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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Siren chases Tabitha, Katherine and Endora around the house with a wrench. Tabby hopes that Endora is watching and learning to listen to her mommy about what she is told about bad people. Siren tells the women to drop the kid as she has no beef with Endora and doesn't want to hurt her.

Fox and Miguel are out talking.

They hear a scream…

Luis manages to get the window open to the basement where Alistair and JT are getting the fire to grow to a ridiculous size. JT shouts at him to hurry so they can get out of there as the very walls are crumbling.

Luis gets into the basement through the window. He can't get to Alistair as the gate is locked between them, but he can get close to the men and talk to them through the bars. Alistair calmly turns to Luis telling him that he is busy right now.

The others make their way into the basement one by one through the window.

JT worries about Theresa finding him, but Alistair tells him to forget about her as all that will be under control very soon. He needs to get the rest of the text from the chalice.

"Grampy," Fancy calls. "What are you doing?" He didn’t think that she would come but there she is.

Theresa sees her chance to get to JT and she runs forward to search the church for another entrance to him. The others try to stop her but she will not be stopped and she rushes off.

Ethan starts running after her but Gwen stops him asking him not to go but he ignores her and takes off.

Gwen follows.

JT tries to escape using a tunnel that he has found branching off the area where he was with Alistair.

Theresa runs to find a way in there to get to JT before he escapes!

Alistair starts reading the text as it appears to him. All on the other side of the bars listen in.

The others see him. They can see that soon he will have the answers to the secrets of the church and they all watch as an evil smile comes to his face… He is a lot calmer now as he smiles at the scalding hot chalice…

Kay screams again. Fox and Miguel swing into action running to the house..

Siren has the women up against the wall and she threatens to kill them with her wrench. She holds it high over her head for a good hard swing.

The door flies open and Siren hides her wrench behind her back quickly.

Fox and Miguel enter the room and they hear Kay ranting about Siren trying to kill them with a wrench.

Siren shows what she has behind her back. It is only a pie.

Tabitha whispers to Endora that she just made Kay look like a psycho now.

Kay can't believe this. "I forgive you," Siren says to Kay. Kay flies off the handle now. Fox tells her that she has gone too far. "What is wrong with you?" he asks.

JT runs to the hidden tunnels in the church.

Ethan, Theresa and Gwen find the man and corner him. Ethan asks JT to answer a couple of questions. Gwen wants to go hack to the hotel now. Ethan would think that Gwen would want this to be settled and to get Theresa off her back.

Whitney is with the nun and they talk about the chalice. Whitney wants to stop the man but the nun has no answers. "We are too late!"

Luis can see now that he should have killed Alistair a long time ago. "Alistair is waiting for only a few more words to get the power that he seeks." Luis hates this man. He destroyed his daughter. Alistair tells that Sheridan has moved on to Chris because she is over Luis and he should accept that. "It was your own fault that you lost Sheridan and Marty. You should have listened to Sheridan. I didn't cost you your daughter, you did that yourself. Don't blame me for Sheridan falling for another man. You failed her and you got what you deserve. "Maria

"She is a damn fish!" Kay shouts. "Why doesn't anyone believe me?" Siren says that she is lying. Kay tells that Siren was about to clobber them with a wrench. They see no wrench around so how could that be? Kay turns to Endora. "She did it!" Kay shouts. Fox knows now for sure that Kay has lost it. "I have no idea what to think about you Kay. Siren should be a little bit upset at you for accusing her of attempted murder." Kay knows that Siren is loving that she is looking like a fool right now. Fox is greatly worried about this. Kay talks about the funny things that have happened in town before. "Tell him Miguel! Tell him. Siren just might be a mermaid!"

The nun sees that there might still be time.

Luis tries to shake the bars to get to Alistair.

The nun says that if they can get to Alistair, they can stop the evil. "I had a vision of you and your younger days. You have experienced much sorrow…" Whitney admits that. She admits to losing her loved ones. "I saw in my vision that it doesn't have to be that way for you. What you want is in your reach." She tells that she can't be with her brother. The nun knows that Whitney will get what she seeks. Whitney walks off.

"It is true," the nun knows. The only problem is that once she has her heart's desire, she will lose it.

Fancy listens as the others talk to her grandfather. Noah shouts at him that he knows that Alistair set the thing up with Lena and Spike and the FBI. Alistair laughs. "you cheated on Fancy with your ex-girlfriend," Noah says. Alistair denies that. "Was I the one who hired Maya and Lena? Will they back you up on this? Everything that you have said Noah never happened… see Fancy! Whatever I do, wherever I go people blame me for everything." Noah tells Fancy not to believe him. "Was I the one to force you to go naked into bed with your ex?" Noah knows that Alistair is twisting things to make Fancy confused. "I will make you pay," Noah says. Luis tells that he has been trying to make this scum pay for years and he hasn't been able to do it. "This time though…chalice or no chalice…I will get him…" Chad is quiet as he continues to work to get the bars loose by pushing and pulling on them will all his weight.

Kay pleads with Miguel to say that what she is saying could be true. Miguel doesn't buy this.

Tabitha stays very quiet with Endora in the corner and they watch…

Miguel begs for Kay to leave him to live his life. Kay will not stop. Fox finds that Kay may need professional help.

