I need to. It was just you and me and the waves and the stars and you loved me. I was happy that night. We were one and I thought that was the highpoint of my life." He won't listen to her say that as he knows that there is another man out there for her, and he wants her to believe that. She has been trying to regain that feeling of being in his arms but it is always just out of reach. "I know that you have had that feeling too. We belong together and yet you stay married to Gwen and that has to be some kind of sin. If you were honest with yourself, you would say it. You have left your bed in the middle of the night. Was that to look for me? If I were in that bed with you, I wouldn't have ever left." He turns his back on her. It is the same old things with Theresa again. She admits that a lot of their problems were because of her. "Still one truth shines through every horrible mistake that she has ever made. We belong together, but we are never going to be together and I know that now. My heart is broken…forever…"

Pilar calls Chris to get him to come to the hospital right away. She tells how Sheridan has been out of control.

He grabs his bag and on the way out, he sees that one of the documents wasn't burned in the fire. He runs over and puts it properly in the fire. He can't have Sheridan finding that those documents are connected to him. He leaves the Bed & Breakfast now.

There is another document still around, it lies on the floor, under some furniture.

Luis calls the authorities and finds out that they were not the ones who sent the airplane. It will be days until they figure out what happened down there. It is suspected that the airplane belongs to one of Alistair's enemies. "You might as well return to Rome," the man advises Luis.

Luis gets off the phone and tells the pilot that they might as well head back to Rome. There is nothing they can do there now.

Simone, Chad and Whitney arrive at the hotel. Whitney only has a few things and she will be ready to fly out of there.

Simone needs him to help her with her suitcase in her room.

Chad goes to Whitney and kisses her. He will be right back.

Chad's phone rings.

"Hello! This is Chad's phone, but this is Whitney!" No one answers.

Luis has no idea how he can face Sheridan now. Noah knows that he can still comfort Sheridan in her grief. Luis finds that only to be words. Sheridan can still be happy and Luis can't get Sheridan back without ruining her life as it is. "I have to give her up." Fancy finds him amazing. Where does he get the strength? "I have to give her up." Luis walks off. Fancy has to be with Luis right now. He is in pain.

Noah stops her from leaving. "I love you, and I want to be with you. Can't we find each other again?"

Ethan knows that life didn't work the way that Theresa expected but it isn't over for her. "Maybe you will find a path that you weren't expecting and that will make you happy. I love Gwen." Theresa knows that now and that is why she has to move on. "I don't think that there is anyone else out there for me, but it doesn't matter. What I have with you is lost. I mean that. It is necessary for the children's sake. For Jane, and Little Ethan… My God...When I think about the times that I told them how one day we would all be together… All four of us and it is never going to happen. I am done. He dream of the two of us is gone!" Ethan never thought that he would hear her say that. She is pushing her heart away so that she can't be hurt like this anymore. "It is over…"

Chad comes in carrying Simone's suitcase joking that it is really heavy. Whitney tells him that she answered his phone and someone hung up on him.

Simone comes in to say that she is almost ready to go. She hears about the call and tells that all they have to do to find out who called is to hit the callback button and the phone number will be dialed. Whitney tries that.

Noah wants to prove to Fancy that Maya meant nothing to him. He stands by a sacred stone lion's head built into the wall. "I love Fancy Crane…I love her with all my heart. If I am lying…bite my head off." Nothing happens. Then Noah fakes getting bitten to make Fancy jump.

Chris arrives at the hospital and Sheridan tells him that something is wrong and that she has to talk to Luis about Marty.

Luis sits alone in his suite and gets Sheridan's picture out. "Sorry Sheridan. Sorry I failed you. Your son is gone."

Ethan can see that Theresa really means what she is saying. "You are actually going to do it." She can see that he misses her already. She rushes into his arms but then pushes herself away from him. "That is enough of that. I have been doing that too long." He knows that he is at fault for this going on too long as well. "No Ethan! I am the one that built this house and I built it for you. I knew that one day you would come home to find me waiting. But those dreams only look solid in the moonlight. I realize that you are never coming home and the house isn't even there. It never was. Everyone said that I was a fool for believing and I got it now. That all was just words… foolishness...they were just sweet words. It was all very sweet while it lasted…"

Chad tells Whitney not to bother calling the number back. Simone agrees. "Unless it was another woman calling." Simone leaves to finish packing.

"I feel so lucky," Whitney says. " I am going to need you by my side when we get home. You know my father; he will put up a front about my mother picking Julian. His heart really fell out. I know that I can always trust you Chad." They hug.

He sees his cellphone over her shoulder.

Fancy gets angry that Noah is making jokes when her grandfather just died and Luis's son died as well. "I know that my grandfather set you up but you went to bed with Maya. I was stupid to trust you until you broke my heart. It is over! We will never be together again. Maybe the grief that I feel is making me tough. I see a life without you in it." He finds this to be an excuse to break up. She walks off.

Noah has to wonder if its Luis that she feels that she can trust now.

"I need Luis," Sheridan calls out hysterically while all watch.

Fancy goes to Luis crying. She is upset over her grandfather dying and Noah pushing her to get back with him. "I can't be with him. I don't trust him." Luis finds it funny that even in his death, Alistair has managed to destroy everyone that knows him.

Theresa tells Ethan that this is goodbye. He won't hear that. "We can be friends." She can't do that. He goes to her and tries to hold her but she doesn't want that and pushes him away. "I want you to go and leave me alone. We are finished. Please…"

Simone shouts at her sister and Chad to get moving.

Chad and Whitney stop kissing and start leaving.

Chad returns to get his cellphone. "This is important."

Ethan laughs. Theresa has thrown him for a loop. "Are you going to be alright?" She has to be. Ethan tries to hold her but she pushes him away. "Go please!" He tears himself away.

She leans up against a column and cries.

Someone touches her shoulder. "No! Leave me alone!" she shouts.

She turns to find Noah there. "What is it Theresa?" he asks. She falls into his arms.

Luis and Fancy go to the suite. She offers to make him a drink. All he can think about is how he is going to tell Sheridan that Marty is dead. Fancy hugs him.

Sheridan is sitting up now and she calls for the computer to talk to Luis face to face. "I need Luis." Chris sets up the computer. Katherine and Pilar leave to give her privacy.

The phone rings in Luis's room.

Fancy picks up the call and sees Chris's face as he sees hers. He is calling for information.

Luis hears Chris talking and goes to the computer. "Hey Chris! Is Sheridan alright?" Chris hands the computer over to Sheridan. He wants to know if she is alright. She doesn't want to talk about that. "Is Marty alright?" Luis says nothing. "Luis! Where is Marty." Luis can't speak.

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