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Passions Update Tuesday 7/4/06--Canada; Wednesday 7/5/06--USA
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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Sam and Ivy host the tenants of Tabitha's house now that they have nowhere to live. Tabitha is grateful. Fox didn't get any sleep as he could only think of Kay being in love with Miguel. Sam is sure that Miguel isn't taking advantage. Siren only wants Miguel with her and only her. They have to follow Eve's directions on how to deal with Kay. Fox wonders if Kay will be better this morning. Fox can't take this much longer. Ivy smiles.

Michael comes down and Siren runs to him hugging him. "How's Kay?" Miguel has no idea. Kay is still sleeping. Fox will not have this go on much longer. Miguel hopes that things change soon. Fox really thinks that Miguel is enjoying this. "You like having her in your bed."

Ethan and Gwen are in bed. Ethan sleeps but Gwen can't.

She thinks about the nun's prediction of Theresa getting Ethan back. Theresa told that the nun told of Chad and Whitney getting back together and how that came true. If the nun really knows what she is talking about, then Ethan will be Theresa's soon.

Gwen can't help worrying. The nun was right but still she prays to god now that the nun is wrong about Theresa.

Theresa and Whitney are happy. Theresa thinks that she finally has the good she needs to get Ethan.

Sheridan sleeps. Chris reads the paper in a chair beside her while she sleeps quietly.

Sheridan wakes, and Chris tells her to go back to sleep so that the baby can rest. "You have had a difficult pregnancy and need some rest, so don't get out of bed." He has made her breakfast and he gets her the paper when she asks for it. He leaves part of the paper on the chair. She wants to see it. He tells her that she doesn't need to see that. "Why don't you want me to see the front page?" she asks.

Fancy and Luis chase Beth, Alistair and Marty in the tunnels.

Beth is getting tired.

Luis shouts at the trio as he gets closer. Alistair tells Beth to pick the child up and carry him so that they can move faster. Alistair will see Luis dead before he allows the man to catch them.

Luis can feel that the trio is close.

They suddenly see the family members dressed in black making their way in the other direction. "There they are!" Fancy says.

"Alistair!" Luis shouts. "I am going to get you!" He starts running forward. Fancy follows.

Miguel tells Fox to calm down but he won't. Miguel is only trying to avoid upset for Kay. Miguel can't explains why this needs to be done, he is only following doctor's orders. Sam separates the kids and tells them all to relax.

Ivy tells Fox that if he feels this strongly about this he should be cautious as Miguel was Kay's first love and they have a child together.

Siren wants Kay to get better soon or she will be forced to do whatever it takes to get her boyfriend back.

Tabitha has to wonder what caused Endora to dream up this murderous mermaid.

Kay comes downstairs and calls to Fox. "I had the most amazing dream, and I want to tell you all about it."

Siren hopes that this is the end of Kay thinking that she is in love with Miguel.

Chris gives Sheridan the paper in full and tells her that something happened in Rome. She grabs her phone to call Luis and make sure that he is alright.

Luis is getting close.

Beth is worried. "I told you," Alistair promises again. "Luis will never bring me down."

"Where the hell does he think he is going?" Luis wonders. He keeps following with Fancy behind.

Finally, Alistair and Beth arrive at the end of the road. There is nowhere else to go. "We are trapped," Beth says. "What do we do now?"

Theresa walks the hall with Whitney to get her man. Whitney wonders what will happen if this isn't what Theresa thinks it will turn out to be. "You already have a daughter with Ethan and that didn't cause him to be with her." Theresa knows that this will work. Theresa doesn't want to be disappointed and didn't come this far to lose.

She knocks on the door then shouts through it. "I have some news Ethan! Little Ethan! Little Ethan is your son!"

Luis and Fancy walk up to Alistair, Beth and Marty and he gets his cellphone out. He takes video of the child to send to Sheridan. Beth starts crying that she is going to lose her son. "You disappoint me Fancy," Alistair says. Fancy didn't want believe all the things that she heard about her grampy but now she finds that giving up the child would be something that she would expect him to do. "Give Luis and Sheridan back their child. You can go free," Fancy says. Beth makes a defensive move and picks up her child, holding him up on her waist.

Kay wants to tell the others of her dream.

Tabitha thinks that Kay is back on track. Sam and Ivy seem to think so too.

"I have the best idea for a campaign," she says. "It is a very sexual idea that plays upon the passion of a fragrance. Wait… I think that this was already done. I have been so confused, but now that I see Siren, I remember that we were doing this soon. I must be remembering. I can see you in my head Siren, but I can't see who you were modeling with. Was it you Fox?" Fox says that it wasn't him and that it was Miguel. Kay feels that she must really love Miguel a lot to be able to trust him so completely with Siren.

A housekeeper opens the door and Theresa sees she has been talking to someone who doesn't even speak their language.

Theresa checks the room but no one is there. Theresa decides that she has to go out and find the couple and tell Ethan the good news.

Ethan takes Gwen sightseeing but Gwen can't concentrate on anything that the says. "I can't get that nutcase out of my mind." Ethan isn't worried about the predictions. "I believe in real life and us. Nothing will change that." He goes off to get them something to drink.