Fox and Miguel leave the room and Miguel tells Fox not to be hard on Kay. "She has seen crazy stuff and Father Lonnigan warned us that evil is in Harmony. Go easy on Kay."

ZAP! Endora lifts a pie and has it fly across the room to slam Siren in the face.

"Oh!" Siren cries out… her face covered with pie.

Fox and Miguel come running to see Siren with a face full of pie and Fox standing nearby. "Kay!" Fox shouts at her.

The nun has news. She tells Whitney that Theresa will have some events in her life to do with Ethan…

Theresa asks JT to tell the truth bout the tabloid. JT turns to Gwen and Theresa catches a look between them. "Did you see that Ethan?" She makes JT look at her and she tells him that he has caused a lot of pain and damage… Gwen tells JT not to listen to her. Ethan tells that the article ripped his life apart. JT says that story is familiar. Theresa knows that the story is more than familiar. "Tell him!"

Chad asks Alistair to put the chalice down. He will not do that. Fancy is confused. Alistair hopes that his granddaughter isn't buying into all this nonsense. Alistair invites her to share this power with him. She doesn't want that. "How could you sneak around and make people think that you were in a coma?" He had to get out. He was positive that someone was going to kilo him… Maybe Noah…Maybe Luis. Fancy doesn't believe that Luis would try to kill her grandfather. Alistair feels that he did what he did for Marty's own good. Sheridan is not as good a mother as Beth is. "I owe Beth anyway. She never got any of the benefits of being a Crane…I know Luis that you will get over Marty being gone from your life." Luis will never get over him being gone! "He is dead Alistair!" Alistair genuinely didn't know that, he says. "He is dead!" Luis shouts. "The same way that you are going to be in a minute!" He makes one last final pull on the bars and the door to the caged area flies open and Luis goes rushing in.

"I didn't do it," Kay says. She looks at Endora and wants to tell the truth about the flying pie but she doesn't.

Tabitha tells Endora that wasn't funny at all. "Poor Kay looks terrible right now."

Miguel offers to help Siren clean up. "In separate rooms right?" Kay says. Miguel tells Kay that what they do is their business and not hers. "Now give Siren an apology!" Kay hates that idea. Fox begs her to apologize. "I'm sorry," Kay says in a small voice. "What? I didn't hear you," Siren says. "I'M SORRY!" Kay says under pressure. Miguel and Siren leave the room. "I will wash your back if you wash mine," Siren offers to Miguel… They leave.

Kay says that she needs to go upstairs for a moment. Fox tells her that she needs to stay downstairs for a minute.

The nun tells Whitney that Theresa will be in danger if she gives in to temptation… "Bring Theresa to me," the nun orders. "I need to deliver the warning myself."

JT asks Theresa about the money she promised him. She tells him that the ten million is still his if he wants it. Gwen laughs. "She has no money… Alistair is alive so she has no power. JT is in trouble with the IRS and will say anything. Don’t listen Ethan!"

Chad runs into the cage and stops Luis from getting his hands on Alistair. He knows that the chalice is a valuable relic for the church and they can't risk damaging it. Alistair holds the chalice high. "He is right Luis. One wrong move and I will smash this chalice dashing all hopes of the Church ever getting their hands on it ever again!"

Fox needs to clear some things up with Kay. "I am frustrated and confused. You can help it if you want to. At first I thought that this was a girl thing but now this is interfering with us and I am not sure who you are anymore…"

Endora gets her finger out.

ZAP! Fox starts fawning over Kay and telling her that he is sorry and that he knows that she has been under a lot of stress. The stress is catching up to you. You need a break…a vacation. Then Siren will not be on your mind. Everything will be better tomorrow…I promise…"

Tabitha can see that Endora has patched things up for the moment but she knows that it won't last.

Miguel and Siren are in bed and Miguel touches on the subject of Kay. Siren wants to make love. They start kissing.

Maria starts crying. "Let Kay get her," Siren says holding him tightly. Miguel won't feel right letting her cry like that. He gets up and goes to see to her.

"Ooh!" Siren says furious. "I want to make love to Miguel tonight! And no one will stop me!"

"It is okay honey," Miguel says. "Daddy is here."

Kay enters. She talks to their baby and calms her.

Siren and Fox have come to the doorway and they see that everything is under control. Fox leaves for bed.

Siren knows that this night isn't over yet. She looks in on Miguel and Kay and their daughter.

Whitney tells the nun that Theresa is very stubborn and will not listen to what the nun has to say. She rushes off to get her best friend.

The nun worries about the sadness that she sees.

Theresa says that she has gone to such lengths as she is telling the truth. She admits that she has no money and she is depending on his truth to come out. "You have been running for a long time JT. shouldn't you just do the right thing? Tell him the truth. Tell him how you came to publish that story about the paternity." Ethan waits. "I want to know who stuck the knife in my back. Was it my wife or Theresa?" JT looks at both women and then he decides he will tell what Ethan wants to know.

Chad has to put his body between he and Alistair to keep him from accidentally breaking the chalice.

Luis has a flashback to his son being killed. The fire was incredible and he ran into to get his boy but it was late.

"You know Chad…you are right," Luis says. "But I don't give a damn!" He rushes to Alistair and grabs him by the neck, not give a fig about the safety of the chalice.

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