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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel and Kay are in the laundry room while their daughter sleeps, glad that she is feeling better.  They are not happy that she is on those dirty sheets though and that has prompted the load of laundry being put in.  Miguel still can't get over how Kay has been raising their daughter alone all this time.  He is glad that he can finally be there to help her. Kay loves having Miguel to help her with their daughter, but…  He knows that she is about to tell him that Siren doesn't belong with him.  She doesn't admit it.  Miguel doesn't want to talk about that.  Kay reaches around for some detergent to do her load of laundry.  She can't seem to reach it as she reaches around the washer to feel for it.  She tries to start the washer but it isn't working.  Miguel offers to fix it for her but she says that she knows how to work it and reaches to jiggle the wires herself…

Beth has cleaned up now.  She asks Beth if she would like to have some pizza.  Marty has had some.  Beth will eat as long as the food doesn't end up on her head like the spaghetti did.  Marty seems to be having fun at his mother's expense over her having spaghetti dumped on her head.  "Don't encourage him you crazy old bag!" Beth shouts.  "You crazy old bag," Marty says.  Edna doesn’t feel sorry for Beth.  She lives the good life now.  Beth does now but she lived a hard life due to her not knowing that Alistair was her father.  Edna couldn't help the way that Beth's life went. All that doesn't matter now as she knows the truth.  Edna asks for a bit of money to get by.  Beth says that she hasn't got a dime as she is on the run from Luis who is searching frantically for her.  "Like I believe that," Edna says.  "You and your daddy have been in cahoots for a long, long time now.  He has you pretty well fixed up, so just dig into daddy's pockets for me, will you Beth?"

Norma hears Edna call the name, 'daddy' and slides into her childlike personality.  "Daddy?  Did you say daddy?"

"I don't have access to the Crane fortune. I can't give you one thin dime, JT

So there are no bribes on the table.  It's just the plain, old-fashioned, unvarnished truth now; you have been running for a very long, long time.  You've been running from the IRS, From Gwen and Rebecca, and from yourself.  So isn't it time to just do the right thing?  Tell Ethan the truth, JT.  Tell him how you came to publish the name of his father in your tabloid.  You're the only one who can convince him.  Tell him the truth.  Tell him how you got the story out.  Ethan is interested now in what this man is going to say.  JT thinks it over and then decides to come clean with what he knows.  Theresa urges him to just say it! 

Whitney tries to make her friend come with her for a few minutes, but Theresa will not leave now.  "No, no, I can't come right now. JT'S about to tell Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the information to the tabloid.  Gwen sees that Theresa is back on her regular rant and shakes her head.  She knows that Ethan is about to find out the truth and that, she is sure will end Gwen's marriage and get her children back.  Gwen reminds Theresa that Jane is her child legally although Theresa claims her biologically.  Ethan shouts for them to stop this arguing.  Ethan turns to JT now for the proof that he supposedly has.  Theresa demands that JT produce the picture of he and Rebecca in bed proving that they know each other and the tape with Rebecca and Gwen's voices on it.  Ethan turns to the man now waiting.

"Look, Luis, I want to kill him just as much as you do, but not while he's holding the chalice. The church needs it in one piece," Chad points out.  Luis only can think of how Alistair is responsible for his child being dead; Noah pipes in about Fancy and he probably will never be able to be with her again.  Chad hears what they are saying but knows that the chalice needs to be safe in spite of all that.  Alistair says that Chad is right about what he says.  He threatens to dash the holy relic if these fools try to overpower him like Luis seems to want to do.  Luis apologizes, but then he lunges at Alistair unexpectedly to kill the man, caring nothing about the chalice.  Fancy shouts out in fear for her grandfather but Luis ignores her pleas.  Chad shouts that he has to be careful, as the chalice could fall to the ground and be dashed to pieces.  Alistair clutches the chalice in his hands as Luis struggles to get it from him.  Chad sees that Alistair is holding the chalice too tight and that it might break.  Alistair shouts at Luis the whole time.  "It's mine!  It's mine!" Luis refuses to let go of the man.  When he takes his hands off Alistair, he will be dead.  He doesn’t give a fig about the chalice.

