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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox tells that Miguel and Siren are going to be a huge success. Fox has been getting calls about the photos.

They all share beer over the good news.

Miguel and Siren kiss.

Fox turns to find Kay sneering at them.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma are working undercover at the exhibit. They wear masks and are not discovered by anyone.

The lady who has hired the help comes over angrily talking in Italian at them.

They don't feel they were fired as the place needs help.

Luis comes over to Ethan and Theresa and Theresa starts talking about JT Cornell and how she almost found him that day. Theresa tells that Fancy wants to be there but Luis feels that he has her tucked away in her room safe and sound.

Fancy is at the exhibit and she enjoys the party from behind a mask.

Beth and Spike enter the room next. She can hardly wait to find Fancy and kill her. Spike is still sure that he shouldn't touch Fancy as he knows that Alistair loves Fancy. Beth says that she spoke to her grandfather and he only cares about some chalice that will give him the power of God!

Whitney is pleased. She has found the code in the painting that will help her find the chalice. "Can't you see it?" she asks the monk.

He is upset that he can't see anything.

Miguel and Siren are alone now. She wants to take Miguel go with her to make out but he reminds her that they are not alone.

Miguel thinks that he hears arguing.

"That witch had better keep her mouth shut about me," Siren thinks.

Tabitha and Kay argue. Kay is sure that Siren is a mermaid and that Tabitha has something to do with that. Tabitha denies all knowledge. "She was at the shoot," Kay tells and she had a tail."

Tabitha turns to the side. "Stupid," she whispers. Kay caught that. "I was right. She is a mermaid!"

Simone can't stop eating the appetizers. Paloma worries their cover will be blown. She can't help that. they wonder where Whitney is right now.

The monk gets angry that he can't see what Whitney sees in the painting. He warns that if she can't help him, she will be useless.

Theresa starts again about the paternity and finding JT Cornell. "we need this as "fate is calling for you to be with me, Little Ethan and Jane." Ethan decides to go looking for Beth now. He walks off.

Theresa knows that one day she will find JT. She walks off.

JT has arrived at the party and he talks loudly as he walks with his mask.

Ethan finds Noah and tells him again that he hopes that he has come to his senses about Fancy now. Noah tells that he knows the man who killed the man in the attic years ago. "It is Spike. When I catch that slime, I will bring him to justice." Ethan hopes that happens as that will be when Noah can get Fancy back.

Luis comes over knowing that Noah is talking to Ethan about Fancy. "I didn't sleep with her," Luis says.

Beth peeks at the partiers from behind a statue.

Spike comes up behind her. She orders him to get looking for Fancy so he can kill her. "There is something a little off about you," Spike says. She turns on him evil as ever. "What did I tell you about talking to me the way that you do? If you don't make sure that she ends up dead, you will be dead," she warns.

She looks across the room and Fancy is there looking at art on the walls. Beth starts pointing at her for Spike to see.

Now GO!" She pushes him forward.

Spike walks out boldly in his suit and mask. Beth claps her hands quietly with glee.

SNAP! Spike's knife flies open with the speed of light. He holds it down by his side to hide if from view as he advances on Fancy.

Paloma tells Simone to cheer up as she is sure that they will find Whitney in time. Simone is pessimistic.

"Show me the key to the chalice in that painting or you will pay the ultimate price!" the monk warns. Whitney is getting scared of him. "what is the matter?" she asks. "Why are you acting this way? Can't you see it? Maybe my eyes are better…I don't know." She goes to the corner and finds something that will emit black light. She turns off the lights and applies the light to the canvas. "yes! I see it!"

Alistair thinks to himself that he will be God on earth.

Noah wants nothing to do with Luis and he walks off.

Ethan tells Luis not to worry about Noah. He leaves too.

Spike is getting closer to Fancy now.

Suddenly a group of guests walk up to where Fancy is standing to eye the art as well.

Beth watches from her corner as Spike tries to get closer to the woman.

Fancy walks off now and Spike isn't near to her anymore.

Spike walks over to Fancy now, happy to see she is alone in a corner and so he raises his knife. "Gotcha!"

Fancy has her back to the room. She looks up at a painting.

A hand falls on her shoulder.

She jumps, while turning and then she screams.

Fox comes to tell Miguel and Siren that he has spoken to the photographer and he has pictures of the tail that she was wearing at the shoot. "There isn't a seam to be seen anywhere."

Tabitha fesses up that Siren is a mermaid. "It was Endora who conjured Siren up to save Miguel from drowning. Then she brought her home and made her human. Endora is so headstrong." Kay laughs. "Just like her mother." Tabitha moans about the trouble that Siren has caused. Kay laughs loud. "Siren is a fish! This is priceless. She said her parents were guppies and the lobsters disappeared from the tank… And her terrible breath…Fluffy knew that she was a fish and that wanted to eat her. Look over there…Miguel is making out with a fish…" Tabitha tells Kay that Siren may be a fish but she is leading the man that Kay loves further and further into danger.

