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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

"TC of course you have something to live for," Eve says.

Julian listens as the woman that he loves dotes over his competition.

The doctor comes in and is amazed that TC is awake and has beaten the odds. He will do some tests.

Eve runs to Julian. "Isn't this amazing?"

Tabitha denies having any knowledge of the house being repaired in record time. "This is impossible," Sam says. Ivy finds this very strange. Tabitha tells that she was with the Bennetts the whole time and didn't have time to even call a contractor.

Siren knows that this is going to be hard to explain but they have to in order to keep people from figuring out that there are witches and a mermaid living over there. Tabitha will have to be smart about this in order to wiggle out of it.

Fox starts explaining things to Kay, but Miguel intervenes and tells him not to do this. He worries that if they don't follow Eve's instructions Kay will be hurt somehow. Kay demands an explanation. Fox will give it to her.

Ethan and Gwen wait for Theresa to tell whatever it is that she has to tell them. "It is about Little Ethan…" Theresa stops talking and doesn't seem as eager as she did in the beginning. Ethan can't wait to hear what she has to say now that she tells who the secret is about. He cares about the boy and is now interested.

Esmé finds Noah at the bar drinking alone. She offers him drinks in her suite, but he doesn't want to go up there. She will sit with him in the bar then.

The car drives off.

Luis exits just in time to see Alistair, Beth and Marty make their escape in the big black car.

Fancy comes out next. Luis tells her that Beth and Marty are in the car with Alistair and that they have left to make their escape. Fancy could kick herself.

"I am coming for you Marty!" Luis shouts at the car. No one can hear them though.

Chris gets Sheridan to the hospital. He carries her into emergency. The medical staff swing into action to help the expecting mother. They whiz her off to an examination room.

"Please God," Chris prays. "Don't let anything happen to Sheridan. She is my life."

TC feels that his kids will not want to have anything to do with him, but Eve feels differently.

The doctor works on TC, and so Julian asks Eve to come with him for a bite to eat. Eve will not leave.

"He should recover nicely," the doctor says after doing some preliminary tests. "I never thought that you would have made it through the night TC."

The doctor tells Eve that her being there was instrumental in bringing TC back to them.

Eve goes to TC now to tell him that he will be fine, just like she said he would be.

Sheridan sits up in bed and rubs her stomach to ease the pain. She suddenly bends over shouting out. The contractions are coming! Chris shouts for the staff to do something.

"I am sorry that you missed your chance again to get your son because of me," Fancy says pouting. They need a car to track Marty. They rush off to find a car.

Esmé tells Norman, uh… Noah that he needs to come up to her room to relax. Noah really isn't in the mood. Esmé has heard the story of Noah's broken heart and she has an idea. She suggests he inviting Fancy to have an open relationship with them. Noah isn't interested. He is still in love with Fancy. Esmé thought that he was in love with Maya but that was just a scam to help the FBI. "My sister could help with this but she is hooked up with this bum Spike and she will not help me."

Ethan and Gwen urge Theresa to tell what she has to say.

Theresa thinks of her conversation with Whitney about what Ethan would do if he got the news about Little Ethan being his child. Whitney was a little more skeptical but Theresa was sure that Ethan would dump Gwen and be with his child and the child's mother.

Theresa starts talking, but Whitney drags her off. "What's happening?"

Theresa remembers how Ethan and Gwen agreed on how Gary should handle the woman that he had a child out of wedlock with.

Theresa isn't comfortable now telling Ethan about Little Ethan as he may try to take the boy from her.

Gwen wants to leave but Ethan's curiosity is really peaked now and he wants to hear the news.

Gwen walks to Theresa and Whitney, and Ethan follows them.

Theresa and Whitney turn to face the couple now.

"Something is strange here," Ivy says. "I took a sip of Tabitha's soup and I turned green. Then there was the swarm of bees coming out of the pot." Sam finds this hard to believe. Tabitha laughs. "Then there was that hammering and sawing," Ivy tells. Sam knows that something very strange is going on. "Who could have rebuilt the house?"

Tabitha knows that if Sam discovers the carpenter bees he will be have discovered her secret.

Tabitha suggests that a group of do-gooders came by and fixed the house up.

A man walks in and tells Tabitha that he hopes that her house is back the way she likes it.

A trail of other tool-time experts walk in. They too supposedly worked on the house as well.

Fox starts explaining what happened but then Miguel takes over. "You fell and hit your head and Dr. Russell said that you should just take it easy. It is just that Fox is worried cause he heard you screaming in the shower." Fox says that he did think that she was hurt. Miguel tells that she should have been resting and not in the shower. This makes no sense to Kay. Fox says that he was only worried about her. She can't understand why a Crane would be worried about a Bennett like this. "Why do you care so much about me?" Fox wants to answer, but Miguel shakes his head, 'no' behind Kay's back.

