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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ethan wants to forget what happened with Theresa with her dragging him over to JT Cornell's place for no good reason. She will not let him forget. "You never stop do you?" he asks rhetorically. She tells him again that she spoke to Rebecca and Gwen and she demands that he believe her.

Noah has come into Fancy's room and sees Luis and Fancy in bed sleeping in each other's arms. "No!"

Chris and Sheridan bring Julian and Eve over to tell them that there is more going on in Rome than they thought. "Jessica is in Rome as well," they are told. Julian knows that the kids have to be up to something. Most of their friends and family are in Rome. Sheridan is frightened but she needs to take care for the baby and keep calm. Sheridan feels there is an evil plan. "They are all in terrible danger!"

The monk will not tell Whitney who he is. She doesn't trust him anymore. "You need to calm down," the monk says. "Your behavior is unbecoming…" She finds his behavior in question. "Not another word Whitney or you will live to regret it!" He turns from her and she pulls his hood off his head, from the back.

She sees disheveled gray hair and the man now slowly turns around to face her. "Oh God!" she says. She falls to the ground. She looks up into the face… The 'Figure' looms over her, leaning closer to her. "Oh no!" she calls out.

"There is proof Ethan and I know what I heard when I listened to the answering machine. She has betrayed you and you can't stay with her. Don't you get what this means? We can finally be together." He can't believe her as there is no proof. "Do you think that I am lying to you?" He has been lied to before and doesn't trust her this time either. "I don't think that you are lying but I think that this is just a fantasy. You think that you were telling me the truth but at the same time you were drinking. There were drugs too. I saw them." Theresa says that she had a drink but then she poured the rest in the plant. "You were half-looped when I saw you Theresa! I know that you will do anything to make your obsession a reality. Maybe your imagination was working overtime but that was all that it was. If you think that I am going to dump Gwen over this…you are.

"Luis saw Beth and Marty but they got away. Everyone is having trouble," Sheridan tells of the group in Rome. The girls got in trouble with some men and Luis had to save them. "Luis is worried about Fancy as she is the only one who has no reason to be in Rome." Julian and Eve worry now about who could have done this. Julian feels that he knows that his father has set this up.

"This is important! Look at me! Look at me! Now you know my secret! Whitney! Look at me!" She tries to keep her head down but she can't. She slowly raises her head. She looks into the horribly scarred and deranged face of the man who posed as her mentor, and professed to be God!

"Theresa let's get this straight," Ethan says. "I am not leaving Gwen and I don't believe that Gwen and her mother has done what you said. I can't believe that my life has been a lie. Every time that we go around and around with this… Theresa… even if you are right, do you think that I would dump my wife and go with you? Where is that innocent girl that I knew years ago?" Theresa says that she is there and everything that she is and was has come to this day where she needs to bring out the truth. "Instead of being the woman that you love, I am hard, and obsessive and I have changed. The girl that I was is still right here. It will all be worth it once I get you back." He can't do this. "let it go Theresa." She will not. He begs her to let him get some sleep. She wants to get out of Rome and go home now. Ethan feels they need to find out the truth of what is going on there.

Chad tells that they can't leave Rome without finding Whitney. They can't just leave her there alone.

Noah can't stand this. He starts leaving.

Fancy wakes and sees him walking out of the bedroom. She goes running to Noah before he reaches the door. "Wait! Where are you going?" Noah turns to her clearly upset. "Where am I going? Where am I going? What are you doing Fancy?" She turns to the bed where Luis lays sleeping.

"Do you realize what you have done Fancy? Do you know what you have done?" She tries to tell him that he doesn't understand what he saw. "What about your Aunt Sheridan?" he asks. She panics when she sees what he is implying. She wouldn't ever hurt her Aunt Sheridan. She can't believe that he is coming on to her this hard after what he did to her with Maya. "What about you? You are a liar and I am through with you. How dare you criticize me? You are a two-faced…judgmental liar! First you come to me and then you go to Maya!" He asks her what this makes her. "He is your aunt's lover…"

Luis is sleeping and he dreams.

He dreams that he goes to Sheridan and he tells her that he was in Fancy's room and he had Beth cornered. "Fancy got hurt and I had to tend to her…" Sheridan doesn't care about that in the dream. "Beth got away," Luis explains. Sheridan accuses him of letting Beth get away again. "You have disappointed me again…I can't do this anymore Luis…I have to let you go. You have to accept that we are cursed." Luis tells her that they are not cursed. She remembers that in every life, they never made it work between them. "Move on Luis! We are finished for good."

"I am sorry Sheridan," Luis says in his sleep. "I am so sorry." Just a few feet away, Noah and Fancy argue but he hears nothing.

Theresa tells that she has Crane Security on the case searching everywhere for Whitney. Ethan feels they need to stay until they at least find Whitney. No one has called Julian and Eve and updated them, as it is thought that Julian and Eve would just rush to Rome to be with the others.