Whitney applies the black light and sees that there is a code word there. Whitney remembers that there was a keypad next to where the chalice was. Whitney feels that the word will stop the alarms from going off. "This word, 'agape'…why would someone use this word?" Whitney tells that the word is really agapé and it is important to their faith. "It is perfection…God's love for mankind is what that word means." Whitney agrees when the monk tells her that they are working to save the church…

Fancy screams.

Beth can't see what is happening and thinks that Spike has gotten to her.

Luis was the one who came up to Fancy and frightened her.

Spike back up quickly so as not to be seen.

Beth tells him to get over there and kill Fancy. He won't do that as Luis is over there now.

Luis gives Fancy the business about leaving the room. She will do what she wants.

Noah comes over and wonders what Fancy is doing there when she should be in her room. Fancy ignores him and starts flirting with Luis, pretending that they shouldn't have to hide their feelings anymore. She plays up to Luis and kisses him while Noah stands in shock watching.

"Get over there and cut out her juggler," Beth orders. Spike doesn't think this a good idea. She doesn't care what he thinks.

He moves forward again. SNAP! The knife flies out like a bat out of hell! Spike starts moving forward again.

"I got you!" Theresa says when she finds Joe. "I am going to show you to Ethan and you are going to make him come back to me!"

Luis and Fancy are still kissing. Noah walks off.

Beth sees Fancy kissing Luis and she hates that. "Get her," she hisses to Spike.

Luis pushes off Fancy not understanding what she is doing to him. He finds that she is making things worse for Noah and he doesn't like that Sheridan will think that he is betraying her. "How can she betray you?" Fancy asks. "she is a married woman…" Luis leaves her.

"Damn…he is so infuriating…"

Fancy turns to find Ethan eyeing her curiously. "What?" she asks. "I don't know Fancy…you and Luis are starting to look increasingly like a couple…" He walks off.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma continue serving at the party, but Simone can't stop worrying about her sister and where she may be. "Don't worry," Paloma says. "We will find her."

Whitney is ready to go now. "Let's get back to the Vatican so that we can use the code word to get the chalice." The monk is thoughtful. "We will go, but first there is something that has to be taken care of first." He grabs some scissors and runs to the painting with the code word and she slashes at it destroying it completely. "Why are you doing that?" Whitney asks. "Stop!"

"What do you mean Miguel is in danger?" Kay asks. Tabitha doesn't answer. Kay starts shouting that Tabitha is a witch. Tabitha shuts her up. "Okay. What it is…if you don't keep Siren away from Miguel, he will suffer a terrible tragedy."

Whitney and the monk argue over the painting being slashed.

They hear someone coming. The doorknob starts turning. They have to hide.

The door opens and Jessica, Simone and Paloma enter. They are shocked at the site of the room.

Theresa holds JT Cornell but he fights to leave and will not help her with this secret that Ethan has to hear. He fights and struggles and then he throws his drink in Theresa's face which causes her to loosen her grip and that is when Joe runs off.

Ethan tells Fancy that she made things worse by kissing Luis.

Theresa goes running by.

Ethan leaves to follow her.

"You little slug," Beth shouts at Spike. "Get away from me."

Spike moves away slightly. He checks his watch.

That is when Jessica sees the tattoo on the man's wrist.

She turns her back and panics. "It's Spike!"

A man admires Beth's ring. She tells him about the antique jewelry and how old it is. Very impressive.

"Time for a little poison!" Beth says. She uses her ring which happens to have a secret pocket built inside. She tips her hand over a drink she has, drop lethal white powder in the drink.

Now she walks boldly over to Fancy, confident, as she wears the mask.

"Hi! A gentleman sent this drink over for you," Beth says. "what man?" Fancy asks. She then smiles sweetly and takes the drink. Beth walks off to a safe distance.

"Drink up," she whispers as she watches the blonde bimbo with her glass.

Tabitha tells that she learned recently of the mermaid's curse. If a mortal man makes love to a mermaid then he will not be able to make love to a woman after that. "If Siren gets what she wants, she will use him and then swim off to her next conquest. If they make love, he will never be able to make love to another woman…"

Siren can't get enough of Miguel and tells him to come with her to be alone. She runs off.

Fox tells Miguel to go for it. Miguel hopes that this will be a day that he will never forget. He runs after Siren now.

"Someone destroyed this beautiful painting," Paloma says. They get the torn piece of the painting that they have and they put it to the ripped pieces and it fits…

Theresa sees JT Cornell and she goes running after him.

Ethan goes running after Theresa.

Jessica sees life Spike and panics.

Noah comes over and Jessica tells him that she just saw Spike. They go into a room where he may have gone.

Spike hits Noah over the head with a vase, knocking him out. He now grabs Jessica holding her as she tries to scream.

Out in the main room, Beth watches Fancy…waiting for her to take a drink…the drink that will kill her.

A man comes over to Fancy as she is about to take a drink and he gets her talking which just delays what Beth sees to be the inevitable.


Beth turns to see that she is looking up into the face of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. She panics and struggles but he is too strong for her. "Where is my son?" he asks. She says nothing. She is focused on Fancy across the room.

Fancy is oblivious to what is going on with Luis and Beth. She is alone again now.

Beth stares at her, almost holding her breath. Fancy pulls the glass to her lips.

Luis can see that something is wrong here and he too starts watching Fancy as Beth does.

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