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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha has to find a way to keep the firefighters from finding out that she has evil things in her basement.

Ivy comes into the room and finds that the buzzing that she heard was bees. She gets the spray and starts spraying. Tabitha warns her not to do that but Ivy continues. The bees circle her and chase her out of the room.

The doctor looks over TC's chart.

Julian and Eve arrive. "I am sorry Eve but TC flatlined again." Eve takes the chart from the doctor and reads. The doctor leaves.

"TC is in a coma," Eve says. Julian knows that TC is very strong. Eve knows that eventually, TC is going to die. His body is just going to give out.

Ethan wants to know what it is that Theresa has to tell. "Well I wanted to tell you this in private but Gwen is going to find out anyway. Gwen holds no stock in anything that she has to say and she walks off. Ethan follows.

Whitney feels that Theresa should tells Ethan this some other time.

Gwen tells Ethan that this is a waste of time and they start walking off.

"Wait!" Theresa shouts. "What I have to tell you will change all our lives forever."

Sheridan is upset. She can't see what is going on anymore with her device. She fears that Luis and Fancy are going to be killed by the lions.

Beth holds Marty as they wait to hear what is to become of Luis and Fancy.

Alistair looks at his handheld device smiling. He knows that when the lions get a hold of Fancy, that will give a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'Fancy Feast'.

Luis and Fancy are together. They are sure that they are about to meet their maker. They stand very close, and when Fancy feels that she can't take it anymore, she buries her face in Luis's chest.

Theresa tells that this is different. "This has to do with JT Cornell but it isn't about the tabloid." Ethan and Gwen still try to walk off but Theresa calls them back. "This will change all of our lives from here in." Ethan will give her one-minute to tell what is going on. "Do you remember Ethan…the night before when we were supposed to be married?"

They are interrupted by a young man who wants to thank Ethan for giving him the push that he needed.

Ethan introduces Gary to his friends. Gary married friend of Gwen's, but things haven't been that good lately. Ethan reminded the man of right and wrong.

Theresa can't stand waiting to tell her special news.

The man says goodbye and leaves.

Ethan tells that the man was having trouble getting his wife pregnant and during that time, Gary met up with an old girlfriend. "She got pregnant and Gary was a wreck. The little boy was born and Gary takes care of the child, but the other woman wants Gary to divorce his wife and take care of the child." Theresa sees nothing wrong with that. "He should do that. That is the right thing."

Luis and Fancy are still running.

Alistair chuckles as he watches Luis and Fancy try to stay alive. "I warned you Fancy about being with this type of man."

Chris tries to calm Sheridan but she can't calm down. She is hyperventilating now. "I will not be able to go on if Luis and Fancy are killed. What kind of world are we bringing our baby into? You don't know what my father is capable of doing," Sheridan says.

Luis runs to a wall and they try to pull a lever down to have a fighting chance. Fancy sees what he is doing and she rushes to help him. They both pull on the lever and a sturdy wooden gate starts descending, but will it come down in time to separate the lions from the humans?

Eve feels so responsible for TC's condition. Julian remembers that TC wanted no part of his wife. Eve sees things differently. He is barely alive. "He isn't coming out of that coma," Eve says. "I have to get the girls and bring them home to their father." Julian knows that Eve and the girls will be alright but Eve will not be comforted. "TC is a man who made choices and didn't have to end up like this," Julian says. Eve is upset that the person that Julian turned to was Liz and she wasn't good for him either. "I was the one that stole the joy out of TC's life!" Eve says. "TC is to blame for this."

Sam and Fox come running into the living room and pretend to have been sitting for a while.

Miguel and Kay come running into the room. Kay is upset that her moment with Miguel was just ruined in the shower. Sam says that the heater is broken and he orders her upstairs to get some clothes on. She leaves.

Fox is on Miguel in a flash. "Keep your hands off her or I will make you wish you had never returned to Harmony."

The bees get bigger and more violent with Ivy. She shrieks.

Tabitha begs Endora to stop this attack.

ZAP! The bees fly out the door.

Sam comes running in, and Ivy tells him of the bees. There are no bees now.

Tabitha sees that she will have to do some fast-talking. She tells how Ivy must have been allergic to something in the soup that she was making. Ivy finds that to be untrue. "There were an angry swarm of bees and they got bigger and bigger and they attacked me!" Sam starts taking Ivy out of the room but then they hear hammering.

Sam goes to check it out, and Ivy runs after him so as not to be alone with Tabitha, and the others in the kitchen.

"Endora," Tabitha pleads. "You have got to do something about the work that is being done on our next door. If not, the gig will be up!"

Theresa feels that Gary would have been right to go with the mother of his child, but that wasn't the advice that Ethan gave the man. "He cheated on his wife when she was going through her own private hell. The other woman is threatening to sue for custody of the child. It might turn out so that the child will never get to see his father again." Theresa sees that the man must have cared for the women the same. Ethan tells that Gary cared for his child and his wife. "Making empty threats like the woman did, will not look good for her in court." Theresa watches Ethan and Gwen sadly now.

