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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox and Kay are ready for the shoot to start. Fox is sure that the shoot is going to be great. Kay is not sure about this. Fox knows that she worries about Siren. "She is weird," Kay says. Fox only finds it funny that Kay dislikes a girl that she barely knows.

A photographer comes to get Fox to discuss lighting. He leaves.

Kay can't put her finger on it but there is something really fishy about Siren.

Miguel's boss finds it funny that Miguel has turned from fisherman to model over night. The man is going out to fish and won't be watching the shoot. "Maybe I will see that mermaid again while I am out," he says.

"Hi Miguel," Siren comes up. The old fisherman gawks. "How could it be you after forty years?"

Noah is alone now. He remembers the terrible sight.

He saw Luis and Fancy in bed, sleeping in each other's arms.

"How could you Fancy? How could you?"

Luis hugs Fancy as she cries about Noah. She tells how he found her in Luis's arms, and he thinks that she had sex with Noah. Luis offers to have a talk with Noah about this. Fancy tells him that Noah has been judging her and he doesn't deserve an explanation. She has to get him out of her life. Luis comes to her again and they hug.

Theresa confirms that Alistair isn't the one to set this trick up. She has made a call and Alistair is in his bed in Harmony, still in his coma.

The monk starts removing the fake flesh and wig. He laughs…the moustache comes off last. It is Alistair. "Not even one of them realized that it was me all along. This was my greatest plan!" He lights a cigar. "They are all stupid…YOU'RE ALL STUPID! Don't you all realize that? I own your lives in my hands…"

"Brother I'm back!" Whitney calls.

Alistair jumps.

Whitney is outside the door about to make her way in. "Brother?" She enters the cave…"Wha..?" she says looking in his direction.

"Thank you Luis for being my friend," Fancy says. Luis has to start his search again for Beth and Marty. "I refuse to tell Sheridan that I let her down. The only way that I can get Sheridan back is to tell her that I have Marty." Luis grabs his phone to call for security to watch Fancy.

Fancy remembers trying to steal a peek at Luis when he was going to shower.

"What am I thinking?" she asks herself.

Whitney sees that the monk has put his hood back on. "You don't need to be ashamed of the scars on your face." The man wants the hood on. "I feel more comfortable." She walks around sniffing. "What is that smell?" Alistair tells that he has been using incense. "I am old school." Whitney tells that she is ready now for the task. The man will leave her alone but will return when she finds the chalice. "Find the chalice sister and find it now!"

The old fisherman is sure that Siren is the mermaid that he saw. Miguel tells that this can't be the mermaid that the man saw as she would be sixty years old now.

Fox and Kay call for Miguel. The old man decides to stick around to watch the shoot after all.

The old man walks off. "That was a close call," Siren says. She tries to sneak a bite of live fish but Miguel calls for her and she has to go.

Luis talks with Theresa about things. She is still fixated on Ethan and using the Crane name for good.

Fancy listens as Luis and Theresa talk.

Luis hates the Cranes but finds that Fancy isn't like them. Luis leaves now.

Fancy and Theresa are alone in the suite. Theresa realizes that Fancy heard what she and her brother have been saying about the Cranes. Fancy is fine with that. "People say mean things when they are envious." Theresa agrees but Alistair is different. "He was evil…" Fancy hasn't ever seen this side of her grandfather that every one things about. "You are the only one that has anything nice to say about Alistair? I am just glad that he is in a coma and can't hurt anyone."

The monk comes from the secret tunnel to the surface.

Beth is walking by dressed as a nun. She tries to get on her way but he stops her. This man is irritating her in her way and she tries to get away.

The man holds her and then she sees under the hood. "Daddy!" Alistair removes his hood. "Yes, Beth…I have come to help you."

Miguel and Siren sizzle. The photographer talks them through the shoot. "Your lips touch his neck…and …yes…" Suddenly the photographer stands straight up. "FISH! This whole place stinks. They take a break. All walk off to eat at the buffet table.

Siren stays back. She sees the buckets and knows what precious delicacies are inside.

Fox and Kay are at the food table and Fox is soon called off to help the photographer who has found fish guts all over his camera bag.

Miguel comes to Kay now and he tells her that he sees that she has a nice life and he wouldn't want to do anything that might mess up her life.

"Who the hell stole my bait!" The old fisherman shouts in anger. Siren lets out a really loud burp. Everyone looks over at her. "Sorry," she says.

