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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Siren is caught in the fishing net and Fox, Miguel and the old fisherman pull on the net thinking that they have to save the girl. She wanted to be left alone but they don't listen.

As the net rises…something comes into view. She has a tail! A mermaid's tail! She is a mermaid. "Why didn't you listen to me when I told you to leave me alone?" Siren shouts. They all see her in her glory…as God made her. Siren manages to get out of the net and jump into the water. Miguel jumps in to the water fearful that something is going to happen to Siren.

Ethan tells Noah that he is mistaken and that Fancy didn’t sleep with Luis like he thinks. Ethan knows the man. "Luis will never give up on Sheridan. She is the love of his life."

Fancy and Theresa bad-mouth men and the way that they treat women. Theresa wants to do something besides sit in the room. Fancy wants to do something that will put her life on the line.

Whitney can see it now clearly. It is within her grasp. She has found the chalice that the monk has been instructing her to find. "It is pure gold covered with precious jewels."

"Praise be," Alistair says taking off the hood while Whitney has her virtual mask on and is unable to see him. "It is finally mine. With this chalice…I will rule the world!"

"I have never before seen anything like this," Whitney says.

The monk demands to know what it looks like. "It has a glow and it is as if this represents the meaning of life itself." Alistair wants to see the chalice. He takes the mask and puts it on.

"The answer to life…I have to have it…to keep it…" Alistair reaches out to get the chalice and his hands are shocked and burned. He jumps back from the chalice in pain.

Ethan tries to make Noah see that Luis can't be in love with anyone but Sheridan. It has been that way for centuries. "No one and nothing has ever kept Luis and Sheridan from being together." Noah finds that laughable as Sheridan is married to someone else. Noah feels that Ethan is starting to sound like Theresa. Ethan is completely convinced that Luis and Sheridan will be together. Noah doesn't see that Sheridan can be the type of person who would dump her husband for someone else. He knows that Ethan is only trying to help but he saw them. "I saw the way that Fancy was lying in Luis's arms and nothing that you can say will change that for me."

Theresa worries that Fancy wants to kill herself when she talks about putting her life on the line. That isn't what Fancy meant. She wants to do something worthwhile. "I want to help Luis and Sheridan by trying to get to Beth. I can act as bait and that will be putting my life on the line but that will be for a good cause. That makes perfect sense to me."

Kay calls out for Miguel but he isn't anywhere in sight and he hasn't come to the surface for a while now. She worries that Miguel has drowned. The photographer returns with a camera to film all this.

Kay takes off her shoes and plans to go into the water as well to save Miguel. Fox says that Miguel is just trying to save Siren and that there is no need for her to worry this way. She can't help it. "She doesn't need saving," Kay shouts. "She is a fish! For all we know she is going to keep Miguel with her down there forever!"

Fox won't let Kay go into the water to save Miguel and he holds her so that she will not sneak away from him. "If anyone goes into the water it will be me!" The old fisherman tells that the girl's name is Siren and that is from mythology. Those types of mermaids, lure men to them. "Miguel probably doesn't want to be saved," the old man tells.

Underwater, Siren swims and swims.

Miguel underwater too searching for her.

Noah will not be convinced that Luis and Fancy are not falling for each other.

"You are impossible Noah," Ethan says. He can see that the man is determined to think what he wants. Noah never thought that he would ever be stabbed in the back by Luis of all people. "He just wanted to jump Fancy's bones. I appreciate what you are trying to do Ethan. She was lying in Luis's arms and snuggling up against him like she used to do with me."

Theresa finds Fancy crazy for wanting to get tangled up with Beth of all people. Fancy was almost killed by Beth and she seems to have forgotten that. "I am not going to let Beth kill me," Fancy says. "I am not going to let her get close enough to kill me again. I just want to lure her out into the open. I will do it out in public. You can't stop me Theresa. Besides, Marty is your nephew…" Theresa loves her nephew but she won't let Fancy do this. "Luis will stop you. I am going to tell Luis right now." Fancy begs her not to tell anyone about this.

The monk's hand is burned. Whitney finds that really strange. "Why would you get burned when you are doing God's work? Are you lying to me? Have you been lying all this time? You are not a holy man at all. You brought me to Rome to do your evil work? I won't do it! I am going home!" Whitney tries to run out of there but the monk grabs her and holds her tight. "You will do as I tell you!"

"I thought that you were doing good here." The monk says that he is doing good. If that is the case then, why would the chalice burn his hands Whitney wonders? "The chalice has no way to tell if I am friend or foe and so is has some type of defensive mechanism attached. Still we must complete our task for good." Whitney has no idea what to do. "I have showed you my face," the monk says. "I have been punished before for doing God's work. What I am telling you is true. We must do this before the evil ones get it. You have been chosen because of your anguish over your mortal sin. As vile as your sin against God has been…our heavenly father has decided that you and your soul is worth redeeming. You have been given a second chance. You can take it or spit in God's face." Whitney wants to do good. "If that is the case, then you must complete your mission. The entire church's future rests on your shoulders."

