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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox looks at the shots of Siren with the tail.

Kay arrives asking where Miguel is. Fox sits alone now. He tells that Miguel and Siren went off. Kay is freaking out. She doesn't want to see the pictures of the mermaid tail. She has to stop Miguel from making love to Siren.

Siren begs Miguel to make love to her. He knows a place on the beach where they can be alone. She rips his shirt off. He can't fight the desire.

Noah lies unconscious on the floor as Spike tortures Jessica. He holds a knife to her throat. "No one is going to save you this time," he tells.

The monk and Whitney rush to get the chalice now that they have an idea of how to stop the alarm from going off. He pushes her. She wonders why he treats her like she doesn't care about the church like he does. She rushes off.

Alistair stands back anxious to become the most powerful man in the world. It will all happen for him in just a few minutes.

Paloma and Simone put the pieces of the picture back together.

Chad arrives and sees what the girls are up to. He knows that this has to do with the control that someone has over Whitney.

JT Cornell is outside and he calls Rebecca's number.

Gwen answers and JT orders her to get Rebecca on the phone. He tells that Theresa is on his tail. He was supposed to leave the country but took too long to do it.

"mother get up! It is JT!"

Theresa runs through the square trying to find JT.

Ethan follows her trying to get her to return to the gallery. She will not go back now. "Thais is for our future." She runs off and he follows her.

Luis holds Beth by the neck and orders to know where his son is. "it is too late for Fancy." She shows Luis her ring. He doesn't cares about the damn ring. Beth says that she only wants Fancy to enjoy her champagne.

Luis turns to see Fancy with the glass of champagne in her hand as she talks to the waiter.

Luis turns his attention back to Fancy now. "What's going on? What is in that ring of yours?" he asks. "Is it poison?"

Luis sees Fancy is about to have a drink now.

"Fancy! Fancy!" he shouts.

The monk and Whitney try their best to get into the quarters.

A guard is alerted and he starts running in their direction.

"Hurry!" The monk shouts. They start running.

Chad and the girls try to piece together the painting's pieces and what it means.

Spike tortures Jessica at knifepoint.

Noah starts waking up.

He sees Jessica is in trouble and he gets up and starts punching Spike hard in the face for hurting his sister.

Gwen is angry that JT Cornell is still in Italy. "You were supposed to leave." He didn’t get the chance to. She order him out of town now.

He hangs up and runs off.

Theresa keeps walking while Ethan follows. She has to do this to bring the truth to him. He won't believe her as Gwen is his wife and he trusts her. "This is my final chance to get you back Ethan and I will not waste it." She walks off.

"When is this going to end?" Ethan asks himself.

Luis calls to Fancy but she has taken a drink of the tainted champagne. He rushes to her now to stop her from drinking more. He lunges for her and ends up falling on her. She hits her head.

Beth takes this chance to escape from Luis once again. she rushes out of there.

Luis looks down on Fancy. He calls to her but she is unconscious…or worse…

Luis calls for an ambulance.

Fancy starts stirring. She turns to look up and her vision is blurry. She sees a man over her and dark hair. She starts kissing Luis and moaning.

Kay is frantic that Miguel is going to have sex with Siren.

She remembers what Tabitha told her privately. If Miguel makes love to Siren, he will not be able to make love to a mortal woman again.

"Okay Kay, so why can't Miguel make love to Siren?" Kay says that she just can't.

Miguel tries to get away from Siren to get a blanket but she has him in her clutches and she will not let him go.

JT is still talks to Gwen as he runs from Theresa. "Here she comes now."

"Hey JT! Stop I need to talk to you!" Theresa shouts.

JT gives Gwen and Rebecca a blow by blow of how Theresa chases him.

Theresa runs and climbs anything in her way.

Ethan comes up behind her and tells her that she is being ridiculous.

She will not stop.

JT gets an idea and pulls the plank that he just walked across so that Theresa can't get to him. There is a huge gorge and if she falls, that will be it for Theresa.

Theresa rounds the corner and sees that JT has come up with a plan. She thinks this over. How can she get to the other side of the deadly open space?

JT talks into his cellphone. "I did it! She can't get to me now."

Ethan comes around the bed and sees what Theresa is up against. "You can't be serious," he says. She is very serious. JT too panics, knowing that she will be dead for sure if she does what he thinks she might do.

"You haven't beaten me yet!" she says. All of a sudden, without warning, Theresa literally takes a flying leap of faith for fate and catapults herself into the arm as both men shout for her not to do that. It is too late. Theresa is airborne and she flails her arms and legs to give her body flight.

Noah beats Spike soundly and then checks the man's wrist and sure enough…there it is. The tattoo that confirms that Spike is the one who killed Lena's partner.

Chad and the girls try to figure out the painting and its meaning. There is something there but what? Chad sees a machine that gives off black light. He turns off the light and applies the light to the canvas. They see the word 'agape' on the painting. "What does that mean?" the wonder.

Whitney and the monk are near the pope's quarters now. They are at the door. Alistair confirms that the pope is in the pope-mobile right now, so it is safe to go it. They enter and there are moments from finding the chalice.

Fancy is still kissing Luis.

The ambulance call is canceled as Fancy is clearly fine.

Luis pushes Fancy from him. He is sure that she thought that he was Noah just now. He explains that he is sorry for knocking her over but he thought that she had been poisoned. "Poisoned?" she says in horror. He explains how Beth had been in the area and tried to kill her without her ever knowing.

JT tells that Theresa actually did it. Rebecca and Gwen dance with glee over the idea of Theresa being dead and ask how it sounded when she hit the ground. "She didn't hit the ground," JT tells.

