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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Theresa tells Ethan why she has to keep trying to prove the truth to him.

JT hides in dark places as he tries to avoid Theresa finding him. He knows that Rebecca will pay him big bucks for what he is doing. He looks down at the picture of he and Rebecca in bed and smiles.

Alistair holds a gun on Whitney and the others. "You are the one who came to me in the convent?" she asks. She realizes now that she has been fooled. He admits it. He did all this to rule the world.

Sheridan is on the phone talking to Luis and she has a feeling…a feeling that he has found Marty and is bringing the boy home to her. Luis stays silent.

Miguel is being arrested on the beach. Miguel laughs. Sam assures him that this isn't a joke.

Kay watches from afar and is happy to see that Miguel is in cuffs and being arrested by her dad.

"You were about to have intercourse on the beach Miguel and that is a crime. I got here just in time. I have to take you in." Miguel finds this ridiculous. "No one is around!"

Kay knows that one day Miguel will thank her for this. She huddles in her hiding place.

Siren kisses Miguel's cheek.

Kay tells herself that she is doing this for Miguel's own good and no other selfish reason.

Sheridan waits to hear the words from Luis's mouth that her son is alive and coming home.

He remembers what happened that night. How he and Fancy were there and saw the explosion.

"Sheridan…about Marty…"

Fancy grabs his arm and whispers for him not to tell Sheridan the news yet as it will be too upsetting.

He tells Sheridan that he hasn't gotten Marty yet when she presses him to tell her all that has been happening over there. "I had a dream," Sheridan said. "In my dream, Marty, James and the baby were all together and they were happy. When I woke up I felt the hope in my heart and I knew that it was meant to be."

Luis prays inside that Sheridan will be able to cope with the truth that she has lost Marty.

Sheridan feels that Luis is really going to get the child and bring him home. Her heart just tells her that.

"I want all of you to bear witness to the age of Alistair. Because of you Whitney, I can use my power. Now I can take that power and rule the world with an iron hand." Whitney thought that she was doing her penance. "What have I done?" The nun knows that Whitney was chosen for her innocence. Alistair confirms that the nun is right. "I knew that you would have done anything to seek atonement. You comfort her Chad. You are here now…back in her arms. I used Whitney's need for atonement to create this moment!" Chad tells the man to shut up. Alistair knew that Chad would fly to Rome to save his sister. Paloma and Simone find Alistair a horrible person. "I tricked you two as well. You think that I left my secrets and files in the Book Café for no reason? What about that money that you found? You are all fools. You are easy to manipulate. I brought you all into my web. All but you nun…hunchback… the others were brought here as well. I brought them because with the power of the chalice…I can now vanquish each and everyone of you…I am going to destroy everyone who tried to destroy me!" And with that said, Alistair waves his gun in everyone's face, pretending to pick them off one by one while making fake bullet noises with his mouth…

Siren turns and sees something over Sam's shoulder… Kay jumps out of view quickly.

Kay worries now that she has been seen. Siren refuses a ride back into town with Sam and Miguel. She'll be fine she promises. Miguel apologizes to Fancy for this happening, before being led off.

"There is something fishy about this and it isn't me," Siren says.

Kay sees Miguel being led off and she is thrilled.

"I knew that you were behind this!" THWACK! She slaps Kay and she falls to the ground. "Meddling mortal!"

JT rushes through the town trying to escape Theresa and get lost in the crowd.

Theresa is on the phone ordering the Crane security team to find JT.

Ethan comes out and asks Theresa to take it easy and lighten up. She is on a terrible rampage. He looks at some of the work that Theresa has been doing at Crane and he is impressed. "You have come a long way." She tells him that she is overwhelmed by her job at Crane. He knows that she has no degree and still has been doing a good job. "Fear is a good incentive," she says. "Fear of failing at securing Little Ethan's future and Jane's… It is hard…I don't know what I am doing and I work on instinct. I have no attorney that helps me do my job." He tells her again that he will not work for her. She would make Crane a good company for a change. "I can't keep the triangle of anger alive that is between me, you and Gwen. That just enhances the idea that you and I are going to have a future together."

Kay picks herself up off the ground. She defends what she did. "What you did was against the law." Siren knows that no one would have seen her making love to Miguel. "No kids are out here." Kay says that it doesn't matter. "You can't seduce an unsuspecting mortal." Siren knows that Kay can't stand Miguel being with anyone but you. Michael doesn't buy that you are a mermaid and I know that if he makes love to you, he will never make love to another mortal woman." Siren warns Kay that she had better watch it. "Come and get her boys!"

Kay looks down at her sandals and lobsters are nipping at her feet. Kay does the dance of pain while Siren triumphantly walks off.

