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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

In Rome, Chad meets a friend of his who he has looked up. They used to be homies in South Central. His friend is a priest now. "I heard that you are a Crane now," the man says. "What brings you to our city?" Chad tells that he is on a mission to save his friend's life.

Whitney and the monk are out of the catacombs and she is so glad to be out and about. They have to get the chalice and save the church. "It is up to you to find the way to get the chalice," the monk tells from under his hood. "The future of mankind rests on you getting the chalice…" He opens a hidden door in the square. Whitney enters.

JT Cornell is in the police station being drilled by the cops. "I am between jobs," he says when asked. The cops picked him up for being drunk in public, although JT denies it.

JT wants to get out of there or Rebecca will have his hide for still being in Italy where Theresa could get access to him.

Rebecca and Gwen talk about the close call they had when JT almost had to face Theresa and Ethan. "It is a good thing that JT got out of Italy," Rebecca says.

JT is in the police station being fingerprinted by the Italian police.

Ethan still tries to talk sense to Noah about his problem with Fancy, and that is when they hear some familiar voices.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma walk by chattering. Noah is angry that the girls have ignored his warnings again about staying in the room. They were bored it seems and came out to walk around for a while.

Someone reads the paper while sitting at a table in the square.

A man walks up and asks if he can be of service.

The woman behind the paper is Beth and she has a scarf over her head and sunglasses. "I want you to take out some trash," she tells the person before her.

It is Spike who has come to her aide. He takes a seat beside her. "I want you to get rid of Fancy Crane."

Theresa and Fancy talk about the plan that Fancy has to help Luis get Marty back for Sheridan. Theresa sees that she is in love with Luis but Fancy denies that. She says that she is only trying to help Luis get his life back on track. "You can't put your life in danger because you love my brother," Theresa says.


Theresa and Fancy see that Luis has returned. "Why would Fancy be in danger?" he asks. Theresa tells that Fancy wants to put herself in harm's way to get Marty back for Sheridan. Luis can't believe that she would risk another round with Beth. He walks off.

Theresa rolls her eyes at Fancy.

Luis tells Fancy that there is no freaking way that he will let Fancy do this. Fancy knows that this will lure Beth out. "It could work," she says. Luis knows that Fancy could wind up dead.

Ethan and Noah bring the girls back to their room. "You need to stay here with the door locked until we figure out what is going on," Ethan says. Ethan has to get going and so he leaves.

"You can watch TV, read…One of you brought your laptop and so why don't you chat to your friends in Harmony? Do girly stuff. Just stay here and keep the door locked." Noah leaves.

Simone grabs the newspaper to entertain herself like Noah suggested "Look! It is an advertisement for an art exhibit. Look at the painting in the background that we was when we were being taken around by the men in black. The corner is missing. This is the painting that I tore when those guys were after us."

The monk has taken Whitney to a secret room and he shows her a painting that is tied to the chalice. The monk wants Whitney to figure out the connection that the painting has to the chalice. "We must save the church from evil. Remember that your soul will be damned to hell if you don't help me." Whitney leans in to study the painting better.

"Don't just kill her…make her suffer," Beth says. "Chop off her hair and choke her with it." Spike knows that Alistair loves Fancy most of all. "Daddy loves me too!" Beth accidentally blurts out. "Just chop her into little pieces…Daddy will just wonder what happened to her when she goes missing."

Fancy tells of her plan to set Beth up. "At the end of this you will be able to take your son home." Luis loves the plan but knows that Beth has money now and she can do a million things. "I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you. I care about you way too much," Luis says.

Chad's friend brings him into the Pope's chambers. "My friend's life is in danger and I have to save her before her life is over or worse. Someone is making her stay away from me and her son. "I wanted to marry Whitney but I can't…Whitney is my half-sister. Our son is a product of incest." The priest has a strange reaction to what he has heard.

"You must have faith," the monk tells Whitney while she searches the painting for clues. "You are the chosen one Whitney. You must find the clue…decipher it. When you get back to the place where we must go, you must get into the pope's chambers. Hurry Whitney…Hurry…"

JT finds the police are going over the top with his drinking charge. He offers to post bail.

He knows that the last thing that he needs is the IRS and Rebecca on his butt.

The officer decides that posting bail will get him out of there nicely.

JT hopes that Rebecca answers her phone when he calls.

Rebecca and Gwen bask in the glow of sidestepping Theresa's ploy. Rebecca gives her credit for thinking quickly. Gwen still worries. She is grateful and relieved as she loves Ethan more than anything.

Ethan comes to Fancy's room.

