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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ethan and Gwen make love in the room Gwen got for them beside Theresa's in the hotel in Rome.  They have been apart for a while and are making up for that as they have greatly missed each other.

She can't believe that she is in this beautiful room alone, in the most romantic city in the world.

Jessica holds a gun on Spike and tells him that she lied to him just now about caring about him. "You have been mixed up with Alistair all along.  How could you?  I thought that you loved me."  He says that he does love her but she knows better.  "You just wanted to get back at my father."  He says that he started out that way but now she means something to him.

Whitney is upset that she helped Alistair.  The pope wants her to be focused on how they can get the chalice back.  The nun knows that Alistair will become the anti-Christ if he sees the whole inscription.  "Once he has all the answers to his power, there is no going back and evil will win.  Good will be vanquished for all eternity." The pope drops to his knees on the spot and prays.

Fancy tells Luis that she is going with him to see where her grandfather is.  "I won't believe what you say about my grandfather unless I hear it myself."  Luis doesn't want her there as he plans to kill the man.

JT is getting the creeps from the chanting blind monks.  Alistair can't tear himself away from the chalice and the power it holds.  JT Cornell worries about going to prison for his IRS crimes.  "You haven't been listening," Alistair says.  "I told you that with this chalice no one can hurt me or my followers."  JT makes faces behind the old man as if he has lost it for sure.

Spike begs for his life but Jessica holds the gun on him and plans to use it finally realizing what Spike is all about.  "Jessica… you got it all wrong." She heard him.  He and Lena said that they were working for Alistair.  "It was all him for the beginning. My life is ruined because of some old man's treating me like a sick joke. There is no us."  Spike tells that Alistair is as serious as a heart attack. He gets tired of begging. "Go ahead and kill me, as Alistair will if you don't"

"We are doomed," the old nun says to Chad and Whitney.  "I see a world with no goodness…no kindness."  Chad tells Whitney to stop beating herself up over this.  "This is what he does. He finds weak points and digs in. You are too good."  She feels that she is a monster for helping him.

Fancy admits that she doesn't want her grandfather killed but she needs to see the man and maybe that will help her to grow up a little bit if she can face what he has done.  She feels that she is too easily duped perhaps.  "Look what happened with Noah.  I pray that you are wrong Luis, but if you are right then we need to stop my grandfather before he hurts someone else."

JT is tired of Alistair's mumbo jumbo…  Alistair tells him to go ahead and mock but everything in creation is soon to be his, and at that time not even God will be able to stop him.  JT only worries about his own hide.  He reminds Alistair that he might have to turn stool pigeon to save himself.  Alistair reminds him that rotting in prison is a much better option for him or he will regret messing with him.  JT fears Theresa.  Alistair tells that Theresa is only a toy for him.  "With the power that I get from the chalice, there will be thousands of women that will be begging to come to my bed.  JT smiles and wonders if that thing comes in a set.  Alistair swats his hand away.  "It is mine…mine alone and with it I will rule the world…"

Gwen can see that Rome is really the place of eternal love now that she has spent time with Ethan.  "Hey Gwen…I have to ask you…Do you know JT Cornell?  I know that it is crazy but Theresa is sure that you and your mother are connected to this man and I just need to hear from you if there is anything to be concerned about.  Gwen is adamant that she has nothing to do with this man.  Are you sure you never crossed paths with this man?" Gwen says that she is always honest with him.  He knows that but wants her to really think before answering.

She remembers talking to JT and setting up the bail money for him to get out of jail in Rome.

Ethan asks her again if she is sure that he has nothing to do with JT.  Gwen quietly looks around the room.

Theresa hears police cars outside and she looks through the curtains at the confusion below. She tries to focus on the task of finding JT.  "I have to find someone who is still loyal to me at Crane Security."

She hears knocking.