Miguel still offers to help Kay fix the washer and get it going but she insists that she has everything under control.  She feels around behind the washer to jiggle the wires.  "No, no, I told you, I've done it a thousand times.  I just have to jiggle the wires.  Miguel vows to get Tabitha a new washer when he gets paid from modeling.  Kay finds that sweet.  She keeps feeling around.  Miguel sees she has difficulty and tries again to intervene, but she won't hear of it.  She hurts her back in the position that she is standing in. She changes the way that she is standing and tries to fix the washer again. Miguel looks at the little girl clothes in the wash, amazed at how small they are.  He sees some pictures in the room. They are pictures of Maria and her mom.  Kay has extra pictures in her room if Miguel would like some, she offers.  They marvel over the way their child has grown already.  Miguel knows that it had to have been expensive having to buy clothes every couple of months for the child.  Miguel wasted his money and time on finding Charity and he feels bad for that now.  Kay doesn't.  He sent money although he wasn't there for her.  He beats himself up over the way that he has treated Kay in the past.  She knows he did his best for Maria and doesn’t hold a grudge at all over his being gone.  Miguel feels horrible over what he did as his father did the same to him, at about the same age as Maria is now.  Kay doesn't want him crying over spilled milk.  "What's past is past. You are here now.  Better now than never!" Kay turns back to the washer now and tries to get it going.  If she doesn't get this things fixed she is going to end up at the all-night Fluff 'n Dry, and she doesn't want that. 

Norma's off her rocker for a minute. "Did you see him?" she asks Edna in a baby voice.  "Did you see my daddy?" Edna tells her to be quiet. She knows that Alistair will hate this. "Calm down, normie-poo. Your daddy is not here."  Beth jokes about the fake moustache that Norma wears.  Edna tells that Norma has been going by the name Luigi to avoid being recognized at the pizza place.  Beth wants to know why Norma talks about her father so.  Edna tells how Norma's father's skull isn't with her and she misses it.  "Her father's skull?" Beth asks incredulously.  She remembers now.  It is that nut job that has been trying to kill Tabitha for years.  Norma hears Beth bad-mouthing her and doesn't like it one bit.  She finds this rich having Beth calling her a nut job.  Norma knows all about this crazy broad's antics over stealing Marty from his parents.  "He is my son, and he is right here so watch what you say."

Norma addresses Marty now reminding him that they were together before at the restaurant.  "Have you seen my daddy?" Norma asks the boy.

Fancy shouts at Luis to stop attacking her grandfather.  She knows that he has done horrible things in the past, but she also knows that he doesn't want the death of Alistair on his conscience.  That will prevent him from ever getting back with Sheridan and helping her get through the loss of her son.  "You know something, you can thank your granddaughter that you're not dead right now.  This isn't over, old man, because you're going back to harmony where you're going to stand trial for multiple murders and a string of witnesses are going to make sure that you never take another free breath again," Luis spits.  He releases his hold on the old man now.  Fancy thanks Luis for controlling his temper and freeing her grandfather. Chad demands that Alistair give him the chalice now.  Fancy wants Chad and the others to back up now.  Her grandfather almost died just now.  Chad cares nothing about that. Whitney almost was in danger several times over this man's tricks, and so he will show no sympathy in return. 

"Ok, please show him the proof. Show him the photograph of you and Rebecca in bed together," Theresa pleads.  JT will not give her what she begs for.  She has no money so why should he just give the information away now.  Alistair is back in power and so that means that Theresa hasn't anything unless Alistair gives it to her.  Theresa tells Gwen that she is about to be exposed for her lies to Ethan about the tabloid.  She turns to JT again. "Please just tell her the truth JT!"

Beth tells her son that his daddy will be with his soon.  Edna wonders how Beth is going to pull that rabbit out of a hat.  "Luis?" She asks.  Beth confirms this information.  "He is in Rome," Beth says.  Edna can't believe this.  "Oh, Bethie, you know what he wants.  He is not going to stop until he gets it."  Beth says that she doesn’t have to worry about Luis chasing her as he thinks that she and Marty are dead. She tells the story of the cab crashing and her near-death escape with Marty.  Edna can see that Beth is still as cruel as ever. She is still torturing Sheridan and Luis after all this time.  Beth tells her mother to 'shut up!'  Beth warns that the asylum is just a call away.  Norma doesn't like that Beth is threatening 'her' Edna.  Beth has to wonder what Norma means by calling her mother, 'her Edna.' Edna says that Norma doesn't mean anything by her term of endearment.  "We are soul mates," Norma says.  Beth finds that a strange term.  "We are just friends," Edna says.  "That's all."  She hates that dirty mind of Beth's.  She shouldn't be so accusatory either after her escapades with Charlie…  Still, she didn't know that Charlie, who was pretending to be a woman, was really a man that in fact turned out to be her father.  Beth can tell that something happened between the two old ladies that might have been special.  Edna does admit that while on the run, they did happen to bond in a special way.  Norma tells that it happened at the ranch they stayed at. 

Edna was cooking dinner for them and preparing some beans.  Norma was upset because she hates beans.  "Can't eat no more of them sheep. Started out this summer with 400 head, and now we're down to three. Somebody's going to be suspicious," Edna said.  Norma couldn't help herself.  She was hungry at the time. 

Two cowboys arrive and greet the ladies.  The men were sent to see if the ladies were doing okay, or needed anything in particular.  "Thought you could use a couple of good cowpokes."  Edna loved that.  She never turns down a good poke.  Norma wonders what is in this for her.  The cowboy finds that there is enough to go around and that Norma can participate if she wants in the festivities. 

