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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Siren apologizes for rubbing Kay the wrong way but Miguel knows that it isn't her fault and that Kay has gone too far.

Miguel turns his back and Siren grabs a crab in the sand and gobbles it up. He hears the crackling of the shell in her mouth, and sees her chewing. "What are you eating?" She tells that she had some hard candy and ate it. He offers to take her to an all night diner but food isn't what she is after. She pulls him to her, kissing him madly, like he is the last man on earth.

Fox has Kay in the house now and finds Kay ridiculous for suggesting that Siren is a mermaid.

Sam and Ivy arrive and they greet the young couple.

Ivy thinks how her son needs better than Kay to be with for the rest of her life, and she will see that he gets it.

Noah and Jessica are being tortured. Lena holds a gun on the kids while revealing that Alistair is involved in this.

Alistair is receiving the power that will allow him to rule the world. Whitney is behind him believing everything that the monk tells her he is doing.

Chad shouts to Whitney that the monk is lying to her and that he is really evil. The nun tells her that this will doom the world if she allows it to happen. "Whitney please! Unlock the door. " She will not. "I am saving your soul and mine!"

"The power of the chalice will soon be mine," Alistair says… He hovers over the fire which is the key to unleashing the magic of the chalice.

Pilar comes to see Sheridan who is playing with James. Pilar says that she tried calling Luis and the others in Rome but she keeps getting voicemail.

Luis and Fancy are on the side of the road watching the fire and feeling helpless to do anything. Luis still wants to go and get Marty but Fancy makes him understand that Beth and Marty are gone. Luis breaks down. "Oh god!"

Noah learns that Alistair is the one that set this whole thing up. Lena tells him that he is head of all that has happened. He did this to Noah to keep him away from Fancy. Maya tells that Alistair knew that Noah would leave his granddaughter if her life were in trouble from being with him. Maya wants Noah to understand why she did this but Noah tells her to go to hell. "They blew up my mother's restaurant to make a point." Lena didn't like the food there anyway." Lena wants to kill Noah now, but Jessica insists on being killed first."

Alistair is focused on the chalice and the power being downloaded to him from it. He feels stronger already and he laughs like a demon now…

The nun knows that this will cause the end of all days for good if this 'Deceiver' gets his way. "Oh the power has started."

Alistair can see that soon everyone will be at his mercy, and he can't wait. He is changing…There is a colorful aura all over the room that settles on everything.

Paloma and Simone have picked the lock to the door and they are ready to burst in now.

Alistair is starting to see the secrets of the church as they are being revealed to him.

Chad and the others burst into the room and try to overpower Alistair. Chad ends up in a wrestling move with Alistair and they fight as the women watch.

Pilar and Sheridan talk and decide that they need news on what is going on in Europe. Pilar takes James out to play while Sheridan makes a call.

She asks the hotel to ring Fancy's suite but there is no answer.

All stand by Luis and Fancy while the fire roars.

Fancy tells the police what happened. "The driver got out but was badly burned." The police see that Luis and Fancy were not safely driving the motorbike. "I couldn't save my own son," Luis says. The police are sorry about his loss.

Luis realizes that he has lost his son and Sheridan. "I have lost everything."

Sam wants Ivy to tell the kids about the wedding plans that she has. Ivy gets her notebooks and shows the food ideas that she has… Kay isn't interested and her father picks up on that. "You don’t seem too excited about the wedding." Kay says that she wants a drink from the kitchen and takes her father with her.

Fox tells that Kay is upset about Siren and how she isn't right for Miguel. Fox doesn't understand the feelings of protection that Kay has for Miguel. Ivy sees that Kay might want Miguel for herself.

Kay asks her father to have Miguel arrested so that he will spend the night in jail by himself.

Miguel doesn't like the smell of Siren's breath and he asks her not to eat anything more that night. She wants him to be with her on the beach but he feels that they should go back to the house.

Maya gets in front of Noah and Jessica and refuses to let Lena shoot them. Jessica fights too much and Spike knocks her out with a hard hit to the head.

He walks Jessica out of the room.

Lena is ready to kill Noah and Jessica now. Noah flies from his chair although he is bound and he lunges at Lena and they fight while Jessica is off to the side.

Chad fights with the monk. The old man slaps him around quite easily but he never gives up. "I will never stop fighting for the chalice!" the monk says. Paloma recognizes something strange about that voice. "It doesn’t sound human…it sounds possessed." Chad has an idea. He grabs some water in the room and throws it on the fire. The fire goes out and Chad is happy as that stops the power of the chalice…"The secrets of the church are safe!" Alistair isn't finished yet. He still tries to overpower Chad…

All are happy in the room.

The monk tries to start the fire again.

The nun worries that the magic will start again soon and all will be lost.

Alistair gets the fire started again and tries to start the power of the chalice that will make him a god.

