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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Jessica panics about her brother going out to look for Spike. He could still be doing things for Alistair that are dangerous and Noah could be hurt. He also has the symbol on his wrist which means that he is tied into this thing somehow. That symbol is everywhere.

Paloma comes out of the restroom dressed up. She wants to go to the art exhibit. Noah told them to stay put but Jessica sees they have to do this. They will go and find out what is going on in Rome.

Spike and Beth arrive at the exhibit early while no one is there and staff is just setting up. They go to some masks and choose a couple to stay hidden from anyone that might recognize them.

"As soon as I get rid of the blonde, Luis will be all mine," Beth says.

Fancy comes out dressed to go out but Luis tells her that she isn't going to go out that night, so it is too bad that no one will see how nice she looks. Fancy will not have him tell her what to do. Luis worries that Beth is going to slit her throat. "I am not letting you go Fancy!" She will not be treated like a child. "Sorry Fancy, Beth tried to kill you once. I can't do this. I can't risk it. I couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to her and Sheridan wouldn't forgive me. I have put a guard outside the door and he has orders not to let you out of the room." He takes her cellphone and has arranged that she can't make calls from her room either. He walks out.

"Damn you Luis!"

Chad and his priest friend have to swing into action before Whitney does damage to the church and all the good in the world. She could cause an Apocalypse. "I have heard there are secrets in this church," the priest tells.

The nun arrives telling that it is too late. "The deceiver is still trying and he is using her… The innocent one is in grave danger… Once the man finds what he wants, he will eliminate her forever…"

"Whitney…what do you see? There is a clue in the painting… Find the code to access that chalice without sounding the alarm. I am leaving but will call you later. I hope that you have found what I need by then…"

Alistair smiles as he walks out.

Whitney knows that she has to do this or she will be damned forever. It isn't only her neck that is on the line, but Chad's as well. She keeps looking at the picture for clues.

The police tell that JT Cornell is there and was just arrested for Public Drunkenness. This is Theresa's big chance to prove that she hasn't been lying all along.

Ethan tells Theresa that she is on a wild goose chase again, and he doesn't believe that she will find the man, and even if she did, he doesn't feel that it would make much of a difference. She will not listen and continues her search.

JT is on the phone with Rebecca and Gwen, waiting for them to arrange for his bail to be paid. Gwen is trying to send the bail money on her laptop to get him freed from jail.

JT peeks around the corner and sees Ethan and Theresa are there in the station. "They are here!" he shouts. Rebecca and Gwen hold their heads in their hands. "Oh no!"

Theresa is just behind the corner trying to get Ethan to see that she isn't making her story up about JT and that in just a minute when they see him, she will be able to prove that Rebecca and Gwen were the ones that set Ethan up in the tabloids. JT is the key to it all and she smiles in anticipation of finding him.

"Once the 'Innocent One' gives the 'Deceiver' what he wants, he will finish her off for good." Chad and the priest listen. They are not afraid of this fake monk.

Alistair arrives at the grounds where the pope lives.

He calls Whitney but she hasn't found anything. "I can't find the pope's inner chamber," he tells. She gives him instructions on how to find the secret room. He hangs up now.

The priest has been called into a meeting and has to leave his friend. "May God be with you my brother…" He leaves.

The nun draws her breath in quickly. "He is here…He is here!" She can feel it in her soul.

Theresa still leads Ethan to the place where the officer said JT will be.

JT can see that Ethan and Theresa are coming and he panics. "Hide!" Gwen tells him. "My marriage is going to be over."

Ethan and Theresa are led to the jail cell but JT isn't there. "He must have been moved," the officer says. "Find him!" Theresa orders. The officer walks off.

Ethan tells Theresa to calm down. He leaves to see if the officer can find the man elsewhere.

Theresa can't stand still and she goes off looking for JT elsewhere in the station.

JT gets fed up waiting for Rebecca and Gwen to help him out of this jam. He hangs up and walks off.

Rebecca tells that JT Cornell has hung up and they have lost contact with him. Gwen makes a sad defeated face when she hears that.

JT is over by a bulletin board at the station.

A hand touches his shoulder.

"Hi Joe."

He turns to find Theresa standing behind him. "Oh no," he says.

The girls are ready to go to the exhibit now. The leave the room.

Theresa is with Joe and she doesn't let him out of her sight.

She tells a cop that she has a right to be there when asked.

She orders Joe to stay put so that she can go and find Ethan. She runs off.

Joe is worried as he knows that Rebecca is going to be unhappy over this development.

Fancy calls downstairs and sees that Luis has her locked in her room alright and no one cares that she is a Crane right now.

She hangs up and then heads to the ledge…

Luis arrives at the exhibit and his phone rings.

It is Sheridan calling to see how he is doing.

