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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel and Kay are kissing while Siren, Fox, Endora and Tabitha stand by.

Tabitha worries about Siren and what she might do to Kay.

Fox shouts for the two to stop kissing. Kay won't. She believes she is with the man that she loves.

Siren tells Fox that they can work this out together.

Tabitha sees that Siren is working her magic now on Fox. Endora telepathically curses.

Chad and Whitney have discovered the truth and they can be together. Theresa knows that the nun has to be right about she and Ethan then.

Everyone fights in the square.

"What is that noise?" Edna shouts. The fighting stops and all turn to the entrance of the square.

Paloma and Simone arrive marching with lesbians following. "Sic em sisters." The fighting starts again.

A scary lesbian approaches Alistair and Beth jumps in front of him and punches the Ox of a woman in the face. The woman falls quickly. She sits up rubbing her chin, but smiling at Beth. Beth smiles back at the mammoth.

Gwen and Fancy try to stay out of the way of the fighting by staying on the sidelines.

They see that Ethan may be in trouble. Gwen panics as Alistair's thug has him by the neck and is squeezing the life out of him. Ethan is clearly no match.

BONK! A giant blonde lesbian has a club in her hand and she bonks the thug on the head, freeing Ethan. Ethan turns and high fives the woman in thanks.

Fox talks to Miguel privately to get him to promise not to make love to Kay and he does so.

Fox tells Kay that she really needs to get some sleep. All leave Miguel and Kay alone now in the room.

Fox decides that he wants to sleep on the couch in the living room. Siren has a better idea. "Sleep in the room with me?"

"Brazen hussy!" Tabitha says under her breath.

Chad and Whitney help Theresa look for JT but Theresa knows that the couple really want to be alone. "I am really happy for you Whitney. God has given you your life back." Chad and Whitney will be able to have their lives back. Theresa hugs her friends. "Don't give up on happiness Theresa." The happy couple leaves.

Theresa sits alone now. "Maybe if I pray, I will get my miracle."

Theresa hears a motorbike starting up. "That might be JT!" She goes running to the motor sound.

It is JT and he is trying to start a motorbike. Theresa shouts to him and he sees once again that she has found him. "Damn you Theresa!" She lunges for him.

Back at the square, the lesbians make all the difference and they soon win the fight. "It is over Alistair. You are finally going to pay for the pain that you have caused everyone!" Everyone cheers, and Beth clings to her father as the masses wave their fists at them.

Fox tells Siren that he can't have sex with her. She tells him that she was only talking about having a rest with her. He thanks her for the offer but declines. "I need to be alone." He walks off.

Siren smiles. "What are you up to?" Tabitha asks. "I have known a few mermaids, and I know when something is up. You see, Endora loves Fox and will not let you ruin Fox's life." Siren turns to the tiny witchlet and reminds her that she was the one that made her a woman of enticing proportions. Siren thinks that if she can wangle it, when Kay gets her memory back, she will have lost both men.

Tabitha goes to Endora, worried that the mermaid is going to cause irreversible trouble.

Miguel is alone in the bed and he keeps telling himself repeatedly that he will not sleep with Kay.

Kay arrives and tells Miguel that she thought that she would wear a special little number for him. She removes her robe to show off her new short nightie.

Theresa misses when she lunges at JT. His bike takes off without her but he has to drive in a circular manner to get out of there, so he will have to pass Theresa again to escape. He starts going by and then, Theresa jumps and knocks him over. Both she, and JT falls to the ground with the bike toppling over, partly on them. Both of them are out cold, lying on the stone path.

The crowd still celebrates Alistair's end.

Ethan and Gwen stand together. She is so grateful that he is not hurt.

Luis wants the police to be called. Paloma and Simone tell that the police are not cooperating. Luis is upset by that. "I am the richest most powerful man. The men who think that they can have justice, can't afford it." Luis sees that if the justice system can't make Alistair pay, then Luis will have to make him pay himself. He lunges for Alistair's throat and holds him tightly, choking the life out of the old man.

Miguel pushes Kay off him but she won't give up.

Tabitha can see that Kay has been shopping online and probably got that negligee on the net. Tabitha puts Endora in her high chair and she asks Endora to hit Miguel with a double-whammy.

Endora points her finger at the bowl…and…ZAP!

The magic hits the bedroom and Miguel goes flying out of bed. He has no idea what happened to him. She wants him but he tells her that they should wait to have sex. She decides that she will settle for snuggling.

Miguel thinks to himself how he almost gave in to Kay's charms. He hopes she is done for the night.

