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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Luis worries how he is going to tell Sheridan the truth about Marty.

Luis remembers the fire…replaying it in his mind.

He was burned alive. Fancy is there to comfort him. "He is in heaven now." Luis knows that this news is going to kill Sheridan. "This is my fault. If I had believed Sheridan when she knew that Marty was our son way back when… Then Beth kidnapped him and now he is dead. I thought that Sheridan and I were going to be a family again. I was trying to be strong and I still have to be. She is going to find out that her father had something to do with this too." Fancy doesn't understand. "My grandfather is in a coma and couldn't have done this." Luis tells her the truth. "Alistair is alive and well and he is not at the hospital."

Ethan searches the hall for Crane Security. She can't sit still.

She reenters her suite and tells Ethan that the security men are going to arrive at any minute and tell him what he needs to hear.

Everyone tells Whitney to shoot Alistair. She holds a gun on him. He laughs at her as he knows that she is the 'Innocent One' and couldn't ever kill anyone. She does the unbelievable and shoots. She falls to the ground fainting from what she has just done. Chad helps her up. The body lies limps on the ground. The nun and Paloma go over to the body and stare down at it. "It is unbelievable…" Paloma says.

Paloma reaches for the monk's robe and is astonished to find that there is no body underneath the cloth. He has disappeared. "We are too late!" the nun says. "He has escaped. God allows me to see many things."

Alistair walks through the Vatican in hidden dark areas of the holy place. "No one can stop me now…no one…"

"You always have high hopes Theresa and as always, your hopes will be dashed…" Ethan points out. Theresa knows better.

Someone knocks.

"I told you," Theresa says. "They are here Ethan! Get ready for the truth!"

She runs to the door and opens to…Gwen? "Why hello Theresa!" she says walking in. "Hi honey," Gwen says over Theresa's shoulder to Ethan. She then runs over to him as Theresa watches unhappily. Ethan and Gwen hug and kiss clearly glad to be reunited.

Chad finds where the bullet hit the wall. She missed when she shot at the man. "How could I have been such a fool?" Whitney asks herself.

"You didn't know," Chad tells. Whitney could have made things better but she made them worse. "That monk…Alistair convinced me to sacrifice myself. He could have killed me. Why did he let me live? He was so persuasive. He said that we were always going to be sinners and that one of us had to die. I had to do what he said so that we would be forgiven for our sins Chad. I can't even believe that I believed a strange story like that now that I think about it." Chad sees that she was protecting him and had sacrificed so much. They hug.

The head of Crane Security tells that Gwen was the person that they were bringing up all along and never JT Cornell as Theresa suspected. She orders the man out of the room. He rolls his eyes at her and shrugs his shoulders.

"One call and I was on that jet to get to you," Gwen tells Ethan. Theresa tells that when JT Cornell arrives he will tell the truth about Rebecca and her daughter. Gwen is a little confused over Ethan and Theresa sharing a room. Ethan explains that he was sleeping on the sofa as there were no rooms available. Gwen still finds it funny that he was paired up with Theresa. Ethan says that they have all been in danger. Gwen knows that especially since Sheridan found out that Alistair isn't at the nursing home. Theresa and Ethan make her repeat what she says. "The whole thing is a trick," Gwen says. "He is perfectly fine." Ethan sees that they were all right to think that Alistair was behind this. Gwen agrees. "What does he want from us?"

"My grandfather has nothing to do with this," Fancy says. Luis say that this is the truth. The fake Alistair had a latex mask on and your grandfather is roaming around somewhere. "Sheridan got the doctor to admit what Alistair made him do. He is fine and is terrorizing the rest of us." Fancy is having a hard time accepting this. "I should believe that grandfather is a bad man but I have only experienced kindness from him." Luis won't give her any sympathy as far as that bastard is concerned. "What does my grandfather have to gain by torturing others? Luis has no idea what Alistair is up to but he knows that it can't be good.

Gwen tells how Sheridan discovered the mask that the man was wearing in the nursing home. Ethan feels that they should have known that he wasn't there. "Sheridan saw this with her own two eyes. Alistair is here in Rome and he is lying in wait." Ethan thinks that Gwen should have stayed home. Gwen had to come and be with her husband. "Jane is with the nanny." Theresa can't believe this. Gwen tells her to believe it. "Alistair is alive and kicking and he is going to want you Theresa back in his bed." Theresa would rather be dead.

"What could my grandfather do in secret that he couldn't do in the open? Luis wants Gwen to stretch her mind a bit. "he wants to destroy us all!" Fancy won't believe that. "My Grampy love me," she says. "I need to talk to him." Luis has no idea where her grampy is. Luis hasn't got the answers she needs. Luis feels that if Alistair were in Rome, he would be in disguise…

Luis remembers the day he and Chad saw the monk in the square. Luis felt he recognized that person although his face was hidden from view. Chad and Luis took chase of the man that day but didn't get him.

"Oh no," Luis says. "Alistair is here in Rome…I saw him. I am sure that it was him. Now all that we have to do is find him."

