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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox doesn't believe that Siren is a mermaid. Kay believes it and she knows that it is true. "If Miguel sleeps with Siren he will not be able to make love to a mortal woman again.

Miguel and Siren are kissing on the beach but Miguel feels something wet and squishy on him and it is making things unbearable.

Siren is turning into a mermaid and Miguel hasn't noticed yet. Her fin has appeared and that is what is brushing up against Miguel's legs.

Noah and Jessica are bringing Spike to Lena's hotel room and they stand now in preparation of heading out.

Noah calls Lena to tell her that he is on the way with her partner's killer.

Lena awaits Noah's arrival and knows that it will be something indeed. She takes a snapshot of Noah that she has and puts it on the table in front of her.

The nun tells Chad along with Paloma and Simone that they have to get to the 'Innocent One' who is in grave danger as they speak. They all follow the nun…

The monk is very persistent that Whitney figure out how to get the chalice. "Maybe you just reached for the chalice too quickly and that is why you got burned," Whitney suggests. "Try getting the chalice slowly."

Beth is alone and she doesn't have Luis but she did manage to kill Fancy and that makes her very happy.

Luis tends to Fancy who is out cold or dying from the poison. He can't wait for the ambulance to find out how badly she is hurt. He has to get the poison out. "Get me some milk!"

Ethan and Theresa look up at JT and she offers the man ten million dollars to tell the truth.

Rebecca and Gwen hear what is going on through the phone and they panic. JT is going to sell them out.

"Okay!" JT says. "Theresa had nothing to do with that tabloid message. It was all Rebecca and Gwen."

Theresa turns to Ethan now. "Did you hear? It wasn't me. It was Rebecca and Gwen. You wouldn't have ever left me…"

Gwen has a meltdown in the Bed & Breakfast. "You swore mother that JT wouldn’t ever let us down and tell the truth. Now he has done it and I am going to lose my marriage to Ethan forever!"

Noah tells Jessica that Spike is responsible for some terrible things that have been going on.

As Noah talks with Jessica, Spike works on his ropes to loosen them.

Noah tells the story of Maya and he and how they got involved in some murder that happened. "I was made an offer that I couldn’t refuse. This woman threatened our lives and the FBI got involved.

Spike loosens his ropes and taps Noah on the shoulder.

Noah turns and is punched in the face. He is knocked off balance. Spike runs off and Noah gets up and follows.

Beth tells Marty that they are going to go on a little trip.

The nanny comes to tell Fancy that the cab is there for them to leave now.

Luis and Fancy wait for the medics to arrive.

When they do, Fancy says that she is sure that she is fine and doesn't need to go to the hospital. The medics leave.

Fancy worries now about getting Beth. "Because of me, you have found and lost Beth already twice." Luis knows that Beth is gone and that he probably won't get her now. Fancy wants to at least try. She walks off alone. Luis follows.

"I lost him…I lost Ethan to Theresa…" Rebecca really thought that they could wriggle out of this. Gwen blames her mother for this happening. "I never should have listened to you. I hate you." Rebecca tells her daughter to stop this moaning and groaning about the situation. "Ethan knows that I lied and he is going to hate me now."

Rebecca grabs the phone shouting at JT that he is going to need that ten million dollars to get reconstructive surgery when she gets her hands on him.

Theresa sees that Ethan is in shock. "You just learned that your wife has lied to you all these years. You are upset." Ethan admits that he is upset. "I can't believe that you would think that I would believe this man about Rebecca and Gwen…"

Fox tells Kay that Siren was only joking when she dressed as a mermaid earlier. Kay tells that wasn't fake.

Miguel and Siren are on the beach now kissing still and Siren can't get enough of him. She is almost too much for Miguel to handle.

Chad, Paloma and Simone search for Whitney in the Vatican.

Guards appear and grab the trio. Chad tells that they are not the ones who are the troublemakers. It is someone else who they need to find.

The monk and Whitney try again to get the chalice but Alistair's fingers are burned and he is shocked extensively.

Rebecca gives JT the business now. She threatens him…

He looks over the edge of the platform that he is standing on. "Something is wrong. She isn't happy. He might not believe her."

Rebecca tells Gwen the great news and they have reason to hope again.

"You don't believe me?" Theresa says. Ethan needs more proof than JT. "I don't think that Gwen would do this. I just don't believe it."

Luis and Fancy are out walking the streets searching for Beth. Fancy feels that Beth is going to take off so they need to look for a woman with a little boy.

Suddenly, they see Beth with Marty in her arms running to a cab. "Hey!" Luis says. "That's them!"

"Hey wait!" Luis shouts as he and Fancy run in Beth's direction.

Beth sees the duo coming for her and she freezes in her tracks not sure what move to make next.

Noah and Jessica chase Spike and finally Noah overpowers the man and takes his knife from him.

Jessica grabs Noah's phone and dials. She holds the phone so that Noah can talk and hold Spike at the same time. Noah talks to Lena.

"I thought you were coming," she says. Noah tells that he is still on his way.

She hangs up knowing that after this night, no one will see him again.

Theresa says that there has to be a picture or a phone call that they can rig to show that Rebecca and Gwen did this. "This is why we are not married and this has kept us from being together. This whole thing has been one horrible mistake."

