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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha has Endora up now. The girl woke up in the night and has come downstairs.

They look in the big blue pot to get an update on what has been going on. "Siren is going to sock it to Kay!"

Siren has a bat and she is ready to hit a home run with Kay's head. She feels that this will either cure Kay or kill her. Either way, Siren wins. She winds up now to swing the bat.

Chad and Whitney are in the tunnels trying to find JT in order to get the chalice back to the church.

Theresa comes running and tells that she has what she needs finally. She found JT and Gwen in the tunnels.

JT comes in from a tunnel and sees Theresa and so he backs up and runs the other way. He wanted to get that picture from her but she isn't alone.

Chad chases the man to get the chalice.

Gwen comes into the area now, and Theresa holds up her phone, knowing that Gwen wants it as that has the proof that she and JT know each other.

In the square, everyone fights Alistair's men…Noah has his hands full and everywhere that he turns he has to knock someone out…Edna pins a man Iwate her walker and smothers him with kisses… Luis is in grave danger. Beth, Fancy and Alistair all watch as one of Alistair's men, one with a knife starts slashing at Luis to try and kill him. Luis bobs and weaves to keep out of the way of the blade. "NO!" Fancy shouts in terror.

Alistair finds a knife and picks it up smiling.

Luis shouts that Paloma and Simone should run and get help. The girls run off but are chased by some of the men.

Ethan only hopes that the girls get back soon.

Theresa has Gwen where she wants her. "I will show Whitney the picture that I took and then she will be able to attest to you knowing JT."

Theresa shows Whitney the camera phone and the picture it holds. She stares at Gwen waiting for Whitney to confirm what she already knows.

Chad has JT cornered. JT deals. "What if I can get you and Whitney together? Will you let me go then?"

Tabitha sees that Kay is in grave danger because of that mermaid upstairs in her room. Siren has the bat ready to strike.

Kay turns around in time to see Siren swinging the bat at her. "AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screams. THUD!

The sound can be heard throughout the house. Fox and Miguel hear the noise from the bedroom and they rush to it but the door is locked.

Inside, Siren stands over Kay triumphantly holding the bat. She looks down at Kay who lays unconscious on the floor.

"Ethan is going to see you for the liar that you are," Theresa says. "Your phone isn't working Theresa," Whitney says. Gwen smiles. She can't use Whitney as she thought. Whitney only cares about the chalice now. She runs off.

Theresa has to recharge her phone in order to get the picture out that she took. Whitney can't see anything. It is dead. Gwen smiles knowingly. Whitney walks off to find Chad. Theresa decides to go to the hotel and get that picture out by recharging the phone. Gwen pounces on her and they fight over the purse with the phone in it.

Paloma and Simone arrive at the police station and they ask a cop for help. The cop leaves the room.

Paloma and Simone run to the door and find that it is locked and they can't get in.

The cop shouts for them to go away. Simone knows some people that might be able to help.

JT is dancing as fast as he can. He tries to get Chad to see that he can be with Whitney after all if he will only let him go free. Chad is leery of believing anything that this man says. "Think about it!" JT says. "With the chalice you can have Whitney!"

Beth is upset that Luis is being hurt. Alistair tells her that she needs to stop standing up for him.

The fighting in the square continues.

Alistair will have Luis killed today, and he will not let Beth or Fancy stop him. Click-click! Alistair turns to find that Beth has a gun on him. "Call off your goons right now or I will shoot you dead! I'll shoot you dead! Right now!" Alistair chuckles.

Fox and Miguel knock on the door for someone to open it.

Tabitha and Endora arrive at the door asking what happened.

Fox and Miguel break the door down. "Oh my god! Kay?" They see Siren and asks her if she hit Kay with the bat."

Theresa and Gwen fight over the phone. It slides out of their hands and onto the dirt ground. Gwen fights and fights and gets the phone. "This picture of me and JT is going, going, gone!" She drops the phone on the ground and Theresa dives for it. Gwen is on her again. The phone slips out of reach of both of them.

Whitney prays. She is alone in the chapel near some candles and she prays for a miracle. "I want to be with Chad…"

"All you got to do is learn how to use the chalice," JT tells. Chad will not listen. "She isn't your sister and I can prove it!"

Endora has one of the thugs pinned to the ground.

Norma has one of the men in a terribly tight bear hug.

"You said that I would be with Luis daddy," Beth remembers. "Kill everyone else if you want but let Luis live. What is it going to be daddy?" Alistair can see that this is what one gets for allowing oneself to be with the great unwashed, namely Beth's mother! "Nevermind that," Beth says. "What's it going to be?"

"Why do you want Luis?" Alistair asks. "You don't work as a waitress anymore. You are my daughter and men would kill for your affections." Beth wants Luis and has loved him from high school."

