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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha can see that Kay will have a time of trying to explain why she went off with Miguel.

Fox and Siren find Miguel and Kay hugging at the wharf. Fox demands an explanation. Miguel says that he can explain everything.

Paloma and Simone are looking or Jessica. They wonder who could have taken her. "This can't be good."

Noah finds the girls and are angry that they didn't stay in the room as he told them to. "Let's go…where is Jessica?" The girls explain how Jessica just disappeared.

Spike has a knife on Jessica and he threatens to cut her with it. He holds the knife at her neck. "No!" she shouts.

Whitney knows the truth now. A monk has been using her and pretending to be God. The monk has been making her do terrible things all along. "Maybe this whole thing is just a sick joke."

The monk is watching and he knows that as sick as this joke is, the punch line is sicker!

Luis makes calls about Beth but gets nowhere.

Fancy feels terrible that she was the reason that Beth got away. Luis knows that Beth will be back now that she thinks that he and Fancy are lovers.

Fancy thinks back to the kiss that she shared with Luis when he thought that she was Sheridan.

He worries now about her head and how it feels. He will let her rest now. He turns off the lights. "Sweet dreams Luis," she says.

He turns off the lights in the room and settles in on the couch by the door. He undoes his shirt to relax comfortably.

"I will sleep well now that I know that you are here," she says to herself.

Beth is in the square and she has her trusty knife on her. "I will kill that Fancy for taking Luis away from me."

"Siren has overplayed her fin," Tabitha says. Endora has to agree. "The boys in the basement must love seeing Miguel leap to Kay's defense. Miguel better come up with a good explanation as to why he and Kay were out together that morning."

Miguel says that Kay had a great idea about a shoot for the campaign and that was why she came with him to work. "She talked to all the guys and my boss and she looked around at the boats." Kay supports what he is saying but Siren doesn't believe any of it.

Paloma and Simone tell how a horse-drawn carriage showed up to give them a ride all over town. Noah finds that strange and Simone does now as well. "We realized that she was suddenly gone when the carriage stopped." Noah can see that the girls were set up by the driver.

Spike has Jessica in the back of a van and he tortures her with the knife as they ride along. She cringes away from him. He shouts for the driver to hurry. She fights to get away from him but the struggling is in vain.

Luis sleeps on the couch.

Beth comes into the suite and sees him sleeping like a baby. She stands over him, leaning very close. "'We would be sleeping together by now if those blondes didn't keep getting in our way," she whispers to him. She walks over to Fancy by the bed in the same room. "No one is going to save you now Fancy… You will be in a deep sleep…" She gets her knife out and points it in Fancy's direction as she smiles.

Fox is finding it hard to believe what Kay is saying to him about thinking of using the wharf as a site for the next shoot.

Siren sees that she is lying.

"What are the details Kay?"

Kay feels the pressure from Siren.

Kay keeps up the idea and turns to Fox for his approval. He thinks about it for a minute and then he smiles. He loves the idea.

Kay mouths a 'thank you' to Miguel over Fox's shoulder, while Siren isn't looking. Miguel smiles at her, while Siren pouts.

Noah, Paloma and Simone search every where for Jessica but they can't find her anywhere. Noah knows that this has to do with the tattoo. That has been the central theme repeatedly again. The girls feel that could be true, but wonder where Jessica could have been taken. Noah feels that the catacombs is the place where Jessica was taken.

Jessica is being dragged along by Spike and the horse-carriage driver. She has an appointment, Spike says.

Whitney feels that everything that she was told has been a joke and she has been made a fool. "what is with this disguise? I am underground and this isn't God's work." She rushes to leave.

The monk is at the door. "You're not going anywhere.

Beth looks back at Luis before advancing on the sleeping Fancy. She climbs on the bed over the girl. "Sweet dreams bitch!" she whispers. She uses all her weight to make that first jab count.

Tabitha brings Endora over to the big blue pot to show her the scene with Siren, Kay, Miguel and Fox. "Learn that love is a complicated equation. Endora understands, she says. "Let's get Miguel away from Siren," Tabitha says. "No!" Endora shouts.

Fox and Siren wonder why Kay didn't tell them about the idea before. She says that she only wanted to make sure that the idea was feasible first. She walks off.

"See Siren! I told you that there was nothing to worry about," Fox says.

Kay overhears that. "What were you worried about Siren?"

The monk confronts Whitney for wanting to leave. "You are not god!" she shouts. "Find yourself another patsy, as I am leaving." He will not let her leave until she has done what he has set out for her to do.

The driver and Spike drag Jessica and she fights them with all that she has. The driver lets go of her now as he has done all that he was to do.

Noah and the girls are walking in the square. They hears screaming.

They run ahead and see Jessica being held by…no…it can't be…Spike? He has his knife out now. Noah walks forward and Spike threatens with the knife. Jessica kicks and fights. Suddenly she is free and she runs to her friends. Noah runs to Spike and overpowers him, straddling his chest as he punches the man with alternating fists.