Luis and Fancy keep trying to get the gate down. Luis fights the lion off with a stick. The big cat bats the stick with her giant paw.

Alistair can see that it is almost time for Luis and Fancy to die.

Beth and Marty are running in the tunnels. Beth trips and falls on her face.

Sheridan is very upset. She can't see Marty. "What is happening over there?" she asks rhetorically to Chris.

Julian can't feel sorry for TC. "He is a grown man and he decided to do what he did." Eve feels that TC's distraught situation is the basis for this. Julian disagrees. "He had a responsibility not to let his anger get in the way. You think that you abandoned him but TC drove drunk and now his daughter's will grow up without a daughter."

TC groans. Eve runs to him. "I think that he is coming out of his coma!"

"What are you going to do Fox? Break my legs like Tony Soprano?" Fox is only asking that Miguel respect the relationship that he has with Kay. "Admit it. Since you have come back and Charity is out of your life, you have decided that you want to be with Kay."

Tabitha doesn't want Sam and Ivy to go over to her house and investigate.

ZAP! Endora slams the door before Sam and Ivy can exit. "Where did that wind come from that closed the door?" Ivy asks. The trick only delays them and soon the middle age couple are out the door.

Tabitha scoops up her baby and rushes to the door. "You are going to be found out too Siren. Haven't you heard of the dangers of a fish fry?" Siren realizes that she has just as much at stake and she runs out after Tabitha to help with the damage control.

Theresa isn't all that eager now to tell Ethan the good news that she has.

Ethan knows that Gwen would understand the way that he advised his friend. "I told [him that he should sue the other woman for custody." This makes Theresa angry. "This is just like how Jane was taken from me." Gwen tells Theresa that this isn't about her. "Go on Ethan." Ethan feels that the woman deceived Gary and used him to get pregnant. Gwen feels that Ethan really did handle things just right.

Sheridan panics. She wants to know what happened to Marty.

Marty watches as Beth lays hurt on the dirt floor.

Alistair watches Luis and Fancy using his handheld machine.

Luis and Fancy manage to get the gate low enough to delay the lions. Fancy urges him to go and get his son. He dives under the small space left under the bottom of the gate. Fancy is next.

She turns and sees the lion coming towards her. She has to get something between them. She dives now to get under the gate as well. The lion is on her in a playful manner but one that could be deadly for her. Fancy screams! Luis turns and sees that Fancy could use some help. When she sees him stopping to return and help her, she shouts at him to forget about her and hurry on to go and find Marty. Fancy stands firm, fighting to get under the gate, while slapping away the paws of grumpy puss.

Beth tries to get upright and moving again.

Sheridan watches her device, waiting for a chance to see what exactly is going on over there.

"TC can you hear me? It's Eve." TC groans. "This is incredible!" Julian wants Eve not to get her hopes up too far. She knows what to expect. "His vitals are strong. Could you get Dr. Richards please?" Julian leaves.

"TC…TC can you hear me?" He opens his eyes. "What happened? Where am I?" She tells him how he was driving. He remembers now. "Bright lights were coming at me. I swerved. Am I gonna die?" She tells him 'no'. "I felt so all alone and like nothing ever mattered anymore. All I ever wanted was a family Eve. I had no reason to live." She knows that he does. "I have lost my children and you. Yes I have. I have lost you." Eve assures him that he hasn't lost her.

Julian returns. He hears Eve telling TC that she isn't lost to him. "I am right here."

Sam and Ivy find the house rebuilt good as new. They are astonished. "This couldn't have happened in the amount of time that there was to do it."

The Fire Chief arrives and says that there is no need for him to be there as the house is in perfect condition and there is no fire damage.

Tabitha pretends to have no idea what went on. "I was over at your house the whole time!" she says to Ivy.

"I can see that you want to be with Kay," Fox says. "Be a man and admit it."

"Of course he wants to be with me," Kay says entering the room. "We are getting married."

"What if you married a woman and had a fling and had a child? Would you sue the woman for custody?" Theresa asks. Ethan says that this woman can't be all that innocent. She has threatened to do some terrible things. "Fathers have right. Gary and Missy can play roles in the child's life and that would be the best case for the child in the long run." Gwen feels very lucky to be married to someone like Ethan. Ethan turns to Theresa now to see what it is that she has to say to him.

Sheridan worries that Luis will not be able to save both Fancy and Marty at the same time.

Luis makes a decision and decides to save Fancy right now. He gets her under the gate safely and away from the lion. "Go Luis!" Fancy shouts. "I can't be responsible for you losing track of your son again! Just go Luis!" Luis runs off.

Alistair, Beth and Marty have come together again. They struggle along, with Alistair helping Beth since she has been hurt. They have a car at their disposal. They all pile in to get ready to go.

Back in Harmony, Sheridan is getting increasingly upset and Chris worries over her. Finally, Sheridan doubles over in pain. "What is it?" Chris asks. "The baby! It's coming!" Chris knows that can't be right. "It is too soon!" He picks her up out of the bed and carries her out of the room as quickly as he can.

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