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Passions Update Friday 6/30/06--Canada; Monday 7/3/06

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay loves hearing Miguel say that he loves her.

Miguel thinks how the electrical shock has made Kay think that she loves him. He has no idea how he can stop himself from making love to her.

Tabitha hears the 'Siren's Song' in her house and knows that Fox is doomed. "Mermaids have used that song for centuries to lure men to them and keep their hearts forever. Fox will be a slave to Siren for the rest of her life."

Fox kisses Siren's neck while she sings the song of love in his ear. He looks at Siren confused now at the sight of her. "Kay?"

Siren sees that she has to keep the song going while she makes love to Fox. She can't kiss him and sing the song, but the song is needed to keep him going. She does her magic and the music plays without her singing and Fox is in the mood again.

"I love you," Chad tells Whitney. They are alone and in bed at the hotel. She loves him too. She feels no guilt now. "I knew that getting you would take a miracle. We are free. Free to love one another." She beckons him to come to her now.

"What a night!" Edna says now that the fighting is over. "Beth and Alistair have escaped." Norma knows that she should have made a pizza out of Beth when she had the chance. Edna doesn't care as they have the money they need and they can take off. Norma realizes she doesn't have the money. Edna has nothing either. The women cry. "I can't go back to the pizza parlor," Edna cries. Norma tells that there is another way they can make money.

Fancy tells Luis that they have to make another plan to get Marty back. Luis feels like he is doomed for failure. She doesn't want him to give up hope.

Ethan can see that Luis is hurting from losing his one good chance to get his son back. Gwen knows that he will keep trying to get Marty back.

"I am not lying Theresa. Ethan is Little Ethan's father," JT says to Theresa who sits on him. She holds a brick to his head, just in case. "I can prove it!"

Norma and Edna are at the lesbian bar and Edna doesn't understand what they are doing there. "We are going to put on a show!" Norma says. "This face has been clamoring for a comeback for years now," Norma says beaming.

Norma calls the owner of the gay establishment. She offers the woman a chance of a lifetime.

Edna hopes they don't get tossed out of there for whatever it is that they are going to do.

Beth and Alistair make their escape while the going is good. He stops for a minute. Beth will not leave the country without Marty. Alistair will try to work something out for him.

Theresa lets JT up, but she holds the brick still ready to strike. "Get rid of that brick!" he shouts at her. She tosses it to the side. She really hopes that he isn't lying to her about this. "I am not lying Theresa! Ethan is Little Ethan's father!"

Kay feels like she is being kissed when Miguel tells her that he loves her. She feels like he will always protect her. "I love you Kay, I really do. I love everything about you." She begs him to make love to her. He kisses her now freely.

Siren likes the way that things are going with Fox. Her plan is to have both men in love with her.

"Fox! Make love to me forever. Do you hear that song?" he starts kissing Siren, but then stops.

He thinks about Kay. "Kay! Where is Kay?" Siren gets angry. "Where is she?"

Chad and Whitney lay in each other's arms now. They are happy that their son will not have to live with the stigma of incest. Whitney can't get over that nun. "I can't believe that my Aunt Liz was adopted and isn't blood related to us." Chad only cares that they can live together for the rest of their lives. They wonder about Theresa and if she will get a miracle. Soon Chad doesn't want to talk about Theresa anymore.

Ethan finds a busted up cellphone. "It has initials on it Gwen! It is Theresa's initials. This thing has been destroyed. Who would do that?"

Gwen thinks back to stomping on Theresa's cellphone and destroying it.

She stays quiet now.

"Why should I believe you JT? You have lied to me from the beginning. Julian is the father of my son. Show me the proof JT!" JT asks her to remember who it was that she slept with around that time. "You slept with Ethan and along came Little Ethan!" Theresa has to wonder if this can really be true.

The owner of the lesbian bar addresses the crowd. "We have a special act from the United States, please welcome, LADIES ON THE RUN!"

Norma hits the stage in drag.

The owner hopes that Norma knows what she is doing.

"Ladies and Ladies!" Norma starts. The crowd boos.

Edna comes out next dressed as the statue of liberty, and wearing a dress in red, white and blue. "Have a gay old time!" She points to the stage. "Hey you two in the back! Save it for the truck! Ba-doom-boom!"

Edna heads to the piano and plays.

"It is time to let freedom reign! Hit it Edna!"

Norma sings…

"Lesbians… Lesbians…

Sing is loudly and proudly

Lesbians! Lesbians!

Sing it loudly and proudly!"

Miguel asks Kay if she thinks that the incident with the washer was supposed to happen so they could end up like this… together.

Miguel is careful as he remembers Eve cautioning him about upsetting Kay.

"I love you Miguel, and I know that you love me." She leaves to check on Maria.

Miguel feels that maybe the accident has happened to make him think about being with Kay and only Kay.

Tabitha is in the hall and she can't see what is happening.

ZAP! The picture on the wall becomes a window to Siren's room and she hears Fox asking for Kay.

Tabitha is happy about this. Fox is resisting but he won't be able to for long.