Ethan tells Noah that he really hurt Fancy and now he is devastated by her seeming to be with another man. "I made a mistake a long time ago," Noah tells Ethan. "Fancy is angry with me because I can't tell her the secret. If I told her what I was hiding her life would be over."

Fancy wants to help her aunt and Luis. Theresa finds that noble. Still, Sheridan told Luis that she wasn't going to leave Chris for Luis. Fancy knows that but still Marty needs to be with his real parents.

Fox holds Kay back from going into the water. The old fisherman says that Miguel has been under too long. He may be dead.

As Siren swims, her tail starts disintegrating and she has her legs back. She loses strength.

Miguel finds her and drags her to the surface.

Fox and the others help to save the pair and get them out of the water. "Don't try to deny what we saw," Kay says. "I wouldn't," Siren says. "Well I did have a tail, or a fin…you have heard of mermaids haven't you?"

"You admit it?" Fox asks. "Now do you think she is weird?" Kay asks. "I didn’t say that I was a mermaid…they are made up." Kay says that they just saw her and she can't lie about this. Siren says that the fin was a part of her costume. "I thought that since we were having a water theme, it would be fun to look like a mermaid." The photographer finds her brilliant. Miguel loves Siren's imagination. "You are really something else."

"So you and Maya witnessed a shooting and were too freaked out to tell anyone?" Noah tells all. "We were young. She came back to Harmony and she was being threatened by this woman who wants us to find the killer of her partner. We were told that if Fancy were told about this she would be killed. The FBI have Maya and I pretending to go along with this plan of Lena's so that they can catch her. Fancy can't find out or she will be in danger Ethan." Ethan can't understand why Noah has to be thought to be romantically involved with Maya? "That is only to make Fancy go off. I thought that I would be able to finish this and go back to Fancy but it is too late for that. She is over me."

"Theresa give me your word that you will not tell Luis about this." Theresa knows that Luis will kill her for keeping Fancy's secret. Fancy will do it anyway. "What is your plan Fancy?" She wants to just make Beth think that she can hurt her. "I will have people in place that will come out and trap Beth. Fancy picks up an invitation that her friend Esmé gave her to an event that night. "I will make sure that word gets around that I am going to the event. Beth will see this as an opportunity to remove me from Luis's life forever." Theresa can see how this will work.

Whitney isn't sure that she can do what she has been asked to do. "You must remove the chalice from it place so that the evil ones can't steal it." She has no idea how she is to accomplish this. "Put on your virtuality headset," Alistair orders. Whitney does as she is told. "Do you see it? Reach for it. See what happens." Whitney fears getting burned. "You won't," Alistair promises. "You are God's innocent! The chosen one!" Whitney reaches for the chalice slowly using both hands. She hears a noise and looks to the side. As her hands near the chalice, they suddenly freeze. Whitney can't catch her breath. A power beam locks Whitney's hands a certain distance from the chalice. Two small rosy thunderbolts stretch to touch Whitney's hands and the chalice at the same time. Whitney can't speak. "uh..uh…uh."

An alarm goes off and Whitney can hear people coming.

She tries to move her arms but her hands are locked and she can't move them. "Pull your hands away from the chalice." She can't she tells the monk.

The guards enter the room …at that moment, Whitney is able to pull her hands back and she pulls off the mask, saving her very life.

She has no idea how she is going to get the chalice if there are guards around.

Ethan understands more about Noah's problem but knows that he will be needed to help get Fancy back when this is all over. Noah knows that the split is his fault and that he was the one that pushed Fancy away.

Fancy hugs Theresa in thanks for keeping the secret. Theresa still isn't okay with Fancy putting herself in harm's way. Fancy wants Beth caught and put away forever. "if you won't do this for me Theresa…do it for your brother's sake. I just want to help get Marty back."

"Where is your damn fish suit now?" Kay asks. "I don't have it," Siren says. "The suit drowned. The costume filled with water and dragged me to the bottom of the sea. Thank God that Miguel saved me or I would have drowned. He saved my life. You are my hero," she says to Miguel. She kisses him.

Kay throws her arms up in the air in frustration.

"You saw her Fox. She had a tail." Fox sees that Kay believes that Siren is a mermaid. "Mark my word Fox…There is something really fishy about that girl."

Alistair doesn't have the answer as to how to get the chalice but he will find a way.

Noah hates pretending to care about Maya when all that he can think about is Fancy. "I know what I saw Ethan. Fancy loves Luis."

"I will be careful," Fancy promises. Theresa wasn't talking about Fancy's physical safety when she warned her about being careful, she was talking about Fancy's heart. "I know that you had your heart set on Noah and he blew it. Now you are lonely and my brother has been your protector…" Fancy can see where Theresa is taking this. "You are dead wrong about my feelings for Luis." Theresa sees that Fancy is putting a lot on the line for Luis and that has to be about her loving Luis.

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