Gwen finds Theresa unstable. She has a problem with Little Ethan and Gwen guesses that she doesn't even know her son. "What did you want to say anyway Theresa?" Theresa says that she just wanted to tell Ethan that she loves her son very much. "Well that isn't a big surprise like you said it would be." Gwen sees that their work is done here. Ethan feels that something is wrong. He takes Whitney off to talk for a moment.

Noah talks about killing Alistair, but that only gets Esmé hot. He has to get going now. He leaves.

Esmé sees this as her chance to get close to Noah since he can't have Fancy.

Luis and Fancy run and Fancy falls in the dirt on her face. Luis helps her up. They find a car but decide not to take it.

Sheridan suffers with the labor pains.

Eve and Julian come running in. Eve will give Sheridan something that will stop her contractions or at least slow them down. Sheridan talks about how Luis and Fancy are in danger of being killed. "Alistair has sent lions to kill Luis and Fancy. Fancy was trying to help find Marty and father is attacking her. Juliann please help them. Please help my son."

Tabitha thanks the workers for working on her home. The leader of the group was in fact Jimmy Carter.

Ivy can't understand how Tabby did that.

Tabitha quietly thanks her little witchlet.

Siren sees how grateful Tabitha is to have had her secret saved. She threatens to use this secret now unless Tabitha helps her get Kay away from Miguel.

Endora waves her hand…ZAP!

Siren gets an electrical shock to the neck and she shouts out in pain.

Kay starts trying to think about things and make sense of them but that only makes her head works. Fox lightens up when he see show talking about this affects her. Kay has a favor to ask of Fox. "Would you stay her with Siren for a while? I want to take Miguel away for a few days. We haven't had much alone time together." She starts kissing the man.

The doctor is pleased with TC's condition but he has to be in the hospital for a while. "You didn't die for a reason. You have people that love you and need you." TC disagrees. The doctor knows that TC will recover but he has to want that for himself. The doctor tells that Eve still loves him. "I can tell." The doctor leaves.

"I hope you are right doc."

Eve gives Sheridan some medication. She is feeling better now.

Julian calls the Rome office and demands that the Crane security find his niece. "My sister son is also in Rome and I want you to find him. I am the Head of Crane Industries now."

Noah won't let Esmé come with him as it is too dangerous. She finds him so thoughtful and she rewards him with a kiss.

Fancy enters the hotel. She is immediately angry that he is carrying on with Esmé and Maya isn't even cold yet. She tells that she wasn't able to get Marty as they planed. Noah hopes that she can see now that her grandfather is evil and could have set him up so that they wouldn't be together.

Luis comes over and Esmé is immediately interested in him. He tells that he has contacted the police but isn't sure that he can trust them. Luis and Fancy hug.

Gwen finds that Theresa is acting nervous. "The old nun told you that you would get Ethan but that isn't happening. If you had anything that could help you, you would have used it already. My husband isn't going to leave me."

Ethan demands that Whitney tell him the secret that Theresa is keeping from him. "She said that this was news about Little Ethan." Whitney will not tell. She has to let Theresa tell the secret herself. Ethan will respect that. He is so glad that Chad and Whitney have found a way to be together properly. He hopes that Whitney will help Theresa find someone new for herself. "She keeps telling me that Gwen is a liar and has betrayed me but there is no proof." Whitney wonders if there was proof, if he show love for Theresa.

Ivy and Sam come over to see what made Siren shout out. Siren says that she just got a little bit of paint on her.

Tabitha warns Siren not to upset Endora. "I will feed you to Fluffy myself!"


Sam follows the sound to where the giant demon cat is. He looks around the corner. "What the hell is that?"

Kay is happy as a clam when Fox says that he will stay at the house. She runs off now.

Fox and Miguel come nose to nose. Miguel is sorry that Fox is upset. Fox only wants him to remember that Kay is his girl.

Whitney talks with Ethan, but gives away nothing of her friend's secrets.

Theresa has her spunk back and she stands up to Gwen as they talk about Ethan and how Theresa will never get him.

TC has new hope. Eve still cares for him and that is what he needed to hear.

Julian is on the phone and the orders that Simone and Whitney be found and brought to their father.

He knows that if the girls are back then TC will not have as much time to spend with Eve.

Eve overhears Julian ordering that the girls be brought home.

She comes to Julian to thank him for helping. She rushes off to see TC now.

Julian sees that like Sheridan he can only pine after Eve now.

Sheridan tries to relax but can't knowing that Luis and Fancy are in danger.

Esmé needs details. She drags Fancy off.

"You are in love with Luis! Don't try to con me!"

Noah has Luis alone now. "What are your intentions towards Fancy?"

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