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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay tries to get Miguel to go to bed with her as she thinks that he is her fiancé. Fox and Siren are upset by what is happening. Eve is there and she wants Kay to go with Tabitha for some tea. They walk out.

Fox will not have Miguel sleep with Kay. Miguel tells Fox and Siren that he is only doing at the doctor has ordered. Fox will not stand by and let his fiancée climb into bed with Miguel. Siren feels that she should be sleeping with Miguel and not Kay. Fox will not let this happen. Miguel says he will do this until Kay is better.

TC drowns his sorrows in booze while sitting at home. He looks at the family album. "Why did I let you go Eve?" he asks himself. "Because I am a damn fool!" he shouts. "I have lost her. I have lost everything!" ***

Julian comes looking for Rebecca. She appears in the kitchen in a housekeeper's outfit. When he called her to the kitchen, she figured that he wanted to play games. She gets angry that all he wants is a divorce to marry Eve.

Ethan tells Gwen that she hasn't anything to worry about if she is telling the truth. Ethan sees that Theresa has gone to a lot to make him see something that she couldn't actually prove without this man. Ethan really doesn't think that Gwen is capable of these things. "You see my mother lied to my father and that cost me a lot. I don't like lies and I am glad that I don't have to worry about that with you."

Theresa can't wait. She is going to get information that will end Ethan and Gwen. "The pain that the nun was talking about probably has to do with the pain of childbirth."

Chad arrives looking for Ethan. Theresa tells him the good news that he and she are getting back together that very night. Theresa knocks.

Ethan opens the door. "Hello! What is going on?"

Theresa looks past him and sees Gwen in the bed looking very happy. Chad apologizes for interrupting and says they will leave now.

Alistair demonstrates the power of the chalice to all in his secret hideaway. The chalice gives off a red beam of light that makes a sign on the door. It engraves the sign right into the wood. "What is that?" Edna asks. The symbol has been finished. It is the horseshoe symbol…

Ethan invites the group in anyway.

Gwen looks unhappy.

"What is going on?" Ethan asks. Chad asks about Luis and Noah. Ethan has no idea where they are. Theresa is still looking for JT Cornell… Whitney is upset over being used for this dastardly deed. Gwen says that Alistair is the master of manipulation and that is why Theresa is perfect for him.

"I am one step closer to having all the power of the chalice," Alistair says. "Daddy, I was wondering if maybe when you get the power, maybe I could use the cup to get Luis back?"

"You are a bastard Alistair keeping this secret," JT says.

Edna comes up behind him. "What did you find?"

Luis manhandles Spike to get him to talk about where Alistair is.

Jessica watches and she remembers his proposal to her.

She begs Luis to stop now. "Don't kill him." Everyone holds Jessica back as she wants to help her husband, but Spike can't help them if he is dead, and when Luis realizes that he lets go of the thug. Spike falls heavily to the floor. Jessica goes running to him. "Oh no! He is dead!"

"There will be no divorce Julian," Rebecca says. "Remember that document? It prevents you from divorcing me." Julian knows that Rebecca has to want to move on. We had a relationship with nothing but sex but I want to marry the woman of my heart. You need to be free to find love too…"

TC feels stupid letting Eve go. He is drunk now. "I have to get out of here. There are too many good memories here." He feels around for his keys. He can hardly walk. He finds the keys and then grabs his bottle before leaving the house.

"Kay is my fiancée and I will not have her sleeping with anyone for any reason." Fox is livid. Eve knows that Fox doesn't like this but Kay is only remembering the past and that is Miguel. Eve hasn't any idea how long things will be this way. Fox will go along with this for one night. Siren hates the idea too. Miguel promises that he is only going to share a bed with Kay and that nothing else will happen.

Kay gets the wine out of the cupboard. She wants to set the mood as she will be making love to Miguel all night.

Tabitha really doesn't mind this as this will be keep Miguel from Charity after all.

Paloma and Simone drag Jessica away from Spike.

Spike starts sputtering back to life and Luis can see that he really didn't kill the kid after all.

Noah takes this time to try to talk to Fancy about the truth of his situation. She will not listen to anything that he has to say about this.

"I will see that you are taken care of Rebecca. You could meet all sorts of men," Julian promises. "You can keep the Crane name… You know that we are done. Let's make a deal." She agrees then. "Yes… I will give you a divorce." Julian is thrilled. "'Thank you." She is going to hold him to his word. He will give her anything.

She offers her one last romp but he declines. He leaves now.

"I wonder if the gardener is still here," she says walking off to search.

Fox hopes that they only have to put up with this for one night.