Theresa didn't get across the space to JT but she didn't fall either. She managed to fall short of her goal and grabbed onto a metal rod at the construction site where they are. It is the only thing that holds her from certain death.

Rebecca and Gwen are not happy to hear that she is still alive and they worry about what is going to happen next.

Theresa swings her legs to and for and gets enough momentum to hoist herself up so that she can stand in safety again where she was with Ethan. She gets to her feet, but there are loose bricks in her way and she stumbles. Ethan reaches for her, but he isn't close enough to grab her and keep her from falling. She takes another step and screams. She has lost her footing and falls…headfirst over the edge of the plank on which she stands.

Fox demands an answer as to why Kay is acting so crazy. "I don’t see what is wrong with Miguel liking Siren." Kay does. Fox says that who Miguel makes love to is none of their affair. "What is going on with you?"

She remembers Miguel telling her that he is in love with her…

She remembers being with Miguel on the beach naked…

He told her that he loved her and wanted to make her his wife.

They told each other that they loved each other…

Kay says now that nothing is going on. She is just worried about her friend. "I love you and we are getting married." Fox hears her saying that repeatedly but she keeps pushing the marriage away. She tells that she tried to get the wedding going but she couldn't book anything. Fox hopes that is the truth. She assures him that what she is saying is true. "Even Siren has noticed that you are unusually interested in Miguel." Kay is not interested in anything that Siren has to say. "She isn't even human!"

Siren pushes Miguel to the limit but he still pushes her off. "we should talk a bit. Where is this going?" Siren only knows that she feels like making love to him repeatedly…

She stretches out her feet as they lay in the sand kissing. They slowly turn into a mermaid's fin…

Noah holds Spike by the collar and tells him that he is going to turn him over to Lena for what he has done. Jessica is scared as her brother is really angry. He is finished here and he still can't get Fancy back. "She is with Luis now," he tells Jessica.

Fancy can't believe that she is the reason that they have lost Beth again. "I am so sorry Luis." He is really angry and tells her that she should have stayed at the hotel like he told her to.

Beth is walking through the square. "I have to get out of Rome tonight."

Ethan is trying to save Theresa.

JT tells Rebecca and Gwen about the whole thing frame by frame. She is pulling herself up now and JT panics.

Ethan goes everywhere that Theresa does to follow her.

JT tells Gwen and Rebecca how Theresa doesn't even wait for Ethan to save her. She is climbing up the unsafe metal structure herself. "I told you," she says. "Nothing will stop me from getting to you JT!"

"Get out of there!" Gwen shouts. JT starts running, but can't help looking back to see where Ethan and Theresa are. They are right on his tail. "I'm gonna get you!" Theresa shouts.

"Talk to me Spike. You were the one who killed the man in the attic right?" Spike admits to it. Jessica has no idea what is going on. Spike suddenly denies everything. "Bull!" Noah says. "I can't wait to see what Lena is going to do to you." He starts dialing.

Chad and the girls still investigate the picture.

The monk tells Whitney to get the key. She does it. The trap door to the table opens and the chalice rises from the bowels of the table. Whitney punches in the password and waits.

Rebecca and Gwen want an update. JT tells that Theresa is on his tail and she can't be stopped. JT keeps running.

"JT please stop and tell Ethan the truth!"

Rebecca and Gwen tell JT to go and not to listen to her.

"I don't want to go to jail Theresa!" he shouts. "I don’t care about that," she says. "I just want you to tell Ethan that you got the information from Rebecca and Gwen and not me. Tell him. Please tell him." JT has stopped running.

Gwen hears Theresa and orders JT to run or he will be put in jail by this woman.

Theresa offers him whatever he wants. "I am the richest woman in the world. I can get you anything that you want JT…Anything!" JT is really listening now. He has the phone to his ear but Theresa definitely has his attention.

"Calling Siren inhuman isn't very nice. You shouldn't call her names because you don't like her. I am not blind Kay. I feel like you are still in love with Miguel." She says that she only cares for Miguel. He can't believe that. "Miguel was hurt by Charity and so we should be happy that he has found someone. Kay can't be happy for Miguel. "She is really a mermaid!"

"What the hell?" Michael says. "Something gross has scrunched up against me and it feels like fish scales. Siren knows that she is turning…

Noah has Spike with his hands tied up. He calls Lena to tell her that he is bringing the man who killed her partner to her hotel room.

He hangs up and gets ready to go.

Lena knows that when Noah arrives, he will be the one who will be surprised.

Chad and the girls decide that this has to do with the church and they rush to the Vatican.

They have the chalice. It sits before them. Alistair reaches for it and it shocks him, burning his hands. "You promised me that I would be able to take it," says the monk.

Beth tells the nanny to get Marty ready as they will be leaving that night.

She is thrilled knowing that at least she managed to kill Fancy…

Luis and Fancy are still together and she wants to go out now and turn the place upside-down to find Beth. Suddenly she falls limp. Luis catches her, taking her to a couch. Her eyes are closed. Luis is losing her fast. "Fancy! Fancy!" She doesn't move.

Theresa is still negotiating while Ethan watches. JT holds the cellphone to his ear. "Anything? You will give me anything?"

"What is he saying mother?" Gwen asks her mother. "He is listening to her and talking to her."

"How about ten million?" JT asks. "I can do that JT!" Theresa shouts. "Just tell him the truth!"

"No! No!" Gwen shouts, but she is too late. He has been seduced by the almighty dollar. Rebecca and Gwen have lost him.

"It is true," JT says. "Rebecca and Gwen were the ones who sent me the email about your real father. Theresa had nothing to do with it!"

Rebecca and Gwen shake with every word they hear JT say. "Tell me he isn't doing it mother! Tell me he isn't doing it!"

Theresa turns to Ethan now. Triumph written all over her face!

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