Beth can't help it but she is smiling as she listens to this horrific story of Norma and Edna making it with cowboys.  Edna tells her to stop smiling like that.  Beth gets back to reality now and she tells the women to go now.  They will not.  Edna wants money and she will not go without a payoff. 

Kay still can't get the washer started.  She gets frustrated. She asks Miguel to move the washer so that she can fix it. "Thanks," she says to him as he starts moving the machine.  "Sorry…watch that…  Hey, be careful not to disconnect the drain hose. That's all we need is a flood."  Miguel and Kay work side by side moving the machine.  Miguel always figured that being married would be like this.  Kay says that her parents worked together and made a family and she never saw the good in that until their relationship was over.  All this talk just makes Miguel feel increasingly like a bad guy for leaving Kay to raise his kid alone.  Having Maria has changed Miguel's perspective on family and everything in fact.  Miguel gets the machine out far enough so that Kay can get in there and do her thing with the wires.  She moves into position to do her magic. 

Chad would like to stay and chat some more but he has to get to Whitney.  Luis will handle Alistair and dismisses Chad. Chad is worried that Luis will not be able to get the chalice but Luis promises that things will go okay.

"I'll get the chalice," Luis promises.  "Come on, Alistair. Come on, we're going to jail." Fancy wants grampy to be taken to a hospital, but Luis will not make a mistake this time.  He will take Alistair directly to jail this time.  Chad doesn't care where Alistair goes, he just wants to make sure that the chalice is returned to its proper place.  Fancy wants the men to lay off.  Her grandfather might be hurt.  Luis ain't buying.  He advances on Alistair with Chad.  Alistair orders them back from him. He will die before he lets them take the chalice from him. 

The ground starts shaking and all get afraid.  It is like they are going to be buried in there or something.  "What is happening?" someone shouts.  Whitney looks at the ceiling and sees that it is about to fall.  "Forget about the ceiling!  JT, Please tell Ethan the truth! Tell him now!" Theresa orders.  JT sees Whitney was right. The ceiling was is falling.  JT gets bonked on the head and is out like a light.  Theresa goes to him trying to get him to wake up. She wants that picture of he and Rebecca.  Whitney comes to Theresa, telling her that she has to see the nun right away.  They all start running for an exit.  Chad thinks that he has found a way out of there.  Noah seriously considers making sure that Alistair doesn't get out of there.  Fancy turns to her grandfather now.  "Grampy!"

Miguel really insists on being the one to get the washer going but Kay will not move out of the way.  He settles then on just getting her in a more comfortable position and moves closer behind her to support her from the back as she tries to get a feel for the wires.  They both smile as they are scrunched up to the washer mashed into each other.  Kay finally feels like she has gotten a hold of the right wire.  Then…ZAP!

"I told you I am on the run. We don't have any money," Beth shouts.  Edna will accept that but then she will be forced to go to Sheridan for money.  She is sure that Sheridan is dying to know the whereabouts of Marty and Beth…  Beth gives in.  She bring her mother some cash.  She offers to go off with Marty and return soon.   Norma is back to her old self and knows that there is no way that she is going to let Beth out of their sight for a minute. She will never return, and they know it.  Beth decides then that they all have to go together.  Beth will make a call to make sure that the money is ready for them.  She still can't promise anything though.  Edna asks Norma to head back to their place and get their things as they will not be returning to the pizza shack. 

Beth gets on the phone to make the call.  "Hey, it's Beth. I need to meet him to get some cash. Well, could you get him a message? Could you try? Thank you." 

Beth tells her mother that she has arranged a meeting with Alistair if he is available.  She assures her mother that she should be able to get all the money she needs at this meeting.  Edna realizes now that she has finally hit the jackpot this time.  Edna's face gets serious now.  "What do you think you're pulling?  Alistair is in a coma. It's been in all the papers."  She just remembered.  Beth explains how Alistair has gotten out of his coma and is alive and well.  Edna isn't surprised.  That old coot is too evil to die.

The kids are trying to escape the wrath of the avalanche in the tunnels.  Theresa is hit and Ethan can't leave her there.  They have to get out of there!  Gwen doesn't want her husband to help Theresa. In order to help Theresa, Ethan gets in harm's way too.  Chad and Whitney call to each other as they can't see each other anymore.

