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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis


Gwen feels she has finished with talking with Theresa and that it is really time for she and Ethan to leave for the hotel.

Ethan and Whitney return and Gwen tells that Theresa has been wasting their time as usual. "Let's go," Gwen says. Ethan gives Theresa one last chance to tell him what she has to say but she just says that she loves her son and that is all. Gwen and Ethan leave.

Theresa can't risk Ethan taking her son from her, and so she didn't tell him the truth about Little Ethan being his son.

TC is alone wishing that Eve were there with him. He lays alone in his hospital bed healing.

"Hi TC." Eve says walking in, like a breath of fresh air. She goes to TC and hugs him.

Julian comes to the room and sees Eve hugging TC. He leaves again before they can see that he was there.

Sheridan's contractions have been stopped for now and she sits alone with Chris and talks.

Noah confronts Luis about falling for Fancy and wanting more than friendship from her.

Esmé sees that her friend might be falling for Luis and she doesn't believe the girl one bit when she says that she is only a friend to the man. The may be true but Esmé is sure that Fancy wants more. Fancy shakes her head at her friend's ideas of her love life.

"Stop telling me how I feel," Fancy tells Esmé. Esmé sees things very clearly, as clearly as the nose job that Fancy has had. Fancy takes offense. "I haven't had any plastic surgery!" she shouts. "What is it about these working stiffs Fancy? Men like Noah and Luis are real men with hard, callous hands and broad, brawny shoulders and rock hard butts… And their lips are so soft and so kissable…" Esmé gets heated up and ends up shouting for the bartender to bring ice water to cool her off. Esmé has an aunt that dates old men that are horrible to be with. "You are falling in love with Luis who is in love with your Aunt Sheridan. Now you are younger but you don't have a child with Luis. However, Sheridan is married so you have a chance. I understand that you don't want to admit your feelings for Luis…"

Luis is sick over losing his son again and he will not be grilled about Fancy, by Noah. Noah is sorry that Luis lost his kid again but he feels that Luis is in a bad place and that is why he can't see how he feels for Fancy. "you two look at each other as if you love each other." Luis appreciates Fancy's help but only loves Sheridan.

"I can't stop thinking about Luis, Fancy and Marty." Chris promises to look into this.

"Please god…let them be okay."

Chris goes to Julian and tells him of Sheridan's plea to get news about Luis and Fancy and how they are doing. Julian is trying to find out all that he can about what is going on in Rome and will keep Chris apprised of anything new that comes up.

"I made such a mess of things and the house was empty without you and the girls," TC says. Eve only wants him to think about being alive and making things okay again. He can't believe that she is glad that he is alive after the accident. He treated his family so badly and scared everyone away from him. Eve assures him that she still cares about him. "School starts in a couple of month and I have to be back in shape." Eve offers to help TC with his rehab when he is ready. "Thank you Eve. Thank you for being so kind to me" She still sees him as family. "Me, you and the girls."

Whitney has a hard time believing that Theresa will not take a chance and tell Ethan about his son. Theresa is sure that Ethan would sue her and she would lose another child again to Gwen. "how many times have you told me that I was wrong for denying my son, his mother?"

Ethan and Gwen walk to the hotel. She can't wait to get to Jane at home in Harmony. Ethan understands that but then feels that Gwen should also understand how Theresa feels love her own son and misses him. Gwen pulls him along with her now.

Whitney sees them. "Theresa! If you are not going to tell Ethan about his son, then I am." She runs off now after Ethan and Gwen.

Theresa catches up to her friend and begs her not to do this. She has lost so much already and if she lost Little Ethan, that would kill her. "Don't tell. This is the reason that I have been so busy at Crane Industries. I have been trying to make sure that my son has the best future possible. If Ethan hears the truth, my son will be cheated out of his inheritance, like Ethan was."

Ethan and Gwen return to see what is going on. Whitney tells that it was nothing. Ethan and Gwen leave.

"thank you for keeping my secret," Theresa says.

Esmé promises that Fancy's secret is safe. Fancy says she has no secret. Esmé wants to have Noah now that Fancy doesn't want him anymore.

"It is clear that you love Fancy and so you should go to her and tell her that." Noah hears what Luis is saying and feels that maybe he should take a shot at Fancy again.

Chris tells Sheridan that Julian has Crane security out looking for Luis and Fancy. "I want you to stay calm for the sake of our baby." Sheridan is trying to stay calm but not knowing what is going on in Rome is killing her.

Eve tells that there is a search for Whitney and Simone and they will be whisked home immediately to be with their father when they are found. TC sees that Julian is handy to have around.

Julian comes in the room and greets TC. TC tells Julian thanks for tracking the girls down. Julian knows that the man is anxious to have his girls back. "Let's go and have a bite to eat Eve." She starts leaving the room. TC starts groaning and moaning in pain. Julian and Eve turn and see him contorting like a snake in the bed. Eve rushes to his side.

TC has a pain in his head. "I will get the doctor," Julian says running out.

"Relax," Eve calls out to TC.

Whitney can't understand how Theresa can deny her son the chance to be with Ethan when she was so adamant that Whitney do the same. "I want to tell Ethan but he would sue me for custody. Gwen is not a nice person and she will do anything that she can to hurt me. I will not let her push Ethan into taking my son from me."

