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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox comes downstairs looking for Kay.

Siren and Tabitha come down after and Miguel is missing too. Fox decides that Kay has to be doing laundry. He walks off to go and find her.

Siren tells Tabitha that if Kay is with Miguel she will regret it.

They head to the laundry room and they all find Miguel and Kay on the floor kissing.

"Is that how you do laundry around here?" Siren asks.

Simone and Paloma go to the club looking for Jessica. They are just about to leave when…

They see Jessica dancing with Spike and kissing him on the dance floor.

Norma and Edna follow Beth thinking that they are going to live the good life now. Norma is fine with living at the pizza place, but Edna wants to live the life that her daughter has become used to. Beth offers to help her mother get a payoff from Alistair, then she can get back to getting Luis for herself.

Alistair has disappeared again in thin air and the kids can't figure it out. Ethan doesn't understand this. There is no hidden staircase for him to have hidden in. Luis tries to piece things together but it makes no sense. He escaped somehow. Luis finds the bricks are made of Styrofoam. "Alistair has escaped!" Luis runs into the tunnel. "Be careful Luis!" Fancy shouts. Noah looks back at her strangely.

Ethan runs into the tunnel with Luis. They figure that Alistair and JT made their way through these tunnels. They start running to search the place. Luis shouts that he is going to get his hands on Alistair!

Alistair and JT are walking through the tunnels now with Alistair leading the way. Alistair laughs. He carries the chalice in his hands and glances at it lovingly from time to time. He isn't worried as he has god's power with him now.

Alistair hits a lever in the wall, and a sliding hidden door opens revealing a comfortable, stylish room, much like the study that Alistair has in Harmony. The men pour drinks. Alistair wants to work on getting the power of the chalice. JT sure hopes that the chalice will keep Theresa off him. Alistair wants the man to think big. "I will rule the world with this!" JT heard him the first time but threatens to expose Alistair.

They hear noises at the door. Someone is near the doorway to this place. Alistair takes out his gun and points at the door.

On the other side of the door, Beth and Edna come up to the door. The entranceway is littered with skulls. "Where is Norma?"

Norma comes along just in time and does her split personality act, talking like her daddy part of the time. When Norma sees the skulls, she thinks that it is daddy but quickly recognizes that the skulls as the bones of someone else. "I miss my daddy," Norma shouts. Beth reaches for the lever and Norma and Edna can see that this is going to be good.

Inside the room, Alistair holds the gun on the door and waits. JT ducks behind the furniture.

Theresa, Gwen and Whitney talk about the trouble the world is but Theresa knows that what Gwen really is interested in is making sure that JT stays away from Ethan. "You are guilty!" Theresa shouts. Whitney tells them both to stop. "Theresa you need to come with me to the Vatican. There is a nun there who wants to speak to you." Theresa will go with her but she tells that witch Gwen that she will be back. She walks off with Whitney.

Gwen smiles at her good fortune.

Noah and Fancy are in the tunnels now with Luis and Ethan. They talk about how to find Alistair and JT in this place. He could be anywhere. Fancy is glad that her grandfather is alive. Noah hates that she says that after al that man has done. "He didn’t force you into bed with Maya. You have no one who can back up what you say Noah." Noah is sure that once they find Jessica, she will be able to tell that Noah isn't' lying.

At the club, Jessica and Spike stop dancing and sit at the bar with drinks. They are completely into each other.

Paloma and Simone sit at a table and watch their friend who doesn't seem afraid of Spike which is strange.

Paloma calls Luis and tells him that they have found Jessica. She gives him their location and asks for help.

Luis tells the others the good news about his sister having been found. He and Fancy head off to get Jessica, Ethan goes to see how Gwen is doing and Noah stands alone knowing that his only hope is Jessica.

Miguel and Kay get up off the floor and see they have a lot of explaining to do. "It isn't what it looks like," Miguel says. Fox disagrees. "Kay! You and I are over!" He starts walking from the room. Suddenly, Kay faints, but has her eyes open. She starts convulsing on the floor, as if having a seizure. Miguel holds her as she shakes. Fox return to the scene.

Siren shouts that they should shove a knife down Kay's throat. Tabitha runs to call a doctor. Kay stops jerking around and lays with her eyes clothes. Miguel tells that he and Kay got an electrical shock and that must be making her jump. "Try kicking her," Siren suggests. Fox needs answers. "Does Kay want me or you," Fox says to Miguel. Siren would like to know that too.

The door opens and Beth enters. Alistair puts his gun down. "I thought that you were dead. I am so glad that you are alive." She sees the chalice and congratulates her father. Soon his power will be limitless. Alistair introduces Beth to JT. "I know you from somewhere," she says.

They heard a sound at the door and Edna makes her entrance with the walker. Waving at Alistair as if he were an old friend. Alistair rolls his eyes in disgust of her. "Nice place you got here…" Edna flirts madly with JT but would give him up if Alistair wanted her instead.