Norma worries that Beth is going to kill her daddy. Beth tells Norma not to call her father, her 'daddy' anymore. "Give me the gun," Norma orders. She growls at Beth and the gun goes flying out of Beth's hands and into Alistair's. He holds the gun on Beth as he orders his men to do away with the others.

Paloma and Simone have arrived at the special place. "What is this place?" A manly dressed woman arrives asking what the girls want. They need her help but why should she help them? Simone grabs Paloma's face and kisses her full on the lips.

"You and Whitney are not brother and sister and you can live together with no shame." Chad sees what this means. JT starts leaving but Chad stops him. "You are playing me! Whitney is my half-sister, I have see the results of the blood tests. I am taking you back to the church." JT offers Chad proof. Irrefutable proof.

Gwen gets free of Theresa and uses her heel to smash Theresa's phone to bits. "Now there is no Ethan for you…not now not ever!" Theresa looks down at her phone. It is in a million pieces. Gwen smiles wickedly at her.

Kay still has a pulse luckily. Siren denies having hit Kay. She says that she was only trying to hit a fly.

Tabitha knows that she is lying.

Endora believes the crafty mermaid.

Tabitha whispers to Siren that she saw her through the big blue pot.

Kay gets up. "She tried to kill me. She had a bat in her hand and she swung it at me." Siren says that she was after a fly. Siren says that she didn't even hit her. Kay fainted first. "I need to talk to you Fox about what happened tonight."

Tabitha wonders if Siren's cure for Kay worked. "She seems to have gotten her memory back."

The fight in the square in Rome continues.

Beth gets in Norma's face. "Luis is going to be killed and it is all your fault." Norma apologizes for what she has done. Beth can't talk to her now. She wants Norma to get over to Luis before it is too late.

Norma knocks over the henchmen like dominoes to get through the crowd.

Beth wants to turn on Fancy but Alistair stands between them.

"You could have just said that you were gay," The manly looking lady says. When Paloma and Simone tell what they need, a whole slew of lesbians arrive to help beat some bigoted butt!

Theresa just sees what Gwen has done as a setback.

Gwen feels that right about now she has finally won the war!

The times the ladies have spent hating each other…Gwen stabbed Theresa… Gwen tossed the disk in the incinerator…Gwen strangling Theresa…

"To the victor goes the spoils." Theresa disagrees with Gwen. 'This isn't over. The prophet can't be wrong. The nun said that Chad and Whitney are going to get back together." Gwen finds that ridiculous. "They are brother and sister.

Whitney has been praying and the Virgin Mary statue comes to life and tells her that her miracle has been granted. Whitney thanks the Virgin. "Go now," the being tells Whitney. "Go to Chad in the catacombs."

JT shows Chad the document that proves that he and Whitney are not brother and sister. Chad reads and realizes that it is true. He and Whitney can be together with Miles…

Tabitha thinks that Kay has her memory back, but Endora thinks differently.

Kay tells Fox that he should reconsider being with Siren as she thinks that she is a mermaid.

Siren wants to know what is happening and then learns that Kay isn't cured.

Tabitha and Endora watch the others and listen.

Kay feels better now and will be okay as long as she is with Miguel.

Siren really wants this to stop.

Tabitha can see that Siren is going to end up doing something that they all are going to be sorry for.

"I hate you," Theresa says to Gwen. Gwen doesn't care about that. She just wants Theresa to stay away from Ethan. Gwen walks off.

"Theresa! What happened to you?" Whitney asks. Theresa tells that Gwen got the phone and wrecked it. "I have to find Chad," Whitney tells. "The Virgin Mary told me to come and find Chad." Theresa hasn't seen Chad since she last saw JT. "My prayers have been answered and the Virgin Mary told me that it is okay for me to be with Chad." Theresa smiles. That is incredible.

Chad reads the document. Whitney and Chad have no blood ties. JT starts leaving but Chad takes the chalice from him. JT runs off anyway.

Whitney comes up and Chad tells her that they can be together.

Theresa comes up asking about JT. Chad says that JT got away. Theresa has to find the man… "Why are you two so happy?" Whitney tells that they are not related and they can be together. Theresa finds that incredible. "If that nun is right about this then she has to be right about me."

Fancy begs her father to call off his goons but Alistair will not do that.

What is that noise? It sounds like an army.

"Oh no," Alistair says. "Can't be… If it is who I think that it is, then we will be all torn limb by limb!"

All turn to the deafening, sound of the marching.

Paloma and Simone enter marching up front with a legion of lesbians marching behind them.

Simone gives the signal… "Sic 'em sisters!"

The lesbian troop runs forward whooping and shouting and the fighting starts up with even more vigor.

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