She lets Noah in the room.  She can tell from his face that something is terribly wrong.  "Maya is dead and Lena is dead and …she…I don’t know.  Jessica is missing.  Spike has her.  Spike took her and she could be hurting right now. I have to find her.  I was chasing Lena on the roof and …she is a total criminal, and Maya followed me.  Lena tried to stab me with this long metal pole, and she got struck with a bolt of lightening and she died right there on the spot…that was when it happened.  There was an earthquake.  Maya fell off the roof." Theresa can't believe this news.  "The earthquake knocked Maya off the roof.  I went to help her but it was too late."  Theresa understands the police cars now.  "You loved her?" He did but that was a long time ago in college.  "Fancy is the only one for me now.  I came with Maya to Rome because…I was working for the FBI and so was Maya or so I thought. We came as a couple so that Fancy couldn't get involved."  Theresa understands that he was just protecting Fancy now.  "It was all a hoax though," Noah tells.  "Alistair was behind it all.  Maya was in on it and Spike was in on it too.  Alistair couldn't bear to see his granddaughter with me and he made this plan and pulled it off."  Theresa can tell that Noah doesn't know yet.  "Alistair isn't in a coma.  We think that he is here in Rome."  Noah vows to kill the man himself.  Theresa will do it if she can get to Alistair first."

Jessica still holds the gun on Spike and he tells her to go ahead and shoot him as he will be dead soon anyway.  "You know what is going to happen after I am gone don't you?" Jessica waits.  "Alistair will unleash the evidence that he has against you for the murders and you will get life.  All that evidence that we have been hiding about the murders is going to lead straight back to you.  What are you and those girls anyway?  Charlie's Angels? There is all kinds of evidence that we didn't think of when we were hiding that stuff.  Alistair will do anything to hurt you and everything that you love. You will get the death penalty."  Jessica shouts that she doesn't believe that. 

Whitney feels she is totally to blame for the chalice being stolen and used for evil. Chad and the nun know better.  She was totally used and if good is destroyed forever it will be her fault.   "I hate this."  The nun tries to make her see that she has no control over what happened with all that.  "He chose you for a reason…to help him steal the chalice."  Whitney will never forgive herself and she will kill Alistair if she ever sees him again.

To release the power of the chalice, we need something.  "Follow me," Alistair says.  He and JT walk off.

Luis and Fancy arrive at the doors to the chapel and peek in.  Luis sees the blind monks, and hears their holy chanting.  He and Fancy close the door and step back outside. "This is it," Luis says.  "I recognize it.  This is the chapel where last saw Alistair.

"We are going to need flames to release the power of the candles," Alistair says.  "Follow me…"

Luis and Fancy enter the chapel. The monks continue singing and they see nothing as they are blind.  "It is spooky in here," Fancy says shivering.  Luis tells Fancy that all the monks are blind.  "I was scared of Father Lonnigan when I was a little girl cause he was blind. This is like a horror movie," Fancy says.  Luis is sure that this is where Alistair was hanging out before.  Luis feels that she shouldn’t be there as it is too dangerous for her to be there. He might not like Fancy anymore if she is siding with the enemy. She will not leave. She has to know the truth.  Luis will show it to her then.

"Theresa swears that JT knows you," Ethan says.  Gwen hates being grilled like this.  'Theresa is adamant about this," Ethan says.  Ethan has to wonder why JT tried to kill Theresa earlier.  Gwen is hurt that he is questioning her like this.  "You believe her…you believe her over me." She turns her back on him in the bed.  He tries to talk to her but she will not turn around. He apologizes for asking her about this after she has already said that she isn't lying.  "I can't believe that you would think that I would lie to my husband."  Ethan says that he believes her and will not question her again.

"All that I can think about is Fancy, and killing Alistair for what he has done to us. She will never believe me now.  I have no one to back up my story.  I am such a fool.  I can't believe that I went along with this silly charade."  Theresa knows that Fancy will understand. He isn't so sure.  "The whole world knows that Alistair is a monster and Fancy loves him."  Theresa is in the same boat. "I know that Rebecca and Gwen ruined Ethan's life.  Ethan needs hard proof, so for now, I have been crying wolf and no one will believe me."  She has to find JT or Ethan will look at her as the girl that cried wolf.  "I believe you," Noah says.  "You convinced me a long time ago. They hug.