She lets him in. Theresa and Luis are there. He is there as he heard that Fancy got attacked by Beth. Luis tells Ethan that Fancy has this idea that she can trap Beth. Ethan tells her that there is too much that can go wrong with this plan. "Beth could kill you before you even got there." Theresa can't even side with Fancy as she knows that Ethan and Luis are right. "You can't be a sitting duck."

Fancy thinks to herself that she will put this plan into action with or without any help from her friends and family.

Theresa says that she would like to stay but she has to get going. She warns Fancy again to stay out of trouble.

Fancy thinks to herself that she only wants to get Marty for Luis.

Theresa leaves…

Ethan leaves right after…

He finds Theresa in the hall and asks her where she is going. She is heading to the police station to file a missing person's report on JT Cornell. Ethan will not have her running around on her own and goes with her.

The girls look at the picture they found in the newspaper. They still have the ripped part of the painting and they can tell using their laptop that the ripped pieces match. They can't avoid it. They have to go to the opening that night. Noah told them not to leave the room but they can sneak out if they want and then come back. He could catch them but the odds are in their favor that he won't.

Someone knocks. "It's Noah…"

Jessica lets him in. They pretend to have just been emailing friends like he suggested.

Chad explains to his priest-friend that he and Whitney didn't know that they were siblings when they got together. "We still loved each other but after she had the baby she tried to pass my son off as my half-brother's. She has run off now and has disguised herself. She is in the catacombs now."

They hear a nun talking loudly in Italian in the hall.

The priest tells Chad that there is a mystic who has told the nun some things about someone called the innocent one!

The nun continues talking aloud in Italian.

Chad recognizes that voice. He goes to the door and opens it. He sees a nun that he has seen before talking to the pope outside the door.

He remembers the woman talked to him about an innocent one who she believed to be Whitney.

"It's that nun from the catacombs…"

"Stay in this room and keep the door locked," Noah warns. "Spike is in town and he wants Jessica. Stay put or else." Noah has business to take care of. Jessica wants to know why he is really there. Noah tells them the less they know the better. He only says that what he is doing has to do with getting Fancy back. "I am looking for a man who has a tattoo like yours on his wrist." Jessica jumps. "That is Spike!"

Noah realizes that Spike must be the one who killed Lena's partner.

He rushes out now.

Fancy tries again to get Luis to agree with her plan. Luis knows that nothing will go as planned with Beth involved. She finds him stubborn while she is just being committed. He has a better idea. "I am going to go to the gallery opening to see if Beth is there. I don't know why she would be but she might be. I will go and change. You order room service and I will get a guard for you later." He leaves the room.

Fancy calls Crane Public Relations. "I will be attending an art exhibit tonight and I want everyone to know where I will be this evening."

She hangs up smiling.

Spike finds Beth to be a cold-hearted… She orders him to stop whatever it was that he was going to say. "Fancy is as selfish as my half-sister Sheridan. I had Luis first and I will have him in the end. I want Fancy dead. HAVE YOU GOT THAT?" Spike will do as he is told. "Your wish is my command."

The priest with Chad realizes that the nun has had contact with Chad. "Your half-sister if the innocent one? We have to find your sister before it is too late. If the evil influence that your sister is under continues, there could be an apocalypse…"

Whitney finds nothing unusual about the painting that she is looking at. The monk wishes that he could help but he can't. "You are the innocent one, and only you can get the chalice."

Spike is on the phone and that angers Beth. She orders him to hang up.

He does. "When a Crane rants, you listen! Luis has Fancy under lock and key so you have to go in through a window or be a waiter." He says that the call that he had just now was info that Fancy is going to the art exhibit that night. Beth looks at the paper and smiles.

Fancy gets dressed for the art exhibit. "Theresa is wrong," she tells herself. "I am not in love with Luis… I am just trying to help bring Beth out into the open for Luis's sake. I will reunite my little cousin and his parents…"

Luis is getting dressed and he goes to the door now.

The guard has been posted at the door.

That should keep Fancy out of danger. "Sheridan will never forgive me if anything happened to her niece and I wouldn't forgive myself."

Theresa tells the police that she would like to make a report about JT missing.

Ethan hears Theresa's report and can tell that she is stretching the details.

She tells of JT's crimes and what he is wanted for.

Ethan finds this ridiculous.

JT Cornell is in the next room arranging to get out of jail. He makes a call.

Rebecca is upset to hear that the man is still in Rome. They will post his bail but he has to get out of Rome.

The officer takes the report and says that JT Cornell is there as a matter of fact. He walks ahead to show Ethan and Theresa where the man is.

"You see?" Theresa says to Ethan! "I told you! Now you will see that I wasn't lying about JT and his connection to the Rebecca, Gwen and the tabloid." She grabs his hand and follows the cop to the place where JT is on the phone with Rebecca and Gwen.

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