"Why did you arrest me Sam? Wait a minute! Kay put you up to this didn't she? Miguel understands all now.

"If it were for me, you wouldn't have a chance at finding out the truth. You love two women Ethan! If you loved Gwen and not me, you wouldn’t be in this triangle."

Luis is tempted to tell Sheridan the truth.

Fancy begs her not to tell her like this.

Sheridan has hopes and Luis doesn't want to dash them.

He knows that he will.

Sheridan tells Luis to be careful as her father is on the loose. He will be careful and he promises to take care of Fancy while in Rome.

"The power will all be mine soon. I will watch my enemies suffer starting with all of you…" Whitney will not allow this to happen. She lunges for Alistair who grabs her about the waist and wags his gun at her head. "Whitney!" Simone shouts out covering her face in fear.

"She cares about you Miguel. Kay begged me to arrest you and keep you here for the night. She was upset and felt that she had to keep you from Siren. Kay is a different girl than when you left with Charity. She wouldn't ask me to do this unless she has a reason." Miguel tells that Kay thinks that Siren is a mermaid and that is the reason that she is doing this.

Theresa says that she has her son to look after and she is protecting what is his. She hasn't got the time or energy to look back. "That is why I am trying to find JT to prove the truth." Ethan can't take JT's word over Gwen's. Theresa says that JT has hard proof. "He has the picture of he and Rebecca in bed and he has the tape recording… Still, if I find JT and he hasn't got the proof, then I am going to stop! That is why I have to find JT and then you can finally be with the woman who is really in your heart. I can then be with the man who has only ever been in my heart and that is you."

JT tries to make his way out of town but he comes upon a dead end.

Whitney gets away from Alistair who turns his head to check on the fire and how his chalice is doing.

Chad runs to Alistair to keep him from the chalice but Alistair already has received some of the power and he easily picks Chad up by the throat and dashes him high into the air… He comes crashing to the ground hard. Alistair plans to finish them all off now. "Not if I can kill you first!" Whitney says. Alistair turns to find Whitney holding the gun on him. He had dropped it when being confronted by Chad…

Miguel tells that Kay thinks that if he makes love to a mermaid like Siren, then he won't be able to make love to another woman again.

Siren arrives to see how Miguel is doing. They kiss.

Sam has to wonder if Siren really is a mermaid.

"I will let you kids have a few moments alone and then you will have to leave Siren.

Kay hugs her father when he comes to the main room of the station. "Thank you." Sam tells him what Miguel just said about her thinking that Siren is a mermaid. "I don't think it dad, I know it!"

Luis tells Sheridan to rest up and take care of her baby. She can't wait to see him. "I love you Sheridan." She looks around the room and then she says. "I love you too."

Luis tells Fancy that Sheridan told him to give Marty a big hug when he finds him. Fancy can't guess what he must be going through.

Miguel and Siren kiss through the bars. She can't believe that their first time was interrupted like it was. Next time they will go somewhere private so that they can make love repeatedly…

"You made me arrest Miguel because you think that Siren is a mermaid? That is insane Kay!" Kay reminds him of all the goofy things that have happened in this town. Sam has to admit that there are strange things that he has seen. "I am sure of this," Kay says. "If she makes love to Miguel, then the mermaid's curse will come down on Miguel." Sam decides to take Kay at her word but feels that something else is really going on here. "You should reexamine your feelings for Miguel before marrying Fox."

"What if JT is a lost cause?" Theresa says. "Nothing has changed in the last six years and nothing else will make you believe me but finding JT."

The phone rings. "Absolutely!"

"Ethan! Crane Security has JT and they are bringing him up her to prove to you that I am telling the truth."

Luis looks out the window at the storm.

Fancy brings him a drink to take the edge off. He sips. "I am not really good at whatever it is that you should do at a time like this but I will try if you tell me." He finds her very sweet but there is nothing that she or anyone else can do to help him. "I came to Rome to find my son and I have failed. I lost him…It is my fault that he died. Maybe if I hadn't been chasing that cab, it wouldn't have crashed. I am saying what Sheridan is going to say when she hears what happened. Twice… Sheridan doesn't deserve this." Fancy knows that he doesn't deserve this either. He aches for them both. It is a family that will never be. "Sheridan had a dream that all of us were back together again, but it was only a dream. I lost our son and I lost Sheridan." Fancy sits closer to him now and puts her head on his shoulder.

"Get away from the chalice or I will kill you!" Whitney shouts. Alistair dares her. "You are the innocent one…weak…" Alistair taunts. "I will not let you win Alistair. I will not let you destroy us." BANG!

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