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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox demands answers from Kay for kissing Miguel. She sees no reason why she shouldn't kiss him. "Look at him! He is gorgeous," she says, smiling wildly. She plants a wet one on him while all watch. Miguel stops the kissing by pushing her off him. She loves how shy he is. That is part of his charm. Ivy tells Fox that she is sorry for this happening to him. Siren grabs Kay off the couch. "Get your lips and your hands off my man."

Jessica has told everyone that she has married Spike. Her friends are upset as she convinced them the last time that she was finished with a life with Spike, and all that came with it. "I have his last name now and there isn't anything that you can do about that."

Ethan is in bed thinking. Gwen asks what he is thinking about. "Nothing," he says.

He remembers all that went on that night when he and Gwen were with the others.

She offers to get them some champagne. He doesn't want that. "I am in the mood for a little bit of truth Gwen."

Theresa is very excited. She is going to be reunited with the man that she loves. Whitney heard all of what the nun said and not just the parts that Theresa liked. She predicted that there was going to be trouble up ahead as well, but as usual Theresa ignores the bad part.

Norma and Edna sit and talk about Alistair. Norma is sure that Alistair is her father but Edna and everyone else knows better. The room starts shaking again. Alistair is trying to unleash the power and then he will have what he desires.

Edna can't believe that Alistair has recreated this room from the one in Harmony. It looks just like his study in Harmony. Beth hears the women talking. "I thought that you and that battle axe were going to hit the road after you got some money mother?" Beth says sternly. "Did someone say axe?" Norma asks getting that weird look in her eye that means trouble.

She walks over to Alistair's desk and picks up the chalice. "Put that down now!" Alistair orders. Norma will not. She likes looking at it. "Edna tell your friend to put the chalice down or she will regret it." Alistair and Norma get into a tug of war over the holy treasure, and then Edna grabs Norma's waist and pulls, while Beth grabs Alistair's waist and pulls. "Alas," JT says watching with a smile… "The real decline of the Roman Empire is before us it seems…"

"Let go of my chalice," Alistair orders. Norma won't. She thinks that she is playing with her daddy and she hasn't done this in years. She thinks it is fun. "Someone tell her that I am not her daddy!" Alistair pleads. Norma tells Alistair that what he said wasn't very nice. Edna shouts at Norma that Alistair isn't her father and that she isn't a baby! Suddenly, Norma makes a big pull in her direction, and the chalice goes flying out of all of their hands and goes flying to the ceiling as Alistair cries out!

"Things are going to work out for us," Theresa says to Whitney. She feels she is going to get her man finally.

"We have known each other all our lives. We love each other Gwen and on our wedding day we vowed that we would stick by each other through thick or thin but none of this will happen if I don't clear my mind of nagging doubts about JT Cornell." Gwen can't believe this. Ethan can't ignore the questions that plague him about his wife and her mother. "I am really hurt that you are bringing this up Ethan! This was years ago Ethan." Ethan just doesn't feel right. "Why does Theresa have this fixation on this guy? She risked her life to get me to talk to this guy. She swears that you, Rebecca and JT are connected. Why would Theresa do that? Why would she go to such lengths? She risked her life and she wouldn't do that unless she were one hundred percent sure of what she was saying. Why would she do that?"

Luis would call Sam but this would break his heart. Noah says that if anyone calls his father it will be him. Paloma and Simone are stunned by this turn of events. Noah makes a move towards Spike but stops. Jessica isn't afraid of Spike or hurt. Luis knows that Spike has to know where Alistair is. Noah wants Jessica to tell Fancy how he never stopped loving her. "Tell her why I acted the way that I did." Jessica looks blankly at the floor. "I wish that could tell you what you want me to say but that would be a lie."

Miguel and Fox almost get into it over Kay.

Tabitha sees that there is going to be a fight for Kay if they are not careful.

Siren really wants a piece of Kay for kissing Miguel. Ivy tells Fox that she knows lots of available women that will treat her son better than Kay Bennett ever did. Eve asks to talk to Kay alone for a minute. Fox wants to talk to her too but he will let Eve go first.

Eve takes Kay to the table and asks her what her name is. Kay looks at her funny. "I know what my name is. I am fine! Just like I know that the man that I am in love with is Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald! One day soon we are going to get married!"

The chalice tumbles and tumbles through the air and then Alistair takes a final leap and catches it before it hits the ground. "Finally it is mine!"

Whitney tells Theresa not to ignore what the nun said. "You are going to have unspeakable pain and agony when you get the man that you love." Theresa remembers the email that she got on the way over to Rome. "It said that I would get my love here in Rome. I believe that I will end up living happily ever after with the man that I love."

"Ethan I can't make sense of a sociopath like Theresa. Tell me that I not hearing what you are saying to me. She may be shrewd at business but that is just because she is a liar." Ethan saw Theresa and she was definitely convicted. "Tell me now. Is there any truth to the things that Theresa is saying and do you know this JT Cornell or not?"

Kay feels that she is engaged to Miguel. Eve wants to talk some more but Kay has to go and check on Maria and she goes.