Whitney apologizes to Chad for all that has happened. She feels so responsible for everything that has gone wrong.

Someone comes to the door and knocks. It is the Swiss Guard and Simone goes to let him in.

Simone suddenly does the mark of the cross on her head and chest and moves out of the way. The pope enters the room and all bow. "What has happened here?" he demands to know. Whitney kneels and kisses the man's hand. "Alistair came and appeared to me. He had me believing that he was acting for the church." The pope tells that the lies of the devil are as sweet as honey. "Calm yourself…you are the 'Innocent One'. Where is he now?" The pope is told that the man has disappeared and they see that the chalice has disappeared as well.

Monks pray. It is the blind monks.

Alistair enters the church and realizes that the monks are blind and can't see anything. Alistair holds the chalice in his hand. "The chalice is mine. They should all pray to me as I am a god on earth…" He laughs as he holds up his new toy and shines it with his sleeve in the light.

Ethan decides to make a call to Luis to share some information. He leaves the room.

"ask me if I had a nice flight," Gwen asks. Theresa knows that she is there to stop JT from talking. "you should be afraid Gwen. I am bringing you down bitch…" Gwen finds her gutter talk to be pointless. "you won't be able to find JT anyway as he is long gone by now." Theresa knows that if that were true, she wouldn't be in Rome right now. "I have offered fifty million dollars for JT's whereabouts. "Fifty million Gwen…After that you will be in divorce court."

Alistair tries to blend in with the blind monks. He dons a robe and puts the chalice in front of the faces of the men gloating in the knowledge that they have no idea that he holds the chalice in front of them.

He sits. A hand touches his shoulder.

Alistair has the knowledge of the visitor already. "You," he says without turning around. "I told you never to meet me here…" Alistair slowly gets up and turns now. He comes face to face with JT.

"Oh my God!" JT says horrified. "You are alive?"

The pope gets as much information from the group in the Vatican about Alistair and what he has done. " The chalice must be recovered at all costs," he proclaims.

Theresa warns Gwen that Crane only hires the best so it is only a matter of time until JT is found. Gwen says that it is a good thing that she took steps to protect herself. "You haven't' thought this through have you? Alistair is alive and that means that you don't give the orders anymore." Theresa says that Crane listens to her as they don't know that Alistair is alive. Gwen tells that she told the security man that brought her up that Alistair is alive and so it is only going to be minutes before everyone know about Alistair.

Ethan returns and learns that Theresa is upset that Gwen told the security that Alistair lives.

Theresa goes into the hall and is upset to see that the guard ignored her orders and has left his post in the hall.

Gwen sees that all of a sudden, Theresa has no power at all.

"Alistair was dressed as a monk," Luis says. Fancy wonders if she saw him too.

Luis remembers the monk running in the church that one day. Luis went in after the man.

"I know where to find him. I know where to find Alistair!"

"You are supposed to be half dead," JT says. Alistair tells that he just wanted people to think that. JT tells that he needs a safe place to go as Theresa is after him. "Everywhere that I turn Alistair, Theresa is on me like a bulldog." Alistair gets angry that JT insults his wife. JT apologizes. "Sir…please help me get out of Rome before Theresa finds me." Alistair becomes preoccupied with his chalice for a minute. "JT…I think that I can do anything now."

"I can feel the evil," the nun says. "It is just that I can't see where he is." The pope wants the chalice return to their care. "Before he stole it, he tried to read the inscription but he wasn't able to finish reading it. The pope is happy to hear this. "If this man reads all the words, he could destroy the church forever…"

Paloma and Simone are impressed by the attire of the pope and just can't get over the really snazzy shoes he has on.

The nun tries her best to see where Alistair is but she has trouble. The pope himself hasn't even read the words that the chalice holds as part of his power. "The words give more power than any mortal man could bear and the man will have the strength of god. We need to find him."

"Theresa is looking for me Alistair and you know what it will mean if Theresa finds me," JT says. Alistair smiles. "Before when I was just a mere man, I had to struggle to overwhelm her. Now I won't have to," Alistair says. "I can easily overpower her now. It is going to be exciting having her back in my bed again. Just think of the things that I can make her do now. She will have to obey the commands of a god!"

Theresa gets on the phone planning to call Crane Security. "I am going to prove to you that this woman is a liar…"

"Hello...connect me to Crowley. What do you mean he will not take my call?" She hangs up.

"There is a worldwide email that has gone out about Alistair and no one will listen to me. That means that no one is looking for JT Cornell!"

Ethan worries that Theresa may be in danger now. Gwen tells that she got a room for she and Ethan next door and he wants them to go there. Ethan tells Theresa that he will be next door if she needs him. Gwen says they should leave Theresa as she has to plan something else to deal with her new set of problems. They leave.

Theresa is alone and she plans to fight to get everything back. "I have to."

Luis is heading out and Fancy wants to come. Luis will not let her come. "you still love Alistair…I want to kill the man and I don't think that you want to be there for that. He killed my son… an eye for an eye…a life for a life…" Luis leaves the room now.

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