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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Lena holds her gun on Noah and Jessica. Noah sees that Lena and Spike must be working together. She admits it. "The man that got shot…I was his mentor and he turned on me. Another one of my associates can answer your questions better."

Maya enters the room. "I am sorry Noah. I am so sorry."

"Siren can't be a mermaid," Fox says. They find Miguel and Siren kissing on the beach. Kay says that Miguel's life is ruined. "It is true. If a man makes love to the mermaid…his life is ruined."

'The Chalice is mine," the monk says. Whitney is stunned. She thought that she was doing this for the church. The monk says that he is doing this for the church.

The nun along with Chad, Paloma and Simone arrive at the door. "All is lost," the nun says. "We are doomed."

Chad goes to the door and shouts for Whitney to come out.

Whitney hears Chad and starts going to the door. "No!" the monk shouts. "They are evil and will hurt the church."

"I need you to help me with Ethan…JT!"

JT is on top of the construction site in the process of pushing a heavy stone ornament from above.

Ethan sees what is happening and he rushes to Theresa's aid to move her from danger.

JT is ready and he uses his feet to finally push the stone ornament over the edge.

Ethan gets to Theresa just in time to knock her out of the way. She falls hard but isn't hit by the heavy piece of decorative stone. Ethan is the one who is hit and immediately rendered unconscious.

JT sees what he has done and he panics. "Rebecca is going to kill me when she hears that I have injured Ethan instead of Theresa."

Theresa runs to Ethan now, kneeling over him, trying to revive him. "Ethan! Wake up! Ethan!"

"You are working with them?" Maya hasn't time to answer. Lena says that Jessica has to die. Spike goes to get her and punches Noah in the process. Spike holds Jessica. "I have my orders," Lena says.

Kay is crying over Miguel making love to Siren. "You don't understand Fox." He says that she has been fed a lot of crap about mermaids and she is overdoing it. Fox tells Kay to come and leave the couple. Kay will not go. "Miguel! Stop! She is a mermaid! Miguel!" Kay fights to get away from Fox to warn Miguel.

Miguel and Siren stop kissing. "Is that Kay?" Miguel asks.

"Damn you Kay!" Siren says under her breath.

Chad shouts at Whitney to come out and not listen to whoever is in there with her.

The nun knows there is a key that will open the door and she rushes off to find it.

Whitney asks the monk why her friends feel that he is evil. The monk does his fancy talk, asking Whitney to help him no matter what.

"JT you bastard! If you have killed Ethan I will hunt you done and kill you." JT shouts that Rebecca and Gwen threatened him and he had to do this. She doesn’t care. She will make him pay.

JT watches as Theresa tends to Ethan who hasn’t moved since being hit. "First Rebecca and Gwen and now Theresa? I am getting the hell out of here," he says running off.

Luis and Fancy are chasing Beth and Marty who are in a cab trying to escape being discovered. The car races… There is a mother in the street and she is about to be hit. Both Luis and the cab driver manage to swerve around her and her baby carriage without touching a hair on her head. When coming out of the swerve, Luis manages to manipulate his vehicle to a safe stop, but the cab flies into a wall immediately exploding.

Luis jumps from his bike and rushes to the explosion. Fancy stays back. Luis braves the flames and goes up to the car to claim his son. A sudden burst of fire flies out of the charred car. "Luis!" Fancy cries, but no one answers.

Kay runs over and drags Miguel from Siren. "Have you made love to her yet?" He feels that is none of her business but Miguel confirms that they have done nothing yet. "She is a mermaid," Kay says. "How could you know that" Miguel asks.

She remembers all that Tabitha had told her.

She looks around now not sure what to say next.

Theresa cries over her true love. "Don't leave me…please?"

Ethan stirs. "Theresa?" Theresa covers his lips with hers.

"Whitney!" Chad shouts.

The monk tells Whitney that she can't listen to him and do what he says.

"Whitney!" Chad shouts. "Let me in!"

"You must continue to fight evil!" the monk says. Whitney decides that she will do as the monk says. The monk takes out a gun. "What are you going to do with that?" she asks. "I must protect the chalice," the monk says.

Luis rushes to the cab to try to see if he can help. He gets the door open. The cab driver comes out afire from head to toe. He dances in the night as Fancy watches horrified. Luis rushes to a place nearby where there are blankets hanging and he grabs some, rushing to the burning man.

Others come to help now, and they walk the cab driver off. Fancy rushes to Luis. "I have to get Marty out of there," Luis says. Fancy can't see how he will do it. Luis rushes to the car again.

Noah begs for his sister's life but Lena will not allow that. "Get her out of here Spike!" she orders. Noah flies into action, knocking the gun out of Lena's hand and rushing to Spike to pummel him with fists. Luis gets the gun again and holds it at Noah's back as he beat Spike with a vengeance.

All would like to know how Kay has come to the conclusion that Siren is a mermaid.

She remembers what Tabitha said but she can't say how Tabitha knows.

"She had a tail, she can swim like a fish…She eats lobster in the shell…" Miguel and Fox don't buy any of it. "I need to talk to you alone Siren." They walk off.

Michael vents at Fox over the way that Kay has been acting.

