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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Theresa is really concerned that Ethan may be the person who dies in Rome.

Chad overhears them and comes to sit with them to get more of the story. Whitney explains about the email. "I need your phone," Theresa says to Chad. She dials.

Ethan and Gwen are making love and don't bother answering the phone. It continues to ring.

Theresa panics when no one answers the phone. "They are not answering the phone!"

Chris sits with Sheridan at the hospital. He worries over her condition and their baby.

Katherine comes to see her daughter. She heard that something was wrong and she wants to help.

Pilar walks in and sees Katherine is already there. That makes her turn to go but Katherine calls her back. Surely, Pilar can stand the woman long enough for a visit with precious Sheridan. Chris tells them what has been happening.

"We are escaping on a steamship?" Beth asks her father. He has taken care of everything. Even the passports. "Daddy can we take Luis with us?" Alistair will not allow that. He bangs the cellphone on the table to destroy it so they can't be traced. Beth says that she lost her phone. Alistair really hopes that she isn't lying to him and hates that she still wants that mutt Luis.

Beth thinks that her father can do what he wishes. She has a plan of her own.

Luis still hasn't got word on Alistair and the others yet. He and Noah talk while they wait.

Fancy is going to Noah and Luis now, and Esmé tries to stop her. She thinks that Fancy is going to make up with Noah. She wants Fancy to end up with Luis so that Noah will be hers.

Fancy goes to Luis and tells him that she is falling in love. She holds him in her arms and kisses him tenderly while Noah and Esmé watch with surprise on their faces.

Ethan can't help it. He has to answer the ringing phone. It might be news about Alistair.

"Ethan?" Theresa calls out when she hears Ethan's voice over the phone. "I thought that your life was in danger." His isn't but hers might be if Gwen gets a hold of her. Gwen laughs at her husband's humor. "I am spending time with my wife so let's end this call alright?" She tells him to be careful and he hangs up.

Theresa tells her friend that Ethan is okay and spending time with Gwen. Theresa decides to face facts finally. "Ethan and I are never going to be together…"

Esmé tells Noah that Fancy has moved on which is apparent by the kiss. Noah thought as much.

Fancy has been daydreaming these scenes and Esmé drags her out of her fog and back into reality.

Fancy goes to talk to Noah. He wants to talk about their future together. "I love you and I can't lose you. Tell me what I can do to make things right between us again?" Fancy steals a look over at Luis. She isn't sure exactly how to answer him.

Alistair has to go for a while out of the room, and he warns Beth to behave. He leaves.

Beth tells Marty that she he is going to call 'daddy'. "Daddy" Marty shouts happily.

"Hi Luis! I am so glad that you didn't get killed by the lions. I begged daddy to save you." She gives the phone to Marty. "Say hi to daddy!" Marty smiles into the phone.

"Is there anyway that we can get back together?" Beth asks. He will do that if it means that he can get his baby back. She is worried that he is trying to trick her. "What do you think Beth? Would you like to get back together?" She is overjoyed.

Theresa says that she is okay about not being with Ethan. Chad feels that he and Whitney should go and make a conference call. Whitney smiles. She tells Chad that she really needs to sit with her friend. Theresa tells her friends to go. She needs to think about her new life without hopes of being with Ethan. The couple leaves.

Theresa really thought that she was going to end up with Ethan but now she sees things for what they are. ***

The old nun comes to Theresa. "I want to be of assistance to you." Theresa asks the woman to kill her as she doesn’t want to live without Ethan.

Chris yawns. Katherine tells him to go and get some sleep and she and Pilar will stay with Sheridan. He leaves.

Pilar looks at Sheridan, thinking that she looks like she is dreaming.

She is dreaming but having a nightmare. She is terrorized by her father in her dreams.

Luis calls Noah over as he talks to Beth. He strings Beth on.

Noah has the call traced.

Esmé finds this exciting. Fancy just wants Marty back with his father. Esmé can't understand that as the minute that Luis has his son, he will return to Sheridan. Fancy doesn't care.

"We should meet somewhere mutual, and away from Alistair," Luis says. She agrees to meet him. He wants to make some ground rules about their new relationship. "I want to take things slow." She gets suspicious of that. "I want to be with you so badly," Beth says.

The phone is suddenly wrenched from her hands. Her father has returned and is angry that she has been talking to that Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald when he warned her not to. Beth looks up into her father's eyes in horror.

"Beth! Beth!" Luis calls out. No one answers.

"Kill you? Don't be ridiculous Theresa," the old nun says. Theresa is serious. They sit. "I am sick and tired of being so close to getting Ethan and then losing out repeatedly and over again. I can't stand it anymore." The old nun knows that ending a life isn't the answer. "I have information that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father and I thought that Ethan will come back to me but that isn't going to happen. Ethan advised his friend to leave the mother of his child for his wife. Your prophecy came through. I received information but it wasn't like I thought it would be." The nun says that things turn out the way that they do for a reason. "What you see as permanent, might be a fleeting moment in God's master plan." Theresa wants nothing to do with God if this is his master plan.