Theresa walks off now shouting for JT.

JT hides in the rubble of the construction yard. He sees that Theresa is trying to find him. He tells that Ethan doesn't believe what Theresa is saying. Rebecca tells JT to stop Theresa. "You are a very smart guy, so just figure this out." She hangs up.

JT can see that Rebecca means business this time. He looks around for something to help him get away from Theresa.

Beth quickly realizes that she has to get moving before Luis and Fancy catch up to her. She gets in the cab and makes it out of there before Luis and Fancy can catch her. The cab screeches into action and down the street.

Luis and Fancy run back a few feet. They see a motorcycle and hop aboard. Luis asks her what she is doing but she isn't going to get off the bike and so he moves into action with Fancy holding on to him for dear life.

Beth is in the car and she sees the love of her life advancing with that blonde bimbo in tow, so she tells the cab driver to floor it.

Kay keeps trying to drive her point home about Siren. "Mermaids are notoriously fickle and they forget about the men they said they love. I will not let that happen to Miguel. I have to find them."

Michael begs Siren to get off him so that they can see what is slopping all over his legs. "It is getting me wet!"

Siren's legs morph back into legs. She relaxes. "Make love to me Miguel." They starts passionately kissing again.

The nun arrives and tells the guards that Chad and the others are not the ones they have to be concerned about. "Let them go now! The church is in danger." Chad and the girls walk off.

"I should have that chalice in my hand by now," Alistair says. Whitney says they should try again but this time use the keypad first and then the key. Whitney does the motions. The monk is skeptical but Whitney tells him to give this a chance. "For you sake, it had better work this time," the monk says. The monk goes to the chalice and this time he is able to hold it easily without any pain.

As he stands with the blessed item in his hand, Whitney smiles. Sparks of light fly off the chalice, and soon the sparks are dancing off the monk's body as well. The room glows red and Alistair smiles. "I have it! I have the chalice!"

Theresa keeps looking for JT. "Ethan didn't believe your confession about Rebecca and Gwen.

JT climbs ever higher to escape the terminator Theresa.

She sees him now as he is on the ground as she calls to him. "I promise you that I will give you the 10 million dollars after you get Ethan to believe you. I am telling the truth and you know that." He tells that he did his part and now she has to pay.

Ethan walks up and sees that Theresa has found the man. She is on the ground while JT is above her high in the air. He sees JT grab a heavy ornament and try to roll it to the edge of the platform.

"Theresa!" Ethan calls out. "Get away from there."

Noah brings Spike to Lena she holds her gun on him. Noah continues to hold the knife on Spike as they all stand with Jessica behind her brother. Noah wants this over and done with now. "I want to get back to my life. Just put this guy away forever."

In the streets of Rome, Beth still tries to make her escape with Marty. The cab bends and weaves as it travels quickly through.

Luis and Fancy follow the cab not letting it out of their sight.

Fox follows Kay as she tries to find Miguel and Siren. She promises to prove that Siren is a mermaid.

She goes out back and sees Miguel and Siren kissing. "Oh no!"

Noah and Jessica start leaving and Lena stops him with her gun. She goes over to Spike and stands beside him. "All isn't what it seems. Spike and I are associates, if not friends. I will let you figure it out…"

"This is like a dream come true," Gwen says. "She still will never stop though." Rebecca knows that as long as Theresa is breathing, Theresa will never stop.

The nun and the others stop walking. The nun has a sense…

They look at a door nearby and they see sparks shooting out from underneath the door. "The chalice," the nun says. "They have the chalice… We must hurry…"

In the room, Alistair is receiving the power that the chalice gives. The room is a bright yellow light as the power is downloaded. Whitney is in the corner getting afraid. The monk is acting so strange.

"Don't get closer to him!" Ethan shouts trying to make his way over to Theresa before JT can push the heavy stone ornament over the edge of the platform and down on Theresa.

Theresa doesn't pay attention to Ethan. She is right under JT now.

JT is preparing to rid himself of this woman… He uses his feet to push the ornament to the edge of the platform…one final kick and…the dead weight is over the top.

Theresa happens to be looking up when the stone decoration comes careening over the edges…."AAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Theresa lets out a blood-curdling scream and throws her arms over her head to save herself.

Meanwhile, back in town, Beth still has the cab going ridiculously fast and the danger is eminent. Beth sees a woman with a baby carriage up ahead. Her eyes go big as saucers.

Luis and Fancy are almost upon the cab now and they too see the woman and carriage. At the last moment, both the cab driver and Luis make wise decisions and they separate, so that the woman with the carriage doesn't have to move at all to avoid being hurt. She only has to stay where she is. Luis moves to the left of her, and the cab driver moves to the right… Luis comes out of his turn, and he and Fancy are safe…

The cab, however, is unable to straighten out and drive straight after avoiding hitting the woman and the car goes straight into a wall to the right of the street.

Luis and Fancy stop immediately to avoid crashing too. KA-POW! The cab suddenly explodes into an inferno of flames that mushrooms to the sky.

Luis and Fancy stare at the blackened car. "Marty!" Luis shouts.

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