Tabitha is happy that Endora could help.

She sees now that Siren is working on the 'Siren's Song' and that will seduce men to make love to her and be doomed to their deaths.

Siren practices her Siren song in her room. "No man can resist 'Siren's Song'... You are mine Fox and there is nothing that you can do about it."

The nun is thrilled when she sees Chad and Whitney and they return the chalice to the nun. "You have saved the human race." Chad tells that it was nothing. He and Whitney kiss. The nun is deeply offended. Whitney explains that she has gotten her wish and she isn't related to her brother after all. The nun is thrilled. "Enjoy each other." Whitney thanks the old holy woman for helping to save her life. "It was no problem. And now you can be with the man that you love. Go with God!" The kids walk off.

"Enjoy yourself my children, while you can… Great trials are coming for you too…Great trials."

JT gets up first and tries to escape, but then Theresa wakes and jumps on JT. He tries to get away from her but she grabs a brick and threatens to beat him with it.

Luis takes his hands off Alistair. He will call Interpol and get them to pick up the garbage. "Then you Beth! You will tell me where my son is." Luis starts to make the call.

Beth turns to her father and asks him to get them out of this. He doesn't really want to help her. She just had a gun in his face and he won't forget that. She knows that she went against him but she did save him from a scary lesbian just now. That should count for something! He has an idea. He has a remote that he presents. Beth instinctively knows that isn't for his car. "If I press a button," Alistair tells. "The whole piazza will blow up! You said that you wanted to escape! You won't feel a thing."

Siren is about to use the 'Siren's Song' to lure Fox to her bed.

"Prepare yourself mortal…Soon you will be mine," Siren says to Fox's picture.

Tabitha hears the song.

Fox is in the bathroom and hears the song. "It is beautiful and riveting. I have to find where that song is coming from."

Tabitha sees that Fox is doomed.

"I will turn you into the IRS if you don't tell the truth!" Theresa threatens.

Beth and Alistair discuss what to do next.

Luis comes back to announce that Alistair is going to the big house. Fancy worries that Alistair will be hurt but Luis knows that the old man is tough.

Alistair has something in his hand and when Luis tries to see what it is, Beth lunges at Luis and hugs him. Alistair stands back and holds the remote up in the air. He presses the button and an explosion goes off.

"I love you so much and I always have," Kay says. "Why don't you tell me that you love me too?"

Tabitha watches Fox using the big blue pot.

"He is going to be in Siren's clutches forever. That song is the song that the mermaids use to lure sailors for centuries. We have to do something Endora. Let's go upstairs."

Siren sings her song in her room as she stares at Fox's image in the picture. The picture turns a sick green color. "Come to me Fox…come to me." Fancy wanders out into the hall and sees Fox.

He walks as if in a trance. "Come to me human… Hear the mermaid's song." Fox is about to go into a room but then turns to where Siren is and walks towards her.

The smoke has cleared and all are alright but Alistair and Beth have escaped. Fancy is glad though that her grandfather is alright. Noah hates that Fancy still can't see what a loser her grandfather is. She talks coldly to him. She can't be sure that they were ever really an item. She leaves him and goes to Luis.

Ethan asks if the man is alright. Noah can't be alright without the woman that he loves.

Theresa was told that she would get Ethan that night and she wants it. Theresa threatens to break every bone in JT's body if he doesn't tell the truth. JT offers her something that will bond her to Ethan forever. "It is great information and it is absolutely true. Would you like to know what it is?" Theresa nodes her head.

Kay forces Miguel to tell her that he loves her. He tries to avoid it but she forces him to. "I do love you, that is god's honest truth."

Siren sings her song.

"What's happening?" Fox asks confused.

Siren waves her hand a green mist comes from her and engulfs Fox.

Tabitha and Endora come up and witness Fox flying into Siren's embrace. They kiss.

"No!" Tabitha shouts. "You will destroy him!"

"Go to my bedroom!" she orders. Fox does as he is told.

"The poor boy is doomed!" Tabitha says. Endora might have one more trick up her sleeve…

Chad and Whitney arrive at the hotel room and talk about the life they are going to live now that they can be together. They kiss and remove their clothes.

"Damn that man, he is infuriating," Luis shouts.

Alistair cackles. His voice comes from somewhere but no one can see him. "You will never see Marty and Sheridan will never, ever forgive you." Luis shouts that Alistair will be found.

"Tell me what you know!" Theresa says shouting at JT to get him to pony up something that she can use. "Little Ethan's father is your Ethan! Not Julian!

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