Chris and Sheridan tell that they checked on Alistair and he was in his room at the nursing home. Julian know that his father can get out of that home if he wanted to. "I think that it is time that we pay another visit to the nursing home," Julian says. Chris finds that a ridiculous thing to do. "Going there again is pointless," Chris says. Sheridan disagrees. Chris finds that Alistair can't plan this after having been in a coma. Sheridan finds that Chris is almost sticking up for her father. "You don't know my father," Sheridan says.

Chris thinks to himself that he actually does know the man.

Julian says that there is no reason not to check to make sure the monster is still in bed.

"I am a monster," the monk says. "If I had revealed myself…our quest would have never begun. You must forgive my deception. I wanted you to think that I were God because it were easier than showing you this. But we still have to do our glorious work. Can you ever trust in me?" Whitney touches the man's face. "Forgive me…I didn't understand. I shouldn't have accused you of trying to trick me." Whitney rises to her feet now. "I live in fear," the man says. "I live in dark places to hide my horrible face. Can you guess how I got this way? I nearly died fighting the devil. He destroyed my body… Doing God's work is hard. The devil has demons on earth as well and some of us are called on to stop them and this is the result." Whitney knows that the man will be rewarded for his sacrifice. "I do not work for reward," the man says. "You must complete the task Whitney." She is frightened. "You…dear child…you must pray to strengthen your faith…Abandon your faith…" She will try. She will pray for strength to overcome her doubts and fears. "I trust you…I trust you know." She turns from him and goes to her candles to pray.

The monk watches her from behind. "Yes Whitney…you will do anything…and more…"

"I was so disgusted with you when I first saw you," Noah says. "you are not what I thought you were. You are a typical Crane. I want nothing more to do with you!" He walks out. "Oh no!" she says. I want nothing to do with you first!"

He goes into the hall…"Damn you Fancy!"

The monk tells Whitney to go into the chamber again to complete her task. "All will be lost. Find that chalice. It is your only mission." She has agreed to do what he has asked but she is still frightened. "No matter what the danger…Can we refuse to do anything in the lord's name?" Whitney could die doing this task but the monk tells her that she must risk that anyway. "You may die from this endeavor but so what if your everlasting soul rises in everlasting peace? If you don't do this though, you and your brother will be damned to hell for all eternity." She understands what she needs to do now. "Nothing will stop me!" The monk tells that their heavenly father will shower his blessings upon her.

Chad wants to fly off the handle and rush out to find Whitney any way that he can, but Ethan wants to think about this. "Maybe someone brought Whitney there." Chad just wants to know who brought them all there. "Who would want to do this?" Ethan wants to say that Alistair did it. Theresa knows that Alistair can't be the one. "He is being watched 24 hours a day…"

Sheridan, Chris, Julian and Eve arrive at the nursing home and get to Alistair's door. "Oh," Sheridan says. She has the strangest feeling. Eve tells Sheridan that she seems to be having a panic attack…

Sheridan sees visions of her father threatening to destroy their lives.

"No!" Sheridan says. "I have been having these nightmares and my father comes to me in my sleep. He just came to me now in broad daylight. He is out to destroy all of us. Let's get into that room but I know that father is going to be gone. The group all head into the room where Alistair should be laying comatose. They look at the bed. "Oh no!"

Luis wakes and finds Fancy walking to the bed. "Was someone here?" Fancy tells that Noah was there. "What happened?" Luis asks. She tells that it is over for good between she and Noah. She cries now. Luis hugs her and she welcomes that.

Noah is in the hall. "Dammit Fancy! How could you spit on our love?"

The group move closer to the bed. Alistair is still in a coma. "How could he be in my dreams?" Sheridan asks. Julian wants to make sure that Alistair is in a coman. He takes a pin and digs it into Alistair's hand. The man doesn't move. "Sorry Sheridan… Alistair isn't doing anything sinister…He is right here."

Theresa has made a csall and is sure that Alistair hasn't changed his condition in the home.

"Prepare yourself sister…." The monk orders. "You have to return to the task." She is glad that he trusts her again. He takes her hands. "We are not friends…we are God's soldiers and we are on a holy mission. You must be willing to sacrifice me or yourself at any moment! Our only goal is to find that chalice…" She understands. "Okay Whitney…you must go through the eighth century gates and do as you have been told." She rushes out.

"Inquisitive little bitch," the monk says. "That was a close call. I must never let her see me as I am…" The monk starts pulling off his mask now…he tears at the fake skin that he wears atop his own. He pulls and pulls, and finally it is revealed. It is Alistair! He has a moustache now, but it is clearly him. He has the fake skin totally removed and now he pulls off the wig. He cackles at his folly…First quietly…Then louder…Then even louder!

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