"Tabitha told me all about you," Kay says. "Damn that witch!" Siren says. "Ah so you do know the secrets and you are a mermaid!" Siren doesn't care if she knows. She can't say anything without revealing that she knows that Tabitha is a witch as well, and that she used witchcraft to get Miguel to sleep with her in the first place. Kay begs Siren not to make love to Miguel. Siren will do as she wishes.

Ethan pushes Theresa off him. "Don't kiss me." She understands that he has to be faithful no matter what. She makes sure that he is okay and then she starts rushing off. "You don't have to do that. You don't have to go and find JT." Theresa wonders if he finally believes her.

Chad shouts at the door but Whitney will not open it.

The nun returns with the key. Chad starts trying to get in.

Whitney begs the monk not to use the gun. He can't promise that.

Whitney goes to the window and shouts for Chad and the others not to come in. He will not listen to her. He has to get in there. "Please Chad! Please!" Whitney and the monk are behind a window with fancy gold diagonal bars on it. Once inside the door, Chad and the others will have to get through the bars as well.

The monk has his gun poised and ready to strike. Whitney begs him to put it away but he is bent on protecting the chalice at any cost.

The outer door flies open and Chad and the others burst in. Whitney is behind the window and she stares at the intruders quietly.

Fox apologizes to Miguel for Kay's behavior. "When she gets something in her head, she can't let go. She is just being protective of you. You are Maria's father and she cares for you. Maybe she has an intuition about Siren. Maybe Siren isn't the right woman for you." Miguel will not allow Kay to choose a woman for him.

He goes to Siren and Kay and tells Siren that he has to talk to Kay. Siren leaves. Miguel starts in on Kay. She stops his ranting. "Remember when that huge fireball came from the sky? Then we saw blood dripping from the wall… What about the demons from hell? What about the house getting sucked into the ground? Now with all of that…why can't you believe that Siren is a mermaid?" Miguel has to wonder now.

Ethan will accept that Theresa thinks that she is telling the truth. She declares that she is telling the truth. "What if I can prove to you that Rebecca and JT were lovers?" That doesn't matter to him. That doesn't prove to him that Rebecca and Gwen tried to ruin his life. "Why don't you just stop saying this once and for all?" Theresa walks off to find JT.

Chad and the others can see Whitney. Paloma and Simone are stunned by the way that she looks. The monk orders Chad to lock the door and give the key to him. Chad does as he is told. He passes the key to the monk. He gives the gun to Whitney and orders her to watch the others. The nun sees that the monk is making a fire. "No! Don't let him do that! If he make-a di fire…If he put di chalice in it! All the secrets of the church will be revealed!" Whitney turns to look at the monk now. "Moo-ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!" The monk works diligently but laughs like the devil.

Out on the street, Luis works to get his son out of the burning car. Fancy watches from the sidelines. She gets on her phone.

In fluent Italian she calls for help and tells where they are. She hangs up and turns again to the car.

Luis has the door open and he reaches in it but something goes wrong. His sleeve is on fire. Fancy sees the trouble and shouts to him. "Luis!" He is on fire. His sleeve is burning! "Luis!" she cries. Suddenly, the car explodes. There is such a fire that she can't see anything…not even Luis.

Noah fights and fights and Spike can't get a leg up. Jessica cries. Noah shouts for her to run but she can't. Lena won't let her. Suddenly, Noah is hit over the head with a vase. He is knocked out cold. Spike thanks Lena for that. He was starting to wonder about her being on his side for a moment.

Kay tells Miguel why he can't be with Siren. He listens for a while and then he realizes how silly Kay is sounding. "I lost Charity…I lost you…Maybe Siren is the one for me." She sincerely doubts that. "Are you saying that there is a chance for you and me?" he asks.

Chad and the others watch the scene from where they stand. Paloma and Simone can't understand what is going on.

Paloma and Simone decide to pick the lock to enter the area where Whitney and the monk are holed up. They get on their knees and crawl to the lock and start picking at it.

"I will not give up," Theresa says. "My only chance to be with you is to find JT. Why didn't I think of this earlier? Crane Security! I am powerful!"

Theresa calls the head of security and tells him to get the entire Crane security to search for JT worldwide. "Go to everyone and let them know that I will pay 50 million dollars to anyone who finds JT for me."

Luis is blown back from the burning car now. He lays on his back and watches the fire. "Marty? Marty?" He tries to get up to go to his boy again but Fancy holds him back this time. "You can't go to him now Luis," she sobs. "It is too late." Luis just stares at the flames.

"Are you saying that there is a chance for us to be together?" Kay says that she is only saying that he is a really good friend. Miguel appreciates that but reminds her that she is engaged to Fox and he needs someone special in his life. "Siren is special to me," he says. He walks off now with Siren.

"Miguel wait!" Kay calls. Fox holds her from following he and Siren.

Noah is tied up. Spike holds Jessica back. Luis backhands Noah as he sits. She now points her gun at him ready to end his miserable life.

Ethan finds Theresa over the top offering 50 million for JT Cornell. "I would pay 100 million for JT Cornell," Theresa says.

The monk gets closer and closer to his goal. The nun knows the danger. The fire is set.

"I almost have the lock open," Simone says.

The monk cackles evilly as he takes the chalice to the fire and kneels. As he nears the flames a great…evil wind picks up and all are affected by it when it blows through them.

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