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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Alistair calms Fancy who worries that her grandfather might be the monster that everyone thinks he is. Beth agrees when Alistair says that Fancy is delusional. Luis keeps a stronghold on Beth who squirms to get away. Norma knows Luis. ***Edna introduces them but Luis remembers that Norma is heartless, sick woman. "Where is Marty?" Luis asks.

Alistair puts the chalice down and tells Luis that he will never see his bastard son again.

JT sees that Alistair has put the chalice down and he sidles up beside it.

Tabitha knows that there is going to be trouble for Kay if she gets too close to Miguel.

Fox and Siren watch through the door to see if Miguel and Kay are up to shenanigans. Fox knows that Kay isn't responsible for her actions, but what about Miguel?

Fox and Siren watch and see that Kay is clearly the aggressor in the bed. She can't get close enough to Miguel.

Fox doesn't see that Miguel is stopping Kay from kissing him.

Siren want to go in but Fox stops her and tells her that the doctor says that they have to do this. "I know that Kay really loves me," Fox says."

Tabitha is listening and isn't so sure that Kay really does love him.

Miguel pushes Kay off him and tells her that they need to wait until they are married to have sex. Kay won't wait.

Eve begs TC not to die.

Julian watches from the doorway.

The doctor comes to Eve and tells her that TC might not make it. She looks at his chart and cries out. "Oh God!"

Alistair orders Luis to get his hands off Beth but Luis will not listen. "I am sick of you getting involved in all my plans. You took Sheridan from me and now you are trying to take Fancy. You have been a thorn in my side, but as you can see, things have changed." Fancy jumps to Luis's defense, standing before him. Beth is fed up and Fancy and she slaps the girl hard!

Kay is all over Miguel and he pushes her off. "Behave or I will sleep somewhere else. Do what Dr. Russell said." He tries to get out of the bed but Kay tackles him and straddles him.

Siren asks Fox if he is going to let this happen. He won't.

Tabitha wonders what he is going to do.

Siren urges Fox to do something.

He enters the room and tells Miguel that there is a phone call for him downstairs. Miguel leaves.

"Sleep well," Fox says to Kay before leaving.

Kay decides to go and be with Miguel downstairs. She opens the door and Siren is there waiting.

Kay rolls her eyes. "Now what?" she asks. Siren tells that they need to have a talk.

The group of young people search the tunnels for Alistair.

Alistair isn't happy that Beth put her hand on Fancy with a slap. "You are not to do that again. She isn't a mongrel like you are!"

Norma finds Alistair really angry. "Maybe he has his face and new skin on too tight."

JT takes advantage of the moment and picks up the chalice. He knows that this thing is of great value to him.

Alistair and Luis continue to argue.

No one notices that JT is crawling out of there on his hands and knees quiet as ever with a big smile on his face.

"With the power of the chalice, I will have all of you on your knees doing my will!" Alistair shouts. He turns to the table and sees that the chalice is gone. "Where is it?" he asks. "Where is my chalice? Where is JT? He has taken my chalice. He has to be stopped!"

Alistair runs to the door to give chase, but Noah, Ethan and the others have arrived and they have found the secret room, so when Alistair opens the door, they are there to greet him. "You are not going anywhere," Noah says blocking his way.

Alistair still fights to get out but get dragged instead deeper into the room.

"Where is JT?" Theresa says entering.

JT has made it out of the room and hides in the tunnels. He has the chalice and has to figure out how to use it.

Gwen is at the doorway of ht tunnel and she suddenly runs out.

Theresa sees her leaving and follows her.

Alistair and Beth are under control of the Harmony residents and they have all the power right now. Luis tells that they are going to find Marty.

Eve realizes that TC is in a very bad state…bad state indeed.

The doctor gives Julian the same news at the doorway when leaving.

Eve shakes her head sadly…

She remembers how it was being in love with him… dancing with him…making love to him…opening presents on Christmas morning with the family…having him surprise her with gifts…telling him that she loved him, and having him say it back…

Now she looks at that sleeping face…

Julian goes to Eve. "Just hold me Julian, just hold me."

Tabitha feel the chemistry between Miguel and Kay. "Fox is going to freak out if Kay doesn't get her memory back."