"Marty wanted to talk to his daddy," Beth explains. Alistair knows that Luis was only keeping Beth on the phone to trace her location. "I could kill you and that mother of yours for lying to me and telling me that she was on the pill."

The train starts up and they are on their way.

Alistair only hopes that the call wasn't traced.

Noah gets the information. Beth is on a train somewhere. Luis knows that given the chance, he could parachute onto the train. He and Noah run off.

"I am coming with you!" Fancy calls out.

Esmé tries to stop her but she runs off anyway.

"Oh Fancy," Esmé thinks. "When will you be with the man that you love?"

Chris is home relaxing.

Alistair calls him and tells him that it is time for him to do as he has planned to do. "I can't do that," Chris says. "Things have changed." Alistair warns the man that he had better do as expected or he and his lovely Sheridan will die.

Cristian and Evangeline joke over Chad's idea of the conference call. Whitney is sorry that her friend isn't going to get man of her dreams while she and Chad have a great life with their son. She goes into the chapel alone now.

Chad has to make a business call. "Did I wake you? I was thinking about you too. I am getting married. I didn't plan on it. It isn't going to affect us… I mean it… Nothing will stop me from spending time with you."

"Having faith has gotten me nowhere. I keep missing out on having Ethan. Alistair never pays for the horrible things that he has done." The old nun tells Theresa that God works in mysterious ways, and that things are not as bad as she thinks.

Ethan and Gwen declare their love for each other.

Ethan turns his head to the side and sees Theresa before him instead of Gwen. "I am the woman of your dreams Ethan. You love me and you always will…no matter what you tell Gwen." They kiss.

Ethan is sleeping, and Gwen sleeps beside him…

"You will do what has been planned." Chris tells Alistair that he will be dead or in prison so what he wants doesn't matter. "You will do what you agreed to do or it will be over for you and your wife. I own you Chris…body and soul."

"Damn you Alistair…Damn you."

"Who was that?" Beth asks. Alistair tells her that it doesn’t matter as he wasn't talking to someone who wants to entrap her. "Luis was trying to entrap you!" Alistair says.

A helicopter is heard outside and a searchlight shines on the train. "Oh," Alistair says. "They have found us."

Noah, Fancy and Luis are in the copter and they use binoculars to scope out the train. "There they are! All we have to do is get on that train and get Marty."

Ethan and Gwen sleep…

Ethan dreams of making love to Theresa. She calls out his name…

Ethan is awakened from his dream and turns to find Gwen beside him. "I will go and take a walk to get Theresa out of my head."

"Pray Theresa." She has nothing to pray for. "I never thought of a life without Ethan. It is like I said…true love never wins out."

Katherine tells Pilar that Rebecca has decided to divorce Julian so that he and Eve can marry. Pilar takes that as a subtle hint to divorce Martin. Katherine didn't mean it that way.

Sheridan sleeps…

Sheridan dreams…Alistair is going to hurt her son and she shouts to him to run.

He runs into Beth's arms. "Your grandfather has a surprise for you." Sheridan can see the branding iron in Alistair's hand. He is going to brand a symbol on Marty.

Sheridan is having a bad reaction to her dreams and Katherine and Pilar call for the staff to come. They rush in.

Chris realizes that he is in a pickle. He has put his family's life in danger. He gets the papers and goes to the fire. "Sheridan must never know." He tosses the papers in the fire, but one of them falls to the ground.

Alistair and Beth argue over whether Luis is fooling Beth or not.

Luis and the others are getting closer.

Alistair has no back up plan…

There is a funny beeping noise. It is missiles. "They are going to shoot at us?"

Luis and the pilot realize that something else is going on here. They see aircraft in the area…

Alistair knows that Luis wouldn't hurt Marty, so this has to be someone else. "We have to remove ourselves as targets."

Luis watches the aircraft and sees that it is positioning itself to fire…

Whitney prays to god, thanking him for all that she has been given…

"my getting married isn't going to change a thing about us," Chad promises.

He looks in on Whitney praying while he talks on the phone.

"Make no mistake Theresa. God has a plan for you." She doesn't think so anymore. The old nun will pray that Theresa finds the strength to think differently. She leaves Theresa hobbling away…

"What am I going to do?" Theresa asks herself. I can't tell Ethanl that Little Ethan is his son…"

"What did you just say?" Ethan asks.

Theresa furns to find Ethan behind her.

Chris watches the papers burn. "Sheridan will never knoiw."

Kay and Pilar watch Sheridan as she sleeps agitated.

Sheridan dreams of Marty being hurt.

She wakes and sit upright suddenly. "Marty is going to die!"

Alistair is really worried now. Beth can't understand this.

Luis and the others watch as the missile is ejected from the plane.

Alistair laughs. "Imagine that. The great Alistair taken out this way."

The missile hits and the train explodes.

"I have lost Marty," Luis says. "Again…"

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