Norma enters the room and Beth introduces her father to the woman dressed as a male chef. Beth makes the mistake of calling Alistair, 'daddy'. Edna tells Beth that she really shouldn't have done that. Beth suddenly understands. "Daddy?" Norma says with a big smile.

She looks at him and she doesn't see Alistair's face but a skull. "Daddy!" She runs to him, giving him a big bear hug.

Whitney tells Theresa that she met the nun and the woman told Whitney some meaningful things. "She saw some things for you," Whitney says.

They go to the nun. "I have a vision of Ethan and your future…" she starts.

Fox brings Kay to the couch. Kay is still out of it.

Ivy and Eve arrive. They get the story.

Ivy is secretly happy when she hears about the kiss.

Ivy leads Fox away to talk about the kiss. "What did Kay do when she woke up from a near-death experience? She starts making out with Miguel. I want you to be careful of Kay. I don't want her to hurt you more than she has."

Fox runs to the couch to see how Kay is doing. "Darling… Can you hear me?"

Tabitha knows that Fox is going to want to know what that kiss was about.

Tabitha thinks about the trouble that Kay is in now.

Kay stirs and starts sitting up.

Edna saves Alistair from Norma by offering her a drink.

Alistair is angry that Beth has brought these clowns to his hiding place for money. She told that she left him a message. Alistair checks and she did. Beth hates this room. "I feel like I am back in Harmony. I missed you daddy," she says. He hates that she gushes over him like this. "I am glad that you and my grandson are alright," he says. "…Still I am rather busy with the chalice." She reaches for it and he snatches it away.

JT wonders how many other people know about this secret room. Alistair remembers that there is another person who knows about this room but he warns that if that person opens his mouth about this place, he will have his mouth shut permanently.

"Where is he? Where is Spike?" Luis, Noah and Fancy have arrived and they can't believe their eyes. Noah really can't wait for Jessica to tell that he wasn't lying before about Lena and Maya.

Luis and Noah rush over to Spike and drag him from Jessica. The pull him to some chairs nearby. Luis bitch-slaps him to show he means business. "Where is Alistair?"

"I …I was doing the laundry and I reached behind the washer to jiggle the wires and I…" Miguel tells Kay that she had a horrible electric shock. Fox tells Kay that he walked in on her kissing Miguel. "You were about to tell me why you were doing that. So can you tell me now why you were doing that?"

Ethan and Gwen make love in bed. "I love you and never want to lose you," Gwen says.

In her mind she is sure now that Theresa will never get the proof she needs about that email.

The nun tells Theresa that this night will be the night that she will be with the man that she loves forever… "Tonight?" Theresa asks. The nun nods. "Whitney? Did you hear that? I am going to be with Ethan tonight!" The girls hug.

Fox demands an explanation.

Siren waits for Kay to lie her way out of this.

Ivy sees that Kay will never be her daughter-in-law now.

"What is the matter? Isn't it obvious?" Kay says. "I think about kissing Miguel everyday." She smiles up at Miguel now.

Alistair gives Edna enough cash to last her a year. Norma is on the man again hugging him as tightly as she can. Beth pulls the woman off her father. "He isn't your father," she says. Norma understands. "This is a secret isn't it?" Edna tries to get some trinkets in the room for herself but when she gets too close to the chalice Alistair grabs it from her reach. JT confirms that the chalice does have some kind of power. "I have seen it."

Luis slaps Spike around a bit when he won't tell the group where Alistair is. Nothing frightens Spike. Not even the threat of Jessica telling about his antics. "Hey honey," Spike says. "Tell them!" All look at Jessica now for a response.

Kay orders Miguel to sit with her and he does. "You are killing me," Fox says. He moves to the corner of the room.

Tabitha sees that Kay has done it now.

Ivy goes to her son but he doesn't want to hear how sorry she is for him.

Siren tried to tell him but he wouldn’t listen.

"Kay!" Fox asks. "Why were you kissing Miguel?" She is smiling now as Miguel sits beside her. "He is the love of my life!" She starts kissing Miguel again as Siren and Fox watch.

"Go ahead honey, tell them why you won't testify against me," Spike urges. "He's my husband," Jessica says.

Ethan and Gwen have made love and it was the best time ever for Ethan. He wonders if Theresa will ever find that man from the tabloid.

Gwen prays that Theresa never lays eyes on JT again.

The nun tells Theresa that her vision may not be as she believes.

Alistair tries to figure out the secret that he needs.

Norma and Edna whisper about the chalice and the mad man that holds it.

"YES!" Alistair shouts. "I got it!" He is staring into the side of the chalice and he sees the truth now. The others in the room turn to him incredulously. Something is happening. The room goes dark and it shakes. Alistair takes the chalice and stars raising it slowly up, up, up above his head. It glows bright pink, then when he has it over his head; it burns with the brightest white light ever. The others can hardly bear to look at it. "I have done it! I have done it! And now I rule the world!"

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