Fancy dresses Theresa in one of her designs and Theresa loves it. Fancy gets out more of her designs and shows them to Theresa. "You really don't have to baby-sit me," Fancy says. "I have to get used to being alone." Theresa is fine with being there. Fancy feels that Beth wouldn't come back to try to kill her again. "What?" Theresa says. Fancy realizes that Theresa hasn't heard the story.

"Beth came to kill me and Luis pulled her out of the ceiling. She would be in jail if it weren't for me. I fell and hurt my head."

"Beth got away then." Theresa really hopes that Luis finds Marty so that he can get Sheridan or he may be alone forever.

Luis finds Noah and tells him that he saw the wrong thing just now. Noah will not listen to him. "You betrayed me and you betrayed Sheridan!" Noah punches Luis in the face, knocking him down. "That is for sleeping with my girlfriend behind my back! Noah jumps on Luis now and they roll around on the floor fighting.

Beth hugs her father, so glad that he is there. "Luis is here looking for Marty." Alistair knows that. "I was the one who brought Luis here. I need you to keep Luis occupied. He is so upset at not finding you and that bastard child. What I want is for him to follow you and stay away from Sheridan." Beth is confused. "If everyone thinks that you are in a coma, and Theresa is running Crane…how can you move around and keep your secret?" Alistair says that soon he will be in possession of ultimate power. "I will have ultimate power to rule the world. The chalice…"

"Here goes nothing," Whitney says donning the virtual mask once more.

She enters a door. "I am not going down those stairs as that was where the beast attacked me last time." She puts her hand on a wall beside her and a light goes on. She removes it and the lights go out. She touches the wall again and the floor beneath the stairs breaks away. She is still safe. She touches the wall again and a door opens. "I did it! I am in the pope's quarters. Now I have to find the chalice." She starts looking around for the chalice.

Luis and Noah fight.

Ethan and Chad arrive and break up the fight. Noah tells that Luis slept with Fancy. Luis tells that he was protecting Fancy. "Go to hell Luis!"

Fancy pours drinks for she and Theresa. "I hate Noah," Fancy says. "I do." Theresa will not pry. "Ethan is just as bad. I was close to proving the truth about Rebecca and Gwen and he didn't believe me. I just want to go home and see my kids." Fancy has had it with Rome as well. "Why would anyone bring us all to Rome?" Theresa asks. Fancy is only glad that for once, no one can blame her grandfather for what is going on.

"The chalice gives power Beth…as great a power as God." Beth is fascinated. "Can I have one?" she asks. He tells her that she is protected by him. "You will be safe if you do exactly as you are told."

Alistair points. "It's Luis! I think that I see him. Hide!" Beth scurries off around the corner.

Alistair takes this time to go back into the secret door in the wall to the catacombs.

Beth comes out of hiding but can't find her father anywhere..

"How are we doing Whitney?" She tells that she has gotten to the right place and is now looking for the chalice. "Oh!" she exclaims. "What is it?" the monk asks. "I have found a key. I have found a key to a lock." The monk instructs that she has to find the lock that fits with the key. In the simulation, Whitney picks up the key, looking at it closely.

Siren can't stop burping. Miguel goes to get her some antacid.

Kay remarks that Siren's breath stinks like a dumpster. The old fisherman wants to know what Kay is driving at. Siren walks off.

Kay follows her. The stop by the edge of the dock. "Siren! What is it about you? I don't like you being with Miguel." Siren turns on her. "What I do is none of your business," Siren shouts. "That is what you think!" Kay shouts back advancing on Siren. She puts her hand on the girl's shoulder and Siren promptly falls into the waters screaming. Kay looks down at her surprised.

Miguel and the others arrive and see that Siren is in the water. They offer to save her but she says that she can save herself.

They get a net and toss it into the water to pull Siren out. The net starts rising with Siren in it. "Oh my God," the old fisherman cries out. "It's her." They can see it now. They can see that Siren has a fishtail.

Fancy and Theresa watch movies and decide to make a pact. "Let's promise not to give up on the men of our dreams.

Chad and Ethan see that things have calmed down with Luis now. Chad leaves.

"Did you really sleep with Fancy?" Ethan asks. "No!" Luis says. "I was looking after her and we shared the bed together."

Whitney has the key and she finds a place to try the lock.

She puts the key in the lock and it turns easily.

Sounds are in the air. A door in the table opens and the chalice rises from the depths of the table. "It is so beautiful!" Whitney says.

The monk stands behind Whitney and waits. "The chalice…It will be mine," he says quietly. "The chalice…I will rule the world…"

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