Edna finds that no matter how shocking the story, if it has to do with Alistair, she just believes it.  Beth has been running with Marty for so long now, it seems.  "You know, this whole business about being on the run, it's been so hard on Marty," Beth confides.  She looks at Marty now as her son since they have been together for so long.  Edna can't be happy about the life that Beth has etched out for she and the child.  She sarcastically remarks that Beth is doing a bang-up job.  Beth compares her present life to the life that she lived with Edna and finds now to be a better time.  Edna had men in and out of the house and she drank like a fish!  Edna had her problems but she could at least tell when a man didn't want to be with her.  Beth shouts that she isn't delusional as her mother is implying. Beth knows that one day she will be with Luis. She knows it.  Edna just thinks that she is nuts.  She feels totally sane but just has had to deal with the occasional set back, like Sheridan and now Fancy.  Edna knows Fancy, and is surprised to hear that Luis has been spending time with the girl.  Beth confirms it and promises to do the blonde in the next chance that she gets.  Edna's been on this ride before and she already wants to get off.

Noah and Fancy meet up now after the fiasco with the tunnel.  He worries over her.  "I'm fine. Sore, but I'm all right." Ethan is very concerned about Theresa and Gwen hates that. It seems to be always about Theresa.  Chad and Whitney find each other now.  She thanks him for helping her the way that he has been.  He can't help it. He loves her and always will.  Luis discovers that the empty monk's outfit lies on the floor untouched.  "Where is he?" Luis shouts.  He has vanished into thin air.  How could he escape?  There is a mountain of dirt before the kids and they wonder if Alistair has been buried in there.  Luis hopes so.  He really feels that Alistair needs stay there if that is in fact where he is.  Fancy starts digging.  She asks for help.  Ethan and Gwen helps Gwen while Theresa scans the area quickly to see where JT is.  Theresa tells Gwen that she will get to JT and get the information that she needs to prove Gwen a liar.  Gwen shouts at Theresa to give it up.  Theresa won't.  Ethan starts digging at the dirt. Gwen doesn't understand what he is doing.  Ethan is trying to find JT.  He is sure that Gwen will want the truth to be brought out so that this whole episode will be over once and for all. 

Gwen thinks to herself that things will be over alright.

Miguel is on the floor coughing.  "Kay!" He gets no answer.  Kay is on the floor unmoving.  He calls to her frequently to get up, but she doesn't move a muscle. 

"You know, Bethie, you have a definite screw loose when it comes to blondes. As a matter of fact, you have got a screw loose when it comes to just about everything."  Beth tells her mother to shut up. She denies hating blondes. She just hates women who try to take Luis from her.  Edna reminds her that Luis wasn't ever hers to start with.  He never loved Beth like she thinks.  Beth feels differently and that is what matters.

A phone rings. "Yes? All right. Ok, I'll just go to the place and hope for the best. Thank you." Beth hangs up after taking the call.

Beth confirms to the others that they will probably be able to get some money at this meeting they are going to attend.

Luis needs to find out where Alistair is. They not only lost him but they lost the chalice as well.  Fancy is sure that her grandfather is hurt and that he needs help. 

Ethan sees that Gwen is shaking. She tells that she is afraid of the cave-in and fears another one.  Ethan tells her to hold on and wait as he needs to find out what happened to JT and what he has to say.  Gwen is desperate to get out of there.  Ethan promises they will leave soon.

"Well, damn it, he's not here. Alistair got away!" Luis says.  Noah can't figure how Alistair got out.  He had to pass them to get out of there and he didn’t. 

JT has disappeared in much the same way that Alistair has and no one can figure it out.  Theresa is very upset over this.

Gwen thinks to himself that this is great.  He is gone!  He is really gone!

The group try to figure out how it is that JT and Alistair could disappear the way that they did.  It's impossible!

Miguel tries to revive Kay.  "Come on, Kay, stick with me. Kay? God, I got to call 911. Kay?"

Kay gets up, but she is groggy.  "Thank god you're all right. It's ok."  She calls for him. He assures her that he is there for her.  She turns to him, kissing him. 

Edna explains what is happening, how Beth is taking them to Alistair to get them money.  "Wait, wait, I said I would take you to Alistair. It's up to him whether he gives you the money, so let's just, come on, go see daddy."  Norma's face changes.  "Did you say 'daddy'? Daddy's here?! Oh, oh, daddy! Your little buttercup missed you so much.  For I'm called little buttercup…"  Beth looks confused. 

The group all talk about how Alistair and JT could have gotten out of there with the chalice.  Whitney is really worried about what will happen now to the world.  "Alistair has the chalice. I mean, there's no telling what he's going to do with the power that chalice holds."  Everyone in the room feel that Alistair is going to be a terrible force to be reckoned with but Fancy. She is worried about Alistair and his health.  Theresa is upset.  She was close. She was so close to proving that Gwen has been lying for all these years. 

"Oh, man, you are good! You could make a fortune in Vegas with this disappearing

act," JT says smiling.  He and Alistair walk the tunnels in freedom after their great escape.  Alistair leads JT into the secret room that he has had specially built for just such an occasion.  He closes the door behind them.  He tells that whoever walks into that door to capture them will die. 


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