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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Eve sits by TC's side.

Julian comes to see her and tells that he couldn’t get a hold of the kids to give them the news. TC could die without ever seeing the kids.

Chad and Whitney arrive in the square hugging and kissing. Paloma and Simone are not happy to see them like that. Chad explains that he is Alistair's son with Liz and Liz was adopted so there isn't a blood relation and Whitney and he can be a family. "Why did you guys want to meet us here?" Paloma tells that there is a lead on the stolen art. Alistair could be using it to find the chalice. They should really check it out.

Whitney sees Theresa and sends Chad ahead with the others so she can talk to Theresa.

"You are not going to believe it," Theresa says. "Ethan and I are bonded already and I didn't even know it. Ethan is Little Ethan's father and now he will leave Gwen and come back to me."

Gwen is scared that she is going to lose everything because of Theresa. "I have no idea what I would do if I lost you Ethan. Chad and Whitney got back together, and maybe you and Theresa will get together and I will be left out in the cold."

Miguel and Kay are in the bedroom and the house shakes and there are thunderbolts all over the place. Items in the room are on fire.

Tabitha pleads with Endora to stop this disaster but she tells telepathically that she is too angry to listen to reason.

Siren doesn't care about this magic that tries to stop her making love to Fox. She turns up the music of the 'Siren's Song' and keeps his interest. She has him in a trance where the only thing that he can think of is making love to her.

Luis and Fancy are at the door to Beth's apartment and they know that Beth and Alistair are in there, as well as Marty.

"Daddy," the child calls out.

"I know that you are in there!" Luis shouts while pounding on the door.

Alistair and Beth talk quietly, while trying to figure something out to help them make an escape.

Dr. Richards tells Eve that TC is deteriorating. The girls are not on their way back from Europe and that is too bad as it seems that TC is going to die. Julian suggests getting picture of the girls to comfort TC should he wake up. Eve wants to send Julian for the pictures but the doctor tells Eve to go ahead as TC has some time left.

Ivy sees Tabitha's house and it looks possessed with all the lights going off inside.

Sam comes up with Ivy and worries that people are trapped inside the house and that there is an uncontrollable fire in there.

Miguel and Kay get dressed and make a plan to get Maria and themselves out of there.

Tabitha tells Endora to concentrate to stop this fire from burning down their house.

Kay sees that Maria is trapped because of the fire.

"Think about water!" Tabitha shouts. Endora does her best and it works. Water rains from the ceiling of the house.

Siren panics. Her tail has come out and her legs are nowhere to be found.

Fox sits up, half out of it. "Is that smoke that I smell?"

Siren hides her bail by the side of the bed.

"Tail, Tail, Go away!

Come again some other day!"

Siren looks to her southern region. "Yikes! It didn't work!" Fox is up and looking around now. Siren hides her tail further under the blanket at the side of the bed. She has to get Fox to make love to her and so she lunges at him, covering him with kisses.

Alistair and Beth can't get out, they are surrounded. They move from the front door now.

Luis has assistance with him now. The door flies open and Luis and the special police enter the room in one fluid moment.

"The room is empty," Luis says.

He and the police search the place.

Fancy sees that Beth has cut out Sheridan's face in pictures and inserted her own. Luis isn't surprised by that.

Luis checks the closet and finds that it has a false back. Everyone files in.

Noah and the others find a dark room. Simone looks around and finds a switch… She hits it and the room is bathed in bright light.

Ethan tries to make Gwen understand that he wouldn’t ever leave her. "I love you…till death do us part!" Gwen is happy and filled with renewed hope. "I want you to make love to me and make me forget about Theresa."

"I was on the pill when I made love to Ethan," Theresa says. However, she wasn’t on it long enough for it to work. JT has the proof. This is what the nun meant. "We got our miracle!" Theresa and Whitney hug. Theresa knows that the second that she tells Ethan the truth, he will come to be with her.

Tabitha wants Endora to speed up the process of saving the house but she is too tired. The house is in trouble. Tabitha picks up her little bundle and scurries out of the house.

Siren and Fox are in the room still. Fox wants to leave now but Siren will not get up, she can't. "I can't leave you here," Fox says. Siren says that she will be fine. Fox can't see her anymore.

Siren scooches up to the window and aims her body just right….and then! SPLASH!

"Where are you Siren?" Fox calls.

Siren has landed in the pool outside. She is safe, and her secrets remain safe too.

Miguel and Kay go for Maria and now plan their escape. They turn to the exit but they see they have been in the house too long. Their way is blocked! "We can't get out!" Kay shouts.

Julian and Eve arrives at TC's house and finds it a total mess. Eve had no idea that he was hurting this much. Eve finds a letter that TC wrote to Eve and the girls. "He hated himself and wishes that he had stood by his wife instead of turning to Liz. He wanted to reconcile and start over fresh but you and I were already together." Eve reads how TC is sorry that he was mean to his daughter for being a lesbian. He is sorry too for pushing Whitney to be a tennis player when she wanted to sing.

At the hospital, the nurse reads TC's chart and then leaves the room.

TC flatlines…

In Italy, Marty, Alistair and Beth make their way through the ruins to make their escape.