Gwen hopes hat he is right and that Ethan isn't going to leave her.

Sheridan will not stop trying to get to Luis. She can't get through. Chris watches as she works herself into a frenzy.

"Give me my son!" Luis demands. Alistair tells Luis that he is delusional for thinking that he can defeat Alistair Crane.

Alistair flings a smoke bomb at Luis and Fancy's feet and when the smoke clears, Alistair, Beth and Marty are gone. "How could they just disappear like that?" Fancy wonders.

"Alistair!" Luis shouts out. "Where are you?"

Ivy leaves to freshen up.

Tabitha and Sam too leave the room.

Kay looks at the print ads of Miguel and Siren. "These are hot," Kay says. Fox shows Kay more pictures.

Siren demands to know how much longer Kay is going to stay like this. Tabitha has no idea.

Tabitha knows that Miguel with Kay is a good thing for keeping Charity away, and that would be a good thing for the dark side.

Kay has looked at enough pictures and she walks off.

Fox can't let this go on any longer. Miguel agrees.

Ethan and Gwen sit at a café and have a beverage. Gwen relaxes.

Gwen thinks how she hopes to god that Ethan doesn't learn the truth.

Theresa and Whitney search the square for Ethan and Gwen but haven't found them yet. Theresa is sure that finding Ethan is all they have to do.

Luis and Fancy can't figure out where Alistair, Beth and Marty have disappeared to.

Beth can't believe that her father has done it again! He tells her that she shouldn't ever doubt him. They start running again.

Luis and Fancy are talking when his phone rings.

"It is Sheridan…"

Sheridan breathes a sigh of relief. "I want to see my son," she says. Luis says that he has shots of her boy to send to her. "Everyone is fine Sheridan but your father got away. I will find him though and bring our son home. Your father has been up to some crazy stuff. He stole a chalice from the Vatican…"

Chris listens as Sheridan has Luis on speakerphone. He moves away from Sheridan now.

When Luis is finished giving his explanation of all that has happened, Chris leaves the room.

He goes to his suitcase and opens it. There is a horseshoe symbol on the inside.

Sheridan gets her video footage of Marty. "Oh Marty…" The boy faces the lens and he truly is a beautiful boy. "Oh Marty!" Sheridan coos.

Fox will not accept that thinking that Miguel is best for Kay is the way to go here. Miguel can't talk about this some more. He has to shower for work. He leaves.

"I don’t like this," Siren says. Fox understands.

Sam tells Tabitha that something isn't right about the fire and that the firefighters can't find the cause of it.

Miguel enters the bathroom.

Kay sees him going in there. She knocks and then enters.  Ivy sees her going in. "Why Kay you tramp!"

Chris pries out the horseshoe symbol from the suitcase. He lights a candle to it and waits while the fire burns the symbol.

Beth still is concerned that Luis will still try to find them.

Sheridan finds her son all grown up and so beautiful. Luis swears that he will bring the boy home. Sheridan asks to stay on the line with her so that she can know exactly what is happening. Luis puts the video on monitor on so that Sheridan can see everything. She is surprised to find Fancy with him.

Chris returns to the room. "What is burning?" Sheridan asks. Chris says that he was making toast.

Luis and Fancy run and search. "I am coming for you!" Luis shouts.

Alistair, Beth and Marty are walking the corridors.

They come to a large area and find caged lions there. Alistair smiles. He has come up with a solution to the problem of Luis and Fancy. Beth slowly starts smiling too.

"I don't think that an investigation is necessary to find out why my house burned down." Sam finds it funny that Tabitha isn't interested in finding out what burned Tabitha's house down.

Tabitha tells Siren that the fire marshals might find out that she is a witch and that Siren is a mermaid. Siren doesn't like that.

"Fox could you get my makeup bag for me?" Ivy asks. "Miguel is in the shower." Fox runs up the stairs.

Ivy knows that this will finish Fox for good.

Miguel is taking a shower.  He feels someone behind him. It is Kay who starts kissing him immediately.

Fox knocks. He then opens the door. "Oh!" he says loudly.

Alistair tells Beth to take Marty out of there. "I am going to throw Luis and Fancy to the lions. He walks to a door and with all his weight, he pushes it open. Beth and Marty enter and are to pull the stone door shut behind them. Beth does as she is told.

"Alistair!" Luis shouts from somewhere. "I am coming to get you!"

Alistair goes to the cage now and opens the door. The lions run out.

Luis and Fancy try to assure Sheridan that things are going to be okay.

"Growl…" Luis and Fancy panic.

They see lions coming towards them.

Sheridan can see the lions coming through the monitor. "Lions? There are lions chasing you?" Sheridan asks.

Chris comes over to see what is going on.

Luis and Fancy can't talk now. They have to run for their lives. They hold hands and get moving. The lions too move faster…chasing their prey.

Ethan and Gwen are still at a table enjoying Rome and a specialty coffee. Gwen is relaxed now, and her fears of Theresa are mostly behind her. She leaves the table for a refill.

Theresa and Whitney enter the café area and look around for Ethan. Theresa doesn't see him but Whitney does.

She pulls on her friend's arm and points.

Theresa's face changes and they both smile at the back of Ethan's head.

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