He gets another call and ends the call with Sheridan. "Hello?" It is Beth. "It is me silly. I am the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with…"

The girls arrive at the exhibit. They are asked for their tickets but they don't have any. Paloma says that they forgot their invitations and they are refused entry. They walk off.

Paloma will not give up yet.

They see the wait staff outside rushing around.

Paloma has an idea.

Fancy climbs down the escape ladder and worries about her shoes but that is the least of worries soon as a vehicle drives by and splashes her with dirty water. Her cream, satin gown is covered with dirty and her whole look is ruined. Fancy is furious but continues on her way.

Beth tells Luis that she is going to take care of Fancy. Luis tells Beth that Fancy and he are not an item. Beth calls him a liar. "You leave Fancy alone," Luis says. "Daddy told me that too but I won't listen to him either." Luis heard what she says and knows that means that Alistair is out of his coma. Beth sees her mistake and hangs up quickly.

"I have to find out if Alistair is still in his coma… I have a nbad feeling that Alistair isn't where we think."

Alistair is on the phone with Whitney and she leads him to the room where the chalice is.

Chad and the nun are searching for the deceiver everywhere.

Alistair tries to continue on his path but he hears someone coming. He rushes in the other direction now to get away.

The nun comes rushing up shouting that the 'Deceiver' is near!

A guard appears. He runs in one direction while Chad runs in another to find the 'Deceiver'.

Theresa has lost JT somewhere in the station and she now drags Ethan around by the hand searching for the man.

Theresa takes Ethan to the bulletin board but JT Cornell is gone.

An officer asks Theresa if there is a man who was just there. The officer tells that the man made bail and left. Theresa can't see how JT could have made bail that fast. Ethan will not listen to another word about JT. He leaves to get a cab.

"He was here," Theresa says.

JT is on the phone talking to Rebecca and Gwen and thanking them for getting him out of the station. Gwen wants the man on the first flight out of the country. He says that he will do that but Gwen still worries.

Sheridan listens to all that has happened. She tells how she had a dream that her father was awake and after her. Sheridan says that Alistair seems to be there in Harmony. At the same time Beth says that she talked to her daddy… Sheridan offers to go and look for her father again. She wants Luis to come home if Alistair is on the loose again. Beth could be talking crazy but they have to be sure. She will be careful.

Sheridan hangs up and prays that Luis will be safe.

Chad chases the monk and gets to him finally. He tackles the man to the ground, face down. "Now where is Whitney?" he demands. "Where is she?"

Jessica, Simone and Paloma manage to get the workers clothes by overtaking them. Paloma promises the ladies all their tips. The waitresses are locked up and left pounding on the door.

Luis worries now that it seems that Alistair is on the loose.

Fancy is in the lobby of the hotel and she orders the staff to open the salon so that she can get a new dress to wear and fix herself up.

Sheridan arrives at the nursing home and sees her father in bed where she saw him the last time. "Do you know that I am here?" She sees something on the man's neck. "What is this?" She pulls at the skin on his neck. "It is a mask! " She pulls it off to reveal someone else. "This isn't my father… He is out there somewhere. Oh my God!"

Rebecca and Gwen clink glasses to their good luck. "JT Cornell will be out of the country on the next flight."

JT Cornell will leave the country but decides to go to the art exhibit first. He has an invitation.

Ethan returns telling that he has a cab. She tries again to tell him what is true, but he won't hear that. "I am going to an art exhibit tonight…would you like to go?" She will. Ethan walks out.

"I will not give up on this," Theresa says.

The girls enter the main room and they are ordered to start working or there will be complaining to the agency.

The girls trot off to get drinks and appetizers for the guests. They have masks and so there is no reason to be afraid of being found out.

Beth goes over the plan with Spike again. "Remember… Fancy has to die. Keep your eyes open. Don’t miss the little bitch Spike!"

Fancy has changed and is ready to party at the art exhibit.

Chad holds the monk.

The nun and a guard arrive. Chad removes the hood of the man and they find that it is just a regular monk. The nun confirms that this man isn't h the 'Deceiver'. Chad apologizes to the man and lets him up. He says sorry in Italian and the poor monk limps off.

"The evil one pulled a switch-er-oo," Chad says. The nun can see that the 'Deceiver' is very clever. "He is going to the pope's private room for the secret. What he is doing could destroy the church

"I knew it," Sheridan says. "What is he doing to do to those poor people in Rome? I have to call Luis…I have to warn him. " Her phone has no signal.

Luis arrives at the art exhibit.

A woman offers him a mask and she flirts madly with him before leaving.

"Everyone here is wearing masks," he realizes. He puts his mask on. HE hopes that Sheridan will have an idea as to why they have all been brought to Italy after all.

The monk returns. Whitney has been successful. "I have found what you want."

Alistair can destroy his enemies now.

"See brother," Whitney says. "It is right here."

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