Jessica is unconscious in a room. She wakes.

"You are at the end of the line Jessica," Spike says. "I have no choice now Jessica. You don't deserve this but I got to do this." He points the gun at Jessica's face. "Goodbye Jessica…. I am sorry to see you go."

Lena and Noah fight to the death. Maya watches. Lena runs from the room and Noah follows.

Maya wants him to stop as Lena doesn't need a gun to kill him.

Lena escapes.

Noah and Maya arrive and decide that Lena has taken the stairs.

Lena ends up cornered with nowhere else to go. She finds a heavy pointed metal object like a spear. "I will kill Maya and Noah…"

Luis and Fancy arrive back at the hotel.

Someone is calling but Fancy knows that they can call back later. They ignore the ringing.

"My son is gone. How can I tell Sheridan? How can I tell her that her son is lost forever?" Fancy leaves the room to get more ice.

The phone rings again.

Luis answers now to Sheridan. "Oh Luis…I went to the home to check on father. Have you found Marty yet?"

Luis has a flashback to the crash where Marty was killed.

"Luis? Have you found Marty yet?"

Spike tries to kill Jessica but he can't. He lowers the gun. "I can't kill you." She thanks him. "I am supposed to be tough but you see, you are more trouble than ever. I never wanted to hurt you but Alistair made me do it." Jessica knows that the man is evil and has seen him do many terrible things. "This is why you make me nuts Jessica. I put you through a lot and you are still so nice to me… So forgiving. I was doing a job but …I don't know. I never felt the way that I feel for you…" Jessica hated turning tricks but she loved making love to him. She thought they had something. "Call me crazy but even after all the grief that Alistair put us through…I could still see us together." Spike finds her amazing. She finds him amazing. They kiss.

She thinks in her mind now how she will get the gun from him.

Noah and Maya are in her reach but when Lena swings her weapon, she misses. She still advances to try to kill these two again.

Fox has some things in the car for his mother and he goes to get them.

Ivy sees that all isn't well with Kay and Fox and she wonders why.

Kay explains that she has to show Miguel that this girl that he is with isn't worth it. "He has to be arrested dad…" Sam can't do that. He hasn't got just cause. Kay asks when sex is considered illegal. "I know…arrest Siren for solicitation." Sam finds that silly. Kay knows that this girl can ruin Miguel's life. Sam can't intervene. "She isn't right for him dad!" Sam asks who Miguel should be with then. "You?" Kay says that she is with Fox and looking out for Miguel as a friend. Sam hears something different. "You sound like you are still in love with Miguel."

Miguel doesn't want to make love to Siren this night. Things just are not right for them right now. She worries that there will never be a time when they will be alone and away from Kay to make love. "I am my own man," he assures. She wants him to show her that he is his own man. "Make love to me on this beautiful beach. Show me Miguel." They kiss.

"The ancient text will appear at any moment and then the power will be mine!" Chad and the others tell Whitney to see the truth but she can't.

A purple thunderbolt appears and the room is shaken. The power is starting again.

Lena puts up her metal rod to impale Noah and Maya and the purple thunderbolt strikes her dead with electricity. Lena falls broken to the ground.

Noah is free now. "Maya I need you to talk to Fancy." She won't as her family will be killed.

Sheridan can tell by the sound of Luis's voice that he hasn't found Marty yet. "I checked and my father isn't here. He could be there in Rome." Luis feels that if Alistair is there then that explains a lot.

Fancy returns and learns that Luis is talking to Sheridan. She looks out the window and sees a terrible storm is coming. "The clouds out there…They are not normal."

Luis tells Sheridan that something strange is going on with the weather. Sheridan hopes that whatever is happening will not affect Marty.

Fox brings his mother the information from his car for the florist that she might want to use for the wedding. He apologizes for before when he snapped at her.

Ivy can't let her son marry that woman.

Kay begs her father to arrest Miguel and stop him from making the huge mistake.

Miguel and Siren are on the beach and they are getting ready to make love.

Jessica and Spike are hugging and she makes her move. She gets the gun and holds it on Spike. He is genuinely hurt. "Jessica?"

Noah begs Maya to help him. She wants to but can't. She loves him so much…Maybe she can help she decides. She walks to Noah to take his hand. The tremors from the chalice shakes the balcony they are on and she falls backward breaking through the banister.

The monk and the others debate whether he is evil or not.

Suddenly Alistair removes his hood and reveals his true self. "Alistair!"

Luis and Fancy can't understand what is going on here. "Why is the weather so bad. They can feel the hotel shaking around them." Sheridan is panicky and wants to know what is going on. Luis can barely hear her. "We will be home soon Sheridan!" he says.

"We? He said 'we'. That must mean that he has Marty and is bringing him home to me," Sheridan surmises.

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