"I think that Kay's brain was affected when she got shocked. I think that she has been jolted into an alternate reality and she has confused her feelings for Fox and Miguel." This is Eve's diagnosis. "She couldn’t tell me what year this is. She might not remember her relationship with Fox. Miguel what were the both of you talking about in the laundry room." He and Kay were talking about their child and taking care of her. Eve understands now. "Kay has misunderstood things."

Ivy is pleased as punch.

"We have to leave her alone," Eve says. "She is like a sleepwalker in a deep sleep. We have to let her continue to think that she is really with Miguel and not Fox."

Noah is so disappointed in his sister for not backing up what he said. "You know that I care about Fancy and you are my last chance to convince Fancy that I really love her." Jessica says that their father raised them to tell the truth. Noah can't believe that she would side with her pimp and not him. Fancy tells Noah to leave the girl alone. "Spike works for Alistair…How could you turn your back on your family and marry this guy?"

Jessica remembers Spike's apology for treating her the way that he did. "I love you," was what he said to her. "You remember when you said you and me forever?" She knew then that her family loves her too. Spike feels her family would take better care of her and show their love. "How can they keep you off death row for killing those johns? Don't think that the jury is going to let you go free… Not when Alistair is in control. They will say that your father knew about this and Noah too. And what about Kay? She will have to take the kid and move out of the country." Jessica couldn't allow that to happen. Spike says that Alistair will make it happen. "Wait!" Spike says. "I have a way around this. They can't make a wife testify against her husband in a court of law. We will get married." Jessica wants to live happily ever after and she wanted a white knight! "I will be your knight," he promises. "What's it going to be honey? You and me for all eternity?"

Noah is on Jessica again. "Why did you marry him? I will help you get through this…just tell me why."

"There has got to be a reason that you married a man that isn't good for you.

Simone whispers to Paloma that this has to do with the murders of the johns. That could be true but they can't ask Jessica about that now.

Luis is through playing around. He punches Spike in the face. "You will tell me where Alistair is and you will tell me now!"

"Kay might never remember who she really is in love with," Eve says.

Ivy knows that Kay really loves Miguel.

"With any luck, things will be better after a good night's sleep," Eve says. "There is a chance. If she isn't better then we will have to deal with that when the time comes. If you all have Kay's best interest at heart then you will all try." Fox turns to Miguel telling him that they should talk in private. They leave the room.

Theresa tells Whitney that the problem with her is that she sees the glass half empty when it is really half-full. "Believe in miracles Whitney. I will get one and so will you."

"Tell me the truth Gwen!" Ethan urges.

She remembers the call where he directed her to the Church of the blind monks.

She turns to Ethan now. "For the last time…I do not know JT Cornell."

"Anyone tries to touch this chalice dies," Alistair says. Beth has jealous fury when Norma calls her father 'daddy'.

JT takes advantage of this time and starts snooping.

"Beat it…both of you," Beth shouts. "I am not leaving," Norma says. "I won't leave my daddy!" Beth advances on her menacingly. "I warned you not to call my father that!" She grabs Norma and drags her to the carpet to have an all-out, drag-out! Edna removes one hand from her walker to wave at the heavens for the bad behavior of both Norma and Beth. Alistair looks over at the two rolling around, scrapping on the floor. "Idiots," he mumbles under his breath.

JT continues digging through the desk now. He picks the lock to the drawer and it opens easily. "What do we have here?" he wonders. He pulls out a piece of paper. "Oh my God!" he exclaims. "It is true. He is a bastard!"

"Where do you think you are sleeping tonight?" Fox asks. Miguel guesses that he will be sleeping with Kay that night. Fox can't believe that he feels that he will be going to bed with Kay and acting like her fiancée.

Ivy comes in and tells Fox that Miguel can't help what has happened and it is only for one night.

Kay returns telling Miguel that the baby is asleep and that it is time for them to go to bed. "I hope that you are not tired Miguel…"

Whitney finds her friend dreaming as usual. "No Whitney," Theresa says. "God works in mysterious ways." Whitney knows that Satan does too.

"I don't know JT Cornell Ethan. What difference would it make if I did?" Ethan tells Gwen that the issue is the lie. It is a lie that Gwen would have told repeatedly and over again. "No marriage could survive a thing like that. However, you have told me that you don't know JT so this is over now…"

Luis manhandles Spike to get the truth out of him about Alistair.

"Come on…do it," Alistair commands of the chalice.

"To think that this has been a part of Alistair's dealings all these years…" JT looks up smiling from the paper that he holds in his hand. "This is definitely something worth knowing."

The power kicks in. Alistair smiles. The chalice that he holds in his hand, gives off soft white sparks of firefly lie. His grin grows wide… Norma and Beth sit from their lying, fighting position on the floor and stare at the awesome sight. Even Edna shuts her mouth to take in the scene. JT watches quietly. The white sparks grow brighter and brighter until it is too bright for Alistair's face to be seen. Suddenly, while holding up the chalice before him, Alistair turns as if magically to the door to the room. A red light like a laser beam shoots out of the chalice, onto the door, burning the horseshoe symbol into it, in deep red engraved marks…

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