Ethan and Gwen are kissing on their bed when Ethan suddenly has a thought. "I wonder what Theresa wanted to talk to me about," he says. Gwen is frustrated and not happy. "Even here? We can't have a moment alone without you thinking about Theresa?"

Ethan apologizes for bringing Theresa's name up. She finds him infatuated with Theresa and can't see why he cares what she is going to say. He just doesn't want to get blindsighted by her. "I think that when I told her about Gary, that changed her tune." Gwen has some ideas but she really doesn't care what the answer is here. "That girl has been a huge pain in the butt." Ethan thinks that they should be proactive and try to find out the secret before Theresa does whatever she is going to do. Gwen knows that if Theresa had something to tell them that benefited her, she would have told them. "Whitney knows what it is that Theresa was going to tell me, but she felt that it was better for Theresa to tell him herself. I have to find out what the secret it."

"Little Ethan is the only thing that I have left," Theresa says. "I will not lose him. I have lost my last battle to Gwen."

Fancy finds Esmé insane but actually four out of five of her psychiatrists say that she isn't crazy. Esmé finds that Fancy needs to give up one of the men. "I will take Noah since you seem to think that you are over Noah." Fancy can't give Esmé Noah and Luis loves her aunt. Esmé will take Noah anyway. Fancy knows that the man can't be trusted and will only hurt Esmé. "I don't mind if Noah lies," Esmé says. "I love your outfit by the way." Fancy hates the lying and will not live like that again. "I am swearing off men altogether." Esmé feels that Fancy watching those lesbians fighting might have gotten to her. That isn't it. Every man that Fancy has dealings with has hurt her and so she isn't looking for anyone, anytime soon.

Luis has bigger concerns. He has to get Marty back, in order to have Sheridan back. Noah has his problems too. He has no one to back up his story that he wasn't really with Maya like Fancy thinks. Luis lost to Alistair again. Noah would have gladly killed him.

The doctor gets TC some pain medication for his headache and he leaves.

Julian decides to go as well, but Eve makes him wait. She will leave with Julian and check on TC later.

TC watches them go and feels that the love of his life just walked out the door.

Sheridan hates what her father has done to those that she loves. "I swear to God. I hate him and those that work with him. I could kill them all!"

Chris thinks back to the horseshoe symbol that he had hidden in his suitcase…

He pried it out of its hiding place…

He did a little bit of magic with it when he set it on fire on the table…

"I swear to God," Sheridan vows. "My father needs to burn in hell!"

Chris tells Sheridan again to stay calm, and this time Sheridan listens to him.

The staff come to take Sheridan out for tests.

Chris realizes that Sheridan can never know the truth. "We will both be killed."

Julian seats Eve for a special dinner.

Eve talks about TC and how stressed he is. "I have no idea what it will take to get TC normal and back to his old self again. I have noticed how gracious you have been to me, letting me be with TC and getting the girls home." Julian feels like dancing and they get out of their seats and head to the floor. He holds her in his arms and looks into her ears. He kisses her cheek.

Gwen understands Whitney not wanting to talk about her friend's secret out of turn. Ethan still wants to know what is going on. Gwen begs him to talk about something else but Theresa. Ethan agrees that she is right to suggest that. he would like to pick up where they left off and he tries to kiss her. She escapes his grasp and gets the phone. "I want you to make reservations to get us home to Harmony."

Ethan makes the call.

Gwen wants to get away from Theresa. The sooner the better.

Theresa tells Whitney how she sees things. Whitney knows that when you hold on to a dream for too long, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. Theresa sees what she means. "It is like the email that I got. It said that I would gain a love and then lose a love. That was what happened to me. Wait! The email! It also said that someone from Harmony would die in Rome."

"Damn Julian and his money," TC says. "Maybe Julian's money isn't enough to make Eve happy. The doctor says that Eve still loves me. We might have a chance after all."

Eve loves that Julian has been helping her with TC. They love each other and that is why Julian wants to help so much to get TC's girls back.

A song comes on and Eve smiles. "This song used to be for me and TC. Poor TC."

"I am doing the right thing. I have to protect Sheridan at all costs," Chris says.

He enters Sheridan's room and finds her with a nurse. The baby is fine for now but Sheridan has to stay calm.

Sheridan isn't sure that she can relax when she hasn't had news from Rome. "I have no idea what is going on."

Luis hasn't had any word yet on Marty's whereabouts. Noah tells him to focus on the positive. Luis only has one thing on his mind. He has to find Marty and get him back to Sheridan. "I love Sheridan more than anything." Noah knows that but she is married to another man. Luis doesn't care and will not give up on Sheridan. "You should go to Fancy and tell her that you did what you did for her."

Esmé tells Fancy that she and Noah want to see her happy. Fancy finds her friend delusional thinking that she has something of substance with Noah. "Just go and get Luis! I can see it on your face! You are falling in love with Luis!"

The reservations are made.

Gwen wonders what Theresa has found out and is keeping secret.

Whitney tells that Maya died and she was from Harmony. Theresa isn't sure that she was the one who was supposed to die like the email is saying. "What if Ethan is the one who is supposed to die in Rome?" Theresa's eyes grow large as saucers.

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