Jessica tries to explain her position about the murders, but Spike knows that they will make her pay big time for the murders.  "What about that john in the Tsunami?  They will make you pay for that big time.  They will point out your house to people…Your dad is the chief of police…  Your sister will be humiliated.  Fox will leave your sister and her little kid will be ostracized. Who will play with her?" Jessica shouts at him to shut up.  "No…" Spike shakes his head at her.  "It is too late Jessica.  Your family will be destroyed forever.  People will point and whisper.  You will be the killer who got the chair. The murdering prostitute."

"Could you do your best to find them please?"

Noah just called the police asking them to find Jessica and Spike.  He figures that Alistair has paid half of Italy to keep himself hidden.  "Why did you marry Alistair Theresa? Why don't you divorce him?" Theresa can't do that as Little Ethan is his heir and she needs to protect her child's interest.  Noah tells her that a gazillion dollars will not make her happy.  "No one that has ever worked for Crane has found happiness.  She can't do that.  Her plan is to make the company an entity for good, for her son.  She can't let Alistair return to run the company.   "I will help you kill Alistair…  I have no idea though where he could be."  Noah asks about the properties that Crane owns in Rome.  They go to the Crane website to see what they can find out.  They log on the laptop.  Noah types. "There has to be hundreds of charities and properties listed here."  Ninety-nine out of a hundred of the listings are legitimate, but the odd one will be fake.  There is a Crane animal shelter…Wait… This charity takes care of a church for blind monks."  Theresa remembers her brother talking about a place like that.  "Get the address."

Alistair takes JT to the bowels of the church of the blind monks. "It is cold down here," JT complains.  "I need a fire for the inscription to appear."  JT does nothing but complain and so Alistair threatens the man to calm himself and settle down.  He figures that he has nothing to lose at this point.

Alistair grimaces. "You know JT…you could lose your life…"

Chad and the others have to do something about Alistair running amok.

Chad calls Luis and tells him that Alistair has escaped with the chalice. 

"He can't expose that thing to fire or he will unlock the power of the chalice.  He will then rule the world," Chad tells.  "There is no time to explain.  If Alistair unlocks the power of the chalice, he will rule the world."

JT creates a fire as Alistair has asked him to.  "Good…Now we will unleash the power…"

JT quietly tells himself that he is going to need financial assistance if he is going to make it out of there.  He grabs his cellphone.

Ethan and Gwen kiss and make up.  "I love you…you love me, and I love that you came to Rome to see me."  She wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  They now settle in for sleep.

Gwen's phone rings.

"It is JT Cornell…" 

Gwen rushes from bed to a corner in the room.  "What do you want? You had better be out of Rome. "  He tells that he is still there trying to get out.  "You need to leave…things are really heating up here."  JT laughs.  "Sweetheart!  You have no idea!"

He turns to look behind him at Alistair, who has his face as close to the chalice as he can get it without getting it burnt.  The chalice sits in the fire that JT built.

Jessica can't hurt her family anymore than she already has.  "Sorry Jessica.  Alistair will make it look like you did something wrong and you will go to jail, and your dad might too. We can make this go away if you want.  Put the gun down and come with me…"  She will not.  "Okay, then.  It is your choice Jessica…" She puts the gun down suddenly.  Spike takes the gun from her and puts it in his pocket.  He strokes her head. "That is my girl."

Noah worries where Jessica is.  "We have to find Alistair," he says.  Theresa and he move into action. They might as well check out that church instead of waiting.

"We will rule the earth together…" Alistair is talking to the fire…waiting for the fire to bring about his power.

""I am in Loony Tunes land…Send money," JT orders.  "If you want me out of town Gwen, then you will have to send me money!"

Chad and Luis talk about Alistair and all swing into action for whatever is going on at the church.  "Hurry!" Luis tells Chad.

Chad gets Whitney who has removed her wig now and looks like her old self again.  He and Whitney leave the nun now.

The nun goes over to the pontiff and they pray.

Luis and Fancy can smell smoke.  "Oh no," Luis says.  "If Chad is right then there is going to be big trouble.  Alistair needs only fire to destroy the universe. We have to find out where that fire is coming from."  Thunder strikes. "What is that?" Fancy says.  "That is the sound of the beginning of the end of the world," Luis tells.

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