Miguel explains to Fox that he was doing his best to do what Eve asked. "Kay was coming on to me," Miguel says. Fox accuses Miguel of trying to have sex with Kay. Miguel threatens to fight the man if he keeps this up. Fox doesn't care. "YOU want to have sex with Kay."

Kay tells Siren that she doesn't remember her. "You are Fox's girlfriend right? What kind of name is Siren? Shouldn’t you be at home?" Siren tells that she is a mermaid. "Remember?" Kay doesn't understand this girl's animosity. Siren finds it very strange that Kay doesn't remember that she is a mermaid. Kay was trying to convince everyone and now she is acting like she has never heard of any of this. "Why would I care about what you think? I just met you. You are weirding me out here. And you say that you are a mermaid? Could you leave now?"

Siren will not leave Kay alone with Miguel. Not on her life!

Kay tries to go and see what is keeping Miguel downstairs, but Siren stops her from leaving the room by pushing her roughly.

Fox and Miguel argue about the situation. Miguel tells Fox that he isn't responsible for this. "I am in a jam and I know that I can't sleep with Kay, even though she is attractive. I am trying to keep Kay at arm's length but it is hard. You heard me offer to sleep downstairs but Kay won't allow it."

Tabitha knows that there is no way that Kay will be able to keep her hands off that bod.

"JT has gone with the chalice," Alistair explains. "I was rushing out to get the chalice but you dimwits stopped me."

Ethan realizes that Theresa was right about JT having been there with Alistair.

Alistair tells the others they have to get the chalice or the world will be in trouble. Ethan realizes that Theresa and Gwen are gone and if they are together, that can't be good. The kids decide that they have to get out and look for JT. Alistair and Beth are keep restrained.

JT runs the tunnels…

Gwen chases JT calling to him but he is spooked and keeps running for the voice that calls his name…

Theresa comes around the corner and sees Gwen running, and calling JT's name, she keeps running too…

JT hides behind a corner and holds the chalice close to him.

Gwen finds him and tells him that he has been running from her and that she has the money that he needs to get out of town. She opens her purse and hands him the cash. He takes it.

Theresa has arrived and she hides but can conveniently see through a hole in the stone. She can see JT and Gwen together…talking!

Tabitha finds all that is going on in her house interesting but nothing will get back to normal until Kay is playing with a full deck.

Endora cries. "She is awake." Tabitha goes to get her daughter.

Fox warns Miguel that he had better not take advantage of the situation. "This is tearing me up watching her think that she is in love with you."

Kay thinks to herself that Siren is nuts.

Siren remembers the old television program of Lucy and Ethel. Hitting one on the head makes you crazy but maybe hitting one on the head again could make one sane, or kill a person.

Siren goes to get the bat by the bed and slowly advances on Kay who is quietly brushing her hair with her back to Siren.

Julian and Eve think how TC has had his life changed again by a car accident. "I am gone, the kids are gone and I don't know where he was with Liz… He had no one. Julian I want to stay here tonight. He might not make it." Julian is fine with that. Eve looks at TC's face and talks about the great years they have all had. "Oh god Julian. The girls. Their father may die and they don't even know." Julian feels that it might be better for the girls not to know about TC at this point.

The kids drag Beth and Alistair out into the square.

"For the last time, where is Marty?" Luis asks Beth.

Ethan is getting really worried about Theresa and Gwen not being around.

Theresa has an idea. She gets her cellphone and holds it up, taking a picture of Gwen and JT doing their deal.

"What the?" Gwen and JT turn and see Theresa holding the camera phone in their direction and snapping away. "You have to do something!" Gwen shouts at the man. JT pockets the money and swings into action chasing Theresa. Theresa starts running with a big smile. Gwen picks up the rear and chasing as well to get her hands on that Theresa.

In the Square, Luis continues to hold Beth, asking again and again where Marty is. She says nothing.

"Help! Help!" a voice shouts out.

"It is Theresa," someone yells. "She sounds like she needs help."

Some of the kids go running in the direction of the voice to assist.

"Where is Marty?" Luis asks Beth again. She says nothing. "Okay then," smiles Luis. "How about I just hold Alistair's head under the water in this fountain then until you bring me my son?" Alistair has let this go far enough. "As usual Luis, you have underestimated me… Gentlemen?"

The Harmony kids turn to find many, many, many men dressed in black walking towards them…encircling them. There must be at least thirty of this henchmen lounging around to do Alistair's will.

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