They can hear Luis calling for them. He is catching up.

"Daddy!" Marty says pointing in Luis's direction. Alistair and Beth push the boy along.

Fancy tells Luis that she heard Marty just now.

Luis shouts to Alistair that he will be caught!" He runs along with the police and Fancy following.

Miguel and Kay will have to go on the roof to get out of the fire.

Fox is till in the house and he shouts that Siren has gotten out.

Kay is worried about going out the window to the roof.

Sam and Ivy look up at the roof and see Miguel and Kay there trying to escape. Tabitha and Endora exit the house and run to the Bennetts. Fox runs to his mother after making his escape.

Miguel and Kay toss Maria to the others and she is safely caught. Ivy takes the child.

Miguel and Kay have to jump. The fire makes it very difficult for them as everything is breaking up all around them. They are about to jump when a tongue made of fire licks at them threateningly. Kay screams and jumps back into Miguel's arms.

Fox looks up at his true love and worries that she is in danger and that there isn't anything that he can do.

Ivy thinks this is horrible. "They could be burned to death up there…"

Tabitha is affected too by the sight of the kids trying to get out of the inferno. "They're not even witches," she says.

Miguel takes Kay's hand again and leads her to the edge of the roof.

"We are going to be a family Whitney," Theresa tells. "Our dreams are coming true."

Kay shouts for help.

Tabitha tells Endora that she caused this and the tiny tot says she is sorry.

Miguel and Kay decide that they have to jump whether they like it or not.

They shout to Sam that they are going to jump.

Sam and Fox stand together to break the jumpers' fall.

"One…Two…Three…" Miguel and Kay jump and fall on Sam and Fox.

The firefighters arrive and Endora apologizes again for torching her mommy's house.

Siren is in a pool and she has to get rid of these legs before anyone sees them.

A fat overbearing man comes out to the pool. He takes one look at mermaid in the pool. "What's with that strange looking pool ornament?" the man asks aloud.

The firefighters go to Tabitha to tell her that her house has been trashed and that there is something weird in the basement. Tabitha says that they should just leave it alone and forget about it.

Sam feels that he knows what is up with Tabitha's house.

Chad, Noah, Paloma and Simone see a trapdoor open in the room where they are. Noah goes to check it out first and the others follow.

"It is the stolen art!" Alistair has kept the paintings to help him get the chalice.

Luis and Fancy continue on with Fancy and Interpol. "You can't hide!"

Alistair along with Beth and Marty are hiding. Alistair says that he might have to kill the man. Beth is horrified.

They hear a noise. "keep him quiet," Alistair orders of Beth. He moves from them and peeks at the entrance from where they just came. He sees Luis and Fancy coming down the stairs towards his direction. He stays hidden and watches them move closer.

Luis knows that Alistair is around there somewhere.

Eve can see that TC must have thought that he had lost everything. He sat in the house with the depths of despair. "I have to blame myself. I should have kept in touch more and maybe I would have seen what was happening and maybe I could have stopped this. I pray that TC lives, as I will not be able to forgive myself."

"Get the crash cart!" the doctor shouts while working on TC.

"Oh my God! There's a mermaid in the pool!"

Myrtle, the old codger's wife comes out and doesn't see a mermaid at all but just a young girl from the house next door.

Siren walks by them and out of the yard.

"Now, back to Tabitha's!"

Siren returns telling that she made a run for the exit when she saw all the smoke. She hugs Fox promising that they will get through this together.

The police have to go now. Luis can't believe this. The men have their orders and walk off. Luis is very angry.

Luis can hear something behind he and Fancy. "Did you hear that?" He and Fancy tiptoe over to where Luis heard the sound just now.


Luis and Fancy turn in the direction of Marty, Alistair and Beth. Luis starts moving forward. Alistair picks up a big rock and hurls it in Luis's direction. The rock misses Luis's head and falls squarely on Fancy's. She drops to the ground with a resounding thud…face down.

Luis runs to her. "Fancy?"

Tabitha is really grateful that Sam has offered she and her baby a place to stay at his house.

Tabitha whispers to Endora that they have to be careful not to reveal their witchy secrets. She hasn't any idea what will happen now with Kay and the others.

Eve sees that TC has been wallowing in self-loathing over the things that have happened in his life.

Eve gets a call.

"Julian, TC's heart has stopped and they are trying to revive him right now."

The doctors have the paddles out now. "Clear!"

Paloma and Simone have done it. They have found the stolen art. Alistair used the art to try to control the world. They hope that this really sticks it to Alistair.

Luis revives Fancy and gets her to a sitting position. Fancy tells him to go and get Marty. He wants to see her to a hospital but she insists that he goes and gets his child. They get up on their feet.

Marty, Alistair and Beth keep on…

Luis and Fancy follow. "I am going to get you Alistair!"

Beth and Alistair are getting tired now. Alistair vows that he will kills Luis before he lets him win.

Ethan and Gwen are in bed now.

Gwen can't help but worry in spite of what her husband says.

"You and Jane are my family," Ethan says. "Theresa isn't."

Theresa is positively glowing as she tells the story of how Ethan is going to be hers very soon!

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