Kay comes into the hall and Tabitha zaps the picture of Fox and Siren away. The beam of magic bounces off the wall and hits Kay who is behind Tabitha. Kay goes flying into the wall.

Tabitha runs to her. "Who do you love Kay? Fox or Miguel?"

Luis and Fancy decide that they can't give up. Alistair and Beth have to be trying to get out of Rome, so the pair rush into action.

Gwen is upset. "Maybe I should just give up and let Theresa have you." Ethan will not hear that. He hugs his wife.

Gwen smiles. Ethan will not leave her.

JT explains how he knows that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. "I need proof," Theresa says. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the PDA that he has. He shows her the information. "Now do you believe me?"

"Who do you love?" Tabitha asks again. "I love Miguel." Kay wants to know where that flash of light came from.

'Siren's Song' plays and Kay has to wonder what that is. Tabitha says that it is the BEE GEES playing somewhere. Kay wants to know why Tabitha is standing outside Fox and Siren's door. Tabitha tells that the two about to make mad monkey love. Kay finds it sick that Tabitha is listening to them. "I am so confused," Kay says. "Why do I live with you? Why does Fox live here instead of the mansion? And what about that Siren? What is she doing here?" Kay leaves to check on Maria.

Tabitha has no idea how she is going to stop Fox from making love to that dreadful mermaid.

Beth brings Marty to her father in the living room and they are ready to go. Beth wants to get Marty's toys but Alistair tells her that they can get new stuff. She won't do that. She leaves the child with his grandfather to get more things.

Alistair is uncomfortable with that child alone like that. "Come on Beth!"

Ethan and Gwen come to Chad's suite and learn that Whitney isn't his brother anymore. Chad tells how Liz was adopted and there is no blood relation. "Eve didn't know. Now Whitney and I can be together." Gwen and Ethan are happy for their friend. Chad tells how the nun told them this would happen.

Gwen remembers Theresa telling that the nun gave her a reading that she has been dying to hear.

"Gwen!" Ethan calls out. Gwen smiles and comes out of her fog.

Theresa believes it! "Thank you JT!" She jumps into his arms hugging him.

Norma is a smash as the drag king of the lesbian bar.

The crowd cheers for her.

The owner of the crowd finds that Norma isn't all that bad. Edna tells the woman that Norma is great and always has been.

"I got a million of 'em," Norma shouts when her song is over.

Her next song is sung to HEARTBREAK HOTEL.

A lesbian shouts at Norma that she is making her crazy. "Get up here and dance!" The woman rushes the crowd and Norma takes her in her arms and does a few moves before tossing her back into the crowd.

Norma puts a flag on her axe and she sings.

"Forever my axe aches,

It is too late…


The crowd roars.

Edna and Norma hold hands as they bow for the crowd.

Ethan and Gwen say goodbye to Chad.

"Let's go back to the room," Ethan says. He walks off.

Gwen is scared now that the nun's prediction is going to come true.

"Yes!" Theresa says. "Little Ethan is Ethan's son."

Luis and Fancy are in the apartment house where they suspect that Beth was living with Marty.

Beth and Alistair are ready to leave with Marty.

Alistair hears a sound and peeks.

He sees Luis and Fancy in the hallway and ducks back in the apartment.

Kay is tired now and she sleeps.

Miguel hopes that the next day, Kay will be fine and love him on her now.

Siren can't get Fox to make love to her. She even dances for him. Nothing works.

"Siren! I need your horn!"

A supernatural liquid pours into a horn that appears in Siren's hands. She pours the sound of the song into Fox's ear. "Make love to me Fox. Make love to me." He jumps to action and pounces on her.

Endora is not happy that Siren has taken her Fox for herself. She gets angry and starts zapping everything in the house.

"What is that?" Siren asks. Fox doesn’t care. He only wants to make love to Siren now more than ever. The pink thunderbolts shoot off around them but Fox is oblivious to it.

Downstairs, Tabitha tries to get Endora to stop her zapping but she will not. She even shoots a few bolts at her mummy, and Tabitha has to duck to avoid getting hit by them. The smoke rises into the air after every angry zap!

The crowd roars.

"I want to book you two for an exclusive tour," the owner of the club says. "I am the business end of the pair here," Edna says. "Name your price," the owner says.

Beth and Alistair are trapped. Alistair tells Beth to be quiet.

Luis hears something and goes to a door banging on it. "Beth hear you in there! Give me my son!"

"Daddy!" Marty says.

Endora freaks out. She sends thunderbolts all through the house.

The house is shaking out of its very foundation.

Endora sets Siren's side table by the bed on fire.

Tabitha begs her daughter to stop this as she is going to cause a disaster.

Chad returns to Whitney now and they make love again.

Gwen is upset and Ethan can see it. "I have this feeling that someone is out there working to take everything that I hold dear away from me…especially you…"

Theresa is so happy. "So we are square right?" JT asks. "Good!" He runs off. "See ya!"

Theresa doesn't need him anymore. She has the PDA and she can prove that Ethan is her baby's father. She runs off now.

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