Beth continues to stab Fancy repeatedly.

She finishes leaving Fancy with bloodstains. Beth only stops once to blow a kiss to her beloved on the way out.

Fancy calls for Luis in her sleep.

Her eyelids flutter and she calls for him again.

Luis hears her and goes to the bed. "Wake up…"

Fancy jumps up. "She was here…" She looks at her clothes. "I am okay…It was just a dream… It was the worst nightmare that I have ever had." Luis isn't surprised to hear that after what they have been through. He pours her a drink and starts going back to the couch but Fancy begs him not to leave her. "I am afraid she will try to kill me."

Beth is listening at the door. "Be afraid," she says. "Be very afraid."

Whitney will not listen to this monk. "I have made a mistake," the man says. "Your son is a living sin and you are damned Whitney Russell! Damned for defying God's will!" She wants to know whatever happened to not being judgmental. "Why haven't you showed me your face?" she demands to know. "I don't know what God wants me to do but I know that I will never find out listening to you." He calls her a liar. "You know that you shouldn't see your son again…Spawn of Incest!"

Noah does his best to fight Spike but starts losing when the driver comes back and holds Noah so that Spike can get in a few punches. The girls intervene now. They help Noah and soon Noah and the driver decide that it is time to get out of there.

Noah turns on the girls now knowing that this wouldn't have happened had they just listened to him. Noah finds it funny that Spike is involved now. Jessica tells that Spike was trying to get her down to the catacombs. Noah decides to take the girls to the hotel and then he will return to see what is behind the door.

"Get over your notion of getting Kay and Fox together Endora. The boys in the basement want Miguel with Kay. Fox and Kay together will be game over for us. And as for conjuring up Siren, forget about her. She will be finished soon enough. You see Endora…your mermaid doll is different from Siren as she can't be controlled and that will cause concern."

Fox leaves case now to look about this photo shoot idea.

Siren asks Kay why she doesn't like her. Kay says that she is just being protective of her friend. "Stay away from Miguel," Siren orders. "If you cause trouble for me, then I will have to cause trouble for you…" Kay laughs. "Are you threatening me?" Siren isn't joking now. "Just stay away!"

"Finish your homework Endora," Tabitha orders. "Stop interfering with the houseguests as well."

Tabitha turns and Endora has not listened. She has created floating, dancing hearts that dance around Fox and Kay's picture on the table. Endora can't get mad, she just smiles.

Fox and Miguel talk about Kay and Siren and how they are talking. Miguel wonders if the two are finally getting along.

Fox and Siren argue over Miguel. Siren finds that Kay is using her child to get with Miguel. "He didn't want you back when you first had that child. Get in my way and I will send you packing. I hear that Atlantis is lovely this time of year."

Noah has the girls back to the hotel. "We all have to keep our guards up," he tells the girls.

Luis and Fancy sit on the bed. "I am sorry but I am afraid Luis. Beth trying to kill me seemed real." He understands. He will stay with Fancy until she falls asleep. He goes to a chair and sits by her bed. She can see that he is tired. "Come over here and stretch out." He comes to the bed and lays beside her. "I feel safer already." She covers him with the blanket. "Get some rest," he orders. She turns the lights out.

Fancy thinks to herself how Beth can't hurt her now.

Beth hears that it is quiet in the room and so she gets her knife out. She tries to enter the room but the door is locked. "Dammit! Luis must be protecting you now," she says. "One of these days…when you least expect it Fancy…"

Tabitha is worried as Siren isn't holding back. "There is going to be trouble…big trouble." Endora suggests telepathically that her mommy might need some fiber.

ZAP! Endora drums up another mermaid. Endora sees her idea but recasting the mermaid won't help them now. Mermaids have a nasty streak in all of them.

Fox predicts that Miguel and Siren are going to be superstars. Fox tells Miguel that if he wants Siren he had better get her now.

Siren orders Kay to smarten up. "If you keep cuddling up to Miguel and Fox at the same time, you will lose both of them…and that is just for starters."

Noah knocks on a door but no one answers.

A housekeeper comes by and Noah lies saying that he forgot his key. The woman lets him in.

"Hey Luis! I have to talk to you a minute…"

He freezes. He sees Luis and Fancy in bed together, cuddling and asleep.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma try to decipher what has been going on in town. "I wonder how Whitney fits into all this," Simone says.

Simone questions the monk but he will not give her more answers. "I will leave it you don't tell me what I know. What does that horseshoe symbol means. Who are you? Why are we here? Who are you?" The monk will not tell her and for that reason she will not trust him. "You need to calm down," the monk says. "You behavior is unbecoming." She can see the man is hiding something. "Not another word!" he says, "…or you will live to regret it!" The monk turns his back on her now. She reaches out and snatches the hood from the man's head. He has his back to her. He slowly turns to face her. She quickly pulls in her breath. "Oh my God…You!"

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