Kay comes into the room with the wine but Eve tells her that she can't have that as it will over-stimulate her.

Siren drags Tabitha into the other room. She thinks that Kay is faking but Tabitha confirms that she isn't and that they had better treat her properly.

TC is in the car and he drives drunk thinking of Eve and how her shortcomings don't mean anything now that he doesn't have her anymore.

Theresa tells all that there is a nun that had a vision about she and Ethan being together. "I will get whatever proof you need Ethan and we will be together tonight."

Whitney tells Chad that a nun told her that she would have everything that she has ever wanted. "That is impossible. The nun is obviously wrong.

Noah finds that Fancy can't get past what has happened because she has fallen for Luis. "I have see the way that you look at him and is concerned for him." Fancy admits that Luis is a nice man. She thought that Noah was too, but now Fancy knows that Noah isn't that man that she thought he was.

Spike starts talking. "There is an underground room and there is a rock that opens a door." Luis pats the man on the head and starts walking out. Fancy wants to come. "I am his favorite. I can talk to him." Noah will meet the others there. He has to call Ethan.

Paloma and Simone will come as well with Noah.

He looks over at his sister and doesn't worry about her anymore. She has made her choice.

Noah turns to the phone now and dials.

JT tells Edna that he has found a bargaining chip that will place him in a very important position with Alistair.

Alistair keeps working. "I just have to unlock the second level and it will all be mine! All mine!" Alistair moves slowly now, the beam of light that is the chalice moves with him. "I am almost there!"

Miguel and Kay walk up the stairs alone.

Eve lets herself out.

Fox heads upstairs.

Siren decides that she will go and get a bath. She walks off.

Eve is leaving when she finds Julian on the doorstep. "I have great news. Rebecca has agreed to give me a divorce." They hug.

"We can be together," Chad says. Whitney tells him that is impossible.

He sees they are just wasting time and need to find the chalice and Alistair. Theresa knows that JT and Alistair have to be together.

Noah calls Ethan and tells that they know where Spike is hiding out and that Luis is already on his way.

In the tunnel, Fancy and Luis are walking along with a torch trying to find the secret door. Fancy apologizes for the trouble that Luis has had to deal with. Luis finds her strong. He is surviving on hatred right now. "Come on," he says.

In this room, the lights freak Norma out. She thinks that the lights are doing something bad to her daddy. She attacks, but ends up knocking Alistair over and putting out the light. Alistair is not pleased.

Miguel comes into the room and Kay is on him instantly.

Fox peeks in the room and sees Kay on Miguel.

Luis and Fancy see someone in the tunnel. It might be one of Alistair's men. Luis has a plan.

"I was just trying to help you daddy," Norma shouts. He asks for help in getting her away from him. Norma cries as she has disappointed Alistair. Alistair has to break away from the second level to get the power of the chalice.

Fancy goes to the guard who holds a gun on Fancy. She pretends that her grandfather is expecting her and she gets the man preoccupied so that Luis can come up behind him and hit him in the back of the head.

Julian tells how he took another shot at Rebecca and she agreed to divorce him. Finally he can marry Eve.

Eve's phone rings.

"What?" Eve says. "Oh god! No! I will be right there."

"Julian…TC is in a terrible accident. TC has been in a terrible accident and they don't expect him to live."

Fox listens as Miguel tells Kay to rest and stop flirting with him.

Fox feels that Kay had better get better the next day.

Siren and Tabitha are watching too. They know that there could be a volatile situation on their hands if Kay doesn't get back to normal.

Noah gives Ethan all the information that he needs to find Alistair.

Noah tells Paloma and Simone to come with him. They can't do anything about Jessica right now. They can only be there for her when she needs them.

Jessica can't believe that she broke her brother's heart. Spike warns her that she belongs to him now. "You better do what I say." She tells that she only did what she did for her family. "I hate you," she says to Spike. He knows that she doesn't hate him. She can't. He is the only one who is always there for her.

Everyone gets dressed to go. Ethan tells Gwen that she should stay in the room, but all the women decide to go.

"It is almost over Gwen and when that happens, Ethan is going to come back to me where he belongs," Theresa says.

Luis and Fancy are searching for the secret door. They keep looking.

"What is happening?" Alistair asks. He can feel the power coming out of the chalice. Edna jokes that maybe sparks will come out of his derriere next.

The door opens. "Beth?" Luis asks.

Beth shakes her head slowly stepping backwards.

Fancy enters behind Luis. "You are alive," Luis says. He runs to her, grabbing her neck. "That means that if you are alive then Marty is alive," Luis says. "Where is he?"

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